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Do you like or hate this hero? (Read description)1030Tyrannus57 m
Characters which were not properly handled by the mcu3Dhruv2 h 29 m
Editing and Upvotes194AkhilPDX2 h 40 m
Amalgam Contest51BlotskyA19 h 19 m
Who is the most immortal character?11Dhruv1 d
Who can defeat The Flash (Barry Allen)137TheImaginator1 d
Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?203Oblivion1 d
Who’s your favorite teams from Dc and Marvel3The_Golden_Rage2 d
Who gives the best speech: Captain America or Optimus Prime?7Mr_Incognito2 d
Who is the Most Overpowered Character?9forever83 d
Most underrated character175TheOne20015 d
Check Out the Precision of these Real Life Shooters!0aajayunlimited8 d
Characters who can defeat Scarlet Witch HoM150TheSuspect6669 d
Who is the best character in the MCU?60CaptainAmericaTakesAll11 d
What are your thoughts on drunk and overweight Thor and Professor Hulk (Endgame)?7Dark_Wing12 d
what is your favorite villian45Jongensoden19 d
Who is smarter in fighting, Goku or Naruto?2Priion21 d
Is there a way to view new characters added to the db?3Ridders197724 d
Respect Rune King Thor56SirSpidey24 d
Top 10 best markman from dc4Jongensoden1 mo 18 h 51 m
What are your favorite 7 characters regardless of comic universe?10aajayunlimited1 mo 4 d
Can Weather Wizard's Wand create a Sharknado?3BlotskyA1 mo 5 d
Getting to Know Unpopular Chars or feats/powers/abilities not known of Chars8aajayunlimited1 mo 5 d
Make A Brief Case for A New Character to the database(Not yet added)22aajayunlimited1 mo 6 d
who is your favorite hero31Jongensoden1 mo 8 d
Top 10 most powerful Marvel characters55Clint_Barton1 mo 8 d
Top 10 highest durabilty6Tyrannus1 mo 9 d
Underrated: Scarlet Witch3estano1281 mo 9 d
Most powerful villains in Marvel / DC11soratoumiga1 mo 9 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC70DeanDinosaur61 mo 12 d
Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor222soratoumiga1 mo 12 d
Most underrated character20Jongensoden1 mo 13 d
Is MCU Thanos overestimated in vs debates ?10Kluba5771 mo 15 d
Which characters should the MCU introduce?33Dusk_Pikachu1 mo 15 d
Who Beats Thor?243SirSpidey1 mo 16 d
Which Character has the worse Fanboys187ManofPower1 mo 16 d
About wich topic do you know the most about8Jongensoden1 mo 16 d
Most powerful energy beams8Galactus1 mo 18 d
Who are you bias towards?57ManofPower1 mo 18 d
Who was the first love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the comics?9ForJustice13241 mo 21 d
New character entry! Ness, from EarthBound!0Ralkero1 mo 21 d
Rock Paper Scissors9Alien_X1 mo 22 d
Most powerful avenger156TheOne20011 mo 22 d
Favorite Female Superhero11Dark_Wing1 mo 23 d
Top Ten Healing Factors31ThorMathews1 mo 23 d
Favorite / Least Favorite Characters in Fiction8AkhilPDX1 mo 23 d
Best supervillians10Jongensoden1 mo 24 d
Most overrated character169Clint_Barton1 mo 24 d
Most violent heroes26Jongensoden1 mo 26 d
Top 5 Favorite Characters11SirSpidey1 mo 28 d
Anti Monitor is a good character.13Aries1 mo 29 d
Gods in DC and Marvel6nahul1 mo 29 d
What is your favorite character?27Jongensoden1 mo 30 d
Do you hate TOAA?12blackmaster20031 mo 30 d
Most powerful A.I.16Galactus2 mo 2 h 49 m
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 293Bbq4442 mo 7 h 46 m
Superhero Power ranking (MCU)15Dusk_Pikachu2 mo 7 h 46 m
Favorite Male superhero15Jongensoden2 mo 1 d
Top 50 Star Wars Characters24cw63342 mo 1 d
What are your Top 5 least favorite characters?37EmptyHand2 mo 2 d
