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Help1062Galactus22 h 27 m
General Conversations - The Fourth485Galactus23 h 49 m
Which superhero or villain do you think should get their own show or movie?22datboi12ty2 m
How Old Are You275SirSpidey21 h 35 m
Rank these characters (from each universe)15InvertedQuantumSpectrum23 h 17 m
Funniest users39Jongensoden1 d
Who is your favorite user in the site772TheSuspect6661 d
What the h e c k happened57Poe1 d
Should Plot Armor be a superpower on here?3Tigerking20201 d
What is an unpopular opinion you have?810Tyrannus2 d
villianking2 is finding villains side kicks10masterking22 d
Ideas for Videos!65BlotskyA3 d
New Trailers70Ezio4 d
What god are you?31God_of_Humanity5 d
Who are you?67masterking28 d
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Why OPM is dumb8SSpiderGwen4 h 17 m
Editing and Upvotes490AkhilPDX4 h 34 m
Best fighters in Mortal Kombat6Tyrannus7 h 30 m
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC108DeanDinosaur613 h 16 m
For all the nintendo. Can we get a huge downgrade to all of them?19SSpiderGwen2 d
Most Powerful Character Versions187Mr_Incognito2 d
Characters best at...744Galactus3 d
Pink Superheroes22Caleb_Rivas3 d
Scariest Marvel or Dc characters and they are sooo scary that it is prefect for a Horror Movie.20RandomName1234 d
Characters with wasted potential25Jongensoden4 d
One character from the Marvel Universe is offering to train you; Who do you choose?36Ralkero6 d
Coolest looking character?98Mr_Incognito6 d
All Animal Based character9Hurricano6 d
Discussion of the stats of the characters.136Pedrof8 d
Who can beat The Presence51Dark_Wing9 d
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Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)796Tyrannus1 d
Anime vs Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.19DeanDinosaur62 d
Man v Universe95SuperSomebody3 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?266n6_3 d
SCP versus Creepypasta8UnusOf20294 d
SCP versus Trevor Henderson Mythos12UnusOf20294 d
how far can Zatanna (Full Potential) go against Star Wars and Dragon Ball verse?60Azzahra7 d
Who can defeat Azathoth?63Dark_Wing8 d
Who can defeat SCP-381244TashPuddle8 d
How Far Does Star Wars Get Against DC9TashPuddle9 d
Marvel, DC, and Star Wars vs Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and Anime51Taurus9 d
You have to fight every Omnipotent Character26SuperSomebody9 d
DC vs Marvel Tournament (Read Description)20BlotskyA11 d
Which characters are powerful enough to solo every Disney and Pixar film.33Tigerking202015 d
Most wanted death battle16RandomName12320 d
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Comic Reviews174DarkProdigy1 mo 21 d
Copycats and Ripoffs94Caleb_Rivas1 d
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics212ManofPower2 d
Can you check this buisness out?5MarvelBoy1076 d
What is your favorite comic book series?12Bane33313 d
Who is the Greatest Superhero??16RajinKabir20 d
Dc vs marvel50Bane33324 d
Comics that will make you cry?22ThorMathews24 d
Opinions about Future State comics.1Zarathos1 mo 12 d
Tomorrow is venom#35 release day... how many of u guys are hyped???(it's the last venom comic arc of donny cates run)2IAMlegend870691 mo 12 d
My own comic book company.31HolyJoe1 mo 14 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread23Tahsin1 mo 15 d
Do you like or hate this verse?44Mr_Incognito1 mo 26 d
Do Any of you Collect Comics?33DeanDinosaur61 mo 26 d
Should Marvel Asgardian be categorized as aliens or gods?18Ezio1 mo 28 d
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Movies / Television

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Movie -vs- Movie275cw63346 m
If you watched Power Rangers I am interested to hear some of your opinions.1cw633422 h 51 m
How was tony not struggling when holding ig when hulk even struggle to snap and even thanos kinda struggle?6RandomName1232 d
Which Actor Played The Best?160SuperSomebody3 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Lokí Season 1 Reviews45RajinKabir3 d
Movie and TV Reviews!137BlotskyA11 d
Favorite Actors/Actresses59DeanDinosaur612 d
How Strong2Hurricano12 d
What are you excited about My Marvel vs DC Fan Show33BlotskyA13 d
Black Widow movie review37DeanDinosaur614 d
The MCU is Overrated110ThorMathews15 d
Name a Better TV SHOW than18BlotskyA21 d
Its a love/hate kind of movie5Caleb_Rivas25 d
Name a better movie than...75Galactus26 d
What are your thoughts on the upcoming Acolyte TV Show7TashPuddle29 d
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Superhero Database New World Company6SirSpidey1 d
Mortal Kombat questionnaire.9Tyrannus5 d
What do you think are the top 5 best GTA games?9ARC086 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite78Marvel50020 d
The MCU Questionnaire65ForJustice132424 d
Mortal Kombat Bizarre Guest Character Wishlists10sonyablade28 d
Favorite Video Games.122SidebarTwist1 mo 8 d
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenger Pack 10 DLC/ E3 2021 Nintendo Direct2RAHIMINDAHOODS1 mo 9 d
Scariest Horror Game you have played...?21RandomName1231 mo 16 d
Battlefield 20425Galactus1 mo 17 d
Injustice 3 Concept?25MS6432621 mo 24 d
Fan Game Reccomendations4MS6432621 mo 26 d
Top 20 Best Video Games of all Time40cw63341 mo 26 d
Best Mortal Kombat Fatality17Ezio1 mo 26 d
What guest character could be in Injustice 3 Video game9DivineBeast2 mo 9 d
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Bug Report15Galactus18 h 22 m
Editing - Request to edit39Galactus1 d
Suggestion v2.026Galactus5 d
SHDB - Updates221Galactus6 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters214Galactus1 mo 19 d
Favourite Quote216SirSpidey2 h 49 m
SHDb Movie ratings21Galactus2 d
Report double account abuse253Jongensoden8 d
Realm Forger13Galactus8 d
Weaknesses Tool2sonyablade14 d
Requesting new characters and items116Galactus16 d
Rank the 6 different statistic categories from most important to least in a fight10DarkProdigy19 d
First Fictional Character/Subject that you requested on Superhero Database and was added?11RAHIMINDAHOODS20 d
If you had a chance to change your username what would it be?26Caleb_Rivas22 d
Make SHDb Great Again45ManofPower24 d
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Color vs Color32Caleb_Rivas1 m
Pizza toppings53Galactus18 m
ROAST ME!37Aries2 h 39 m
Superhero Customizer23SuperSomebody2 d
Rankings96BlotskyA2 d
Guess Facts About Users191Savage2 d
Tournament of Apocalypse62Alien_X3 d
Can you survive...26SuperSomebody3 d
Favorite Vlogger.1RandomName1233 d
Top 5 or top 10 favorite YouTubers15Dark_Wing3 d
What tier?59SuperSomebody3 d
Best Superhero theme song/music14Galactus5 d
Love Or Hate?198SuperSomebody5 d
GenieSomebody25SuperSomebody5 d
best achievements vs most embarrassing moment1masterking26 d
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