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Coffee corner11Galactus3 mo 23 d
Top 5 video games19Bluehornet6 d
Best powerscalers on SHDB.15Nyarlathotep7 d
Food Addictions38MaseTheFace16 d
Love Or Hate?363SuperSomebody20 d
Favorite Fantasy Book/ Novel8Ezio24 d
Who is your Girlfriend84Unicron28 d
Which picture is creepier?37Delinquent1 mo 4 d
This or That2878InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 5 d
The Ruler of Hell15Ezio1 mo 5 d
Painters and artists1mikeeeee_01 mo 14 d
Rankings96BlotskyA1 mo 24 d
what are some youtubers that will never be the same as before.6Joosh1 mo 25 d
Guess the language65InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 7 d
Except yourself, which user do you think makes the best, fairest and most interesting battles?9Ezio2 mo 8 d
What do you believe? A greater power? Life after death?22mtrindadc2 mo 9 d
Social media9ThorMathews2 mo 19 d
Halloween Night :33Zerothemimikyu3 mo 24 d
best achievements vs most embarrassing moment2masterking23 mo 25 d
Pizza toppings60Galactus3 mo 25 d
Do you like or hate this animal?102Delinquent4 mo 27 d
The Most Powerful Character In any reality29SirSpookyChan5 mo 9 d
What is your favorite Music/Song63BlotskyA5 mo 19 d
What is your favorite animal?53Delinquent5 mo 19 d
What is scarier95AshTheRaptor5 mo 29 d
Strongest animal? (No extinct animals)30ultron6 mo 1 d
Favorite Song by Artist and band86LadyGaladriel12126 mo 3 d
This Animal vs That Animal218sonyablade6 mo 3 d
What is your job?37Ezio6 mo 11 d
Which OC character can beat Omnigod?21remy947 mo 10 d
What is the largest animal species you've seen in the wild?9Galactus7 mo 10 d
top 10 greatest Football teams of all time.15TheEmperor507 mo 15 d
Are most users in this site from America or Other Countries?28vcowles778 mo 5 d
If you could see any musician...22Galactus8 mo 12 d
Customize Your Superhero Suit6Ezio8 mo 13 d
Male or Female singers8Galactus8 mo 28 d
2 scenes that gave u the same vibe (from movies, comics, games, series, etc)7ultron9 mo 11 d
What car would you buy?6Galactus9 mo 15 d
Do you have any collection?17Ezio9 mo 18 d
Anger vs. adrenaline rush3AmalgamComics009 mo 19 d
What's your favorite breakfast?11Fii10 mo 9 d
what is ur favourite meat and fish?2ultron10 mo 11 d
Do you have pets?49Galactus10 mo 14 d
I need help with deciding on doves or butterflies3masterking21 y 3 d
Would music be hypothetically a good way to control peoples mind3ultron1 y 10 d
It's my birthday!12Zerothemimikyu1 y 1 mo 4 h 29 m
whats a better name for my oc? The eternal phenix or the acient phenix.6ultron1 y 1 mo 1 d
What are you going to do on New Year's Eve?6Drunks1 y 1 mo 23 d
Christmas 20226Jakcj1 y 1 mo 30 d
How many languages do you know?49MoNsTeR1 y 2 mo 20 d
Will Doom Slayer power of father be able to survive in the Warhammer 40k universe?2lucifermorningstar8761 y 3 mo 18 h 8 m
Two Truths and One Lie98Mr_Incognito1 y 3 mo 8 d
What is your power level50SuperSomebody1 y 3 mo 14 d
What is your Gender61SuperSomebody1 y 3 mo 23 d
Car vs Car54Caleb_Rivas1 y 4 mo 4 d
What's up5datboi12ty1 y 4 mo 19 d
SHDb Headquarters2Galactus1 y 4 mo 26 d
How Many Cups of Coffee do you have?8BlotskyA1 y 5 mo 22 h 46 m
Join My Discord Server1MarvelBoy1071 y 5 mo 6 d
What's your Phobia?202sonyablade1 y 5 mo 18 d
What do you think users look like?139Caleb_Rivas1 y 5 mo 23 d
Vacation 202217Galactus1 y 6 mo 1 d
Moral Alignment14Alien_X1 y 6 mo 13 d
With great power, comes...12Galactus1 y 6 mo 21 d
Top 10 Favorite Band/Rapper/Musical Artist etc.23Soulcollecter571 y 6 mo 24 d
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?26AkhilPDX1 y 7 mo 12 h 11 m
