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Who has the greatest willpower in comics?19Tyrannus1 d
How do you upvote characters?7Bobward1234 d
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 190Bbq4445 d
I need help!!!3williammc05045 d
Who can beat the one above all?84EmptyHand6 d
Most underrated character93TheOne20016 d
Who is the most overrated superhero?97Dark_Wing8 d
Character points1IronMan557812 d
Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?111Oblivion16 d
Most underrated charachter3jongensoden17 d
Favorite Songs of Superheroes9The_Archress_201830 d
Lucy VS Superman who wins?1Samuraeh30 d
Most Powerful & Strongest of the Marvel vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball7uglyspecies1 mo 4 d
Custom Characters0SoccerFan711 mo 8 d
Ninjago Question54jongensoden1 mo 8 d
Thanos VS Darkseid17adeptniyi1 mo 10 d
Who\'s your favorite super form7Darth_Doom1 mo 14 d
Character who need to be updated5The_Golden_Rage1 mo 14 d
This is nonsense3Nomight1 mo 14 d
Dark knight joker vs joker 20190Crimsonassassin1 mo 21 d
This is nonsense0Nomight1 mo 21 d
Most powerful DC characters list28EmptyHand1 mo 30 d
Character creation timer0jaelen142 mo 1 d
Oc Charaters Intros and clashes2Crimsonassassin2 mo 8 d
Questions about Zer0Verse 44Zer0292 mo 14 d
Most powerful avenger149TheOne20012 mo 20 d
What are your thoughts on drunk and overweight Thor and Professor Hulk (Endgame)?3Dark_Wing2 mo 25 d
Rapunzle vs Lady Sif1Dark_Wing3 mo 18 h 25 m
Do we need to make Thor with Stormbreaker and Thor with Mijolnnir?7blackmaster20033 mo 3 d
Further explanation for Forceful Blue's origin.5SpiderBitten3 mo 4 d
Which Character has the worse Fanboys106ManofPower3 mo 11 d
MCU Avengers power levels7Clint_Barton3 mo 12 d
Who is the most useless Avenger?76soratoumiga3 mo 21 d
Transformers: Prime help7Bane3333 mo 23 d
About wich topic do you know the most about6jongensoden3 mo 26 d
Most overrated character87Clint_Barton3 mo 27 d
Do you hate TOAA?11blackmaster20033 mo 30 d
Do you think that captain marvel is the most powerful avenger?(And why)14blackmaster20034 mo 2 d
People Who Think toaa is not omnipotent maybe they right..4Breaker4 mo 2 d
Earth-TRN6330Clint_Barton4 mo 3 d
TOAA is NOT omnipotent prove us wrong.55Dark_Wing4 mo 9 d
Who is the most powerful avenger in MCU?13blackmaster20034 mo 13 d
Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters of MCU2Clint_Barton4 mo 21 d
How can I add characters to this website?510earthquakes4 mo 22 d
A version of Sentry4DanielJSantos4 mo 22 d
Your Team name17Crimsonassassin4 mo 24 d
Who can beat The Presence45Dark_Wing4 mo 25 d
Lego Batman roleplay19jongensoden4 mo 28 d
Which characters are less powerful on SHDb than they should be?11qawsed4 mo 29 d
Captain America MCU's stats10Clint_Barton4 mo 30 d
Fastest Marvel and DC Heroes12DeanDinosaur64 mo 30 d
what if space punisher hulk become World Breaker ?9Breaker4 mo 30 d
Is it possible to be Batman in real life?3Dark_Wing5 mo 13 h 20 m
Who are the best DC characters5ComicBookLover5 mo 13 h 22 m
