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Reviewing Avengers Endgame *no spoilers*4cw633418 minutes ago
Why people are hating on Captain Marvel movie ? I think it was awesome movie.18Kluba5771 days ago
What is the saddest/most emotional in Star Wars?1Dark_Wing1 days ago
Star Wars Trailer releases? Hellboy an absolute nightmare?4cw633411 days ago
Whoever has watched Shazam! please I'd like to talk about it *spoilers*10cw633416 days ago
Avengers: Endgame Box Office and Audience Prediction11Samuraeh17 days ago
Most underrated and overrated films8Marvel50028 days ago
who is the most power ful ninjago villain15ultron33 days ago
Which Verse makes the best Movies/Tv shows7Marvel50038 days ago
Next Villain after Thanos15TheSuspect66641 days ago
Will Agents of Shield or Agent Carter ever be avaible on Netflix ?0Kluba57742 days ago
Who would win between Pennywise vs Freddy Kruger vs Jason Voorhees 6DeanDinosaur642 days ago
Rank every Marvel movie from Best to Worst25DarkProdigy43 days ago
What's the best between the MCU, DCEU, Arrowverse, and the Fox/Marvel universe?9DeanDinosaur644 days ago
Top 5 MCU films and DC? Which do you like better and why?5cw633444 days ago
Why people hate CW Supergirl series ?4Kluba57745 days ago
who loves lego ninjago10jongensoden45 days ago
What Is The Best Ninjago Intro6DarkRaptor_6746 days ago
Who else is excited for Teen Titans Season 61Dark_Wing51 days ago
Who Is The Mostrar Powerful Ninjago Villain?13DarkRaptor_6752 days ago
Nightwing the Series (ismahawk) vs Ninjak vs Valiant Universe (Batinthesun) 16Dark_Wing53 days ago
Anacondrai Warriors Or Vermillion Warriors?4DarkRaptor_6753 days ago
Best Ninjago episode2jongensoden53 days ago
Avengers 4 (2019)23Galactus67 days ago
Best Mcu films11Marvel50067 days ago
Ranking Spider-Man Movies13wolfdragon12382 days ago
Who can defeat...58jongensoden85 days ago
New Titans Netflix3krisodinson95 days ago
Rank every superhero movie ever17EmptyHand96 days ago
The Spiderman Trilogy or Dark Knight Trilogy?6ManofPower97 days ago
Do you H8 watchmojo?4EmptyHand104 days ago
Top 10 your favorite animated DC movies.5Yolohan105 days ago
Where do I start watching CW (Arrowverse)27Dark_Wing120 days ago
Favourite characters from MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)41soratoumiga123 days ago
Favorite Movie Trilogy and Franchise 19SidebarTwist123 days ago
Why didn't thanos double the amount of resources in the universe 28Dark_Wing131 days ago
Favorite Tv Shows81IMABATMAN42136 days ago
Music11Cars23143 days ago
If you could play any role in the MCU or DCEU, which role would it be?42soratoumiga151 days ago
Titans (2018)8Rizzo173 days ago
Venom - Movie Topic8ManofPower185 days ago
Which superhero or superhero team has the best music / theme song14ag940000199 days ago
Marvel 0comicslash212 days ago
Captain Marvel Trailer41TheNemianLion215 days ago
MCU & DCEU361Swarm225 days ago
Most Powerful Movie Characters11windshadow231 days ago
Aquaman (2018)0Galactus253 days ago
Captain Marvel (2019)0Galactus253 days ago
Wonder Woman 1984 (2019)0Galactus253 days ago
SHAZAM! (2019)48plaidcoolflyer254 days ago
Grant Gustin vs Ezra Miller11ManofPower269 days ago
Young Justice: Outsiders 9IMABATMAN42276 days ago
Avengers Power Level Pack - Trilogy 49TheNemianLion284 days ago
Ant-Man And The Wasp30plaidcoolflyer290 days ago
Star Wars -vs- Star Trek20Galactus290 days ago
Favorite animated TV shows?38IMABATMAN42290 days ago
Mcu/Dceu theories16ManofPower291 days ago
Finger Snap1plaidcoolflyer295 days ago
Fixing Spider-Man 30plaidcoolflyer297 days ago
Who is your favorite YouTuber? 43IMABATMAN42298 days ago
The Infinite Alliance25_Holy_Joe_298 days ago
How Infinity War Should Have Ended1plaidcoolflyer300 days ago
Spider-Man: Homecoming is a Bad SPIDER-MAN Movie6plaidcoolflyer304 days ago
Nba Warriors Or Cavs23Bbq444321 days ago
What if15ManofPower322 days ago
Superhero Movies 94remy94322 days ago
Anime51IMABATMAN42324 days ago
who knows lego ninjago1ultron326 days ago
marvel vs dc39were_wolf30327 days ago
Infinity War (2018)120Amirvel344 days ago
Infinity War Book Office Victory6TheNemianLion348 days ago
Who likes Battlefront 21CaptainAmericaTakesAll348 days ago
What do you think about the VENOM movie?4plaidcoolflyer352 days ago
Your top 5 movies33Galactus353 days ago
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)1Galactus360 days ago
Venom (2018)0Galactus360 days ago
Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)0Galactus360 days ago
Deadpool 2 (2018)0Galactus360 days ago
Top 5 Superhero Deaths7plaidcoolflyer362 days ago

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