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General Conversations - The Third624Galactus16 h 18 m
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General Conversations - The Sequel910Galactus5 mo 6 d
Who is your favorite user in the site549TheSuspect66610 m
How Smart Is Everyone?12Dark_Wing3 h 51 m
How Old Are You168SirSpidey3 h 59 m
Do you believe aliens exist43jongensoden4 h 59 m
Smartest characters in dc and marvel27InvertedQuantumSpectrum5 h 2 m
I'm Making A SITE!3BlotskyA5 h 10 m
Visit my forum0MrJaeger0717 h 28 m
Letter Themed Tournament49Dusk_Pikachu17 h 45 m
Ways to make this Website Better!52BlotskyA1 d
Which is the best superhero casting of all time5Michealdem171 d
Upcoming superhero movies that you expect the most?13MrJaeger071 d
Which is your Favorite anime Movie ?3Michealdem171 d
What misconceptions about comics and there characters annoy you the most and why?102Dark_Wing2 d
What is an unpopular opinion you have?146Tyrannus2 d
Favourite Superhero show11jongensoden2 d
What's your Favorite anime character9Michealdem173 d
No Kill Rule?93ThorMathews3 d
Your Top Ten Heroes9ThorMathews3 d
Do you like or hate this writer52jongensoden3 d
Characters you hate the most165Lord_Of_Apokolips3 d
Would you rather "Superhero" addition 430Dark_Wing4 d
What is your favorite comic book storylines from both Marvel and DC?3ForJustice13244 d
If you were a superhero would you kill villains or not? Explain31Dark_Wing4 d
what are the first 10 characters each from marvel and dc ever made7InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 d
What is your top 3 favourite anime series7InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 d
Very first superhero you ever saw14jongensoden4 d
Who can defeat Spongebob Squarepants?13TheImaginator4 d
Which villain has more justifiable reasons to be one?9MrJaeger075 d
Superhero/villain Couple Tournament78InvertedQuantumSpectrum5 d
Top Ten Physically Strongest Villians?4ThorMathews7 d
Best elemental power?12ThorMathews8 d
Best Superhero Rivalrys3ThorMathews9 d
Is there a way to kill an omnipotent being?25TheImaginator10 d
top 10 oldest users (account age)13boss4dawin132410 d
Most Active Users76iamtheone123411 d
Barry Allen is faster than Wally West...2TheImaginator12 d
Lower the User Class3IamMoonKnight13 d
If you could create your own Lantern Corps...10TheImaginator14 d
Most [email protected] claims vs battle YouTubers have made.12Dark_Wing17 d
First Debate21RedEyeJoe19 d
Top 10 characters with the greatest accuracy1InvertedQuantumSpectrum19 d
Choose one fictional item to use.21Mr_Incognito19 d
Iron Man armor or Green Lantern Ring?21Galactus21 d
Riddle30jongensoden23 d
top 10 strongest anime protagonists7InvertedQuantumSpectrum23 d
Darkseid comes to earth with this army in our universe which characters do u pick to stop him13InvertedQuantumSpectrum23 d
If you could have a superpower what would it be and why24Wic2324 d
Most powerful weapons/poweritems.19Galactus24 d
Guess the language34InvertedQuantumSpectrum25 d
Who do you think is the fastest being to ever exist?6TheImaginator26 d
What is the reasoning behind your username?24HeroicSacrifice12326 d
Asgard vs Wakanda vs Themyscira vs Atlantis vs Attilan4InvertedQuantumSpectrum26 d
If you were given three wishes35Wic2326 d
Some Great News!21BlotskyA26 d
What's your favorite song at the moment ?14Priion26 d
Funniest Superhero Parodies You've Seen1_Holy_Joe_26 d
10 top ten best debaters on SHDB.8Aries29 d
I'm starting another YouTube Channel! - AkhilPDX111AkhilPDX1 mo 1 d