Hercules is gonna join in MCU as gay hero ?3Kluba5775 mo 1 d
What are your Top 5 least favorite characters?29EmptyHand5 mo 5 d
MCU characters ranked by power64Marvel5005 mo 6 d
Who is the best character in the MCU?40CaptainAmericaTakesAll5 mo 6 d
Charachters who need to appear in movies12jongensoden5 mo 6 d
Is MCU Thanos overestimated in vs debates ?9Kluba5775 mo 8 d
How strong is Lucario3JLY20015 mo 13 d
Goddesses7vipplayer5 mo 15 d
The Bat Family 37Deathstroke4U5 mo 17 d
Which publisher has the best characters?2ComicBookLover5 mo 18 d
Who is the only omnipotent charachter10jongensoden5 mo 19 d
The Problems With Lionman5TheNemianLion5 mo 23 d
What villian should have been better for a certain movie?20jongensoden5 mo 29 d
Who can beat Yog-sothoth43EmptyHand6 mo 6 d
Movement to have the SouthPark superheroes on here9cw63346 mo 15 d
How to add to catalog name "Naltorian" ? 2Kluba5776 mo 16 d
Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor98soratoumiga6 mo 16 d
MK 11 characters 0yeetthebeat1236 mo 18 d
Strongest Cthulhu Mythos Characters.8windshadow6 mo 20 d
Who is the scariest fictional comic book character?28EmptyHand6 mo 23 d
Lego charachters power levels77jongensoden7 mo 2 d
Request missing superpowers to charachters369jongensoden7 mo 2 d
How strong is goku, really?98JJmeek187 mo 6 d
The problem with Oc characters 40Crimsonassassin7 mo 8 d
When it comes to lifting and striking strenght who are top 5 strongest current MCU/CW/DCEU heroes ? and why u think so ?4Kluba5777 mo 8 d
Where do I read about OC characters13Dark_Wing7 mo 11 d
Could u add CW: Mxyzptlk, Queen Rhea, Lex Luthor and Red Daughter ?2Kluba5777 mo 12 d
Who wants to write a crossover with Lionman9TheNemianLion7 mo 13 d
Roleplay part 3 196630jongensoden7 mo 14 d
I need a name for my character30Ithrian7 mo 19 d
Tournament74jongensoden7 mo 26 d
Characters that need to be added to the database.7Bane3337 mo 26 d
Could any Heroes Of Olympus characters defeat any MCU Avengers 0DeanDinosaur67 mo 27 d
Could anybody do more Pre Crisis heroes profiles ?1Kluba5777 mo 27 d
Doomsday vs anime 12Crimsonassassin7 mo 28 d
Dose world war hulk have infinite strength?2Dark_Wing7 mo 28 d
Spongebob squarepants question. Forum10Bane3338 mo 14 h 8 m
What verse do you no best19Bane3338 mo 18 h 46 m
Who in your opinion is the most myterious comicbook character?3EmptyHand8 mo 3 d
Who misses Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow series 0Kluba5778 mo 4 d
Which character made you marvel and dc fan ?8Kluba5778 mo 5 d
Who is the Most Underrated Character 28DeanDinosaur68 mo 5 d
Who are the best book characters 3DeanDinosaur68 mo 5 d
Who is the best Harry Potter or Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character 5DeanDinosaur68 mo 6 d
Top #5 characters you no best.19Bane3338 mo 6 d
What is your favorite attack from Dragonball Media? Out of any series what has been your favorite? (ex. Kamehameha, or Big Bang Attack)12cw63348 mo 8 d
Who is the most useless justice league member?19Bane3338 mo 9 d
who can defaet jhony14ultron8 mo 10 d
