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Which character is more scary?251Superguy2513 h 54 m
Respect Threads496EmptyHand8 h 21 m
Original Character (OC) development9Galactus17 h 16 m
What Character In Any Media Is Your Favorite Ever?29Mithion1 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC123DeanDinosaur62 d
Funny moments28MoNsTeR2 d
Powerful Vampires5vcowles772 d
Top 5 Beautiful Female Villains16MoNsTeR4 d
Your favourite characters 24Marvel5005 d
Best army6Tyrannus6 d
Powerful characters7Jakcj7 d
Most powerful OCs (Original Characters)208HeroicSacrifice1238 d
Who can beat Featherine Augustus Aurora30Enternity1013 d
How strong is goku, really?73JJmeek1822 d
OC feats68MaseTheFace28 d
Top 10 Favourite DC Characters19InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 21 h 47 m
Favourite SCP- Character.14Jonas1 mo 5 d
Thor, Hulk, Superman, and Green Lantern are coming after you.8abcdefu17881 mo 8 d
Top 5 most powerful heroes67Tyrannus1 mo 9 d
Top 5 Favorite Characters18SirSpidey1 mo 9 d
Top 10 most powerful Anime characters9MrJaeger071 mo 9 d
Who are the most powerful characters in WOD?13Zombie1 mo 9 d
Is Darkseid High Outversal9Jongensoden1 mo 11 d
Name me characters that fall under pure good or pure evil and I'll tag them.30Tigerking20201 mo 12 d
Strongest and weakest human gaming protagonist7ultron1 mo 13 d
Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor257soratoumiga1 mo 17 d
Who's your favorite OC?40Caleb_Rivas1 mo 24 d
Which fictional universe would you like your OCs to be a part of?10Doomsday1 mo 24 d
Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?272Oblivion1 mo 26 d
Most powerful DC characters list45EmptyHand2 mo 1 d
Which characters would you like to see in Death Battle55Tigerking20202 mo 2 d
Do you hate Batman's bossy and surly personality?2AmalgamComics002 mo 4 d
Hated characters panels11voidstone2 mo 6 d
Do you like or hate this character? (Read description)1612Tyrannus2 mo 8 d
Top 10 Favourite Marvel Characters9InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 mo 9 d
Characters that are pure good/near pure good/inconsistently admirable/heroic benchmark87Tigerking20202 mo 10 d
What is your favourite mythical creature? And do other people love or hate it?27ultron2 mo 20 d
Top 10 most powerful Marvel characters123Clint_Barton2 mo 20 d
Who is your favourite omnipotent being?1soratoumiga2 mo 21 d
Marvel and DC Tier List1windshadow2 mo 24 d
What is your favorite character?21Jongensoden2 mo 28 d
Best Color Schemes3Alien_X3 mo 5 d
Characters capable of defeating White phoenix of the Crown64Chimae1213 mo 14 d
OC's Backstory26CaptainCool3 mo 14 d
Who are Hulks best friends?4ThorMathews3 mo 16 d
could you do a battle with this character?31Manx3 mo 27 d
The 10 most powerful characters in the superhero database.69Pedrof4 mo 11 d
Most powerful character throughout every verse?12EmptyHand4 mo 11 d
batman is above peak human3ultron4 mo 18 d
Superheroes with the most plot armor29HeroicSacrifice1234 mo 23 d
Favorite characters' Catchphrase19Ezio4 mo 26 d
Lantern Rings67voidstone5 mo 3 d
Symbiotes ranked4Tyrannus5 mo 5 d
Give me 2 characters for a YouTube tournament video11Murtdha5 mo 10 d
Root for villains/Antagonists4voidstone5 mo 10 d
characters that are pure evil/influenced/broken/insane162ultron5 mo 15 d
Who has the most tragic backstory?19Dhruv5 mo 21 d
most underrated characters in fighting skill?13oKqis_5 mo 24 d
Who is the worst dad in fiction?16Delinquent5 mo 29 d
Which OC Can Defeat Ultra yellow20Unicron6 mo 16 h 30 m
Most Overrated Powers17SuperSomebody6 mo 6 d
rate my new ocs backstory1ultron6 mo 7 d
Most underrated character208TheOne20016 mo 10 d
Ben 10 Villains6MoNsTeR6 mo 13 d
Most overrated character258Clint_Barton6 mo 26 d
Who can beat Yog-sothoth43EmptyHand6 mo 27 d
Characters who can beat Knull from other verse4Demiurgos096 mo 27 d
Who can beat Multi-Oblivion?12windshadow6 mo 27 d
Who do you prefer?213Delinquent7 mo 2 d
Top 10 X-Men Members11ForJustice13247 mo 11 d
most inspirational comic superhero?24ultron7 mo 16 d
strongest batman villain12ultron7 mo 16 d
Discussion of the stats of the characters.128Pedrof7 mo 17 d
Who Can Defeat Gan (The Dark Tower)?1Jonas7 mo 22 d
Who can defeat Galactus?18soratoumiga7 mo 25 d
best character in terms of combat7ultron8 mo 7 h 25 m
who has better combat kratos or batman?9ultron8 mo 9 h 26 m
Most badass character in all of fiction?40Tigerking20208 mo 20 h 7 m
Top 10 Marvel Characters1LordTracer8 mo 14 d
Favourite Mortal Kombat characters37Tyrannus8 mo 19 d
Who is your favorite reality warper?5Danyel8 mo 23 d