Live Action OC Adapations3MaseTheFace1 y 8 mo 13 d
Released My First Album!3ManofPower1 y 8 mo 25 d
I'm a rapper7ManofPower1 y 9 mo 7 d
Favourite AMV?17RandomName1231 y 10 mo 10 d
Tournament of Armageddon98Alien_X1 y 10 mo 24 d
What is the worst song you've ever heard?18Mr_Incognito2 y 3 d
What songs would you like to be played at your funeral?26UnusOf20292 y 9 d
Who's your real world hero?15Galactus2 y 11 d
Your name?70HolyJoe2 y 14 d
If you had Jack Sparrow compass, what would it point to?8Ezio2 y 2 mo 2 d
Rank the holiday profile pics68masterking22 y 2 mo 7 d
Bets4SuperSomebody2 y 2 mo 7 d
Interesting Thoughts12Thunder_God2 y 2 mo 12 d
Ctrl-V6Alien_X2 y 3 mo 1 d
Lego9Galactus2 y 3 mo 5 d
Guess what I'm building...29Galactus2 y 3 mo 11 d
Types of disorders?40Jakcj2 y 3 mo 14 d
Guilty pleasures11Galactus2 y 3 mo 19 d
Movies / TV -vs- Music15Galactus2 y 3 mo 27 d
Crazy Facts50CaptainCool2 y 3 mo 29 d
Did you ever have a Lucid Dream?32SuperSomebody2 y 3 mo 29 d
Song -vs- Song157Galactus2 y 4 mo 4 d
Spooktober is here!14UnusOf20292 y 4 mo 14 d
Who is the king of clickbait/fake in youtube?21RandomName1232 y 4 mo 18 d
Wishes, but...26UnusOf20292 y 4 mo 18 d
Dream Car66MaseTheFace2 y 4 mo 19 d
Matches3CaptainCool2 y 4 mo 25 d
Guess Facts About Users173Savage2 y 4 mo 27 d
if you were TOAA17masterking22 y 4 mo 27 d
The Most Devious Lick13UnusOf20292 y 4 mo 29 d
Favourite Edits?6RandomName1232 y 5 mo 5 d
Dream Interpretations7MaseTheFace2 y 5 mo 8 d
Stories about yourself19Jakcj2 y 5 mo 12 d
Truth Or Dare76SuperSomebody2 y 5 mo 14 d
What if you were in the DCEU6SuperSomebody2 y 5 mo 14 d
The epic of SHDb13masterking22 y 5 mo 16 d
SHDB vs Comicvine7DarkProdigy2 y 5 mo 16 d
Describe your love life with...21UnusOf20292 y 5 mo 17 d
How tall is everyone?108HolyJoe2 y 5 mo 18 d
One Word44CaptainCool2 y 5 mo 23 d
Which team would you like to be a member of?33Ezio2 y 6 mo 1 d
Top Ten favorite bands of all time with respect to honorable mentions list21vcowles772 y 6 mo 3 d
A moment of silence20Caleb_Rivas2 y 6 mo 14 d
Superhero Customizer25SuperSomebody2 y 6 mo 16 d
Superhero Vs Olympian11Ezio2 y 6 mo 20 d
Color vs Color54Caleb_Rivas2 y 6 mo 23 d
Food vs Food27Caleb_Rivas2 y 6 mo 24 d
ROAST ME!33Aries2 y 6 mo 28 d
Can you survive...21SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 16 h 22 m
Favorite Vlogger.1RandomName1232 y 7 mo 21 h 11 m
What tier?57SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 1 d
Best Superhero theme song/music13Galactus2 y 7 mo 2 d
GenieSomebody25SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 2 d
Your most valuable possession.17Galactus2 y 7 mo 9 d
Riddles.23RandomName1232 y 7 mo 19 d
Impossible Questions42SuperSomebody2 y 8 mo 2 d
Ask SHDb21SuperSomebody2 y 8 mo 3 d
Overexagerrated5SuperSomebody2 y 8 mo 6 d
You have to Out Pizza The Hut25SuperSomebody2 y 8 mo 10 d
Mods 3-way death battle3UnusOf20292 y 8 mo 29 d
do you want to hear a creepy story14masterking22 y 9 mo 4 d
Happy Space Day!6Caleb_Rivas2 y 9 mo 12 d
Happy Revenge of the 6th (I know I'm late)7SuperSomebody2 y 9 mo 13 d
Tell a superhero joke34Ezio2 y 9 mo 19 d
Scariest Thing in the Least Amount of Words.69UnusOf20292 y 9 mo 20 d
Favorite Artists17SirSpidey2 y 9 mo 20 d
Artist -vs- Artist112Galactus2 y 9 mo 22 d
Most Depressing Song of All Time62Savage2 y 9 mo 23 d
do you have a accent9masterking22 y 9 mo 25 d
Memento Mori12UnusOf20292 y 9 mo 26 d
Changing the Background Changes the Song.4UnusOf20292 y 9 mo 27 d
Ethical Dilemmas111Mr_Incognito2 y 9 mo 28 d
IT IS NATIONAL THANOS DAY9SuperSomebody2 y 9 mo 28 d
I am making a channel25SuperSomebody2 y 9 mo 30 d
How was your 4/20?17UnusOf20292 y 10 mo 3 d