Who is your favorite Dragonball, Z, GT, Kai, or Super character and why?35cw63348 mo 10 d
Comic Characters that will never get a movie31Animuislifu8 mo 11 d
The bat family officially ranked42Bane3338 mo 11 d
Lesser known superheros?3Animuislifu8 mo 11 d
Ninjago roleplay50jongensoden8 mo 11 d
missing objects5jongensoden8 mo 12 d
SHDB vs Comicvine14jongensoden8 mo 12 d
Whats the best ninjago season3jongensoden8 mo 13 d
What is the strongest element10jongensoden8 mo 13 d
The 10 reasons Nightwing is better than Batman1Dark_Wing8 mo 13 d
Most powerfull weapon of ninjago4jongensoden8 mo 14 d
What is your favorite ninjago set3jongensoden8 mo 14 d
What is the worst ninjago episode2jongensoden8 mo 14 d
What is your favorite ninjago event1jongensoden8 mo 14 d
Is Darkseid High Outversal7jongensoden8 mo 14 d
When is SHDB going to start the transformers g1 characters23Bane3338 mo 14 d
How Old Are The Ninjago Characters5DarkRaptor_678 mo 14 d
top 10 best ninjago charachters35jongensoden8 mo 15 d
Characters that need to be RE-Updated16AkhilPDX8 mo 15 d
Levels35jongensoden8 mo 15 d
Take five reasons their should be a goat simulator character on this site9Dark_Wing8 mo 24 d
im making my own comics 4jongensoden8 mo 24 d
should we also have mcu charachters before infinty war0jongensoden8 mo 25 d
How powerful would Elsa be if she was trained to use her powers2Dark_Wing8 mo 25 d
Need management dissertation topics?1Williamz8 mo 27 d
Should Mary Sue be on this site 2Dark_Wing8 mo 28 d
Rank those powers4jongensoden8 mo 29 d
Is Franklin Richards a Garry Sue 1Dark_Wing8 mo 29 d
charachters who can beat empty hand1jongensoden9 mo 4 d
swamp thing is overrated5jongensoden9 mo 4 d
ranking superman versions1jongensoden9 mo 4 d
Your favourite characters 21Marvel5009 mo 5 d
Should we have goat simulator charachters on this site9jongensoden9 mo 5 d
Who has the most knowledge on what character?5DarkProdigy9 mo 5 d
Most powerful character throughout every verse?7EmptyHand9 mo 8 d
help7jongensoden9 mo 8 d
Is their any ice-based character that could beat iceman at his own game39Dark_Wing9 mo 9 d
Respect House of M Scarlet Witch22soratoumiga9 mo 10 d
What power level is Onslaught?12ElectroSpino9 mo 10 d
ranking iron man suits0jongensoden9 mo 11 d
where is heep?11ultron9 mo 11 d
Who can defeat Galactus?19soratoumiga9 mo 15 d
Who can defeat Mister Mxyzptlk?19soratoumiga9 mo 16 d
Characters who can defeat Scarlet Witch HoM125TheSuspect6669 mo 20 d
Who is more powerful than Franklin Richards?41soratoumiga9 mo 20 d
Heroes who can defeat Darkseid26soratoumiga9 mo 20 d
Villains who can beat Darkseid7soratoumiga9 mo 20 d
If your Oc was in a movie who would you cast to be them?39ManofPower9 mo 21 d
Top 100 Favorite Characters of All Time61wolfdragon1239 mo 24 d
Who is this?4Silverbullet19909 mo 27 d
Most powerful villains in Marvel / DC10soratoumiga10 mo 4 d
What Would Make Lionman Better?9TheNemianLion10 mo 4 d
dimension power levels10krisodinson10 mo 4 d
Who are you bias towards?11ManofPower10 mo 5 d
Noggin Gnome should be on this website2EmptyHand10 mo 12 d
