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Is Franklin Richards a Garry Sue 1Dark_Wing12 minutes ago
Rank those powers3jongensoden3 hours ago
SHDB vs Comicvine13jongensoden2 days ago
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 74Bbq4443 days ago
Take five reasons their should be a goat simulator character on this site7Dark_Wing3 days ago
charachters who can beat empty hand1jongensoden5 days ago
swamp thing is overrated5jongensoden5 days ago
ranking superman versions1jongensoden6 days ago
Your favourite characters 21Marvel5006 days ago
Should we have goat simulator charachters on this site9jongensoden6 days ago
Request missing superpowers to charachters279jongensoden6 days ago
Lego charachters power levels72jongensoden6 days ago
Who has the most knowledge on what character?5DarkProdigy6 days ago
The problem with Oc characters 20Crimsonassassin7 days ago
Most powerful character throughout every verse?7EmptyHand9 days ago
help7jongensoden9 days ago
Is their any ice-based character that could beat iceman at his own game39Dark_Wing10 days ago
Respect House of M Scarlet Witch22soratoumiga11 days ago
What power level is Onslaught?12ElectroSpino11 days ago
ranking iron man suits0jongensoden12 days ago
where is heep?11ultron12 days ago
Who can defeat Galactus?19soratoumiga16 days ago
Who can defeat Mister Mxyzptlk?19soratoumiga17 days ago
Characters who can defeat Scarlet Witch HoM125TheSuspect66622 days ago
Who is more powerful than Franklin Richards?41soratoumiga22 days ago
Heroes who can defeat Darkseid26soratoumiga22 days ago
Villains who can beat Darkseid7soratoumiga22 days ago
If your Oc was in a movie who would you cast to be them?39ManofPower22 days ago
Top 100 Favorite Characters of All Time61wolfdragon12326 days ago
Who is this?4Silverbullet199028 days ago
Most powerful villains in Marvel / DC10soratoumiga36 days ago
What Would Make Lionman Better?9TheNemianLion36 days ago
dimension power levels10krisodinson36 days ago
Most powerful DC characters list10EmptyHand37 days ago
Who are you bias towards?11ManofPower37 days ago
Noggin Gnome should be on this website2EmptyHand44 days ago
Why is my team of Gentry not in the database yet?0EmptyHand45 days ago
Missing Powers4_Holy_Joe_53 days ago
Strongest OCs for each stat24windshadow57 days ago
Top 10 most powerful characters outside Marvel/DC65TheSuspect66658 days ago
Would you rather be any Jedi/Sith of your choosing or be Batman and why 6Dark_Wing71 days ago
Superhero Analysis - Energy Manipulation6SirSpidey71 days ago
Looking for statistics1ADMteacher83 days ago
How strong is Goku really32Soulcollecter5784 days ago
What are your comic book power rankings91soulcollecter3486 days ago
The Greatest feats of...12Soulcollecter5790 days ago
Ultimate Respect Thread: Thor Odinson (Journey Into Mystery Volume 1)11SirSpidey91 days ago
Would it be possible to update characters already created?0Root98 days ago
Why Hulk at his peak is Nonillions of times faster than Iron Fist37TheNemianLion113 days ago
Most Powerful Women (In Fiction)13soratoumiga120 days ago
Witcher - Geralt of Rivia0ta11111122 days ago
Can't find new characters added to database0Alkalidum126 days ago
OC Theme Songs14Percival127 days ago
Who is more popular Star Storms , Heartstone or Lionman53ManofPower127 days ago
Lionman Copycats(Pun intended). 42windshadow127 days ago
Favorite LGBT+ Characters41alias_copper127 days ago
What inspired your OCs7ManofPower128 days ago
Most Powerful Video Game Characters.27TheSuspect666128 days ago
Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor89soratoumiga132 days ago
Why Shaquille O'Neal's Steel is the most powerful character in Fiction (Satire)7ElectroSpino138 days ago
Tony stark/ bruce wayne comparison3krisodinson140 days ago
Which Lantern Core do you belong to?11AkhilPDX146 days ago
Top 5 Favorite Characters7SirSpidey146 days ago
160 Reasons Thor Is The Most Powerful Avenger45SirSpidey151 days ago
The End All Be All44soulcollecter34158 days ago
Who is the smartest person out of DC and Marvel in your opionon16LordAntMan163 days ago