Least Favorite Characters97RedEyeJoe2 mo 3 d
Favorite Gods and Demigods From Mythology2ThorMathews2 mo 3 d
Top Ten Physically Strongest Female Heroes?11ThorMathews2 mo 3 d
Favorite Ships62LordTracer2 mo 5 d
How powerful is scarlet witch with life force ?53Crazy_Boy2 mo 5 d
Can Batman Beat the Marvel Universe with Prep Time?34BlotskyA2 mo 5 d
Top Ten Physically Strongest Heroes?38ThorMathews2 mo 6 d
Top 10 Magic Users23Lapis_Lazuli2 mo 6 d
Prettiest Characters29Priion2 mo 7 d
Why The Directly Satanic And God Characters?!5aajayunlimited2 mo 8 d
Respect Threads21EmptyHand2 mo 9 d
SHDB vs Comicvine19Jongensoden2 mo 9 d
Which Lantern Core do you belong to?39AkhilPDX2 mo 10 d
Who are you an expert on?34Tyrannus2 mo 11 d
Who is the Most Underrated Character 30DeanDinosaur62 mo 11 d
Top Ten Most Durable Characters8ThorMathews2 mo 11 d
Charachters who need to appear in movies13Jongensoden2 mo 12 d
Top 10 most unique Marvel Characters15Lapis_Lazuli2 mo 12 d
Top 10 fastest superheroes78Jongensoden2 mo 13 d
Hi2Jongensoden2 mo 13 d
Most powerful OCs (Original Characters)75HeroicSacrifice1232 mo 13 d
What hero (or villain) do you see yourself as?37Tyrannus2 mo 14 d
I have a challenge7Jongensoden2 mo 15 d
Which character made you marvel and dc fan ?12Kluba5772 mo 18 d
Most powerful mutants in Marvel8soratoumiga2 mo 18 d
Which characters can hold Mjolnir?46Dusk_Pikachu2 mo 19 d
Who beats Deathstroke in a melee?5MrJaeger072 mo 20 d
Who can defeat Galactus?21soratoumiga2 mo 21 d
Top 100 Favorite Characters of All Time45wolfdragon1232 mo 22 d
Who can beat the one above all?89EmptyHand2 mo 24 d
Top 10 smartest marvel superheroes8Jongensoden2 mo 24 d
Who beats Goku (Ultra Instinct) in Star Wars1Priion2 mo 24 d
Who can beat Multi-Oblivion?10windshadow2 mo 24 d
Top 5 most powerful heroes53Tyrannus2 mo 24 d
Who can beat The Presence50Dark_Wing2 mo 24 d
If your Oc was in a movie who would you cast to be them?40ManofPower2 mo 27 d
Who is the fastest speedster?39Bane3332 mo 30 d
Top 10 most powerful Anime characters4MrJaeger072 mo 30 d
OC's that aren't on the sight...2TheImaginator3 mo 2 d
Favorite Costumes?6ThorMathews3 mo 2 d
Who is Physically Stronger Than Thanos?39forever83 mo 3 d
Most powerful weather manipulator?5ThorMathews3 mo 4 d
Favourite superpowers 17ThorGodOfThunder943 mo 4 d
Which Amalgam is the Most Dangerous?5BlotskyA3 mo 4 d
Respect House of M Scarlet Witch24soratoumiga3 mo 5 d
What superhero quote do you relate to the most and why?8Dark_Wing3 mo 6 d
Nyx power level in house of idea1Crazy_Boy3 mo 6 d
Best versions of Thor10Dusk_Pikachu3 mo 7 d
Most powerful DC characters list29EmptyHand3 mo 7 d
How high can you scale your favorite characters?10EmptyHand3 mo 7 d
Who has the greatest willpower in comics?137Tyrannus3 mo 8 d
Mega Man3jager3 mo 12 d
Who is the most useless justice league member?21Bane3333 mo 12 d
Thanos VS Darkseid45adeptniyi3 mo 14 d
OC Originality contest5Galactus3 mo 15 d
Comic book characters you'd like to return8Tyrannus3 mo 16 d
How to unalive Sentry or Captain Atom3ManofPower3 mo 19 d
Favorite Cartoon Character7Dark_Wing3 mo 20 d
I am deleting all my OCs1SpiderBitten3 mo 21 d
Give me characters that you want me to change the uniform colour33InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 mo 26 d
The 10 most powerful characters in the superhero database.56pedrofOMAIOR3 mo 26 d
What do you think about the 3 jokers1Jongensoden4 mo 5 d
Which characters held possession of the Infinity Gauntlet?3Dusk_Pikachu4 mo 6 d
Homer Simoson1islayunicorns4 mo 8 d