Why is my team of Gentry not in the database yet?0EmptyHand10 mo 13 d
Missing Powers4_Holy_Joe_10 mo 21 d
Strongest OCs for each stat24windshadow10 mo 25 d
Top 10 most powerful characters outside Marvel/DC65TheSuspect66610 mo 26 d
Would you rather be any Jedi/Sith of your choosing or be Batman and why 6Dark_Wing11 mo 7 d
Superhero Analysis - Energy Manipulation6SirSpidey11 mo 8 d
Looking for statistics1ADMteacher11 mo 21 d
How strong is Goku really32Soulcollecter5711 mo 22 d
What are your comic book power rankings91soulcollecter3411 mo 23 d
The Greatest feats of...12Soulcollecter5711 mo 28 d
Ultimate Respect Thread: Thor Odinson (Journey Into Mystery Volume 1)11SirSpidey11 mo 29 d
Would it be possible to update characters already created?0Root1 y 4 d
Why Hulk at his peak is Nonillions of times faster than Iron Fist37TheNemianLion1 y 20 d
Most Powerful Women (In Fiction)13soratoumiga1 y 26 d
Witcher - Geralt of Rivia0ta111111 y 29 d
Can't find new characters added to database0Alkalidum1 y 1 mo 1 d
OC Theme Songs14Percival1 y 1 mo 3 d
Who is more popular Star Storms , Heartstone or Lionman53ManofPower1 y 1 mo 3 d
Lionman Copycats(Pun intended). 42windshadow1 y 1 mo 3 d
Favorite LGBT+ Characters41alias_copper1 y 1 mo 3 d
What inspired your OCs7ManofPower1 y 1 mo 4 d
Most Powerful Video Game Characters.27TheSuspect6661 y 1 mo 4 d
Why Shaquille O'Neal's Steel is the most powerful character in Fiction (Satire)7ElectroSpino1 y 1 mo 14 d
Tony stark/ bruce wayne comparison3krisodinson1 y 1 mo 16 d
Which Lantern Core do you belong to?11AkhilPDX1 y 1 mo 23 d
Top 5 Favorite Characters7SirSpidey1 y 1 mo 23 d
160 Reasons Thor Is The Most Powerful Avenger45SirSpidey1 y 1 mo 28 d
The End All Be All44soulcollecter341 y 2 mo 4 d
Who is the smartest person out of DC and Marvel in your opionon16LordAntMan1 y 2 mo 8 d
Thirteen Reasons Why (Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger)81soratoumiga1 y 2 mo 12 d
Assemble your dream team22soratoumiga1 y 2 mo 20 d
What's the difference between Superman Prime, Superman One-Million and Superman Prime One Million?8windshadow1 y 2 mo 22 d
Top 20 Favorite Heroes and Villains48AkhilPDX1 y 2 mo 22 d
The Endless v. Dark Monitor and Thought Robot3soratoumiga1 y 2 mo 23 d
Your top 10 favourite Magic users19soratoumiga1 y 2 mo 24 d
Most underrated superheroes and villains!14legoman21 y 2 mo 24 d
Favorite Ships21LordTracer1 y 2 mo 24 d
Members of the Batfamily8LordTracer1 y 2 mo 24 d
Most powerful mutants in Marvel7soratoumiga1 y 2 mo 25 d
Most powerful Omega-level Mutants11IMABATMAN421 y 2 mo 25 d
Would you rather...97jongensoden1 y 2 mo 26 d
Top 50 Strongest Marvel and DC Characters2windshadow1 y 2 mo 27 d
Marvel and DC Tier List41windshadow1 y 2 mo 27 d
Justice League v. Avengers9soratoumiga1 y 2 mo 28 d
here you can ask questions42jongensoden1 y 2 mo 29 d
Strongest Characters- Marvel, DC, Overall Rankings!46AkhilPDX1 y 2 mo 29 d
feats17jongensoden1 y 2 mo 29 d
An accurate power level chart89Soulcollecter571 y 2 mo 29 d