Top 5 Friends on Superherodb349ManofPower1 mo 1 d
What Ifs57BlotskyA1 mo 19 h 13 m
Who's your favourite OC's that aren't yours9TheImaginator1 mo 21 h 7 m
What if 2 charachters switch ?50jongensoden1 mo 1 d
Who do you think is the most powerful Superhero?3TheImaginator1 mo 2 d
Superhero and/or supervillain of the day.1TheImaginator1 mo 2 d
When's your birthday?18plaidcoolflyer1 mo 4 d
Superhero/Supervillain tournament!28TheImaginator1 mo 4 d
Who can beat The Doctor (Doctor Who)?4TheImaginator1 mo 4 d
who is the most powerful celestial1InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 4 d
How can I earn the right to do ustats?2ForJustice13241 mo 5 d
I'm Back!23BlotskyA1 mo 5 d
Top 3 most powerful versions of hal jordan0InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 6 d
its my birhtday today38jongensoden1 mo 7 d
Game reviews19jongensoden1 mo 7 d
Superpower discount bin20InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 11 d
What is your favorite Music/Song38BlotskyA1 mo 13 d
Your top 5 favourite comic book series9InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 13 d
which enhanced humans have the best striking power6InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 14 d
Is the cat in the hat a fifth dimensional imp?0TheImaginator1 mo 17 d
most powerful non-cosmic beings in marvel and dc3InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 18 d
Vote for these battles (i need them for a thing) PART-25InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 20 d
Vote for these battles (i need them for a thing) (updated)8InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 21 d
who can kill the whole of mcu hand to hand combat7Nz131 mo 21 d
what are your top 5 best battles made3InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 22 d
I Have to leave the site8BlotskyA1 mo 23 d
Top 5 Favourite users57InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 24 d
Most Active User List2booyah1 mo 24 d
what is up with galactus he has not been on for nearly a month17InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 24 d
Who Missed Me?18ManofPower1 mo 25 d
Are The-One-Above-All and The Presence really the most powerful?23Galactus1 mo 27 d
Top 10 Speedsters19remy941 mo 27 d
Marvel vs Dc (Oc)5Dellmamy451 mo 27 d
Should We do this?2BlotskyA1 mo 28 d
I Need your help Now3BlotskyA1 mo 28 d
i will start a yt channel1jongensoden1 mo 29 d
Movie Reviews!8BlotskyA1 mo 29 d
A Help forum21BlotskyA1 mo 29 d
what are some of deadmans feats2InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 20 h 3 m
If You Could Meet Any YouTuber Who Would It Be And What Would You Say To Him/Her?2Dark_Wing2 mo 2 d
Who has a Better Rogues Gallery?10BlotskyA2 mo 4 d
Can magneto move uru, adamantium and vibranium4InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 5 d
Youtuber Battles!3BlotskyA2 mo 6 d
Scary Topics11BlotskyA2 mo 7 d
What Superhero would you be?6BlotskyA2 mo 7 d
Top 10 users with the most battles created3InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 7 d
Ideas for Videos!12BlotskyA2 mo 8 d
Who has the Best Rogues Gallery?15BlotskyA2 mo 10 d
FaceTime!21BlotskyA2 mo 10 d
One thing you should know about me23AkhilPDX2 mo 11 d
Characters to request19BlotskyA2 mo 13 d
JOIN DISCORD!32AkhilPDX2 mo 13 d
Who has the Most Underrated Rogues Gallery5BlotskyA2 mo 13 d
Dumbest person on YouTube.13Dark_Wing2 mo 14 d
What are your thoughts on DanCo 89Dark_Wing2 mo 14 d
Top 10's74Galactus2 mo 16 d
I requested hulking others approve him0InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 17 d
