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General Conversations - The Sequel355Galactus19 hours ago
Say hello137Galactus29 days ago
How do you guys pronounce "Database"?15DarkProdigy14 days ago
How did you first come across this website 2Dark_Wing17 days ago
Guess game58jongensoden23 days ago
Are there Artists on the site who are willing to sketch OCs for other members?13Ithrian26 days ago
What is everyone\'s real name40Bane33327 days ago
Would you rather "Superhero" addition 269Dark_Wing28 days ago
Gungnir vs Mjolnir2CaptainAmericaTakesAll28 days ago
Smartest of Superhero Database115SirSpidey29 days ago
do you believe in god or allah20jongensoden31 days ago
Soul Tutor 573411soulcollecter3432 days ago
Is readcomicsonline legal9Dark_Wing37 days ago
Who watches Death Battle13ManofPower37 days ago
How Old Are You121SirSpidey37 days ago
Iron Man armor or Green Lantern Ring?19Galactus37 days ago
When's your birthday?15plaidcoolflyer38 days ago
Alone At The Top53ElectroSpino41 days ago
Campaign for Mod Status82ManofPower42 days ago
Top 5 Friends on Superherodb68ManofPower45 days ago
How do you be the best debater (or at least on of the best)11Dark_Wing48 days ago
does anyone play goat simulator8jongensoden49 days ago
Ninjago roleplay81jongensoden49 days ago
Conversational Essays/Rants 6soulcollecter3452 days ago
What ever happened to heep 3Bane33353 days ago
Would you except a deal that made it so @ManOfPowers can animate his death battles and get a research team at the cost that Screwattack would stop making videos 8Dark_Wing53 days ago
Parent-Teacher Conferences!14AkhilPDX56 days ago
is it possible to be a real life superhero10cade59 days ago
What do you love about this website.38Galactus59 days ago
Who should be next 5 editors 7Bane33360 days ago
Can you write?11ManofPower62 days ago
How long are you on this site a day16Soulcollecter5763 days ago
If you had the Anti-Life Equation would you use it13Dark_Wing67 days ago
Who's Paying for Superhero Damage?0Eavesy71 days ago
5 reasons why everyone on this site should be banned18jongensoden72 days ago
what is your favorite superpower15jongensoden72 days ago
Do all of screwattacks Death Battles take place in the same universe 1Dark_Wing77 days ago
What are your thoughts on DanCo 34Dark_Wing77 days ago
What do you hate about this website.20jongensoden81 days ago
Top Ten Rival Users58ManofPower87 days ago
are you a boy or girl54jongensoden88 days ago
What is your favorite meme?12PlasmaticPlays98 days ago
Who is you favorite user in the site445TheSuspect66698 days ago
Anyone else getting the discord issue?2EmptyHand103 days ago
SHDB Discord Server v2.07DarkProdigy104 days ago
How dose Shazam (Billy Batson) introduces himself 2Dark_Wing106 days ago
Does anyone know how to animate?1ManofPower108 days ago
Goodbye47SilverStream112 days ago
Powers vs Abilities7_Holy_Joe_115 days ago
Did Marvel rip off DC10Dark_Wing124 days ago
Random Knowledge235Soulcollecter57136 days ago
Most powerful weapons/poweritems.17Galactus143 days ago
What are your interests in life.0IamMoonKnight156 days ago
I have enough of this8jongensoden168 days ago
Demonstrating My Debating Skills6TheNemianLion210 days ago
What do you want to improve on knowledge wise?0soulcollecter34217 days ago
OC Discord Server0ElectroSpino223 days ago
Is Batman real?11burgerman229 days ago
Possibility Hulk will be more powerful in Avengers 416Samuraeh238 days ago
Interests123Hawkinz240 days ago
Do you have fandom2jongensoden241 days ago
X-Men D&D21Amirvel243 days ago
Where I've Been.21IMABATMAN42244 days ago
Marvel DC Of Comics 15Dellmamy45249 days ago
im goin to give ultimatevenom acoount to someone else with the name mattew19ultimatevenom250 days ago
how are you all begining with superheroes18jongensoden250 days ago
Dear Galactus4TheNemianLion250 days ago