You're a Liar, Prove Me Wrong139Soulcollecter571 y 2 mo 29 d
Superheroes who turned to supervillains4soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 43 m
what is your favorite villian31jongensoden1 y 3 mo 5 h 2 m
Is Wally West black or white?19windshadow1 y 3 mo 7 h 6 m
There Is No Character Above Multiversal, Prove Me Wrong41SirSpidey1 y 3 mo 17 h 19 m
Who is the strongest Thanos on this website6ultron1 y 3 mo 17 h 38 m
Top 20 Most Powerful - Marvel and DC61LordTracer1 y 3 mo 3 d
Intelligence - Best Tacticians39soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 3 d
Intelligence- Top 10 Smartest Marvel/DC Heroes21AkhilPDX1 y 3 mo 6 d
Thanos 3ThorGodOfThunder941 y 3 mo 8 d
What's the most emotional moment in comics / comic book movies?24soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 8 d
Copying is a bad thing1DarkProdigy1 y 3 mo 11 d
Copied OCs16ManofPower1 y 3 mo 15 d
OC Power Levels25ManofPower1 y 3 mo 16 d
usstats18borutog1 y 3 mo 16 d
What would happen if these people had children? How would their children look like?15soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 18 d
Adding characters18Kanine881 y 3 mo 19 d
Most Powerful OCs 35ManofPower1 y 3 mo 21 d
The Oc League16ManofPower1 y 3 mo 21 d
Which of your OCs have lost against other characters(OC or not) and whom did they lose to?18windshadow1 y 3 mo 21 d
Feats of your OCs14soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 21 d
Q&A for the OCs2LordTracer1 y 3 mo 22 d
Has Wonder woman evolved over time?1aaeron981 y 3 mo 23 d
Top Ten most powerful Ocs (That aren't Omnipotent or Nigh-Omnipotent)12ManofPower1 y 3 mo 24 d
( DISCUSSION ) Most powerful Avengers33soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 24 d
Who has the most accurate stats/powers etc?12DarkProdigy1 y 3 mo 24 d
Who is the most powerful comic book character?88SidebarTwist1 y 3 mo 25 d
What is the most powerful type of magic in Marvel/DC?66soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 25 d
Rank top 10 most POWERFUL heroes in DC13soratoumiga1 y 3 mo 26 d
Which SUPERHERO Is More Powerful Than Thor?152SirSpidey1 y 3 mo 26 d
The truth is a god, and can you add a top tens chart for the heroes1GetawayPig1 y 3 mo 28 d
Superhero Dream Team16Swarm1 y 3 mo 29 d
Most powerful characters38Darth_Doom1 y 3 mo 30 d
missing objects5jongensoden1 y 3 mo 30 d
Who is your favorite Marvel superhero 26Animuislifu1 y 4 mo 1 d
Top 5 least favorite characters.92IMABATMAN421 y 4 mo 2 d
Favourite superpowers 16ThorGodOfThunder941 y 4 mo 2 d
Favorite Character and why16remy941 y 4 mo 2 d
Favorite Superhero9CaptainAmericaTakesAll1 y 4 mo 2 d
my new song6ultron1 y 4 mo 2 d
most powerful characters in the database7Z_man_the_overpowered1 y 4 mo 2 d
Overly Disrespected Characters13Soulcollecter571 y 4 mo 2 d
Who can defeat White Phoenix of the Crown?6soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 2 d
Avengers and Justice League - Other Franchises19LordTracer1 y 4 mo 4 d
Do you consider Mister Mxyzptlk a villain?5soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 5 d
