Power malfunctions

Created by sonyablade, 1 y 8 mo 23 d ago.

Like just imagine power and the worst ways it could malfunction or the consequences if its not accompanied by an extra power. Or just list down any power and someone else can reply a creative way it could malfunction.

If I were creating a superhero universe, I'd include a character that has this power as a conflicted protagonist.


Alien_X 1 y 8 mo 18 d
Power malfunctions
47 months member
Intangibility but the user phases through the ground to the core of the Earth because of lack of experience and is stuck there until someone saves them.
MarvelBoy107 1 y 8 mo 20 d
Power malfunctions
39 months member
Super Speed, the user would be going so fast that the friction would burn/vaporize you.
MaseTheFace 1 y 8 mo 20 d
Power malfunctions
36 months member
Cyrokenisis: The user goes beyond their limit and freezes solid.
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