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marvel vs dc2were_wolf308 mo 7 d
A Movie/TV Series better than...57Galactus3 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Spider-Man: No Way Home Reviews50RajinKabir5 d
Best Movies of 20219DeanDinosaur69 d
Oscar Predictions 20228DeanDinosaur69 d
Stargirl (2020-)6Galactus12 d
Who is the worst actor/actress in blockbuster movies?35Ezio12 d
What characters would you like to see in Tom Holland's fourth Spider-Man film?6ForJustice132413 d
SPOILERS Opinions on encanto?21masterking214 d
Which anime did you watch?20Ezio29 d
Thoughts on Hawkeye?6wade1 mo 1 h 21 m
(SPOILERS!!!) The Matrix: Resurrections Reviews2RajinKabir1 mo 20 h 51 m
Top 5 most comic accurate/best movie portrayals of Marvel and DC characters2Savage1 mo 2 d
Top Portrayals of a character71Galactus1 mo 8 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Eternals Movie Reviews30RajinKabir1 mo 14 d
Box office predictions47Jongensoden2 mo 1 d
Favorite CW Show9Dilorenzom2 mo 1 d
Spider-Man NWH Official Trailer 202113Thunder_God2 mo 4 d
Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)47Thunder_God2 mo 7 d
Movie and TV Reviews!156BlotskyA2 mo 7 d
Who should play the Joker in Matt Reeves "The Batman" trilogy?19DeanDinosaur62 mo 8 d
What do you think about The lucifer show?4voidstone2 mo 11 d
MCU Plot Holes12RajinKabir2 mo 14 d
Squid Game S2? Maybe???7RandomName1232 mo 14 d
The Lost Episode of What If? (featuring Gamora and Tony Stark)4ForJustice13242 mo 14 d
Choose wich movie you want16Jongensoden2 mo 19 d
Favourite character of...589Galactus2 mo 20 d
Which actor can play best...101voidstone2 mo 20 d
Review on the InJustice: Gods Among Us film.9ForJustice13242 mo 20 d
Why people are hating on Captain Marvel movie ? I think it was awesome movie.28Kluba5772 mo 23 d
Most Comic Accurate scenes in movies31TH0R2 mo 23 d
Thoughts on squid game?12RandomName1232 mo 26 d
Is Eternals a bad movie ?42TH0R2 mo 26 d
Best Movie Trilogies30DeanDinosaur62 mo 26 d
DC Fandome 202126RajinKabir3 mo 6 d
Will Poulter is cast as Adam Warlock13DeanDinosaur63 mo 6 d
What do you think Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will mainly focus on in the movie?23datboi12ty3 mo 6 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Venom : Let There Be Carnage movie review5TH0R3 mo 9 d
Black Widow movie review38DeanDinosaur63 mo 12 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Marvel Studios' What If...? Reviews12RajinKabir3 mo 13 d
Comic Book Movie/TV Tone Discussion!13BlotskyA3 mo 16 d
Challenge: Watch 250 movies in 202135Galactus3 mo 20 d
Who else is excited for Teen Titans Season 63Dark_Wing3 mo 20 d
Ops on Venom 2?8wade3 mo 22 d
Thoughts on What If ?15wade3 mo 22 d
Netflix's Sandman5Superguy2513 mo 27 d
Team Iron Man or Team Cap14wade3 mo 29 d
Movie/TV Scene Parodies1BlotskyA3 mo 30 d
Blind watch movie actors/actresses.35Galactus3 mo 30 d
Favorite Type Of Movies?28CaptainCool3 mo 30 d
