I'm Making A SITE!

Created by BlotskyA, 9 mo 9 d ago.

Yes this is TRUE! I Will ask Galactus for help and me and him will start working on September! the Site is basically SHdb but with Amalgams! I Will give you the Link of the site on December 2021,


RajinKabir 9 mo 5 d
I'm Making A SITE!
1 year member
Thats a long time.😮 Just sharing my opinion but it doesn't sound like good idea to me.🤔
windshadow 9 mo 5 d
I'm Making A SITE!
2 year member
Galactus 9 mo 8 d
I'm Making A SITE!
15 year member
I'm ok with answering some questions you might have, but this is not a team-up.
Like @Jon said, I hardly have time to run this website and building Realm Forger.
Jongensoden 9 mo 8 d
I'm Making A SITE!
3 year member
Sigh that's not happening galactus is already Busy with this site and the oc site
AkhilPDX 9 mo 9 d
I'm Making A SITE!
4 year member
Did Galactus agree to this?