Tier 10 (read description)

Created by MrJaeger07, 3 y 2 mo 7 d ago.

Well this forum is because Galactus and me would like to know the opinion of y'all about adding a new tier (Tier 10) for characters mostly high Outerversals but without being completely boundless/omnipotents.
This would serve to separate the level of some characters like Cosmic Armor Superman who is tier 9, from characters like The Presence or Nyx (House of Ideas) who are also tier 9 but whoses level are actually way higher than CAS's, so putting this Tier 10 to the latters would be the most accurate here, as it would be with many other characters who share the same tier 9 but between which there's a lot of power difference.

PS: From what y'all think in this forum it will be decided whether this item should be added to the site or not.


Ezio 2 y 10 mo 2 d
Tier 10 (read description)
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Sticky Now we have tier 10, make a list for it
Joshn4 2 y 3 mo 20 d
Tier 10 (read description)
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To be honest, tiers and ratings could be removed all together. AFAIK, this site doesn't even have a tiering system that all members mutually agree on. IMO, create a method of tiering first, or choose an existing one, then discuss this. But IMO, there should be a range for each character depending on their lowest end interpretations vs the highest end interpretations of the character
ubslucky 2 y 10 mo 2 d
Tier 10 (read description)
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I will be honest. Imo Tiers could be removed all together...they tend to cause pointless (almost religious) debates...