Marvel vs Dc (Oc)

Created by Dellmamy45, 1 y 11 mo 19 d ago.

It's a War between Marvel and Dc. Your Oc has to pick a side and fight. Which Oc are you picking? What side would you pick and who on the opposite side would you like to see your Oc fight?


TheImaginator 2 mo 30 d
Marvel vs Dc (Oc)
The Imaginator (DC) vs the one above all
TheNemianLion 1 y 11 mo 18 d
Marvel vs Dc (Oc)
3 year member
Lionman (Team DC) VS Hulk
Ultravox (Team Marvel) VS Shazam
Petrinos (Team DC) VS Thor
Meltdown (Team DC) VS Sentry
Tyrannisus (Team Marvel) VS Aquaman
ManofPower 1 y 11 mo 18 d
Marvel vs Dc (Oc)
2 year member
Star Storms (Team Marvel) vs Shazam or Superman
Man of Power (Team D.C.) Vs Superman or Martian Manhunter
Momentum (Team DC) vs Quicksilver or Spider-Man
Spirit (Team Dc) vs Doc Strange or Dormammu
Father Spirit (Team Dc) vs Eternity or Thanos (IG)
Dellmamy45 1 y 11 mo 19 d
Marvel vs Dc (Oc)
3 year member
Princes Aqua (Team Marve) V (Killer Frost and Vixen)
Lusty Heat (Team Dc) V (Firestorm and Human Touch)
LordTracer 1 y 11 mo 19 d
Marvel vs Dc (Oc)
3 year member
Photon (Team Marvel) — v. Hal Jordan
Heartstone (Team Marvel) — v. Superman
Lord Devastator (Either Side) — v. Thanos/Darkseid
Sapphire (Team DC) — v. Thor
Supernova (Team DC) — v. The Hulk
Thunderstruck (Team Marvel) — v. Wonder Woman