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Voted: Darkseid

Darkseid is stronger, in just raw strength, and more durable to, Darkseid being the better combatant, out of the two, I believe Thanos only edge is intelligence, he might out smart him in a few ways, but Darkseid wins.10/9.5
Voted: Darkseid

I change my opinion, Darkseid win, it's a close fight, but he prevails.
Voted: Darkseid

Darkseid wins,.
Voted: Darkseid

His has telepathy and can mind control entire civilizations, as well as create illusions.
Uxas can control his size heal from major wounds, and even rip souls out of people's bodies. He can even resurrect people if he wanted, which is a reason why he will sometimes kill his minions in anger of their failures.
Darkseid's brute strength can rip holes in reality, his omega beams have casually destroyed universes, and he even destroyed the entire timeline of a universe once.

Darkseid has recently killed the almighty Zeus in his 18 year old body, only to steal Zeus's power to become the almighty foe he is now. He is constantly depicted as a threat to the multiverse, and has even fought on par against Anti-Monitor, the guy who was responsible for nearly destroying the entire multiverse himself. And this is only his avatar form. His true form is so powerful, he can crumble the reality of the multiverse simply by giving it a thumbs down. His true form was going to destroy the multiverse simply by existing. This non corporeal form exists in a higher plane of reality. Darkseid in his true form cannot die, because he is not a physical being, rather than the embodiment of an idea.
Voted: Darkseid

Darkseid is a god.
Watch the death battle between them and it is based off true facts. And Thanos snap would do nothing. Thanos needs the infinity gauntlet to manipulate time and reality but Darkseid can do that stuff on his own. But on the other hand Darkseid is DC while Thanos is MARVEL so those universes could collide. And also Thanos can only travel from place to place in this universe while Darkseid can do more. Darkseid is an extremely powerful being, filled with godly power. He has great physical strength, invulnerability, and Omega Beams, which are a vision power that is immensely powerful and can even do considerable damage to a Kryptonian. He can control the beams in midair, even after they've left his eyes. And the lasers can split into two to follow multiple targets.Point for point, Darkseid is more powerful than Superman. Darkseid definitely has superior strength, and a better array of powers. ... Also, Superman's got nothing on Darkseid's Omega Beams. In any case, Superman is slightly faster and has the better technique, but Darkseid is still expected to take him out every time.This immortal New God is able to traverse the multiverse within moments and easily take on the Entire Justice League on his own with raw strength. He can emit Omega beams from his eyes that can either throw foes through time, erase them from existence, transmute their matter, or transport them to an Omega Realm of eternal torture.
1 hours ago
But it's kind of hard to know when someone has replied to something on their profile section

ps I'm currently debating @soratoumitga about the most powerful marvel and dc characters
Voted: Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet)

@gloryBringer when did that happen?