Rating Death Scenes

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May sound a bit odd but yeah, death scenes should be as good or even better than how a character is introduced. Rate your best deaths in these categories
1.)Most beautiful death(i.e, of a protagonist character that died happily)
2.)Most satisfying death(antagonist, ofcourse)
3.)Most unexpected/undeserved death


Rating Death Scenes
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1. Caesar in War For Planet Of The Apes
2. Frieza in DBZ when Trunks killed him
3. Unexpected i would say Batman and Supergirl in Flash because i genuinely didn't expect them to die, most undeserved would have to be Ben Solo's, i hope he comes back in upcoming Rey spinoff
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Rating Death Scenes
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Ben's death was just🥹... But I dont think he can redeemed (as in the character) in the upcoming movie, but who knows if they did it good? Like Darth Maul was just🤌
Galactus 1 mo 5 d
Rating Death Scenes
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1. Terminator 2: T-800 - Willing to sacrifice itself for the sake of humanity. 👍🏻
2. Once Upon a Time in the West - Frank (Henry Fonda) - He finally, after years, gets what he deserves.
3. ? (let me think about that)