Titans (2018)4Rizzo4 mo 1 d
The Sorcerer Armani Theory7SuperSomebody4 mo 4 d
Latest Marvel and DC News25Thunder_God4 mo 5 d
What are you excited about My Marvel vs DC Fan Show36BlotskyA4 mo 8 d
Movies that will make you cry27MoNsTeR4 mo 10 d
Which movie did you watch the most?19Ezio4 mo 12 d
Movie -vs- Movie372cw63344 mo 12 d
Next Villain after Thanos21TheSuspect6664 mo 13 d
What's your opinion about Rick and Morty multiverse?3Ezio4 mo 15 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Shang-Chi 2021 Movie Review7TH0R4 mo 17 d
Grant Gustin vs Ezra Miller5ManofPower4 mo 18 d
Marvel-Sony talks collapsed over Spider-Man?8MakeMineMarvel4 mo 19 d
Thoughts on Snyder Cut (Spoilers)18Tigerking20204 mo 19 d
Which Actor Played The Best?163SuperSomebody4 mo 19 d
Movie making1MarvelBoy1074 mo 22 d
Best movie within a theme146Galactus4 mo 24 d
The Batman (2022)13Galactus4 mo 24 d
Best anime swordsman.8RandomName1234 mo 26 d
Favorite Action movie of all time?13Tigerking20204 mo 28 d
DCEU's What If..45CaptainCool4 mo 28 d
The MCU is Overrated130ThorMathews5 mo 6 h 57 m
MCU Thunderbolts possible miniseries on Disney +8ForJustice13245 mo 9 d
So i decided to start watching anime (and i am loving it) but...8ViciousViper5 mo 10 d
Top Ten Best Horror Movies15SupremeDreams5 mo 12 d
This TV Show vs That TV Show (Same Genre)97BlotskyA5 mo 14 d
Name a better movie than...79Galactus5 mo 14 d
(SPOILERS!!!) The Suicide Squad (2021) Reviews.7RajinKabir5 mo 19 d
Top 5 Favorite Disney and Pixar movies11Superguy2515 mo 19 d
Best Performances in Movies9DeanDinosaur65 mo 25 d
Is Rey a Mary Sue?41Dark_Wing5 mo 26 d
Favorite Actors/Actresses60DeanDinosaur65 mo 27 d
How was tony not struggling when holding ig when hulk even struggle to snap and even thanos kinda struggle?12RandomName1235 mo 28 d
If you watched Power Rangers I am interested to hear some of your opinions.1cw63346 mo 17 h 47 m
(SPOILERS!!!) Lokí Season 1 Reviews45RajinKabir6 mo 3 d
How Strong2Hurricano6 mo 12 d
Name a Better TV SHOW than18BlotskyA6 mo 20 d
Its a love/hate kind of movie5Caleb_Rivas6 mo 24 d
What are your thoughts on the upcoming Acolyte TV Show7TashPuddle6 mo 30 d
Loki what?13Guest6 mo 30 d
Record Of Ragnarok12MoNsTeR7 mo 2 d
Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter14TashPuddle7 mo 2 d
Who are some characters that solo Star Wars?23Tigerking20207 mo 7 d
The state of Star Wars64Tyrannus7 mo 8 d
Ranking the Star Wars movies 53Dark_Wing7 mo 8 d
Is there such a thing as too many comic book movies?4Caleb_Rivas7 mo 9 d
Star Wars -vs- Star Trek2Galactus7 mo 9 d
Would Captain America have won if Bucky wasn't there?12Caleb_Rivas7 mo 12 d
Favorite animated TV shows?18IMABATMAN427 mo 12 d
Invincible30MoNsTeR7 mo 17 d
The Legend Of Genji | Avatar Studios4datboi12ty7 mo 19 d
How do you make Live Action Stuff on a Computer?10BlotskyA7 mo 23 d
Shuma-Gorath is joining the MCU!?!3Enternity107 mo 23 d