Votes and Polls5BlotskyA2 mo 17 d
What are your thoughs on GL Josh4BlotskyA2 mo 17 d
Where Did You Learn To Debate And How Long Have You Been Doing It For?4Dark_Wing2 mo 18 d
What Time do you wake up?11BlotskyA2 mo 18 d
Other interests or hobbies38HeroicSacrifice1232 mo 18 d
What are your strengths and weaknesses as a debater?17Dark_Wing2 mo 18 d
Could deathstrokes energised promethium sword scratch or break Captain America's shield13InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 19 d
Characters with Similar Rogues Gallery15BlotskyA2 mo 19 d
Would you7jongensoden2 mo 21 d
This is Important!17BlotskyA2 mo 22 d
What YouTube do you watch about comics?33TheOne20012 mo 24 d
Who knows who grax is in dc comics0InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 24 d
Recipes!1BlotskyA2 mo 25 d
Q&A1BlotskyA2 mo 26 d
What are your favorite teams1jongensoden2 mo 26 d
Worst youtubers18jongensoden2 mo 27 d
Comic Fan-Made Rivalries3BlotskyA2 mo 27 d
Who Can Beat Squirrel Girl?4BlotskyA2 mo 27 d
ask me a question about marvel for dc i want to be tested13InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 2 h 53 m
Batman vs11jongensoden3 mo 23 h 17 m
Rank these kryptonians6InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 2 d
Who is the most Interesting youtuber, you have ever watched?5BlotskyA3 mo 3 d
Art Work14BlotskyA3 mo 3 d
if 10 Tsar Bombs were dropped on superman would it harm him at all5InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 5 d
I am Good at what i do22InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 5 d
Are Kryptonians Vulernable to Poison?14BlotskyA3 mo 6 d
Which Group is the Most Dangerous?31BlotskyA3 mo 7 d
Rising stars on the website12booyah3 mo 11 d
On this site who do you know in real life21The_Golden_Rage3 mo 11 d
Most creative ways superheros/villains have used there powers0InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 13 d
Statistics meaning5kronotic3 mo 13 d
Sugar Ray Robinson, tim kennedy, Jerry Miculek, bruce lee, Charles Alvin Beckwith vs batman and nightwing1InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 15 d
Favorite / Best Comic Themed YouTube Channels11AkhilPDX3 mo 16 d
My Channel!6BlotskyA3 mo 16 d
Can Doctor Doom steal Lucifer Morningstar's Powers with Prep Time?1BlotskyA3 mo 17 d
Rank these characters (from each universe)6InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 18 d
Biggest debate you had20jongensoden3 mo 20 d
Vibrainium vs Adamantium (which is stronger)20InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 23 d
Can the Joker Toxin Affect Galactus?0BlotskyA3 mo 25 d
Favourite singer15pedrofOMAIOR3 mo 25 d
How old is everyone47InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 26 d
What are your goals for Shdb7BlotskyA3 mo 27 d
Is Galactus alright he hasn't logged in for 7 days9InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 27 d
Youngest Person on the website19booyah3 mo 28 d
Who is Stronger: Dr Strange or Harley Quinn?6BlotskyA3 mo 28 d
How Much Your Internet Speed ?8Breaker3 mo 29 d
top 5 strongest superhero/villain teams10InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 29 d
What is everyone's real name53Bane3334 mo 16 h 21 m
battles that got heaps of votes in the shortest amount of time1InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 mo 1 d
DC vs Marvel38boss4dawin13244 mo 1 d
How do you add Custom Audio Music for Windows 10 Video Editor?0BlotskyA4 mo 6 d
every pre-crisis character on the database ranked8InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 mo 7 d