Favorite Jurassic Park Character (Not counting Dinosaurs)2DarthNihilus0038 mo 23 d
characters tribute4Unicron8 mo 23 d
SCP-3812 Runs a gauntlet2Danyel9 mo 14 d
Which OC Can Beat Doctor Knight?39Sentry9 mo 15 d
How to kill...23SuperSomebody9 mo 16 d
Coolest looking character?88Mr_Incognito9 mo 19 d
Have Marvel or DC ever introduced a superhero/supervillain in live action for the first time?920999 mo 21 d
Who are your top 5 most Transformers/Dragon ball z Badass Characters17Unicron9 mo 22 d
who should play doctor doom in the mcu3ultron9 mo 24 d
which OC Can defeat the almighty Creator?10Sentry9 mo 25 d
A class for Ocs2CenterCore9 mo 25 d
Make Your Own Avengers (Crossover Avengers)12Zerothemimikyu10 mo 3 d
How high can you scale your favorite characters?12EmptyHand10 mo 3 d
It time to reboot Lockdown transformers7Unicron10 mo 4 d
MCU Hulk is gets the same treatment as comic Galactus10Taurus10 mo 6 d
Help me make my OC some teammates5Jaqqsyn10 mo 10 d
Is Batman the best hero42Jongensoden10 mo 11 d
Marvel/DC characters as cool as Batman9AmalgamComics0010 mo 12 d
Marvel and DC parents of daughters3AmalgamComics0010 mo 17 d
What's the the highest power level possible for humans8Murtdha10 mo 21 d
Hulk as a Red Lantern2AmalgamComics0010 mo 23 d
Characters you wish had their own movies24Manx10 mo 27 d
15 most powerful Villain Lockdown TF Has Defeated5Unicron10 mo 28 d
Favorite Green Lantern8AmalgamComics0010 mo 28 d
Best Green Lantern Castume2Ezio10 mo 28 d
rate my origin story of my oc6ultron11 mo 12 h 48 m
Is Batman the most famous and most well-known?10AmalgamComics0011 mo 2 d
Can Batman Beat the Marvel Universe with Prep Time?48BlotskyA11 mo 7 d
10 Characters Who Can Beat The Spectre0Demiurgos0911 mo 8 d
10 Characters Who Can Beat The Spectre0Demiurgos0911 mo 8 d
Who does Thanos respect (616)3Taurus11 mo 10 d
Top 10 most powerful current Marvel characters for 2021/2022.6mephisto11 mo 11 d
How powerful is Nyarlathotep and can anyone mention his feats?0Demiurgos0911 mo 13 d
Is there any proof that Oblivion is Knull's servant? Just because Knull was to be darkness?5Erix0111 mo 13 d
Scarecrow in horror media3AmalgamComics0011 mo 25 d
How powerful is Michael Demiurgos (DC/Vertigo)?12Drunks11 mo 26 d
Funniest Marvel and DC characters1AmalgamComics0011 mo 26 d
Horror movie characters as Yellow Lanterns3AmalgamComics0011 mo 27 d
Father Vs Father23voidstone11 mo 28 d
who is a better written character batman or spiderman?11ultron1 y 2 d
Characters best at...807Galactus1 y 3 d
OC Originality contest10Galactus1 y 4 d
How powerful exactly is Hulk in the MCU1Taurus1 y 5 d
Who are the ten best fighters in fictional history?17Delinquent1 y 10 d
Who can beat the one above all?113EmptyHand1 y 11 d
Fallen heroes.1Tyrannus1 y 12 d
Morningstar or Beyonder19Superguy2511 y 14 d
your only favorite all-powerful character.11Doomsday1 y 19 d
Goated Alien Species5sonyablade1 y 25 d
Which character can beat the white light of (ruckerverse) ?9Sentry1 y 28 d
Coolest Superhero helmets17Galactus1 y 1 mo 46 m
I wanna know which are iron man's top 5 strongest forms with explanation3ThorTheThunderer1 y 1 mo 19 h 59 m
Fastest OC5kinger1 y 1 mo 4 d
Top 5 Most Powerful Non-Omnipotent beings in each universe (READ DESCRIPTION)62sonyablade1 y 1 mo 15 d
Thor Odinson's Greatest Feats233SirSpidey1 y 1 mo 22 d
Best toughness feats23Mr_Incognito1 y 1 mo 25 d
What power level is Onslaught?5ElectroSpino1 y 1 mo 25 d
MCU character compared to comic version4InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 y 1 mo 27 d
Thanos VS Darkseid46adeptniyi1 y 2 mo 1 d
who are the strongest Non-omnipotent Ocs?1Sentry1 y 2 mo 8 d
which OC can defeat Theos?2Sentry1 y 2 mo 10 d
Strongest ice users.23RandomName1231 y 2 mo 14 d
most powerful characters in the database2Z_man_the_overpowered1 y 2 mo 14 d
Did kratos lift the 9 realms when he flipped the temple ?2yes1 y 2 mo 15 d
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 273Bbq4441 y 2 mo 20 d
Who is the coolest villain of all time?39Mr_Incognito1 y 2 mo 20 d
Was Ikaris faster than speed of light?220991 y 3 mo 1 d
Which characters can hold Mjolnir?48Dusk_Pikachu1 y 3 mo 1 d
Coolest superheros' jacket5Ezio1 y 3 mo 4 d
Who is better Teleporter?8Ezio1 y 3 mo 4 d
How many would it take to beat298wade1 y 3 mo 11 d
Is Shrek Overrated on this website?9SuperSomebody1 y 3 mo 12 d
Who is the strongest street level character?1820991 y 3 mo 14 d
Top 10 street tiers in Marvel and DC6Manx1 y 3 mo 17 d
God Levels:2kinger1 y 3 mo 17 d
I think we need Bruce Banner18Taurus1 y 3 mo 24 d
Favourite Husband & Wife (Marvel & DC Comics)32Shadow_Rider1 y 3 mo 27 d
