Artifact Fusion

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List two or more artifacts you believe could be incredibly powerful if combined i.e. (helmet of fate and eye of agomotto) or (mother box and blue beetle scarab)


masterking2 10 mo 13 d
Artifact Fusion
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Ive said it before and I'll say it again Blue scarab and any symbiote.
Like imagine the moral ambiguity of such a character and what if it had two hosts that fuse together.
Alien_X 10 mo 17 d
Artifact Fusion
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Ascalon from Ben 10

The Z-Sword from Dragon Ball.

The perfect union of mortal science and divine magic. Powerful enough to kill or seal gods. Can manipulate the forces of the universe and makes the wielder stronger with every moment it's used. All in one, sharp, extremely heavy, nigh-unbreakable package.
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Jaqqsyn 10 mo 16 d
Artifact Fusion
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Beautiful, just beautiful