Thirteen Reasons Why (Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger)81soratoumiga166 days ago
Assemble your dream team22soratoumiga174 days ago
What's the difference between Superman Prime, Superman One-Million and Superman Prime One Million?8windshadow176 days ago
Top 20 Favorite Heroes and Villains48AkhilPDX176 days ago
The Endless v. Dark Monitor and Thought Robot3soratoumiga177 days ago
Your top 10 favourite Magic users19soratoumiga179 days ago
Most underrated superheroes and villains!14legoman2179 days ago
Favorite Ships21LordTracer179 days ago
Members of the Batfamily8LordTracer179 days ago
Most powerful mutants in Marvel7soratoumiga179 days ago
Most powerful Omega-level Mutants11IMABATMAN42180 days ago
Would you rather...97jongensoden180 days ago
Top 50 Strongest Marvel and DC Characters2windshadow181 days ago
Marvel and DC Tier List41windshadow181 days ago
Justice League v. Avengers9soratoumiga183 days ago
here you can ask questions42jongensoden183 days ago
Strongest Characters- Marvel, DC, Overall Rankings!46AkhilPDX183 days ago
feats17jongensoden183 days ago
An accurate power level chart89Soulcollecter57183 days ago
You're a Liar, Prove Me Wrong139Soulcollecter57184 days ago
Superheroes who turned to supervillains4soratoumiga185 days ago
what is your favorite villian31jongensoden185 days ago
Is Wally West black or white?19windshadow185 days ago
There Is No Character Above Multiversal, Prove Me Wrong41SirSpidey185 days ago
Who is the strongest Thanos on this website6ultron185 days ago
Top 20 Most Powerful - Marvel and DC61LordTracer188 days ago
Intelligence - Best Tacticians39soratoumiga189 days ago
Intelligence- Top 10 Smartest Marvel/DC Heroes21AkhilPDX191 days ago
Thanos 3ThorGodOfThunder94193 days ago
What's the most emotional moment in comics / comic book movies?24soratoumiga193 days ago
Copying is a bad thing1DarkProdigy196 days ago
Copied OCs16ManofPower200 days ago
OC Power Levels25ManofPower201 days ago
usstats18borutog201 days ago
What would happen if these people had children? How would their children look like?15soratoumiga203 days ago
Adding characters18Kanine88204 days ago
Most Powerful OCs 35ManofPower206 days ago
The Oc League16ManofPower206 days ago
Which of your OCs have lost against other characters(OC or not) and whom did they lose to?18windshadow207 days ago
Feats of your OCs14soratoumiga207 days ago
Q&A for the OCs2LordTracer207 days ago
Has Wonder woman evolved over time?1aaeron98209 days ago
Top Ten most powerful Ocs (That aren't Omnipotent or Nigh-Omnipotent)12ManofPower209 days ago
( DISCUSSION ) Most powerful Avengers33soratoumiga209 days ago
Who has the most accurate stats/powers etc?12DarkProdigy209 days ago
Who is the most powerful comic book character?88SidebarTwist210 days ago
What is the most powerful type of magic in Marvel/DC?66soratoumiga211 days ago
Rank top 10 most POWERFUL heroes in DC13soratoumiga211 days ago
Which SUPERHERO Is More Powerful Than Thor?152SirSpidey212 days ago
The truth is a god, and can you add a top tens chart for the heroes1GetawayPig213 days ago
Superhero Dream Team16Swarm214 days ago
Most powerful characters38Darth_Doom216 days ago
missing objects5jongensoden216 days ago
Who is your favorite Marvel superhero 26Animuislifu218 days ago
Top 5 least favorite characters.92IMABATMAN42218 days ago
Favourite superpowers 16ThorGodOfThunder94218 days ago
Favorite Character and why16remy94218 days ago
Favorite Superhero9CaptainAmericaTakesAll218 days ago
my new song6ultron218 days ago
most powerful characters in the database7Z_man_the_overpowered218 days ago
Overly Disrespected Characters13Soulcollecter57218 days ago
Who can defeat White Phoenix of the Crown?6soratoumiga218 days ago
Avengers and Justice League - Other Franchises19LordTracer220 days ago
Do you consider Mister Mxyzptlk a villain?5soratoumiga221 days ago
Top 30 Spiderman villains43Soulcollecter57222 days ago
i have a challenge0jongensoden223 days ago
Who is your favourite omnipotent being?8soratoumiga223 days ago
Who can defeat Joker23jongensoden223 days ago
Favourite fictional characters?21soratoumiga224 days ago
Crossover Characters6LordTracer224 days ago
