Ocs Leadership test

Created by Dellmamy45, 4 y 10 mo 6 d ago.

Mission Scenario: A villain (Loki power level) is attacking a city. Other things are happening while he attacking the city.
Problem 1- A house is on fire and people are stuck in there.
Problem 2- A Train is crashing into another building.
Problem 3- the buildings are breaking part and pieces are falling on to the streets.
Problem 4- Fighting the Villian(Loki power level)
Pick 6 Ocs in this mission to help you, who are you picking and why?


SuperSomebody 1 y 10 mo 16 d
Ocs Leadership test
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Le monke, does fard and deletes Loki
Caleb_Rivas 1 y 11 mo 5 d
Ocs Leadership test
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Bolt God or Gods. He snaps and everything changes