Would you

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This can he multiple things like would you rather but also What would you do if this happens etc


BlotskyA 3 y 5 mo 12 d
Would you
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If you were to become a villain, who would you be the Joker or Loki? I Would Personally be The Joker because while Loki has Amazing Powers, when you become Loki, you have to learn your powers and this is something Personally I'm Not interested in doing, I Will be the Joker like going Insane and beating up Innocent People And causing Destruction and all of those I Don't need training, so Overall I choose joker but do y'all think
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DeanDinosaur6 3 y 5 mo 12 d
Would you
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Loki. He has magic.
AkhilPDX 3 y 5 mo 12 d
Would you
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Definitely Loki.