Which character has the powerful magic across DC and Marvel3sonyablade1 y 4 mo 2 d
Characters Who can Survive Black hole17ziedanish1 y 4 mo 3 d
Most powerful avenger170TheOne20011 y 4 mo 11 d
The most underrated and overrated characters420991 y 4 mo 22 d
How would you rate the power of Thor, Gorr and Jane Foster according to the movie ?220991 y 4 mo 25 d
Rip Offs vs Originals9sonyablade1 y 4 mo 29 d
omnipotent ocs are kinda weird16masterking21 y 5 mo 10 d
Who is the most powerful lightning/electricity wielder3ThorMathews1 y 5 mo 16 d
Top Most powerful characters can defeat Ultra Lava11Unicron1 y 5 mo 17 d
Those Who Sit Above In Shadow Vs Kryptonian Gods3Ezio1 y 5 mo 22 d
Rate characters by medium.16Galactus1 y 5 mo 25 d
Best supervillians15Jongensoden1 y 5 mo 27 d
Choose 10 people for a team16CaptainCool1 y 6 mo 4 d
Most OP character11JoeMom1 y 6 mo 11 d
Most powerful Omega-level Mutants1IMABATMAN421 y 6 mo 17 d
Has Hulk become the most overrated character in this site?34IamMoonKnight1 y 6 mo 19 d
Digimon help.8masterking21 y 6 mo 26 d
Top 10 characters in Marvel and DC41Manx1 y 7 mo 3 d
what is your favorite villian22Jongensoden1 y 7 mo 18 d
Who is the best assassin?17Ezio1 y 8 mo 9 d
Who can beat Paul Blart15JoeMom1 y 8 mo 9 d
Who is the biggest Mary Sue in all of fiction!8Dark_Wing1 y 8 mo 10 d
Awesome characters that are severely underused8Jaqqsyn1 y 9 mo 7 d
Characters you feel like no one else knows.5MarvelBoy1071 y 9 mo 9 d
OC Theme Songs6Percival1 y 9 mo 18 d
What is the coolest sounding name of a fictional character? (list 3)45dcm1 y 9 mo 27 d
What would be the scariest villain combination?15Mr_Incognito1 y 10 mo 16 h 10 m
OC Introductions8SNK681 y 10 mo 5 d
Most accurate characters7Mr_Incognito1 y 10 mo 9 d
Ninja Warrior Contest9Ezio1 y 10 mo 9 d
Wanda (Darkhold post WV) vs Dr.Strange1NatexMaximoff1 y 10 mo 12 d
Which characters can eat the most?20ThorMathews1 y 10 mo 15 d
Richest character in all of comics19Mr_Incognito1 y 10 mo 15 d
Powers105Singham1 y 10 mo 21 d
Who is the most powerful user of each element?13ThorMathews1 y 10 mo 24 d
Who Beats Thor?325SirSpidey1 y 11 mo 11 d
Top 10 Marvel Heroes21ThorMathews1 y 11 mo 13 d
Mini game : Choose your bodyguards against the enemies320ArshiaShahlaei1 y 11 mo 13 d
Request missing superpowers to charachters357Jongensoden2 y 1 d
What ke your favorite anime villian?11Auristar2 y 9 d
What would the golden lantern emotional being.55masterking22 y 13 d
Omnipotent being of dc29Jongensoden2 y 17 d
Top 10 Most Powerful Characters (Movies)7Taurus2 y 19 d
What character has the highest pain tolerance?26Mr_Incognito2 y 21 d
Most powerful siblings9voidstone2 y 25 d
Choose your powers8Jongensoden2 y 28 d
Most Powerful Character of Each Species140Enternity102 y 1 mo 1 h 29 m
What if Demi-fiend bonded with Toxin the Symbiote?4Gemstrike2 y 1 mo 1 d
Why are the pre crisis versions of characters so powerful7Enternity102 y 1 mo 2 d
Best antagonists26Kvothe4042 y 1 mo 5 d
Ask me questions15Jongensoden2 y 1 mo 20 d
Who has the greatest willpower in comics?163Tyrannus2 y 1 mo 22 d
Top 10 Favorite Villains25Mr_Incognito2 y 1 mo 25 d
Choose a team of five for perfect heist.17Ezio2 y 2 mo 7 d
what other features do you think the omnitrix has that aren't shown5masterking22 y 2 mo 11 d
Which character has the best Fan-Art?8UnusOf20292 y 2 mo 12 d
Top 10 fastest superheroes152Jongensoden2 y 2 mo 13 d
What Characters Should Have Been Included In The Suicide Squad (2016)5SuperSomebody2 y 2 mo 14 d
so if you have a omnipotent oc whats their greatest feat cause im working on one8masterking22 y 2 mo 14 d
Favorite Batman Villains18CoconutsAreStale2 y 2 mo 18 d
Who is your king?7Ezio2 y 2 mo 21 d
Which characters have the best a$$23Jakcj2 y 2 mo 21 d
Top 5 WORST DC Rogues Galleries8BlotskyA2 y 2 mo 21 d
Who is the best superhero martial artist?12Thunder_God2 y 2 mo 27 d
is there anyone who can beat The One-Above-All?22RandomName1232 y 3 mo 2 h 30 m
why do all horror alien have giant foreheads11masterking22 y 3 mo 4 d
Which characters outside of Marvel are immune to Penance Stare?4Tigerking20202 y 3 mo 4 d
Most heroic character outside of Marvel & DC?15Tigerking20202 y 3 mo 5 d
Which character has best evil laugh?13Ezio2 y 3 mo 6 d
Which Character has the worse Fanboys251ManofPower2 y 3 mo 8 d
Heavy Metal Characters comics/movie1eelmor11382 y 3 mo 10 d
MCU characters ranked by power88Marvel5002 y 3 mo 11 d
Smallest Fictional Character4Caleb_Rivas2 y 3 mo 14 d
They can not die?36Caleb_Rivas2 y 3 mo 15 d
team name5CoconutsAreStale2 y 3 mo 16 d
Most powerful weather manipulator?8ThorMathews2 y 3 mo 18 d