Who is the biggest Mary Sue in all of fiction!5Dark_Wing4 mo 9 d
What is the strongest version of superman6TheBattleMaster4 mo 12 d
Most Powerful Original Character4iamtheone12344 mo 16 d
Your Team name17Crimsonassassin4 mo 16 d
Top 10 strongest original characters you ever saw1spectredominates4 mo 16 d
Which Hero Is The Most Dangerous When Bloodlusted?14Dark_Wing4 mo 17 d
Top 10 most powerful characters outside Marvel/DC71TheSuspect6664 mo 21 d
Who beats Yoda in Naruto12Priion5 mo 11 d
that can kill the incredible hulk9randy5 mo 16 d
MCU characters ranked by power79Marvel5005 mo 18 d
Who beats The Chosen One in Marvel4Priion5 mo 18 d
Who beats The Ones in Dragon Ball2Priion5 mo 18 d
Who beats "The Ones"17Priion5 mo 18 d
Superheroes with the most plot armor28HeroicSacrifice1235 mo 19 d
Who is the most overrated superhero?199Dark_Wing5 mo 23 d
Strongest Sidekick10booyah5 mo 26 d
Character Crushes49RedEyeJoe5 mo 26 d
The Weirdest character in Comic book6Breaker5 mo 27 d
Rank these 15 characters of each universe from the weakest to the strongest.27Priion6 mo 1 d
Top 10 Most Powerful Star Wars Characters7Priion6 mo 2 d
Which human character has the best striking strength ?12Bodhi6 mo 11 d
Who at Marvel is stronger than The Father of Mortis at the height of power?4pedrofOMAIOR6 mo 11 d
Is Lex Luthor really a villain?4Dellmamy456 mo 13 d
how powerful of cosmic armor superman?6batman976 mo 13 d
Whats your favorite Star Wars character14DarthNihilus0036 mo 21 d
Who is stronger Darth Sidious or Darth Sidious(Dark Empire)3pedrofOMAIOR6 mo 24 d
beyonder vs cosmic armor superman? who is winner?4batman976 mo 28 d
top 10 most powerful dc characters?6batman976 mo 28 d
Top 10 best dc fighters14Jongensoden7 mo 10 d
Request missing superpowers to charachters363Jongensoden7 mo 12 d
Editing25Jongensoden7 mo 16 d
Pick your favorite superman villia n 11Darth_Doom7 mo 16 d
What would happen if?13Jongensoden7 mo 17 d
Who is stronger Bedlam Spirits or One-Above-all22pedrofOMAIOR7 mo 22 d
Rebirth29Jongensoden7 mo 23 d
who is smarter than darth sidious8pedrofOMAIOR7 mo 25 d
Most powerful villain (top 10)4Mxyzptlk7 mo 27 d
Omnipotent being of dc28Jongensoden7 mo 28 d
How powerful is Luke Skywalker (Rebellion Era post RotJ)2Dark_Wing7 mo 28 d
Dc Top 20 Most Powerful beings4Akephalos8 mo 4 d
Most powerful lady in marvel/dc or other comic2Mxyzptlk8 mo 9 d
What mean the numbers of the characters?4TheOneBetweenAll8 mo 9 d
Help me add doctor strange classic the most powerful version1boss4dawin13248 mo 12 d
"Look at what I have created!"5RedEyeJoe8 mo 12 d
Best sidekicks2Jongensoden8 mo 14 d
Top 10 Best: Star Wars Movie Trilogy Duelists10Bane3338 mo 17 d
Is Batman the best hero40Jongensoden8 mo 17 d
Top 10 most powerfull jedi22Jongensoden8 mo 19 d
Ninjago Question58Jongensoden8 mo 20 d
Who can kill wolverine10Jongensoden8 mo 20 d
BOC (Bad Original Characters)1iamtheone12348 mo 21 d
can anyone beat pre-retcon beyonder from the pre-retcon universe7boss4dawin13248 mo 21 d
Top 10 best marksman of marvel6Jongensoden8 mo 22 d
Who is the strongest charachter with prep21Jongensoden8 mo 24 d
10 most powerful comic book characters?4superman978 mo 26 d
Most powerfull Sith lords9Jongensoden8 mo 27 d
Most Powerful Fictional Universes7DeanDinosaur68 mo 29 d
Best Marvel fighters14Jongensoden8 mo 30 d
Which comic level superheroes could beat Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)5HeroicSacrifice1239 mo 14 h 18 m
Top 10 Strongest DC human characters.2Bane3339 mo 5 d
Lego charachters2Jongensoden9 mo 6 d
