Who Can Defeat SCP-001 (Swann's proposal) ?

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SCP-001 (Swann's proposal) Has perfect control over the SCP reality, transcending beings such as the its avatars, Mary Nakayama, The All-Mighty, The Scarlet King, The Hanged King, Yaldabaoth, and Mekhane, Yesod with Faces, The Tree of Knowledge, The Library, The Brothers Death, He-Who-Made-Dark and He-Who-Made-Light, ALEXYLVA, and The High Elder Gods and viewing them, and the multiverse as a whole, as nothing more than a work of fiction. If it dies it would cause the total metaphysical annihilation of the multiverse. The SCP reality is described as being comprised of narratives stacked on top of each other, with the total number of stacked narratives possibly going on forever, with no beginning or end) but omnipotent characters like:

1. The Godhead Supreme being of The Elder Scrolls Verse
2. Mr.Creepypasta supreme being of Creepypasta verse.
3. One-Above-all Supreme Being of Marvel verse
4. Azathoth Supreme being of Cthulhu mythos
5. The White Light Supreme being of Transrealist verse

Can they beat SCP-001 (Swann's proposal) The supreme Being of the SCP Mythos ?


Danyel 1 y 1 mo 30 d
Who Can Defeat SCP-001 (Swann's proposal) ?
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Oh, Yeah, SCP-3812 can. via supersede.
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Mr_Incognito 1 y 9 mo 15 d
Who Can Defeat SCP-001 (Swann's proposal) ?
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Sentry 1 y 9 mo 11 d
Who Can Defeat SCP-001 (Swann's proposal) ?
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What wrong? TOAA is the very Incarnation of all the real Marvel writers, editors, and readers, they will simply treat the entire SCP-verse as a Fiction, which includes the SCP-001 Database the real authors.