Who is the most overrated superhero?205Dark_Wing2 y 3 mo 19 d
Characters who can defeat Scarlet Witch HoM55TheSuspect6662 y 3 mo 20 d
Who can beat The Presence55Dark_Wing2 y 3 mo 22 d
Scariest Marvel or Dc characters and they are sooo scary that it is prefect for a Horror Movie.21RandomName1232 y 3 mo 23 d
Who is the largest fictional character?11Ezio2 y 3 mo 23 d
Does the Strength Bar refer to lifting strength of striking strength?8sonyablade2 y 3 mo 28 d
True Power Levels of MCU and DCEU characters11datboi12ty2 y 4 mo 1 d
Best fighters in Mortal Kombat6Tyrannus2 y 4 mo 9 d
Most Powerful Character Versions167Mr_Incognito2 y 4 mo 11 d
Pink Superheroes21Caleb_Rivas2 y 4 mo 12 d
Characters with wasted potential25Jongensoden2 y 4 mo 13 d
One character from the Marvel Universe is offering to train you; Who do you choose?36Ralkero2 y 4 mo 15 d
All Animal Based character8Hurricano2 y 4 mo 15 d
How ridiculous/useless is this hero?110Mr_Incognito2 y 4 mo 23 d
What qualifications should a character meet in order to qualify for nigh-omnipotence or omnipotence?14Tigerking20202 y 4 mo 25 d
A Batman of many colors6Caleb_Rivas2 y 4 mo 29 d
Character Crushes63RedEyeJoe2 y 5 mo 2 d
Top 10 Best Fighters in Marvel or DC207Savage2 y 5 mo 2 d
New God or Celestial10Superguy2512 y 5 mo 3 d
Who is the most intimidating?15Mr_Incognito2 y 5 mo 3 d
Top 5 worst marvel rouge galleries1Jongensoden2 y 5 mo 7 d
What superhero are you?17Caleb_Rivas2 y 5 mo 9 d
Who is stronger Bedlam Spirits or One-Above-all24Pedrof2 y 5 mo 18 d
Most violent heroes34Jongensoden2 y 5 mo 19 d
Prettiest Characters31Prion2 y 5 mo 20 d
Superhero Power ranking (MCU)16Dusk_Pikachu2 y 5 mo 21 d
What do they have in common26SuperSomebody2 y 5 mo 24 d
Does Galactus (comics) poop?16Guest2 y 5 mo 27 d
War Favors26Superguy2512 y 5 mo 28 d
Divinity Or Alien26Superguy2512 y 5 mo 28 d
Hulk punch is Stronger than Saitama Punch. No?11RandomName1232 y 6 mo 2 d
Which superhero are you picking?26datboi12ty2 y 6 mo 3 d
Nuclear Escape42Superguy2512 y 6 mo 3 d
Superhero Scenarios14SuperSomebody2 y 6 mo 6 d
Who are your favorite non-Dc Non-Marvel villains11Hurricano2 y 6 mo 6 d
Who is the strongest charachter with prep22Jongensoden2 y 6 mo 6 d
Best and Funniest Fourth wall breakers.3RandomName1232 y 6 mo 10 d
Tales of The Dogscape4RAHIMINDAHOODS2 y 6 mo 10 d
Favorite / Least Favorite Characters in Fiction84AkhilPDX2 y 6 mo 10 d
Why This CHARACTER should be This CHARACTER's Archenemy21BlotskyA2 y 6 mo 12 d
Which universe has the most overstated characters?18vonKonigsberg2 y 6 mo 13 d
Most Powerful & Strongest of the Marvel vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball5uglyspecies2 y 6 mo 16 d
Cosmic Immortal Hulk Level19thecomicguy2 y 6 mo 16 d
Who is smartest , Mister Fantastic , Iron Man , Dr Doom , Bruce Banner13RandomName1232 y 6 mo 17 d
Which actor do you think played The Joker best?8ForJustice13242 y 6 mo 18 d
weirdest/Creepiest Batman villains10Jongensoden2 y 6 mo 18 d
This Character Should Have Their Own Show...25datboi12ty2 y 6 mo 18 d
Could Thanos have been one of the ones that died in the SNAP ?4Caleb_Rivas2 y 6 mo 21 d
Infinity Stones15Caleb_Rivas2 y 6 mo 22 d
Which actor do you think played Batman best?7ForJustice13242 y 6 mo 23 d
Who is the best Superhero with no powers, just skill?16datboi12ty2 y 6 mo 23 d
Best Couples27ThorMathews2 y 6 mo 23 d
Strongest fire users?17ThorMathews2 y 6 mo 25 d
Who is the Smartest person of Batman's Rogues Gallery8Hurricano2 y 6 mo 25 d
Character Alignments Swapped45SuperSomebody2 y 6 mo 25 d
Who Is The Best Side Character?22datboi12ty2 y 6 mo 26 d
10 Characters who can beat Saitama7RatnikNaSjeveru20052 y 6 mo 28 d
The Most Powerful Villain Army in Comics/movies/books17Ezio2 y 6 mo 29 d
i can turn any creature evil14masterking22 y 6 mo 29 d
Strongest Monsters in MonsterVerse26RandomName1232 y 7 mo 1 d
Top 10 Healing Factors75ThorMathews2 y 7 mo 1 d
Which Lantern Core do you belong to?34AkhilPDX2 y 7 mo 1 d
Characters with the best supporting casts?10ThorMathews2 y 7 mo 2 d
Most Powerful Elemental Users/Benders2SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 2 d
Top 20 Favorite Heroes and Villains2AkhilPDX2 y 7 mo 2 d
SHDb Content Revision85AkhilPDX2 y 7 mo 3 d
Name Some Tricksters11ThorMathews2 y 7 mo 3 d
Make a Supervillain Team15ThorMathews2 y 7 mo 3 d
Is the Bedlam Spirts Omnipotent?6TashPuddle2 y 7 mo 5 d
Favorite Relatonships87LordTracer2 y 7 mo 5 d
Top 10 DC Heroes9ThorMathews2 y 7 mo 7 d
Is MCU Thanos overestimated in vs debates ?12Kluba5772 y 7 mo 8 d
The Strongest Batman?10MS6432622 y 7 mo 8 d