Question8Jongensoden9 mo 9 d
Name of this Superhero.3TheGreatEater9 mo 11 d
Coolest Bad*** from any universe8Wic239 mo 17 d
What is your favorite ninjago set3Jongensoden9 mo 18 d
Are hulk and thor stronger than superman26Wic239 mo 19 d
Team Fortress 2 characters3itzmrbonezone9 mo 22 d
Strongest characters in each fictional universe12DeanDinosaur69 mo 26 d
How do you upvote characters?7Bobward12310 mo 7 d
I need help!!!3williammc050410 mo 8 d
Character points1IronMan557810 mo 14 d
Most underrated charachter2Jongensoden10 mo 20 d
Favorite Songs of Superheroes9The_Archress_201811 mo 1 d
Lucy VS Superman who wins?1Samuraeh11 mo 2 d
Most Powerful & Strongest of the Marvel vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball4uglyspecies11 mo 7 d
Who\'s your favorite super form7Darth_Doom11 mo 17 d
Character who need to be updated5The_Golden_Rage11 mo 17 d
This is nonsense3Nomight11 mo 17 d
Questions about Zer0Verse 44Zer0291 y 17 d
Do we need to make Thor with Stormbreaker and Thor with Mijolnnir?7blackmaster20031 y 1 mo 6 d
Further explanation for Forceful Blue's origin.4SpiderBitten1 y 1 mo 7 d
MCU Avengers power levels7Clint_Barton1 y 1 mo 14 d
Who is the most useless Avenger?76soratoumiga1 y 1 mo 24 d
Transformers: Prime help7Bane3331 y 1 mo 26 d
Do you think that captain marvel is the most powerful avenger?(And why)13blackmaster20031 y 2 mo 5 d
People Who Think toaa is not omnipotent maybe they right..4Breaker1 y 2 mo 5 d
TOAA is NOT omnipotent prove us wrong.54Dark_Wing1 y 2 mo 12 d
Who is the most powerful avenger in MCU?13blackmaster20031 y 2 mo 15 d
Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters of MCU2Clint_Barton1 y 2 mo 24 d
How can I add characters to this website?410earthquakes1 y 2 mo 24 d
A version of Sentry4DanielJSantos1 y 2 mo 25 d
Lego Batman roleplay19Jongensoden1 y 3 mo 16 h 51 m
Which characters are less powerful on SHDb than they should be?11qawsed1 y 3 mo 1 d
Captain America MCU's stats10Clint_Barton1 y 3 mo 1 d
Fastest Marvel and DC Heroes12DeanDinosaur61 y 3 mo 2 d
what if space punisher hulk become World Breaker ?9Breaker1 y 3 mo 2 d
Is it possible to be Batman in real life?3Dark_Wing1 y 3 mo 3 d
Who are the best DC characters4ComicBookLover1 y 3 mo 3 d
Hercules is gonna join in MCU as gay hero ?3Kluba5771 y 3 mo 3 d
How strong is Lucario3JLY20011 y 3 mo 15 d
Goddesses6vipplayer1 y 3 mo 17 d
The Bat Family 37Deathstroke4U1 y 3 mo 19 d
Which publisher has the best characters?2ComicBookLover1 y 3 mo 21 d
Who is the only omnipotent charachter10Jongensoden1 y 3 mo 22 d
The Problems With Lionman5TheNemianLion1 y 3 mo 26 d
What villian should have been better for a certain movie?20Jongensoden1 y 4 mo 1 d
Who can beat Yog-sothoth41EmptyHand1 y 4 mo 8 d
Movement to have the SouthPark superheroes on here9cw63341 y 4 mo 18 d
How to add to catalog name "Naltorian" ? 2Kluba5771 y 4 mo 18 d
Strongest Cthulhu Mythos Characters.8windshadow1 y 4 mo 22 d
Who is the scariest fictional comic book character?28EmptyHand1 y 4 mo 26 d
How strong is goku, really?96JJmeek181 y 5 mo 9 d
The problem with Oc characters 40Crimsonassassin1 y 5 mo 11 d
When it comes to lifting and striking strenght who are top 5 strongest current MCU/CW/DCEU heroes ? and why u think so ?4Kluba5771 y 5 mo 11 d
Where do I read about OC characters13Dark_Wing1 y 5 mo 14 d
Could u add CW: Mxyzptlk, Queen Rhea, Lex Luthor and Red Daughter ?2Kluba5771 y 5 mo 14 d
Who wants to write a crossover with Lionman9TheNemianLion1 y 5 mo 16 d
Roleplay part 3 196630Jongensoden1 y 5 mo 17 d
