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Rap Battle160DarkProdigy14 days ago
OC Movie13Dellmamy4526 days ago
Favourite Artists/Bands/Rappers/Songs etc.27soratoumiga31 days ago
Why I (for a couple weeks), left the site, and why I'm leaving now. Permanently16DarkProdigy37 days ago
What did you eat for dinner tonight?33EmptyHand37 days ago
I'm curious to know who some of your guys favorite sports teams, regardless of sport. I'd love to create a conversation with a little variety :)6cw633447 days ago
Types of disorders?13Jakcj48 days ago
tell something about yourself92jongensoden54 days ago
Collision Course15TheNemianLion56 days ago
Stories about yourself11Jakcj59 days ago
Alone At The Top36SirSpidey60 days ago
Celebrating My 1 thousandth comment 0Dark_Wing61 days ago
Why I Support T-Series3TheNemianLion61 days ago
Im sorry... for everything14Iamsorryeveryone64 days ago
Your worst memory on this site70jongensoden75 days ago
Injustice/injustice 2 quotes and clashes7Crimsonassassin81 days ago
OC Highschool 2541ManofPower81 days ago
New Diss Track23TheNemianLion86 days ago
A very opinionated forum23EmptyHand89 days ago
I have a mystery for you43DarkProdigy103 days ago
Report my comment0EmptyHand103 days ago
Oc High School954ManofPower104 days ago
Top 5 or top 10 favorite YouTubers5Dark_Wing105 days ago
R.I.P Stan Lee2TheSuspect666109 days ago
What is your trueself14ManofPower109 days ago
Superhero/ Villain Freestyles78Soulcollecter57122 days ago
If your account was deleted (as well as all your votes) what would your new account be named and what would your profile picture be 4Dark_Wing124 days ago
What your anime,comic waifus 2Crimsonassassin128 days ago
Being yourself in comic,video game or movie2Dcfan123182 days ago
Insta0TheNemianLion192 days ago
If you became omniscient for a day what do you suspect you would do1Z_man_the_overpowered210 days ago
help me please5jongensoden251 days ago
view this link and you are lucky in your life8ultron251 days ago
I wish.3windshadow252 days ago
Which Rap Artists Should I Listen To?14SirSpidey254 days ago
Top 10 Favorite Band/Rapper/Musical Artist etc.31Soulcollecter57256 days ago
Reasons why this Website is going bad.29Jakcj263 days ago
Angel And Devil On your Shoulder Of This Website56TheNemianLion272 days ago
Who kissesup to Galactus the most on this site?22TheNemianLion284 days ago
users79jongensoden285 days ago
DP Dream Service132DarkProdigy285 days ago
SHDB compared 19ManofPower285 days ago
Australian Accent10TheNemianLion285 days ago
Does anyone play dungeons and dragons?10Amirvel285 days ago
Hood (Simple) Narrations22Soulcollecter57288 days ago
Is anyone sort of famous?33windshadow289 days ago
Hero/Villain Freestyle Poll58Soulcollecter57291 days ago
SHDB vs Comicvine10DarkProdigy291 days ago
Ocs Raps6ManofPower292 days ago
Who is the most patient user on this site24TheNemianLion292 days ago
Do I bring jongensoden back to discord?9DarkProdigy293 days ago
Grammerly166TheNemianLion294 days ago
What is your favorite Meme2ManofPower295 days ago
Happy 4th Of July.14Bbq444295 days ago
Who is your closest friend on the site?33DarkProdigy295 days ago
Rap Influncers9TheNemianLion295 days ago
in what do you believe9borutog296 days ago

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