Who deserved One for All more than Deku15UnusOf20292 y 7 mo 9 d
What is the strongest version of Thor?12NiTrOMAMBA2 y 7 mo 10 d
Who is the strongest Thanos on this website1ultron2 y 7 mo 10 d
Most powerful RAGE characters15RandomName1232 y 7 mo 10 d
Happy 20th Anniversary to Shrek18Tigerking20202 y 7 mo 10 d
What superheroes are worthy of Mjolnir11NiTrOMAMBA2 y 7 mo 10 d
Who is the fastest speedster?38Bane3332 y 7 mo 11 d
Characters with the STRONGEST punch.24RandomName1232 y 7 mo 11 d
Omnipotence is confusing4UnusOf20292 y 7 mo 11 d
OC Art9masterking22 y 7 mo 13 d
Villains Who had it Right27UnusOf20292 y 7 mo 13 d
Users vs Marvel14JoeMom2 y 7 mo 13 d
Opinion on John Diggle becoming Green Lantern in the Arrowverse?6datboi12ty2 y 7 mo 13 d
Most Powerful Out Of...44SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 14 d
Could iron-man have survived the snap?3NiTrOMAMBA2 y 7 mo 14 d
Weird and funny superhero and villain names7datboi12ty2 y 7 mo 16 d
Dr. Doom , Thanos and Darkseid and Doomsday has team up and wants to kill YOU , which 5 heros will protect you? (choose heros in description)12RandomName1232 y 7 mo 16 d
Biggest Simps in Fictional History31SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 16 d
Who's your favorite out of The Marvel Trinity31Superguy2512 y 7 mo 16 d
Top 10 Superhero Teams3Mr_Incognito2 y 7 mo 17 d
Who is better at prep than batman?21SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 18 d
April 26 is National Thanos Day6SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 20 d
Best mustache7Ezio2 y 7 mo 21 d
When do you think Carol Danvers (AKA Captain Marvel) will actually be defeated and killed and who do you think will kill her?3NiTrOMAMBA2 y 7 mo 21 d
Most Powerful Families17ThorMathews2 y 7 mo 21 d
Cutest Characters13SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 22 d
Top 10 marvel characters that could have killed Thanos(MCU) by themselves15datboi12ty2 y 7 mo 22 d
Which verse has better naming system?4Ezio2 y 7 mo 22 d
I know who NoobMaster69 is6SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 22 d
Who is your favorite character from any movie or franchise?18datboi12ty2 y 7 mo 23 d
What if John Wick was in the Suicide Squad1SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 25 d
Users vs DC3JoeMom2 y 7 mo 26 d
The most OP vehicle8SuperSomebody2 y 7 mo 26 d
Is it possible for deadpool to die?1RandomName1232 y 7 mo 26 d
Useless Vehicles9JoeMom2 y 7 mo 26 d
We need Fortnite Characters5JoeMom2 y 7 mo 27 d
Rank The 20 Best Justice League Members4ThorMathews2 y 7 mo 29 d
Top 100 Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe46Savage2 y 8 mo 16 h 25 m
Can deadpool die from getting old?2RandomName1232 y 8 mo 1 d
What do you consider to be the base profiles for Godzilla and Kong?3Tigerking20202 y 8 mo 2 d
Who is a faster flash , Barry Allen or Wally West ?6RandomName1232 y 8 mo 2 d
Top 10 Marvel Villains16ThorMathews2 y 8 mo 3 d
Can wolverine die? If he can , what could kill him?7RandomName1232 y 8 mo 4 d
Most intelligent characters in fiction.4masterking22 y 8 mo 5 d
Favorite Devil5Superguy2512 y 8 mo 5 d
What do you guys expect from the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett Series?2datboi12ty2 y 8 mo 5 d
Who would you try to save if you were in your favorite superhero or anime universe(Can only pick one person)?17datboi12ty2 y 8 mo 5 d
Heroes who are villain26masterking22 y 8 mo 6 d
Imagine you are wolverine , which dc heros or villain you would fight?2RandomName1232 y 8 mo 7 d
Who's your favorite cosmic entity/being in Marvel6Enternity102 y 8 mo 8 d
Most powerful mutants in Marvel6soratoumiga2 y 8 mo 8 d
Which Characters do you think are underestimated in term of power?6Tigerking20202 y 8 mo 10 d
Favorite video game friendship/relationship1masterking22 y 8 mo 12 d
Characters whose Ustats are more accurate than the official stats.5Tigerking20202 y 8 mo 13 d
What�??s your favorite Pokémon5Enternity102 y 8 mo 17 d
Top 100 Favorite Characters of All Time16wolfdragon1232 y 9 mo 8 d
Mr. Fantastic and Namor the Submariner Discussion.1Jarindeed2 y 9 mo 21 d
10 characters with the highest AP1EmptyHand2 y 9 mo 21 d
Homer Simoson2islayunicorns2 y 10 mo 4 d
Top 10 Shapeshifters7ThorMathews2 y 10 mo 5 d
Rank Theses Psychic's2InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 y 10 mo 7 d
Favorite transformations in Dragon Ball1Pedrof2 y 10 mo 12 d
Top 10 Best: Star Wars Movie Trilogy Duelists11Bane3332 y 10 mo 12 d
Who beats Goku (Ultra Instinct) in Star Wars2Prion2 y 10 mo 12 d
Marvels most popular heroes before the MCU2ThorMathews2 y 10 mo 14 d
