SHDB Discord Server v2.0

Created by DarkProdigy, 3 y 4 mo 11 d ago.

I've decided to put this on the site, so people who might not know of the existence of the server will be able to join.
This link will never expire


EmptyHand 2 y 10 mo 25 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.0
35 months member
It said it has expired. I know how to make it so it will never expire. Please update the link :(
ElectroSpino 3 y 3 mo 21 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.0
56 months member
says the invite is invalid
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Galactus 3 y 3 mo 21 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.0
8+ year member
I've updated it.
DarkProdigy 3 y 4 mo 10 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.0
52 months member
@TheNemianLion It feels like something's missing on the server... If you get what I mean
DarkProdigy 3 y 4 mo 11 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.0
52 months member
@Galactus This may sound picky and I get it if you don't trust me, but I will probably require the ability to do everything on the server, after I've finished the update, I will bring down my permissions to the Admin role
DarkProdigy 3 y 4 mo 11 d
SHDB Discord Server v2.0
52 months member
SuperheroDiscord v2.0 is coming
Here is what to expect
There will be 5 roles.
- Owner (which will obviously be Galactus, or possibly me and Galactus)
- Admin (Basically the mods currently, or maybe just me if I don't get the owner role)
- Mods (Will be able to do slightly less than Admin/s)
- Bots (Will control music, and do many more things. They are the evolution of the server)
- DJ (Will be able to control music)
The text channels
- General (The normal channel people chat on)
- Rules (Rules, obviously)
- Announcements (Announcements for the server)
- Music (Trying not to reveal much on this one)
- Report (Report users who are breaking rules)
- Social Media (To plug any of your social media or superhero YouTubers in general that other people should check out)
- Mod Area (Just a place for mods to chill)
- Admin Area (Same as Mod Area)
- Cmd (Bot commands, bot = music)
- Logs (Not that important, I'm sure most people already know what this is for)
Bot info
- Only mods and above can control these bots
- I will be putting A LOT of effort into these bots. They will be very helpful
- Bots will help deny offensive / swear words. (I won't be too harsh on the swearing limit)
- Certain people will be able to request music through the bot, simply by typing a sentence with the correct structure, and the name of the song you want. You will be able to listen to them through...
Voice Channels
- General (The normal voice channel)
- Music (You will go into this channel to listen to music)
- Mod Area (A place for mods to chat about updates or things to the server)
- Admin Area (Same for the Mod Area)
A prune will also come with this big update
There is a lot more to this, especially the bots. This is just the stuff that is confirmed