How was spiderman swinging in Endgame?8RandomName1237 mo 25 d
Most Overrated Superhero TV Show32BlotskyA7 mo 27 d
WandaVision32Savage7 mo 27 d
Aaron Taylor-Johnson is officially cast as Kraven the Hunter4DeanDinosaur67 mo 28 d
Jupiter's Legacy (TV Show)13Galactus8 mo 14 h 4 m
Exclusive Interview | Michael Knightmage Wilson2Riya8 mo 1 d
(SPOILERS!!!) The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Reviews45RajinKabir8 mo 2 d
Loki Show9Caleb_Rivas8 mo 3 d
Best Mcu films17Marvel5008 mo 6 d
Teen Titans Go, Love it? or Hate it?22MaseTheFace8 mo 9 d
If you could play any role in the MCU or DCEU, which role would it be?1soratoumiga8 mo 13 d
What's the best between the MCU, DCEU, Arrowverse, and the Fox/Marvel universe?19DeanDinosaur68 mo 15 d
Star Wars: The Bad Batch13Pedrof8 mo 18 d
Young Justice: Outsiders 1IMABATMAN428 mo 18 d
Agents of S.M.A.S.H2Caleb_Rivas8 mo 19 d
Why Thor and Hulk are NOT in captain america civil wars , IF they were , which team would they be?11RandomName1238 mo 20 d
Nolanverse Theories7BlotskyA8 mo 20 d
Creative / original movies.5masterking28 mo 22 d
If you could rewrite a film to try and make it better what would you do?13cw63349 mo 12 h 17 m
Oscars 202110DeanDinosaur69 mo 14 h 25 m
Favorite superhero movie15Jongensoden9 mo 3 d
Which Is Better: The Dark Knight or Thor: Ragnarok?23BlotskyA9 mo 3 d
Why did Godzilla _____ Kong? (SPOILERS)4SuperSomebody9 mo 10 d
Re-living in VR12UnusOf20299 mo 11 d
Which anime is better monster or death note?3Tahsin9 mo 11 d
Who is your favorite YouTuber? 25IMABATMAN429 mo 11 d
Scariest Horror Movies22RandomName1239 mo 12 d
If you could play any character in the MCU or DCEU who would you like to play?3cw63349 mo 14 d
Who should play the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom for the MCU?22ForJustice13249 mo 14 d
What are your Overall Thoughs on Olicity9BlotskyA9 mo 15 d
Movie / TV Show Battles332Galactus9 mo 26 d
Falcon and Winter Soldier (Spoilers)2Tigerking20209 mo 26 d
The Mandalorian vs WandaVision24Pedrof10 mo 1 d
Who Should Play Alucard In Hellsings Live Action Show?3TashPuddle10 mo 1 d
Why is The Flash Season 4 so Hated16BlotskyA10 mo 3 d
DC Fandome26DeanDinosaur610 mo 6 d
Characters you didn't know were in the MCU7Savage10 mo 11 d
Top 5 MCU films and DC? Which do you like better and why?16cw633410 mo 12 d
Best Movies/TV shows of the decade11DeanDinosaur610 mo 16 d
What do you guys expect for Falcon and The Winter Soldier coming out next friday?8datboi12ty10 mo 16 d
Why are Arrow Seasons 3 & 6 So Hated9BlotskyA10 mo 17 d
*Spoiler Alert* Question about WandaVision7datboi12ty10 mo 18 d
Does anyone agree that because of Scaret Witch(MCU) using magic, ...2Enternity1010 mo 19 d
Which planet in the Star Wars film series would you like to take a vacation to?13ForJustice132410 mo 22 d
Ranking Spider-Man Movies26wolfdragon12311 mo 13 d
What is you're favorite Scene on Arrow Season 41BlotskyA11 mo 14 d