Top 30 Spiderman villains43Soulcollecter571 y 4 mo 6 d
i have a challenge0jongensoden1 y 4 mo 7 d
Who is your favourite omnipotent being?8soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 7 d
Who can defeat Joker23jongensoden1 y 4 mo 7 d
Favourite fictional characters?21soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 7 d
Crossover Characters6LordTracer1 y 4 mo 8 d
who is your favorite hero neutral charachter12jongensoden1 y 4 mo 8 d
who is your favorite hero 19jongensoden1 y 4 mo 8 d
who is your favorite villian neutral charachter 9jongensoden1 y 4 mo 10 d
who wants to be in the ultron club18jongensoden1 y 4 mo 10 d
what is your favorite character7jongensoden1 y 4 mo 10 d
Who wants to join the Varosverse27ManofPower1 y 4 mo 12 d
What is the most powerful weapon of all the Ocs61ManofPower1 y 4 mo 12 d
Top 100 DC Characters9Swarm1 y 4 mo 12 d
Top 100 Marvel Characters39Swarm1 y 4 mo 12 d
Most overrated characters1soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 13 d
Top 65Amirvel1 y 4 mo 13 d
Most powerful Avengers19soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 13 d
Most powerful characters in DC6soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 13 d
20 most powerful DC characters0soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 14 d
Top 10 Marvel Characters5LordTracer1 y 4 mo 14 d
Star Storms78ManofPower1 y 4 mo 14 d
Star Storms II5ManofPower1 y 4 mo 14 d
The Lionman24TheNemianLion1 y 4 mo 15 d
Rocket Man0Soulcollecter571 y 4 mo 15 d
Phantom Wraith/The Menace (my original characters)0soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 16 d
Who's your favourite member of The Endless?3soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 16 d
characthers who can kill scarlet witch hom97borutog1 y 4 mo 16 d
Greatest feats of my OC4soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 18 d
Oc Power Levels16TheNemianLion1 y 4 mo 19 d
Who is my best Oc22ManofPower1 y 4 mo 19 d
I Have a Challenge37ManofPower1 y 4 mo 20 d
Who is Dr.Slash8jar1 y 4 mo 20 d
Zer0Verse2Zer0291 y 4 mo 22 d
Character Forms9TheNemianLion1 y 4 mo 22 d
Why can't I add more original characters, I only can add 5, and other users can add more?11soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 22 d
DCEU/MCU Characters power65TheSuspect6661 y 4 mo 22 d
DC / Marvel crossover couples19Amirvel1 y 4 mo 23 d
Varosverse Copycats7ManofPower1 y 4 mo 24 d
Which Fictional/Non-Fictional Character Has The Best Quotes? 12SirSpidey1 y 4 mo 28 d
Top 10 ocs 8ManofPower1 y 4 mo 29 d
Respect Rune King Thor4SirSpidey1 y 4 mo 30 d
Varosverse Favorites (Please Read the description )17ManofPower1 y 5 mo 15 h 20 m
How Powerful is Thor39ManofPower1 y 5 mo 1 d
Narutoverse1Sadkat1 y 5 mo 2 d
Top Five Favorite Varosverse Characters7ManofPower1 y 5 mo 4 d
Ask about the Varosverse102ManofPower1 y 5 mo 5 d
who are your favorite dc charachters0Brtnrt1 y 5 mo 5 d
Top Ten Favorite Varosverse Characters1ManofPower1 y 5 mo 5 d
Who is your top twenty fictional favorites14ManofPower1 y 5 mo 6 d