does anyone have quora14jongensoden4 mo 7 d
Calling all heavy hitting Star Wars debaters.9Dark_Wing4 mo 8 d
You have the powers of every superhero who's name starts with the same letter as your first name does.2HeroicSacrifice1234 mo 8 d
Random facts29jongensoden4 mo 10 d
Galactus could u add a way that users could see the new characters that have been added2InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 mo 11 d
most popular new users4InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 mo 12 d
Dark jokes2Crimsonassassin4 mo 12 d
top guest battles1InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 mo 14 d
Most unbiase user67Mxyzptlk4 mo 15 d
how long were u on the website before u actually made an account10InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 mo 17 d
Top 5 Nicest Users37AkhilPDX4 mo 17 d
if deadpool was cut up into tiny little pieces which part would grow back into a full deadpool4InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 mo 18 d
I did make A new logo for superherodb3Breaker4 mo 19 d
Villager News (Superhero Database News)3iamtheone12344 mo 21 d
I'm taking a break from the Webstie for 2 weeks!20BlotskyA4 mo 22 d
What is your favorite meme?13PlasmaticPlays4 mo 24 d
You must defeat ___ : The month of your birthday is your warrior, how would you do?28AkhilPDX4 mo 25 d
Lashana Lynch as Nomi in No time to Die0Jackspraw4 mo 26 d
Who Do You Think the most active user on this site from the last 4 months18Breaker4 mo 27 d
Interests102Hawkinz4 mo 28 d
Dear Galactus5TheNemianLion4 mo 28 d
Is The Force omnipotent30Dark_Wing5 mo 23 h 10 m
Is Marvel and dc cross-over canon for dc?3jongensoden5 mo 2 d
Favorite comics4jongensoden5 mo 5 d
Wither Skeleton vs everyone9iamtheone12345 mo 9 d
Strongest Powers1iamtheone12345 mo 9 d
Favorite Universe19RedEyeJoe5 mo 10 d
What do you hate about this website.37jongensoden5 mo 10 d
Favorite Quote Of All Time56IamMoonKnight5 mo 13 d
Vote for my new profile pic7DarkProdigy5 mo 14 d
I am trying to Make a 3D Animated Movie!1BlotskyA5 mo 17 d
I Am Done1BlotskyA5 mo 17 d
why cant i see or show the variations that i have made3boss4dawin13245 mo 21 d
Dc: infinity stones5Lantern_Von_Doom5 mo 23 d
Original Characters Battle! (I'm serious this time!)2iamtheone12345 mo 24 d
Help us save yt2jongensoden5 mo 24 d
can someone give stats to the new death seed characters1boss4dawin13245 mo 24 d
Top Ten Rival Users59ManofPower5 mo 27 d
Who is the strongest superhero team30jongensoden5 mo 27 d
Everyone has a voice2iamtheone12345 mo 28 d
Free-For-All3iamtheone12345 mo 28 d
Original Characters Battle!25iamtheone12345 mo 28 d
My debunk gaunlet5jongensoden6 mo 1 d
Can Superman break captain America shield??161Mxyzptlk6 mo 4 d
battle me if u think u have more superhero knowledge41boss4dawin13246 mo 10 d
What debate changed you the most on this site?13Dark_Wing6 mo 20 d
I Well have A Break6Breaker6 mo 23 d
Can Punisher Kick out of Randy Orton's Punt Kick?4BlotskyA6 mo 28 d
Did anyone in this site ever see Animationrewind or Rewind Rumble? if so do you think he's better than Death Battle or Worst2G6M6 mo 29 d
Are Some Characters Overpowered?14BlotskyA6 mo 29 d
What your Ethnicity?34Bane3337 mo 23 m
Hey27jongensoden7 mo 5 h 52 m
What's your troll code name?33Bane3337 mo 2 d
Can wolverine cut through superman body with his claw?21Mxyzptlk7 mo 3 d
Comic Book Movies You want to see but Never got made11BlotskyA7 mo 4 d
Tell me Marvel and DC hybrids!5BlotskyA7 mo 5 d
