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Farewell, SHDb

Created by DarkProdigy, 1 y 9 mo 10 d ago.

This will likely come as a shock to most of you, but I have decided to leave the internet permanently, including this fantastic website, which I owe so much to. I haven't been here for as long as some other veterans, but this website has meant a lot to me ever since I joined a little over 3 years ago. I have met so many fantastic people on this site who I have become great friends with over the years, and I have created lots of great memories here with a lot of great people. I remember refreshing my page when I got Moderator for the first time because I thought it was a glitch. I remember the hype that was in our little community when the OC characters were first introduced, and the fantasy battles we created with them. I remember the amazing rivalries that although many people hated back then, I'm sure we all miss them now. I'm looking at you two @SirSpidey @soratoumiga. I will miss working on this website with @Galactus and others, and I will miss all the moments we had not just on here but the SHDb Discord.
Unfortunately, I just have too many priorities now, and not enough time to spend on this site. I would like to step down from my Cosmic role and be replaced by someone of Galactus' choosing.

Sorry for blabbing on, but I truly wish the best for everyone that I have met in this community. Except for Akhil, fuck Akhil.


TheOne2001 1 y 9 mo 9 d
Farewell, SHDb
43 months member
It’s crazy how fast time goes I can’t believe I have been on this site for 2 years almost.
Taurus 1 y 9 mo 9 d
Farewell, SHDb
28 months member
Aw sh*t man; although I didn't really get to know you, I've always thought of you as 'the legend with the Deathstroke pfp".
Although I have to say that there was some dark foreshadowing in your comment here.
Wic23 1 y 9 mo 9 d
Farewell, SHDb
34 months member
Damn, you were cool. I'll miss you.
Tyrannus 1 y 9 mo 10 d
Farewell, SHDb
42 months member
Oh dear. This is rather unfortunate. All the OGs are leaving.
May I ask why will you stop using the internet all together.
Galactus 1 y 9 mo 10 d
Farewell, SHDb
8+ year member
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Caleb_Rivas 1 y 4 mo 1 d
Farewell, SHDb
17 months member
Holy Cow im really late to this but im literally about to start crying
DarkProdigy 1 y 9 mo 10 d
Farewell, SHDb
62 months member
Just joking @AkhilPDX, I had to end on a good one-liner. I wish you the best buddy.
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ManofPower 1 y 9 mo 9 d
Farewell, SHDb
52 months member
You were a good one, Prodigy. You were one of my first friends on this site. It will be really hard without you. I'm gonna miss you buddy, 2020 is officially the worse year ever.
Tyrannus 1 y 9 mo 6 d
Farewell, SHDb
42 months member
Speaking of @AkhilPDX, I believe he would be a good replacement for @DarkProdigy. He's always impartial, never loses his temper and everything he says is usually quite logical.