What are your Least Favorite TV Shows?5BlotskyA11 mo 21 d
The Flash Season 7 Predictions1BlotskyA11 mo 25 d
Why is Arrow Season 4 so Bad?4BlotskyA11 mo 28 d
Fixing Superhero Movie or TV Shows2BlotskyA11 mo 28 d
Which show Would You Rather Watch The Flash or Arrow?2BlotskyA11 mo 29 d
Superhero Movie or TV Shows that RUINED Heroes1BlotskyA11 mo 30 d
What is the saddest/most emotional in Star Wars?20Dark_Wing1 y 1 d
Top 10 Characters that got the biggest popularity boosts from the MCU3Savage1 y 5 d
Best TV shows13DeanDinosaur61 y 10 d
Why people hate CW Supergirl series ?6Kluba5771 y 16 d
Best superhero movies not based on Marvel or DC.12Galactus1 y 21 d
Arrowverse Villain Rankings13BlotskyA1 y 22 d
Who were you disappointed with in the MCU30Poe1 y 1 mo 4 d
Movies you are upset about5Wic231 y 1 mo 4 d
Brie Larson/Captain Marvel19Clint_Barton1 y 1 mo 4 d
Best movies based on Stephen King books5Ezio1 y 1 mo 9 d
What was the worst movie you have ever seen31BlotskyA1 y 1 mo 11 d
Best Decade for Movies6DeanDinosaur61 y 1 mo 24 d
Favorite shows and movies16HeroicSacrifice1231 y 2 mo 8 d
Smallville3Dilorenzom1 y 2 mo 28 d
Ranking MCU Movies with Endgame28cw63341 y 3 mo 10 d
Which series would you like to be brought back?4Ezio1 y 4 mo 8 d
Arrowverse Theories and Predictions2BlotskyA1 y 4 mo 12 d
The best movie from each series:5Ezio1 y 5 mo 7 d
Favorite Alien from the Ben 10 series3Tigerking20201 y 5 mo 10 d
How many movies have you seen?7Galactus1 y 5 mo 16 d
Who is the best voice actor in anatiations and animes?2Ezio1 y 6 mo 5 d
Saddest Deaths in Movies41DeanDinosaur61 y 6 mo 12 d
Top 10 your favorite animated DC movies.8Yolohan1 y 6 mo 12 d
Upcoming superhero movies that you expect the most?29MrJaeger071 y 6 mo 12 d
Star Wars Trailer releases? Hellboy an absolute nightmare?5cw63341 y 6 mo 23 d
Comics to Movies7Alien_X1 y 7 mo 14 d
Fastest Live Action Marvel and DC Characters6DeanDinosaur61 y 7 mo 15 d
Marvel Cinematic Universe vs DC Extended Universe39JJack1 y 7 mo 18 d
Movie Theories!6BlotskyA1 y 7 mo 19 d
Sam Riami is directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!5ForJustice13241 y 7 mo 19 d
Was Batman & Robin really as bad as people say?27BlotskyA1 y 7 mo 27 d
Was Black Widow Team Captain America's spy in the Civil War?1Dusk_Pikachu1 y 8 mo 10 d
Dceu is ruined14Jongensoden1 y 9 mo 20 d
Favorite Anime Scene7Ezio1 y 9 mo 21 d
Favorite Action scene29BlotskyA1 y 9 mo 29 d
Most Powerful Movie Characters28windshadow1 y 10 mo 10 d
Ranking each Dragonball Saga2cw63341 y 10 mo 10 d
Fan Films!1BlotskyA1 y 10 mo 17 d
What are your favorite DC movies?5HeroicSacrifice1231 y 10 mo 20 d
What is the worst Movie or TV adaption of a book/comic?20qawsed1 y 10 mo 23 d
What is the best movie scene ever in modern films?32DarkProdigy1 y 10 mo 24 d
Best Movies of 20194DeanDinosaur61 y 11 mo 19 h 50 m
Best animated series11Jongensoden2 y 5 d
Favorite Non-Comic Book Movies2plaidcoolflyer2 y 1 mo 8 d