most powerfull characters3ultron1 y 5 mo 7 d
Superhero/Supervillain Theme Songs72LordTracer1 y 5 mo 8 d
Team VS 3 Powerful Characters3Percival1 y 5 mo 10 d
Marvel and DC Copy Cats4SidebarTwist1 y 5 mo 11 d
Who is your number one46ManofPower1 y 5 mo 11 d
Top Twenty Favorite Marvel and Dc Characters29ManofPower1 y 5 mo 11 d
Did anyone's character get changed/Deletes9ManofPower1 y 5 mo 12 d
when will the character adder be online again1jongensoden1 y 5 mo 14 d
Why do people not like power scaling?17IMABATMAN421 y 5 mo 17 d
Who wants to join the Prodamon universe11ManofPower1 y 5 mo 18 d
How would you all feel about adding OC'S to this site?48TheNemianLion1 y 5 mo 21 d
MCU Characters33TheNemianLion1 y 5 mo 23 d
Top 50 most powerful female superheroes3TheNemianLion1 y 5 mo 24 d
Fastest Characters19Darth_Doom1 y 5 mo 25 d
Add Characters2Darth_Doom1 y 5 mo 25 d
Pick your favorite superman villia n 6Darth_Doom1 y 5 mo 27 d
communist superheroes8Z_man_the_overpowered1 y 5 mo 30 d
Is Black Widow disguised as Yelena Belova in Infinity War?1DarkProdigy1 y 6 mo 8 d
Character Power Levels13LordTracer1 y 6 mo 13 d
Physician Superhero 12remy941 y 6 mo 25 d
Dc Top 20 Most Powerful beings3Akephalos1 y 6 mo 27 d
Ever Done An Ultimate Respect Thread On A Character?3SirSpidey1 y 7 mo 1 d
How does one add characters?4TheNemianLion1 y 7 mo 10 d
Least favorite characters8Amirvel1 y 7 mo 14 d
Amalgam Universe6Crujir1 y 7 mo 19 d
Characters25TheSuspect6661 y 8 mo 3 d
Nova Sam Alexander0phrank11991 y 8 mo 19 d
Superheroes as Pokemon Trainers11The_Archress_20181 y 8 mo 24 d
Weakest Hero4Animuislifu1 y 8 mo 25 d
Comic books/Lord of the rings 9Amirvel1 y 9 mo 1 d
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 32Dellmamy451 y 9 mo 4 d
Thor's Strength1SirSpidey1 y 9 mo 15 d
Fanmade Superheroes10vyomic1 y 9 mo 16 d
The Shadow0GaryThePickle1 y 9 mo 27 d
Which character are you?6Amirvel1 y 10 mo 8 d
My own custom hero2solo1 y 11 mo 14 d
Wonder Woman vs. Hulk8NickTendo692 y 1 mo 2 d
Top 10 villians 20remy942 y 2 mo 7 d
Marvel Characters that wield swords3Animuislifu2 y 2 mo 12 d
Firefly2Aqua Archer2 y 2 mo 16 d
What do you think the most powerful combo of superheroes/supervillains would be23Heroofall2 y 2 mo 21 d
Marvel Characters with Power rings2Animuislifu2 y 3 mo 5 d
WHAT IF: Wolverine's Skeleton was not Adamantium but ....1_b1ackbird2 y 6 mo 30 d
Wonder woman1rramsden2 y 7 mo 26 d
DC characters with Cross-Dimension Awareness (Fourth-wall Breaking)5Animuislifu2 y 8 mo 4 d
Rouge's power0Heroofall2 y 8 mo 7 d
Is there any character who can defeat Berserker Thor ??4ThorDB2 y 8 mo 7 d
Power Levels 3Spectre942 y 8 mo 16 d
Who would win? Superman vs Galactus10Galactus2 y 8 mo 21 d
Wolverine Q&A and Discussion 0Animuislifu2 y 9 mo 12 d
do you think kylo ren could survive in the wild wild west?1kingkyloren2 y 9 mo 12 d
Why Aang Should Be Added To The Database3SirSpidey2 y 9 mo 13 d
The Power of The Force2SirSpidey2 y 9 mo 14 d
Marvel Characters who Kill?1Animuislifu2 y 9 mo 23 d
Static Shock1Chico152 y 9 mo 26 d