if you babyfied any character whos the most cute5masterking22 y 10 mo 5 d
how long would you survive the zombie/magical apocalypse7masterking22 y 10 mo 5 d
what make you unique7masterking22 y 10 mo 5 d
i need help on my base structure of my universe15masterking22 y 10 mo 7 d
Do you think you could survive friday 13th6masterking22 y 10 mo 10 d
What if Freddy Kruger haunt your dream?14RandomName1232 y 10 mo 10 d
Death Battle Inaccuracies?30MS6432622 y 10 mo 10 d
Are you into rap music?4ManofPower2 y 10 mo 11 d
What are your thougths about English Fairy Tales youtube channel and its animation and storytelling?1Affan2 y 10 mo 13 d
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman15RajinKabir2 y 10 mo 15 d
Favourite GAMING youtubers?18RandomName1232 y 10 mo 18 d
I just realized this37UnusOf20292 y 10 mo 22 d
we need your help52masterking22 y 10 mo 24 d
Favourite WWE superstars?4RandomName1232 y 10 mo 24 d
Best music decade.8Galactus2 y 10 mo 28 d
Worst beefs you've had that have since been resolved57EmptyHand2 y 11 mo 1 d
What's your power level?22Alien_X2 y 11 mo 6 d
Clearing The Air11TheNemianLion3 y 1 mo 7 h 1 m
Top 10 Rappers of all time4Savage3 y 1 mo 21 h 45 m
Your worst memory on this site12Jongensoden3 y 1 mo 6 d
Questions asked about Marvel or DC or whatever (Not about site)4SephirothShinju3 y 2 mo 2 d
Does anybody like lifting?17ThorMathews3 y 2 mo 5 d
I confess I�??m a Spider-Man fanboy10Poe3 y 2 mo 14 d
What other companies do you like besides Marvel and DC?30HolyJoe3 y 3 mo 1 d
What is your trueself3ManofPower3 y 3 mo 5 d
Do you guys Believe the Multiverse Exist?9BlotskyA3 y 3 mo 28 d
Thoughts on the coronavirus89TheOne20013 y 4 mo 13 d
What did you eat for dinner tonight?34EmptyHand3 y 4 mo 15 d
What's Galactus favourite food4DivineBeast3 y 5 mo 10 d
Fastest car vs Fastest plane6Crimsonassassin3 y 7 mo 16 d
Do you play any sports?9Atomic_lantern3 y 7 mo 27 d
YouTube Channel!2ManofPower3 y 8 mo 6 d
R.I.P Stan Lee5TheSuspect6663 y 8 mo 12 d
Question for a character name?4Dillon943 y 8 mo 15 d
If you could35RedEyeJoe3 y 8 mo 15 d
Breaking the fourth wall2Tothetreesbro3 y 8 mo 19 d
About My Comic: What do I draw and when should I do it?2HolyJoe3 y 10 mo 11 d
Who is your closest friend on the site?1DarkProdigy3 y 10 mo 11 d
What is your favorite Meme53ManofPower3 y 10 mo 12 d
college/university educated users3Ezio3 y 10 mo 14 d
Superhero Schedule1RedEyeJoe4 y 2 d
I have a mystery for you14DarkProdigy4 y 29 d
Website Anniversaries.11Bane3334 y 1 mo 12 d
I'm new & IDK how to navigate2PeachesNCream44 y 2 mo 8 d
Clash of Clans.2Bane3334 y 2 mo 17 d
Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all8MakeMineMarvel4 y 2 mo 27 d
People you think need to practice the "arts" of making an OC.3Nightshade_4 y 3 mo 29 d
OC Movie9Dellmamy454 y 6 mo 13 d
What's yo fave song?16EmptyHand4 y 7 mo 7 d
What is your favorite color?27Bane3334 y 7 mo 10 d
I'm curious to know who some of your guys favorite sports teams, regardless of sport. I'd love to create a conversation with a little variety :)13cw63344 y 7 mo 30 d
Rap Battle3DarkProdigy4 y 10 mo 13 d
Favourite Artists/Bands/Rappers/Songs etc.8soratoumiga4 y 10 mo 30 d
Why I (for a couple weeks), left the site, and why I'm leaving now. Permanently2DarkProdigy4 y 11 mo 5 d
Collision Course14TheNemianLion4 y 11 mo 27 d
Alone At The Top2SirSpidey5 y 17 h 25 m
Why I Support T-Series3TheNemianLion5 y 1 d
Injustice/injustice 2 quotes and clashes3Crimsonassassin5 y 21 d
OC Highschool 2538ManofPower5 y 21 d
New Diss Track20TheNemianLion5 y 26 d
A very opinionated forum22EmptyHand5 y 29 d
Oc High School1ManofPower5 y 1 mo 13 d