What are the best Superhero Movies and Shows5Marvel5002 y 2 mo 23 d
Nightwing the Series (ismahawk) vs Ninjak vs Valiant Universe (Batinthesun) 19Dark_Wing2 y 4 mo 11 d
Favorite Tv Shows6IMABATMAN422 y 5 mo 28 d
MCU Phase 426DeanDinosaur62 y 6 mo 2 d
Avengers 4 (2019)1Galactus2 y 6 mo 29 d
Who is your favorite in the Godzilla vs Kong (2020) film?9MakeMineMarvel2 y 7 mo 4 d
Do u think will CW make Green Lantern series with John Stewart ( David Ramsey ) judging after last ep. of Arrow2Kluba5772 y 8 mo 29 d
Reviewing Avengers Endgame *no spoilers*22cw63342 y 8 mo 29 d
Whoever has watched Shazam! please I'd like to talk about it *spoilers*8cw63342 y 9 mo 17 d
Avengers: Endgame Box Office and Audience Prediction10Samuraeh2 y 9 mo 18 d
Most underrated and overrated films8Marvel5002 y 9 mo 29 d
who is the most power ful ninjago villain11ultron2 y 10 mo 3 d
Which Verse makes the best Movies/Tv shows7Marvel5002 y 10 mo 8 d
Who would win between Pennywise vs Freddy Kruger vs Jason Voorhees 6DeanDinosaur62 y 10 mo 13 d
Rank every Marvel movie from Best to Worst1DarkProdigy2 y 10 mo 13 d
What Is The Best Ninjago Intro5DarkRaptor_672 y 10 mo 16 d
Who Is The Mostrar Powerful Ninjago Villain?9DarkRaptor_672 y 10 mo 22 d
Anacondrai Warriors Or Vermillion Warriors?3DarkRaptor_672 y 10 mo 23 d
New Titans Netflix3krisodinson3 y 7 d
Rank every superhero movie ever17EmptyHand3 y 8 d
The Spiderman Trilogy or Dark Knight Trilogy?6ManofPower3 y 8 d
Where do I start watching CW (Arrowverse)0Dark_Wing3 y 1 mo 1 d
Why didn't thanos double the amount of resources in the universe 0Dark_Wing3 y 1 mo 13 d
Music0Cars233 y 2 mo 2 d
Venom - Movie Topic0ManofPower3 y 3 mo 7 d
Captain Marvel Trailer0TheNemianLion3 y 4 mo 8 d
SHAZAM! (2019)0plaidcoolflyer3 y 6 mo 5 d
Avengers Power Level Pack - Trilogy 0TheNemianLion3 y 6 mo 16 d
Mcu/Dceu theories0ManofPower3 y 6 mo 19 d
Ant-Man And The Wasp0plaidcoolflyer3 y 6 mo 21 d
Finger Snap0plaidcoolflyer3 y 6 mo 22 d
MCU & DCEU0Swarm3 y 7 mo 20 d
Favourite characters from MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)0soratoumiga3 y 7 mo 21 d
The Infinite Alliance0HolyJoe3 y 7 mo 29 d
Rank the Seasons of the Arrowverse7BlotskyA1 mo 14 d
TV Spots4CaptainCool3 mo 30 d
Which actor plays the best Spider-Man?7Savage5 mo 5 d
Venom 2 Trailer1RAHIMINDAHOODS8 mo 14 d
Is CW arrow series over?1RandomName1238 mo 15 d
Is Wanda a bad person? (¶Spoilers¶)1Caleb_Rivas8 mo 21 d
What characters are you excited for that are showing up in future MCU films and shows?12datboi12ty8 mo 21 d
Movie Reviews2SuperSomebody9 mo 11 d
How about Episode 4 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier huh? *SPOILERS*4cw63349 mo 16 d
Star Trek or Star Wars2MarvelBoy10710 mo 25 d
Who Should be the next MCU threat after Thanos? (Pick from the list below)18ForJustice13241 y 1 mo 17 d
Do you H8 watchmojo?4EmptyHand3 y 15 d
Favorite Movie Trilogy and Franchise 0SidebarTwist3 y 8 mo 19 d