Dumbest arguments you've debunked and who were presenting those arguments?6Dark_Wing7 mo 5 d
who is my friend 14jongensoden7 mo 5 d
will DanCo Variant Comics ComicsExplained GL Josh ever make a Video2BlotskyA7 mo 6 d
I FOUND DanCo!4BlotskyA7 mo 6 d
"Thank you forum" for Galactus8Bane3337 mo 7 d
Bane333 personal forum1Bane3337 mo 7 d
how to calculate strength ?10ahmed_el3emary7 mo 12 d
Worst debaters on site79TheOne20017 mo 13 d
Who is your favorite OC that you have created10The_Golden_Rage7 mo 17 d
Golden age SHDB22Bane3337 mo 17 d
What is real name of everyone?12Mxyzptlk7 mo 19 d
Where are my Ocs!24BlotskyA7 mo 23 d
How is the overall Power calculated?9Gronkinator877 mo 24 d
Top 10 Favorite Songs 5plaidcoolflyer9 mo 8 d
Ustat1Eydaxor9 mo 17 d
is it possible to be a real life superhero10cade9 mo 26 d
Good morning everyone, hope you all had great summers.3cw63349 mo 26 d
roblox9jongensoden9 mo 28 d
Do white lantern rings need to be charged7Z_man_the_overpowered10 mo 4 d
what is your favorite superpower6jongensoden10 mo 18 d
Who is right in "Civil War 2" ?7blackmaster200311 mo 2 d
Revengers2CaptainAmericaTakesAll11 mo 10 d
Guess. The user5jongensoden11 mo 14 d
The symbols before our usernames2Clint_Barton11 mo 22 d
Best debater(s) of this site10Clint_Barton11 mo 25 d
How long are you on this site a day21Soulcollecter571 y 6 d
What are your interests in life.1IamMoonKnight1 y 8 d
Who would you date in the Marvel or DC Universe41Dellmamy451 y 8 d
What do you love about this website.15Galactus1 y 8 d
Is readcomicsonline legal10Dark_Wing1 y 8 d
Would you rather110jongensoden1 y 8 d
I Can't find (beta) in my profile1Breaker1 y 10 d
Who here believes that aliens have visited Earth in the recent past?1MakeMineMarvel1 y 10 d
Would you rather4jongensoden1 y 18 d
Voting On Character Stats0KryptonFox361 y 18 d
Which do you prefer, Comics Or Books?2DarkRaven1 y 21 d
How do most people vote?0MakeMineMarvel1 y 21 d
Discord problem0jongensoden1 y 23 d
How do you guys pronounce "Database"?15DarkProdigy1 y 2 mo 21 d
How did you first come across this website 2Dark_Wing1 y 2 mo 23 d
Guess game58jongensoden1 y 3 mo 1 h 12 m
Are there Artists on the site who are willing to sketch OCs for other members?12Ithrian1 y 3 mo 1 d
Gungnir vs Mjolnir2CaptainAmericaTakesAll1 y 3 mo 3 d
Smartest of Superhero Database114SirSpidey1 y 3 mo 4 d
Soul Tutor 573411soulcollecter341 y 3 mo 7 d
Who watches Death Battle13ManofPower1 y 3 mo 12 d
Alone At The Top53ElectroSpino1 y 3 mo 16 d
Campaign for Mod Status81ManofPower1 y 3 mo 17 d
How do you be the best debater (or at least on of the best)11Dark_Wing1 y 3 mo 23 d
does anyone play goat simulator8jongensoden1 y 3 mo 24 d
Ninjago roleplay80jongensoden1 y 3 mo 24 d
Conversational Essays/Rants 6soulcollecter341 y 3 mo 27 d
What ever happened to heep 3Bane3331 y 3 mo 28 d
Would you except a deal that made it so @ManOfPowers can animate his death battles and get a research team at the cost that Screwattack would stop making videos 8Dark_Wing1 y 3 mo 28 d
Parent-Teacher Conferences!14AkhilPDX1 y 4 mo 1 d
Who should be next 5 editors 7Bane3331 y 4 mo 8 d
Can you write?11ManofPower1 y 4 mo 9 d
If you had the Anti-Life Equation would you use it13Dark_Wing1 y 4 mo 15 d
Who's Paying for Superhero Damage?0Eavesy1 y 4 mo 19 d
5 reasons why everyone on this site should be banned18jongensoden1 y 4 mo 19 d
are you a boy or girl51jongensoden1 y 5 mo 4 d
Anyone else getting the discord issue?2EmptyHand1 y 5 mo 19 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.06DarkProdigy1 y 5 mo 20 d