How long you will survive?45Root250 days ago
Marvel vs Dc (Oc)4Dellmamy45252 days ago
MARVEL Heroes That Would Join Batman's Insurgency In Injustice13plaidcoolflyer256 days ago
Willem Dafoe As The Joker4plaidcoolflyer262 days ago
Can we discuss the issue of wanking on here?9ElectroSpino262 days ago
MARVEL Heroes That Would Join Superman's Regime In Injustice17plaidcoolflyer264 days ago
Ocs Leadership test10Dellmamy45269 days ago
What element would you pick?17Kanine88270 days ago
Ocs Personality.12Dellmamy45271 days ago
Anyone going to NYCC2SpiderBitten275 days ago
Newbi2BenjaminJohnson280 days ago
Ocs fighting tournament31Dellmamy45284 days ago
Users 26ManofPower284 days ago
Greek Or Norse10plaidcoolflyer287 days ago
Who would you date in the Marvel or DC Universe42Dellmamy45287 days ago
Collabaverse10Soulcollecter57289 days ago
How Old is IMABATMAN42 37ManofPower291 days ago
I have a Fandom.15ManofPower291 days ago
What are your aspirations?45IMABATMAN42291 days ago
I'd like to start a petition Pt. 238DarkProdigy292 days ago
Top 5 Beautiful Female Superheroes12plaidcoolflyer292 days ago
goodbye my friends6jongensoden292 days ago
who has a fandom account4jongensoden292 days ago
does anyone have quora13jongensoden292 days ago
Where are you from? 9Hawkinz292 days ago
General conversations828Galactus293 days ago
OCs and a team6Dellmamy45293 days ago
Anyone still play MKX2ManofPower295 days ago
What became of this site22Amirvel296 days ago
X-men Queens fan fiction 15Dellmamy45296 days ago
Your Debate Lingo17Soulcollecter57299 days ago
Top 5 Fanboys on this site,7Jakcj299 days ago
Vote for my new profile pic6DarkProdigy299 days ago
yt17borutog300 days ago
ocs bio25Dellmamy45300 days ago
there is something wit the discord server superherodb17borutog301 days ago
Who has the coolest OC creation?41DarkProdigy301 days ago
I need help on this website4jar301 days ago
DC vs Marvel video game.17Dellmamy45302 days ago
Advancing your Art of writing records for your papers 0Tyson24304 days ago
Favorite Skyrim Builds3batsheet305 days ago
What birds do you hate?7windshadow306 days ago
What is the Worse argument you've had with a user 178ManofPower316 days ago
Your top 3's56ThorGodOfThunder94317 days ago
What's Worse: Emo Peter Parker Dance or Spider-Man Dabbing30plaidcoolflyer318 days ago
I need help50ManofPower322 days ago
What is actually "request list"?2soratoumiga324 days ago
Favorite non superhero quote.25IMABATMAN42324 days ago
Are things that are infinite confusing? 8IMABATMAN42324 days ago
What if Question2AnitaRego325 days ago
its my birhtday today33jongensoden327 days ago
The strongest armor of iron man3AnitaRego327 days ago
Mix two songs3ManofPower329 days ago
The Infinite Alliance2_Holy_Joe_331 days ago
Top 5 favorite non-DC and Marvel characters.9IMABATMAN42332 days ago
Moderators should be able to drop the Mute/Ban Hammer28TheNemianLion332 days ago
dear galactus16ultimatevenom335 days ago
Who plays Xbox One?3IMABATMAN42336 days ago
Your Own Super Hero46plaidcoolflyer337 days ago
PSA5batsheet337 days ago
Fictional city23remy94338 days ago
Is thor God ?11AnitaRego339 days ago
Is thor God ?0AnitaRego340 days ago
Is thor God ?0AnitaRego340 days ago
Anyone Play On The PS4?26SirSpidey341 days ago
What's stronger: Adamantium or Vibranium14plaidcoolflyer341 days ago
Powerstats: Combat1plaidcoolflyer344 days ago
Anyone remember "Guyver the Bioboosted Armor" Anime 1Durge1344 days ago
Nintendo Universe2kullboys347 days ago
Who is your favorite band/ artist?64SidebarTwist351 days ago
The Biggest Question The Entire SHDB Community Is Asking2DarkProdigy352 days ago
If you could be Any hero , who would it be and why ? 43inhumanegenocide352 days ago
Meeting Stan Lee11remy94364 days ago

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