Alone At The Top

Created by ElectroSpino, 4 y 11 mo 29 d ago.

I'm starting to get annoyed at this point, I'm told that this is the place where the worlds highest tier debaters clash, but I'm disappointed. I've been slamming all my opponents to the dust, honestly, I don't think I've ever even lost a debate, no one has been able to match me in the slightest. Some might find it a triumph to be in such high regard in a field, but it hurts. I just know so much information, that most are unable to process. I think I'm just to smart for debating since no one has ever been able to even find any flaws in my claims.


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ElectroSpino 4 y 11 mo 27 d
Alone At The Top
83 months member
*This entire thread is irony btw* Have we ever actually had a real debate? I mean the only thing I can remember us having is the joke comment I made about Shaq's Steel being the most powerful superhero...
soratoumiga 4 y 11 mo 27 d
Alone At The Top
70 months member
Spino is #1 debater on this website, and it's a fact. He has never ever lost a debate. Prove it using comics that he lost a debate.
AkhilPDX 4 y 11 mo 27 d
Alone At The Top
85 months member
Yes, @soul has, @sora, @spino, @tracer, @nemian, @MoP, and yours truly, have ALL beaten him. Oh yeah, I also forgot @Galactus.