I need a name for my character29Ithrian1 y 5 mo 21 d
Tournament67Jongensoden1 y 5 mo 28 d
Characters that need to be added to the database.7Bane3331 y 5 mo 29 d
Could anybody do more Pre Crisis heroes profiles ?1Kluba5771 y 5 mo 30 d
Doomsday vs anime 12Crimsonassassin1 y 6 mo 14 m
Dose world war hulk have infinite strength?2Dark_Wing1 y 6 mo 5 h 10 m
Spongebob squarepants question. Forum10Bane3331 y 6 mo 3 d
What verse do you no best18Bane3331 y 6 mo 3 d
Who in your opinion is the most myterious comicbook character?3EmptyHand1 y 6 mo 6 d
Who are the best book characters 3DeanDinosaur61 y 6 mo 8 d
Who is the best Harry Potter or Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character 5DeanDinosaur61 y 6 mo 9 d
Top #5 characters you no best.19Bane3331 y 6 mo 9 d
What is your favorite attack from Dragonball Media? Out of any series what has been your favorite? (ex. Kamehameha, or Big Bang Attack)12cw63341 y 6 mo 11 d
who can defaet jhony12ultron1 y 6 mo 12 d
Who is your favorite Dragonball, Z, GT, Kai, or Super character and why?35cw63341 y 6 mo 12 d
Comic Characters that will never get a movie31Animuislifu1 y 6 mo 14 d
The bat family officially ranked42Bane3331 y 6 mo 14 d
Lesser known superheros?1Animuislifu1 y 6 mo 14 d
Ninjago roleplay50Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 14 d
missing objects4Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 15 d
Whats the best ninjago season2Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 15 d
What is the strongest element10Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 16 d
The 10 reasons Nightwing is better than Batman1Dark_Wing1 y 6 mo 16 d
Most powerfull weapon of ninjago4Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 16 d
What is the worst ninjago episode1Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 16 d
What is your favorite ninjago event1Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 16 d
Is Darkseid High Outversal7Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 16 d
When is SHDB going to start the transformers g1 characters23Bane3331 y 6 mo 17 d
How Old Are The Ninjago Characters3DarkRaptor_671 y 6 mo 17 d
top 10 best ninjago charachters9Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 17 d
Characters that need to be RE-Updated16AkhilPDX1 y 6 mo 17 d
Levels21Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 18 d
Take five reasons their should be a goat simulator character on this site7Dark_Wing1 y 6 mo 26 d
im making my own comics 4Jongensoden1 y 6 mo 27 d
How powerful would Elsa be if she was trained to use her powers2Dark_Wing1 y 6 mo 28 d
Should Mary Sue be on this site 2Dark_Wing1 y 7 mo 14 h 5 m
Rank those powers4Jongensoden1 y 7 mo 20 h 5 m
charachters who can beat empty hand1Jongensoden1 y 7 mo 7 d
swamp thing is overrated5Jongensoden1 y 7 mo 7 d
ranking superman versions1Jongensoden1 y 7 mo 7 d
Your favourite characters 21Marvel5001 y 7 mo 7 d
Should we have goat simulator charachters on this site8Jongensoden1 y 7 mo 7 d
Who has the most knowledge on what character?4DarkProdigy1 y 7 mo 8 d
Most powerful character throughout every verse?7EmptyHand1 y 7 mo 10 d
help7Jongensoden1 y 7 mo 11 d
Is their any ice-based character that could beat iceman at his own game39Dark_Wing1 y 7 mo 11 d
What power level is Onslaught?12ElectroSpino1 y 7 mo 13 d
where is heep?11ultron1 y 7 mo 14 d
Who can defeat Mister Mxyzptlk?18soratoumiga1 y 7 mo 19 d
Who is more powerful than Franklin Richards?41soratoumiga1 y 7 mo 23 d
Heroes who can defeat Darkseid26soratoumiga1 y 7 mo 23 d
