Make a character out of?

Created by sonyablade, 22 d ago.

Ok guys so this is a game. Someone mentions one to three random things (objects, animals, or whatever), and then you turn them into a fictional character, hero or villain, and give them abilities based on the criteria.

For example:
Object/ criteria: Phone…??

character:Telly Ringtone, female.
Alias: The Serial Caller/ Death Dial.
Job: Serial killer/mass murderer.?‍?️
As a teen, the girl she liked asked her to the prom (a prank). When she called to confirm their date, her crush played ‘No’ by Meghan Trainor and posted her reaction on social media.

Power: If she calls someone on their phone and they decline, they will die. If they pick up the phone, they will become mindless slaves of hers for 24 hours.