10 Most Popular Superheroes10ThorMathews2 y 10 mo 14 d
What are your Top 5 least favorite characters?43EmptyHand2 y 10 mo 17 d
Top 10 Physically Strongest Female Heroes?42ThorMathews2 y 10 mo 18 d
Top 10 Most Durable Heroes9ThorMathews2 y 10 mo 18 d
Top 5 Brother & Sister Team Ups!1BlotskyA2 y 10 mo 18 d
Who's that character?10Savage2 y 10 mo 19 d
Top 10 Smartest Characters, Marvel and DC, Comics and Movies.66Taurus2 y 10 mo 21 d
Top 10 Telepaths3ThorMathews2 y 10 mo 22 d
Batman IS Prep Time (read description)3Taurus2 y 10 mo 23 d
Best bald Superhero/supervillain7Ezio2 y 10 mo 27 d
Best Higher Tier Fighters15ThorMathews2 y 10 mo 28 d
Can Superman/Thor defeat Hulk?25Taurus2 y 11 mo 2 d
What are your thoughts on drunk and overweight Thor and Professor Hulk (Endgame)?18Dark_Wing2 y 11 mo 7 d
Is the TOAA omnipotent7Poe2 y 11 mo 12 d
Characters which were not properly handled by the mcu18Dhruv2 y 11 mo 12 d
What character would be the best rapper?24Savage2 y 11 mo 14 d
Best OC's on the site15Savage2 y 11 mo 23 d
Most Powerful Video Game Characters.1TheSuspect6662 y 11 mo 25 d
Who are you bias towards?89ManofPower2 y 11 mo 26 d
Underrated: Scarlet Witch5estano1282 y 11 mo 26 d
Anti Monitor is a good character.14Aries2 y 11 mo 26 d
Favorite Songs of Superheroes7The_Archress_20182 y 11 mo 27 d
Who is the best character in the MCU?64CaptainAmericaTakesAll3 y 3 d
Who is the most immortal character?21Dhruv3 y 3 d
Who's more mentally unstable, Hulk or Scarlet Witch?5Taurus3 y 3 d
Favorite Gods and Demigods From Mythology2ThorMathews3 y 11 d
Which publisher has the best characters?2ComicBookLover3 y 12 d
Top most closest fights in your opinion35MrJaeger073 y 15 d
Who can defeat The Flash (Barry Allen)139TheImaginator3 y 15 d
Who are you an expert on?38Tyrannus3 y 1 mo 12 d
Can Weather Wizard's Wand create a Sharknado?4BlotskyA3 y 1 mo 17 d
Just how powerful do you think Po from Kung Fu Panda is when he has mastery over chi?2XFightingSpiritX3 y 1 mo 24 d
Knockout from DC Comics real name1Devell77993 y 1 mo 25 d
Amalgam Contest75BlotskyA3 y 1 mo 28 d
Who is the Most Overpowered Character?10forever83 y 2 mo 14 d
Who gives the best speech: Captain America or Optimus Prime?7Mr_Incognito3 y 2 mo 18 d
Who is smarter in fighting, Goku or Naruto?2Prion3 y 3 mo 6 d
Respect Rune King Thor52SirSpidey3 y 3 mo 10 d
Top 10 best markman from dc4Jongensoden3 y 3 mo 16 d
What are your favorite 7 characters regardless of comic universe?10aajayunlimited3 y 3 mo 20 d
Getting to Know Unpopular Chars or feats/powers/abilities not known of Chars8aajayunlimited3 y 3 mo 21 d
Make A Brief Case for A New Character to the database(Not yet added)22aajayunlimited3 y 3 mo 22 d
who is your favorite hero11Jongensoden3 y 3 mo 24 d
Top 10 highest durabilty6Tyrannus3 y 3 mo 25 d
Most powerful villains in Marvel / DC4soratoumiga3 y 3 mo 25 d
Which characters should the MCU introduce?33Dusk_Pikachu3 y 4 mo 1 d
About wich topic do you know the most about8Jongensoden3 y 4 mo 3 d
Most powerful energy beams8Galactus3 y 4 mo 4 d
Who was the first love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the comics?9ForJustice13243 y 4 mo 6 d
Rock Paper Scissors9Alien_X3 y 4 mo 7 d
Favorite Female Superhero11Dark_Wing3 y 4 mo 8 d
Gods in DC and Marvel6nahul3 y 4 mo 14 d
Do you hate TOAA?11blackmaster20033 y 4 mo 15 d
Most powerful A.I.16Galactus3 y 4 mo 16 d
Favorite Male superhero15Jongensoden3 y 4 mo 17 d
Top 50 Star Wars Characters24cw63343 y 4 mo 18 d
Top 10 Magic Users23Lapis_Lazuli3 y 4 mo 22 d
Why The Directly Satanic And God Characters?!5aajayunlimited3 y 4 mo 24 d
SHDB vs Comicvine17Jongensoden3 y 4 mo 25 d
Charachters who need to appear in movies13Jongensoden3 y 4 mo 28 d
Top 10 most unique Marvel Characters15Lapis_Lazuli3 y 4 mo 28 d
What hero (or villain) do you see yourself as?37Tyrannus3 y 5 mo 1 d
I have a challenge7Jongensoden3 y 5 mo 2 d
Which character made you marvel and dc fan ?10Kluba5773 y 5 mo 4 d
Who beats Deathstroke in a melee?5MrJaeger073 y 5 mo 5 d
Top 10 smartest marvel superheroes8Jongensoden3 y 5 mo 10 d
OC's that aren't on the sight...2TheImaginator3 y 5 mo 18 d
Favorite Costumes?6ThorMathews3 y 5 mo 19 d
Who is Physically Stronger Than Thanos?38forever83 y 5 mo 19 d
Favourite superpowers 1ThorGodOfThunder943 y 5 mo 20 d
Which Amalgam is the Most Dangerous?5BlotskyA3 y 5 mo 21 d
Respect House of M Scarlet Witch12soratoumiga3 y 5 mo 21 d
What superhero quote do you relate to the most and why?7Dark_Wing3 y 5 mo 23 d
Best versions of Thor9Dusk_Pikachu3 y 5 mo 23 d
Who is the most useless justice league member?21Bane3333 y 5 mo 28 d
Comic book characters you'd like to return8Tyrannus3 y 6 mo 2 d