a description of Splice0Animuislifu2 y 9 mo 26 d
Marvel Mercs0Animuislifu2 y 9 mo 27 d
Lobo's Healing Factor and Deadpools Healing Factor0Animuislifu2 y 9 mo 27 d
I need a new favorite Superhero that matches this describtion4Animuislifu2 y 9 mo 28 d
Top 20 X-Men villains20Soulcollecter572 y 10 mo 18 d
Marvel Character that has cross-dimension awareness (fourth-Wall Breaking) 2Animuislifu2 y 10 mo 23 d
Top Female Characters13EthanWolverineFan2 y 10 mo 27 d
Add Character "Trigon" of DC's comics2Shubham1Dasgupta2 y 11 mo 13 h 41 m
Captain Marvel vs Captain Mar-vell 2G450NEGUNS2 y 11 mo 4 d
Rob0JobroKing2 y 11 mo 4 d
rob0JobroKing2 y 11 mo 4 d
Export list?0jrochet2 y 11 mo 15 d
that can kill the incredible hulk6randy2 y 11 mo 17 d
GREEN ARROW0OliviaJackson2 y 11 mo 22 d
Finn Costume0OliviaJackson2 y 11 mo 22 d
batman vs superman2batfreak17022 y 11 mo 22 d
Superman Costume0OliviaJackson2 y 11 mo 23 d
Barry Allen/The Flash1Gozaru2 y 11 mo 25 d
Top 12 most powerful beings in the universe6remy942 y 11 mo 25 d
Idea for a superheros13Nitroshifter2 y 11 mo 26 d
whos the hotter heroine 4were_wolf302 y 11 mo 26 d
Super hero Quotes on profile0tigerman8993 y 9 d
Weapons 3God_of_Thunder3 y 24 d
Miles Morales1SNBPLC3 y 30 d
Put Stats in these characters!!8clamulct213 y 1 mo 2 d
Double Down0Blackjack3 y 1 mo 8 d
venompool0tamyo20163 y 1 mo 19 d
Transformers1Galactus3 y 1 mo 21 d
ALLOW US TO EDIT PROFILES & CREATE THEM.5xPerfectionist3 y 1 mo 23 d
Galaxy17Galaxy3 y 3 mo 9 d
Captain atom0Yuyudodo3 y 3 mo 13 d
Star Sapphire 0Superheroes21123 y 3 mo 30 d
Blank Characters0Gerald Moore X3 y 4 mo 13 d
Deadpools limits0sebpool2173 y 4 mo 28 d
More heroes and villians?127legoman23 y 5 mo 7 d
Goku should be a Gold Tier3migz9253 y 6 mo 23 d
LEGO Marvel5klint3 y 7 mo 12 d
How can I add photos to the gallery0SethNova3 y 8 mo 22 d
Superman's stats2kryptonkid3 y 8 mo 24 d
Deadpool character 1Deadpool2016JRU3 y 9 mo 7 d
What are the strongest characters on superhero database?3Maleman123 y 9 mo 16 d
Paul Blart0Mikiemen253 y 9 mo 23 d
Evolution of the Batmobile 0Eavesy3 y 9 mo 26 d
Krypton3supermans_sister33013 y 10 mo 2 d
Name of this Superhero.1TheGreatEater3 y 10 mo 25 d
Sort by Power Ranking1baederp3 y 11 mo 9 d
sasuke/ itachi /minato/1crockillshark3 y 11 mo 17 d
Goku and Bane2GOKUZZZ3 y 11 mo 19 d
Deadpool1SuperheroWannabee3 y 11 mo 22 d
Can somebody please identify this character?0Edsta123454 y 6 d
Condiment King4nprim3254 y 14 d
Add a new one3shadow15244 y 26 d
new character1jeevesmonster4 y 1 mo 18 d
Galactus VS Thanos Ultimate Battle!!0MicroAssassin244 y 2 mo 5 d
Deadpool0MicroAssassin244 y 2 mo 5 d
Anyone here a Vegeta Fan??1Akwid14 y 2 mo 12 d
new characters0eposmuffin 4 y 3 mo 6 d
new character23jeevesmonster4 y 3 mo 26 d
Underrated: Scarlet Witch0estano1284 y 3 mo 27 d
How do I add these Christian characters?4TumblePhobic4 y 3 mo 30 d
Character Stats0Benji-C4 y 4 mo 26 d
Random0Supatrav4 y 5 mo 15 d
Howard the Duck!0Chuckles40004 y 5 mo 21 d
Howard the Duck!0Chuckles40004 y 5 mo 21 d
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