who is your favorite hero neutral charachter12jongensoden225 days ago
who is your favorite hero 19jongensoden225 days ago
who is your favorite villian neutral charachter 9jongensoden226 days ago
who wants to be in the ultron club18jongensoden226 days ago
what is your favorite character7jongensoden226 days ago
Who wants to join the Varosverse27ManofPower228 days ago
What is the most powerful weapon of all the Ocs61ManofPower228 days ago
Top 100 DC Characters9Swarm229 days ago
Top 100 Marvel Characters39Swarm229 days ago
Most overrated characters1soratoumiga229 days ago
Top 65Amirvel229 days ago
Most powerful Avengers19soratoumiga230 days ago
Most powerful characters in DC6soratoumiga230 days ago
20 most powerful DC characters0soratoumiga230 days ago
Top 10 Marvel Characters5LordTracer230 days ago
Star Storms78ManofPower230 days ago
Star Storms II5ManofPower230 days ago
The Lionman24TheNemianLion231 days ago
Rocket Man0Soulcollecter57231 days ago
Phantom Wraith/The Menace (my original characters)0soratoumiga232 days ago
Who's your favourite member of The Endless?3soratoumiga232 days ago
characthers who can kill scarlet witch hom97borutog232 days ago
Questions about Zer0Verse 39Zer029232 days ago
Greatest feats of my OC4soratoumiga233 days ago
Oc Power Levels16TheNemianLion234 days ago
Who is my best Oc22ManofPower234 days ago
I Have a Challenge37ManofPower236 days ago
Who is Dr.Slash8jar236 days ago
Zer0Verse2Zer029237 days ago
Character Forms9TheNemianLion237 days ago
Why can't I add more original characters, I only can add 5, and other users can add more?11soratoumiga237 days ago
DCEU/MCU Characters power65TheSuspect666238 days ago
DC / Marvel crossover couples19Amirvel239 days ago
Varosverse Copycats7ManofPower239 days ago
Which Fictional/Non-Fictional Character Has The Best Quotes? 12SirSpidey243 days ago
Top 10 ocs 8ManofPower245 days ago
Respect Rune King Thor4SirSpidey245 days ago
Varosverse Favorites (Please Read the description )17ManofPower246 days ago
How Powerful is Thor39ManofPower247 days ago
Narutoverse1Sadkat248 days ago
Top Five Favorite Varosverse Characters7ManofPower251 days ago
Ask about the Varosverse102ManofPower251 days ago
who are your favorite dc charachters0Brtnrt251 days ago
Top Ten Favorite Varosverse Characters1ManofPower251 days ago
Who is your top twenty fictional favorites14ManofPower252 days ago
most powerfull characters3ultron253 days ago
Superhero/Supervillain Theme Songs72LordTracer254 days ago
Team VS 3 Powerful Characters3Percival256 days ago
Marvel and DC Copy Cats4SidebarTwist257 days ago
Who is your number one46ManofPower257 days ago
Top Twenty Favorite Marvel and Dc Characters29ManofPower258 days ago
Did anyone's character get changed/Deletes9ManofPower259 days ago
when will the character adder be online again1jongensoden260 days ago
Why do people not like power scaling?17IMABATMAN42263 days ago
Who wants to join the Prodamon universe11ManofPower264 days ago
How would you all feel about adding OC'S to this site?48TheNemianLion267 days ago
MCU Characters33TheNemianLion269 days ago
Top 50 most powerful female superheroes3TheNemianLion270 days ago
Who\\\'s your favorite super form5Darth_Doom270 days ago
Fastest Characters19Darth_Doom271 days ago
Add Characters2Darth_Doom272 days ago
Pick your favorite superman villia n 6Darth_Doom274 days ago
communist superheroes8Z_man_the_overpowered276 days ago
Favorite Songs of Superheroes7The_Archress_2018284 days ago
Is Black Widow disguised as Yelena Belova in Infinity War?1DarkProdigy285 days ago
Character Power Levels13LordTracer290 days ago
Physician Superhero 12remy94301 days ago
Dc Top 20 Most Powerful beings3Akephalos303 days ago
Ever Done An Ultimate Respect Thread On A Character?3SirSpidey308 days ago
How does one add characters?4TheNemianLion317 days ago
Least favorite characters8Amirvel321 days ago
Amalgam Universe6Crujir327 days ago
Characters25TheSuspect666341 days ago
Nova Sam Alexander0phrank1199355 days ago
Superheroes as Pokemon Trainers11The_Archress_2018359 days ago
Weakest Hero4Animuislifu360 days ago

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