Favorite Cartoon Character7Dark_Wing3 y 6 mo 6 d
Give me characters that you want me to change the uniform colour33InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 y 6 mo 11 d
What do you think about the 3 jokers1Jongensoden3 y 6 mo 21 d
Which characters held possession of the Infinity Gauntlet?3Dusk_Pikachu3 y 6 mo 23 d
Your Team name15Crimsonassassin3 y 7 mo 2 d
Most Powerful Original Character4iamtheone12343 y 7 mo 2 d
Top 10 strongest original characters you ever saw1spectredominates3 y 7 mo 2 d
Which Hero Is The Most Dangerous When Bloodlusted?14Dark_Wing3 y 7 mo 3 d
Top 10 most powerful characters outside Marvel/DC10TheSuspect6663 y 7 mo 6 d
What is the strongest version of superman6TheBattleMaster3 y 7 mo 8 d
that can kill the incredible hulk3randy3 y 8 mo 2 d
Who beats The Chosen One in Marvel4Prion3 y 8 mo 4 d
Who beats The Ones in Dragon Ball2Prion3 y 8 mo 4 d
Who beats "The Ones"17Prion3 y 8 mo 4 d
Strongest Sidekick10booyah3 y 8 mo 11 d
The Weirdest character in Comic book6Breaker3 y 8 mo 12 d
Rank these 15 characters of each universe from the weakest to the strongest.27Prion3 y 8 mo 17 d
Top 10 Most Powerful Star Wars Characters7Prion3 y 8 mo 18 d
Which human character has the best striking strength ?12Bodhi3 y 8 mo 27 d
Who at Marvel is stronger than The Father of Mortis at the height of power?4Pedrof3 y 8 mo 27 d
Is Lex Luthor really a villain?4Dellmamy453 y 8 mo 29 d
Whats your favorite Star Wars character14DarthNihilus0033 y 9 mo 7 d
Who is stronger Darth Sidious or Darth Sidious(Dark Empire)2Pedrof3 y 9 mo 9 d
Top 10 best dc fighters14Jongensoden3 y 9 mo 26 d
What would happen if?13Jongensoden3 y 10 mo 3 d
Rebirth29Jongensoden3 y 10 mo 8 d
who is smarter than darth sidious8Pedrof3 y 10 mo 10 d
Most powerful villain (top 10)4Mxyzptlk3 y 10 mo 12 d
Wither Skeleton vs everyone9iamtheone12343 y 10 mo 13 d
How powerful is Luke Skywalker (Rebellion Era post RotJ)2Dark_Wing3 y 10 mo 14 d
What mean the numbers of the characters?4TheOneBetweenAll3 y 10 mo 25 d
"Look at what I have created!"5RedEyeJoe3 y 10 mo 28 d
Best sidekicks2Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 23 h 37 m
Top 10 most powerfull jedi22Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 4 d
Who can kill wolverine10Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 5 d
can anyone beat pre-retcon beyonder from the pre-retcon universe7boss4dawin13243 y 11 mo 6 d
Most powerful lady in marvel/dc or other comic2Mxyzptlk3 y 11 mo 7 d
Top 10 best marksman of marvel6Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 7 d
Most powerfull Sith lords9Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 12 d
Most Powerful Fictional Universes7DeanDinosaur63 y 11 mo 14 d
Best Marvel fighters14Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 15 d
Ninjago Question52Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 15 d
Which comic level superheroes could beat Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)5HeroicSacrifice1233 y 11 mo 16 d
Top 10 Strongest DC human characters.2Bane3333 y 11 mo 21 d
Question8Jongensoden3 y 11 mo 25 d
Name of this Superhero.2TheGreatEater3 y 11 mo 27 d
Lego charachters2Jongensoden4 y 2 d
Are hulk and thor stronger than superman26Wic234 y 5 d
Coolest Bad*** from any universe7Wic234 y 6 d
Strongest characters in each fictional universe12DeanDinosaur64 y 11 d
How do you upvote characters?7Bobward1234 y 23 d
Lucy VS Superman who wins?1Samuraeh4 y 1 mo 18 d
This is nonsense3Nomight4 y 2 mo 3 d
Questions about Zer0Verse 5Zer0294 y 3 mo 3 d
Do we need to make Thor with Stormbreaker and Thor with Mijolnnir?7blackmaster20034 y 3 mo 22 d
Further explanation for Forceful Blue's origin.4SpiderBitten4 y 3 mo 23 d
MCU Avengers power levels7Clint_Barton4 y 4 mo 23 h 33 m
Who is the most useless Avenger?75soratoumiga4 y 4 mo 9 d
Transformers: Prime help7Bane3334 y 4 mo 11 d
Do you think that captain marvel is the most powerful avenger?(And why)13blackmaster20034 y 4 mo 21 d
People Who Think toaa is not omnipotent maybe they right..4Breaker4 y 4 mo 21 d
TOAA is NOT omnipotent prove us wrong.54Dark_Wing4 y 4 mo 28 d
Who is the most powerful avenger in MCU?13blackmaster20034 y 5 mo 1 d
Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters of MCU2Clint_Barton4 y 5 mo 9 d
A version of Sentry4DanielJSantos4 y 5 mo 10 d
Lego Batman roleplay19Jongensoden4 y 5 mo 16 d
Which characters are less powerful on SHDb than they should be?11qawsed4 y 5 mo 17 d
Captain America MCU's stats10Clint_Barton4 y 5 mo 17 d
Fastest Marvel and DC Heroes12DeanDinosaur64 y 5 mo 18 d