How dose Shazam (Billy Batson) introduces himself 2Dark_Wing1 y 5 mo 22 d
Does anyone know how to animate?1ManofPower1 y 5 mo 24 d
Goodbye47SilverStream1 y 5 mo 28 d
Powers vs Abilities7_Holy_Joe_1 y 6 mo 1 d
Did Marvel rip off DC10Dark_Wing1 y 6 mo 9 d
Random Knowledge232Soulcollecter571 y 6 mo 21 d
I have enough of this8jongensoden1 y 7 mo 23 d
Demonstrating My Debating Skills6TheNemianLion1 y 9 mo 4 d
What do you want to improve on knowledge wise?0soulcollecter341 y 9 mo 11 d
OC Discord Server0ElectroSpino1 y 9 mo 17 d
Possibility Hulk will be more powerful in Avengers 415Samuraeh1 y 10 mo 1 d
Do you have fandom2jongensoden1 y 10 mo 4 d
X-Men D&D21Amirvel1 y 10 mo 6 d
Where I've Been.21IMABATMAN421 y 10 mo 7 d
Marvel DC Of Comics 0Dellmamy451 y 10 mo 12 d
im goin to give ultimatevenom acoount to someone else with the name mattew19ultimatevenom1 y 10 mo 13 d
how are you all begining with superheroes14jongensoden1 y 10 mo 13 d
How long you will survive?41Root1 y 10 mo 13 d
Willem Dafoe As The Joker4plaidcoolflyer1 y 10 mo 25 d
Can we discuss the issue of wanking on here?9ElectroSpino1 y 10 mo 25 d
MARVEL Heroes That Would Join Superman's Regime In Injustice17plaidcoolflyer1 y 10 mo 27 d
Ocs Leadership test9Dellmamy451 y 11 mo 1 d
What element would you pick?17Kanine881 y 11 mo 2 d
Ocs Personality.11Dellmamy451 y 11 mo 3 d
Anyone going to NYCC2SpiderBitten1 y 11 mo 7 d
Newbi1BenjaminJohnson1 y 11 mo 12 d
Ocs fighting tournament31Dellmamy451 y 11 mo 16 d
Users 26ManofPower1 y 11 mo 16 d
Greek Or Norse10plaidcoolflyer1 y 11 mo 19 d
Collabaverse10Soulcollecter571 y 11 mo 21 d
How Old is IMABATMAN42 37ManofPower1 y 11 mo 23 d
I have a Fandom.15ManofPower1 y 11 mo 23 d
What are your aspirations?44IMABATMAN421 y 11 mo 24 d
I'd like to start a petition Pt. 237DarkProdigy1 y 11 mo 25 d
Top 5 Beautiful Female Superheroes12plaidcoolflyer1 y 11 mo 25 d
goodbye my friends6jongensoden1 y 11 mo 25 d
who has a fandom account4jongensoden1 y 11 mo 25 d
Where are you from? 9Hawkinz1 y 11 mo 25 d
General conversations803Galactus1 y 11 mo 25 d
OCs and a team6Dellmamy451 y 11 mo 25 d
Anyone still play MKX2ManofPower1 y 11 mo 27 d
What became of this site21Amirvel1 y 11 mo 28 d
X-men Queens fan fiction 15Dellmamy451 y 11 mo 28 d
Your Debate Lingo17Soulcollecter572 y 1 d
Top 5 Fanboys on this site,7Jakcj2 y 1 d
yt17borutog2 y 2 d
ocs bio24Dellmamy452 y 2 d
there is something wit the discord server superherodb17borutog2 y 3 d
Who has the coolest OC creation?38DarkProdigy2 y 3 d
I need help on this website4jar2 y 4 d
DC vs Marvel video game.17Dellmamy452 y 4 d
Advancing your Art of writing records for your papers 0Tyson242 y 6 d
Favorite Skyrim Builds3batsheet2 y 7 d
What birds do you hate?7windshadow2 y 8 d
What is the Worse argument you've had with a user 178ManofPower2 y 19 d
Your top 3's38ThorGodOfThunder942 y 19 d
What's Worse: Emo Peter Parker Dance or Spider-Man Dabbing30plaidcoolflyer2 y 20 d
I need help50ManofPower2 y 24 d
What is actually "request list"?2soratoumiga2 y 26 d
Favorite non superhero quote.25IMABATMAN422 y 26 d
Are things that are infinite confusing? 8IMABATMAN422 y 26 d
What if Question2AnitaRego2 y 27 d
The strongest armor of iron man3AnitaRego2 y 29 d
Mix two songs3ManofPower2 y 1 mo 1 d
The Infinite Alliance2_Holy_Joe_2 y 1 mo 3 d
Top 5 favorite non-DC and Marvel characters.9IMABATMAN422 y 1 mo 3 d
Moderators should be able to drop the Mute/Ban Hammer28TheNemianLion2 y 1 mo 3 d
dear galactus16ultimatevenom2 y 1 mo 6 d
Who plays Xbox One?3IMABATMAN422 y 1 mo 7 d