Villains who can beat Darkseid7soratoumiga1 y 7 mo 23 d
Who is this?3Silverbullet19901 y 7 mo 30 d
What Would Make Lionman Better?9TheNemianLion1 y 8 mo 7 d
dimension power levels10krisodinson1 y 8 mo 7 d
Noggin Gnome should be on this website2EmptyHand1 y 8 mo 14 d
Missing Powers4HolyJoe1 y 8 mo 24 d
Strongest OCs for each stat24windshadow1 y 8 mo 28 d
Would you rather be any Jedi/Sith of your choosing or be Batman and why 6Dark_Wing1 y 9 mo 10 d
Superhero Analysis - Energy Manipulation6SirSpidey1 y 9 mo 10 d
Looking for statistics1ADMteacher1 y 9 mo 24 d
How strong is Goku really32Soulcollecter571 y 9 mo 25 d
What are your comic book power rankings91soulcollecter341 y 9 mo 26 d
The Greatest feats of...12Soulcollecter571 y 10 mo 1 h 19 m
Ultimate Respect Thread: Thor Odinson (Journey Into Mystery Volume 1)11SirSpidey1 y 10 mo 1 d
Why Hulk at his peak is Nonillions of times faster than Iron Fist37TheNemianLion1 y 10 mo 23 d
Most Powerful Women (In Fiction)12soratoumiga1 y 10 mo 29 d
OC Theme Songs14Percival1 y 11 mo 6 d
Who is more popular Star Storms , Heartstone or Lionman49ManofPower1 y 11 mo 6 d
Lionman Copycats(Pun intended). 42windshadow1 y 11 mo 6 d
Favorite LGBT+ Characters39alias_copper1 y 11 mo 6 d
What inspired your OCs7ManofPower1 y 11 mo 6 d
Most Powerful Video Game Characters.17TheSuspect6661 y 11 mo 7 d
Why Shaquille O'Neal's Steel is the most powerful character in Fiction (Satire)7ElectroSpino1 y 11 mo 17 d
Tony stark/ bruce wayne comparison3krisodinson1 y 11 mo 19 d
160 Reasons Thor Is The Most Powerful Avenger40SirSpidey2 y 10 h 10 m
The End All Be All44soulcollecter342 y 6 d
Who is the smartest person out of DC and Marvel in your opionon15LordAntMan2 y 11 d
Is Batman real?11burgerman2 y 11 d
Thirteen Reasons Why (Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger)81soratoumiga2 y 15 d
Assemble your dream team22soratoumiga2 y 22 d
What's the difference between Superman Prime, Superman One-Million and Superman Prime One Million?8windshadow2 y 25 d
Top 20 Favorite Heroes and Villains48AkhilPDX2 y 25 d
The Endless v. Dark Monitor and Thought Robot3soratoumiga2 y 26 d
Your top 10 favourite Magic users19soratoumiga2 y 27 d
Most underrated superheroes and villains!14legoman22 y 27 d
Members of the Batfamily8LordTracer2 y 27 d
Most powerful Omega-level Mutants11IMABATMAN422 y 28 d
Would you rather...97Jongensoden2 y 29 d
Top 50 Strongest Marvel and DC Characters2windshadow2 y 30 d
Marvel and DC Tier List39windshadow2 y 30 d
Justice League v. Avengers9soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 15 h 50 m
here you can ask questions33Jongensoden2 y 1 mo 20 h 28 m
Strongest Characters- Marvel, DC, Overall Rankings!45AkhilPDX2 y 1 mo 22 h 54 m
An accurate power level chart88Soulcollecter572 y 1 mo 1 d
You're a Liar, Prove Me Wrong136Soulcollecter572 y 1 mo 1 d
Superheroes who turned to supervillains4soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 2 d
Is Wally West black or white?19windshadow2 y 1 mo 3 d
There Is No Character Above Multiversal, Prove Me Wrong39SirSpidey2 y 1 mo 3 d
Who is the strongest Thanos on this website6ultron2 y 1 mo 3 d
Top 20 Most Powerful - Marvel and DC61LordTracer2 y 1 mo 6 d
Intelligence - Best Tacticians39soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 6 d
MARVEL Heroes That Would Join Batman's Insurgency In Injustice13plaidcoolflyer2 y 1 mo 7 d
Intelligence- Top 10 Smartest Marvel/DC Heroes20AkhilPDX2 y 1 mo 9 d
Thanos 3ThorGodOfThunder942 y 1 mo 11 d