what if space punisher hulk become World Breaker ?9Breaker4 y 5 mo 18 d
Is it possible to be Batman in real life?3Dark_Wing4 y 5 mo 19 d
Who are the best DC characters4ComicBookLover4 y 5 mo 19 d
Hercules is gonna join in MCU as gay hero ?3Kluba5774 y 5 mo 19 d
How strong is Lucario3JLY20014 y 6 mo 2 d
Goddesses6vipplayer4 y 6 mo 4 d
Who is the only omnipotent charachter10Jongensoden4 y 6 mo 7 d
The Problems With Lionman5TheNemianLion4 y 6 mo 11 d
What villian should have been better for a certain movie?20Jongensoden4 y 6 mo 17 d
Movement to have the SouthPark superheroes on here9cw63344 y 7 mo 4 d
How to add to catalog name "Naltorian" ? 2Kluba5774 y 7 mo 4 d
Strongest Cthulhu Mythos Characters.8windshadow4 y 7 mo 7 d
Who is the scariest fictional comic book character?27EmptyHand4 y 7 mo 11 d
The problem with Oc characters 23Crimsonassassin4 y 7 mo 27 d
When it comes to lifting and striking strenght who are top 5 strongest current MCU/CW/DCEU heroes ? and why u think so ?4Kluba5774 y 7 mo 27 d
Who wants to write a crossover with Lionman9TheNemianLion4 y 8 mo 2 d
Roleplay part 3 196630Jongensoden4 y 8 mo 3 d
Where do I read about OC characters12Dark_Wing4 y 8 mo 4 d
I need a name for my character29Ithrian4 y 8 mo 7 d
Tournament55Jongensoden4 y 8 mo 13 d
Characters that need to be added to the database.7Bane3334 y 8 mo 14 d
Could anybody do more Pre Crisis heroes profiles ?1Kluba5774 y 8 mo 15 d
Doomsday vs anime 9Crimsonassassin4 y 8 mo 16 d
Dose world war hulk have infinite strength?2Dark_Wing4 y 8 mo 16 d
Spongebob squarepants question. Forum10Bane3334 y 8 mo 19 d
What verse do you no best18Bane3334 y 8 mo 19 d
Who in your opinion is the most myterious comicbook character?3EmptyHand4 y 8 mo 22 d
Who are the best book characters 3DeanDinosaur64 y 8 mo 24 d
Who is the best Harry Potter or Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character 5DeanDinosaur64 y 8 mo 25 d
Top #5 characters you no best.19Bane3334 y 8 mo 25 d
What is your favorite attack from Dragonball Media? Out of any series what has been your favorite? (ex. Kamehameha, or Big Bang Attack)9cw63344 y 8 mo 27 d
who can defaet jhony12ultron4 y 8 mo 28 d
Who is your favorite Dragonball, Z, GT, Kai, or Super character and why?33cw63344 y 8 mo 28 d
Comic Characters that will never get a movie29Animuislifu4 y 9 mo 11 h 31 m
The bat family officially ranked42Bane3334 y 9 mo 20 h 10 m
Lesser known superheros?1Animuislifu4 y 9 mo 20 h 16 m
Whats the best ninjago season2Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 2 d
What is the strongest element10Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 2 d
Most powerfull weapon of ninjago4Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 3 d
What is your favorite ninjago set3Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 3 d
What is the worst ninjago episode1Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 3 d
What is your favorite ninjago event1Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 3 d
When is SHDB going to start the transformers g1 characters21Bane3334 y 9 mo 3 d
How Old Are The Ninjago Characters3DarkRaptor_674 y 9 mo 3 d
top 10 best ninjago charachters9Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 3 d
Levels19Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 4 d
im making my own comics 4Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 12 d
How powerful would Elsa be if she was trained to use her powers2Dark_Wing4 y 9 mo 13 d
Should Mary Sue be on this site 2Dark_Wing4 y 9 mo 16 d
Rank those powers2Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 16 d
Take five reasons their should be a goat simulator character on this site7Dark_Wing4 y 9 mo 20 d
ranking superman versions1Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 23 d
Should we have goat simulator charachters on this site8Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 23 d
Who has the most knowledge on what character?4DarkProdigy4 y 9 mo 24 d
help7Jongensoden4 y 9 mo 27 d
Is their any ice-based character that could beat iceman at his own game39Dark_Wing4 y 9 mo 27 d
where is heep?11ultron4 y 10 mo 3 h 49 m
Who can defeat Mister Mxyzptlk?3soratoumiga4 y 10 mo 5 d
Who is more powerful than Franklin Richards?3soratoumiga4 y 10 mo 8 d
Heroes who can defeat Darkseid2soratoumiga4 y 10 mo 8 d
Villains who can beat Darkseid1soratoumiga4 y 10 mo 8 d
If your Oc was in a movie who would you cast to be them?1ManofPower4 y 10 mo 9 d
Who is this?3Silverbullet19904 y 10 mo 15 d
What Would Make Lionman Better?9TheNemianLion4 y 10 mo 23 d
Noggin Gnome should be on this website2EmptyHand4 y 11 mo 22 h 25 m