Your Own Super Hero45plaidcoolflyer2 y 1 mo 8 d
PSA5batsheet2 y 1 mo 8 d
Fictional city23remy942 y 1 mo 9 d
Is thor God ?11AnitaRego2 y 1 mo 10 d
Is thor God ?0AnitaRego2 y 1 mo 11 d
Is thor God ?0AnitaRego2 y 1 mo 11 d
Anyone Play On The PS4?26SirSpidey2 y 1 mo 12 d
What's stronger: Adamantium or Vibranium14plaidcoolflyer2 y 1 mo 13 d
Powerstats: Combat1plaidcoolflyer2 y 1 mo 15 d
Anyone remember "Guyver the Bioboosted Armor" Anime 1Durge12 y 1 mo 15 d
Nintendo Universe0kullboys2 y 1 mo 18 d
Who is your favorite band/ artist?64SidebarTwist2 y 1 mo 23 d
The Biggest Question The Entire SHDB Community Is Asking2DarkProdigy2 y 1 mo 23 d
If you could be Any hero , who would it be and why ? 43inhumanegenocide2 y 1 mo 23 d
Meeting Stan Lee11remy942 y 2 mo 5 d
Favorite songs4Percival2 y 2 mo 12 d
Top 15 Favorite Bruno Mars Songs (If You're A Fan)1plaidcoolflyer2 y 2 mo 12 d
who is from belgium3jongensoden2 y 2 mo 14 d
Skillet fans3SilverStream2 y 2 mo 15 d
What are your hobbies?30IMABATMAN422 y 2 mo 24 d
Top 5 Favorite Actors And Actresses3plaidcoolflyer2 y 2 mo 26 d
What's Your Gender?5plaidcoolflyer2 y 2 mo 26 d
Should The Expendables Be Added To The Database 4plaidcoolflyer2 y 3 mo 2 d
What superhero team would you like to be in27Amirvel2 y 3 mo 2 d
Where are you from9Amirvel2 y 3 mo 2 d
Which is better: The comics or The movies.9plaidcoolflyer2 y 3 mo 29 d
Questions about this site?16SuperToddler2 y 4 mo 6 d
Hero for President21remy942 y 4 mo 8 d
Im back :D5LordAntMan2 y 10 mo 3 d
What do you think superheroes represent in film?3liamtomkins2 y 10 mo 5 d
Silver surfer1Yuyudodo2 y 10 mo 6 d
My top ten1remy942 y 10 mo 6 d
New to SHDb11gabrielMP2 y 10 mo 6 d
top 10 most powerful superheroes of all time15remy942 y 10 mo 6 d
any ideas for.... superhero names10cade2 y 10 mo 6 d
Mini Factions15Soulcollecter572 y 10 mo 6 d
The Origin of our favorit Superheroes 6God_of_Thunder2 y 10 mo 6 d
Powers Explained 5remy942 y 10 mo 6 d
Top 10 Behemoths 25remy942 y 10 mo 6 d
Roleplay5OrioN2 y 10 mo 6 d
A place for symbols7people2 y 10 mo 6 d
Favourite Profile Characters and Teams6SirSpidey2 y 10 mo 6 d
Most powerful weapon7Galactus2 y 10 mo 6 d
The Most Powerful Superheroes In Comics 103God_of_Thunder2 y 10 mo 6 d
Superhero Quotes.21Ninja2 y 11 mo 25 d
Dr Manhattan UNBEATABLE... correct me if I'm wrong.9esotericjustus333 y 18 d
Powergrid Calculations27legoman23 y 21 d
Vampire Hunter D0Vampire_hunter_D3 y 2 mo 11 d
The Nature and power of magic 2God_of_Thunder3 y 3 mo 20 d
What is a Mercenary in comics5Animuislifu3 y 6 mo 8 d
Most popular list0Animuislifu3 y 6 mo 11 d
Merry Christmas0merry19923 y 6 mo 19 d
Age of Metahumans 4God_of_Thunder3 y 7 mo 7 d
Shadow Superhero Universe10Ninja3 y 7 mo 7 d
Silver surfer0Yuyudodo3 y 10 mo 28 d
Galactus is amazing(Owner)2RobloxLover394 y 19 d
David is col0willyg4324 y 23 d
Hi0willyg4324 y 23 d
Hi0willyg4324 y 23 d
How do I get an Avatar?0flamingtayo4 y 1 mo 23 d
Gaming websites you may like.2SuperToddler4 y 2 mo 21 d
Should types of equipment be added to superheroDB?0Lucas4 y 4 mo 4 d
Questions...2RobloxLover394 y 4 mo 4 d
Questions...0RobloxLover394 y 4 mo 6 d
what is the meaning of the number of the characters , ex: galactus(29)2XxMisterOchoaxX4 y 6 mo 9 d
How to Submit Free Game Assets?0MobileGameGraphics4 y 6 mo 10 d
Chatting12RobloxLover394 y 8 mo 11 d
Searching for characters1thefeehan4 y 8 mo 13 d
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How does one edit or add articles?0Talon4 y 11 mo 26 d
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