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Any questions about the website, superheroes, action heroes and other subjects that fit the website can be asked here.

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Sticky Please don't delete any questions that could be helpful for other users.
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What does tier mean? I've noticed tiers such as "superhuman" "building" "city".
Does "city" (1++) mean A: they are equal to a city wide threat, or B: powerful enough to destroy a whole city with their power?
What confuses me is that Mario (the nintendo character) is multi-galactic but batman is superhuman. But batman solves city-wide threats. So is Mario or Batman off? Because if mario really is galactic because of Super Mario Galaxy, batman is off. But if means that batman has superhuman power, Mario is way off because he doesn't have galactic power, not even close.
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Good morning, my name is Alberto. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Data Science, and for my final project, I've decided to create a simulator for battles between superheroes. I've found this database which is quite good, and I'm trying to gather the data to work on the machine learning project. I would appreciate it if you could assist me with the datasets.

This project is intended for presentation to a professor; I'm not seeking profit, just aiming to do a good job. I would be grateful for any kind of assistance.

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