What's the most emotional moment in comics / comic book movies?23soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 11 d
Copying is a bad thing1DarkProdigy2 y 1 mo 14 d
Copied OCs15ManofPower2 y 1 mo 18 d
OC Power Levels25ManofPower2 y 1 mo 19 d
usstats17borutog2 y 1 mo 19 d
What would happen if these people had children? How would their children look like?15soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 21 d
Adding characters18Kanine882 y 1 mo 22 d
Most Powerful OCs 35ManofPower2 y 1 mo 23 d
The Oc League16ManofPower2 y 1 mo 23 d
Which of your OCs have lost against other characters(OC or not) and whom did they lose to?18windshadow2 y 1 mo 24 d
Feats of your OCs12soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 24 d
Q&A for the OCs2LordTracer2 y 1 mo 25 d
Has Wonder woman evolved over time?1aaeron982 y 1 mo 26 d
Top Ten most powerful Ocs (That aren't Omnipotent or Nigh-Omnipotent)11ManofPower2 y 1 mo 26 d
( DISCUSSION ) Most powerful Avengers32soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 27 d
Who has the most accurate stats/powers etc?12DarkProdigy2 y 1 mo 27 d
Who is the most powerful comic book character?87SidebarTwist2 y 1 mo 28 d
What is the most powerful type of magic in Marvel/DC?64soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 28 d
Rank top 10 most POWERFUL heroes in DC13soratoumiga2 y 1 mo 28 d
Which SUPERHERO Is More Powerful Than Thor?152SirSpidey2 y 1 mo 29 d
The truth is a god, and can you add a top tens chart for the heroes1GetawayPig2 y 2 mo 5 h 15 m
Superhero Dream Team16Swarm2 y 2 mo 1 d
Most powerful characters38Darth_Doom2 y 2 mo 2 d
missing objects5Jongensoden2 y 2 mo 2 d
Who is your favorite Marvel superhero 26Animuislifu2 y 2 mo 4 d
Top 5 least favorite characters.92IMABATMAN422 y 2 mo 4 d
Favorite Character and why14remy942 y 2 mo 4 d
Favorite Superhero9CaptainAmericaTakesAll2 y 2 mo 4 d
most powerful characters in the database7Z_man_the_overpowered2 y 2 mo 4 d
Overly Disrespected Characters13Soulcollecter572 y 2 mo 5 d
Who can defeat White Phoenix of the Crown?6soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 5 d
Avengers and Justice League - Other Franchises19LordTracer2 y 2 mo 6 d
Do you consider Mister Mxyzptlk a villain?5soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 8 d
Top 30 Spiderman villains43Soulcollecter572 y 2 mo 9 d
Who is your favourite omnipotent being?8soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 10 d
Favourite fictional characters?21soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 10 d
Crossover Characters6LordTracer2 y 2 mo 10 d
who is your favorite hero neutral charachter12Jongensoden2 y 2 mo 11 d
who is your favorite villian neutral charachter 9Jongensoden2 y 2 mo 12 d
Who wants to join the Varosverse27ManofPower2 y 2 mo 15 d
What is the most powerful weapon of all the Ocs61ManofPower2 y 2 mo 15 d
Top 100 DC Characters9Swarm2 y 2 mo 15 d
Top 100 Marvel Characters39Swarm2 y 2 mo 15 d
Most overrated characters1soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 16 d
Top 65Amirvel2 y 2 mo 16 d
Most powerful Avengers19soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 16 d
Most powerful characters in DC6soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 16 d
Top 10 Marvel Characters5LordTracer2 y 2 mo 16 d
Star Storms77ManofPower2 y 2 mo 17 d
Star Storms II5ManofPower2 y 2 mo 17 d
The Lionman24TheNemianLion2 y 2 mo 18 d
Who's your favourite member of The Endless?3soratoumiga2 y 2 mo 18 d
characthers who can kill scarlet witch hom96borutog2 y 2 mo 18 d