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Help291Galactus4 h 34 m
General Conversations - The Fifth487Galactus2 d
Say hello34Galactus2 mo 25 d
favourite youtuber?7ultron3 h 12 m
What is an unpopular opinion you have?1034Tyrannus2 d
What Time do you wake up?19BlotskyA4 d
Fictional air military technologies that may be useful and possible to create today.4mtrindadc5 d
Would you rather "Superhero" edition483Dark_Wing13 d
Heralds' Board170Ezio19 d
Random Lists About the Site80InvertedQuantumSpectrum21 d
I wish comics were darker and more brutal37ThorMathews21 d
Comic vs Comic88Jongensoden25 d
Best version of...126Galactus25 d
Saddest superhero scene38Jongensoden25 d
Biggest debate you had42Jongensoden27 d
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could you do a battle with this character?17Manx1 d
Respect Threads295EmptyHand1 d
Do you like or hate this character? (Read description)1551Tyrannus4 d
Top 10 Marvel Characters1LordTracer7 d
Top 10 Favourite DC Characters17InvertedQuantumSpectrum7 d
Favourite Mortal Kombat characters38Tyrannus12 d
Who is your favorite reality warper?5Danyel16 d
Favorite Jurassic Park Character (Not counting Dinosaurs)2DarthNihilus00316 d
characters tribute4Unicron16 d
Who can beat Featherine Augustus Aurora31Enternity101 mo 1 d
Lantern Rings55voidstone1 mo 5 d
Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor270soratoumiga1 mo 6 d
SCP-3812 Runs a gauntlet2Danyel1 mo 7 d
Which OC Can Beat Doctor Knight?40Sentry1 mo 8 d
How to kill...23SuperSomebody1 mo 9 d
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Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)958Tyrannus1 h 9 m
Vote for my Battle (Battle Royale edition) (read description BEFORE posting)89Tigerking20203 d
Transformers and DBZ vs Marvel and DC30ziedanish7 d
first battle8voidstone14 d
Group Battles Links i.e. Fantastic Four Vs. Founding X-Men16Shadow_Rider20 d
Battle Royal Tournament (Classic)103achilles24 d
Team Debate Tournament89AkhilPDX28 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?237n6_1 mo 6 d
Man v Universe194SuperSomebody1 mo 9 d
Masadaverse power0Dies_Irae1231 mo 11 d
What do you think were the worst/Inaccurate Death Battles61G6M1 mo 12 d
Who can beat The Doctor (Doctor Who)?28TheImaginator1 mo 20 d
Battle Royale but you try to lose54Taurus2 mo 6 d
According to the Captain Marvel and (vs) Wonder Woman movie, who will win in a battle?10Samuraeh2 mo 14 d
2vs2 Tournament95achilles2 mo 15 d
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Comic Reviews176DarkProdigy1 y 7 mo 28 d
Marvel questionnaire5Tyrannus2 d
Best Shots: The Top 15 DC/Marvel Marksmen4mtrindadc7 d
Comic Book Trivia12ForJustice132412 d
Whose the Arch-Enemy of this Superhero?312ForJustice132413 d
What is the strongest version of hulk without being possessed or helped by a cosmic entity?8wade1 mo 3 d
OC Stories / Comics / Fanart14AkhilPDX1 mo 9 d
Best comic art / cover / panels.27Galactus2 mo 6 d
Where is Sentry after his death on KING IN BLACK?4mtrindadc2 mo 15 d
DC or Marvel6wolfdragon1233 mo 5 h 31 m
Do you like or hate this verse?45Mr_Incognito3 mo 5 h 39 m
Dc vs marvel52Bane3333 mo 5 h 43 m
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics85ManofPower3 mo 5 h 48 m
Best comics21Kvothe4043 mo 17 d
On Par401remy943 mo 27 d
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Movies / Television

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Ranking the MCU Phase 4 Movies.24ForJustice13243 d
Going to the Theatre14Galactus3 d
Best Marvel Directors14Taurus4 d
Gotham Knights (TV Series)6ForJustice13247 d
Most Underrated Movie Franchise4ForJustice132413 d
The Marvel Superheroes Show (1966)0ForJustice132415 d
Which characters should join James Gunn's DCU?15Tigerking202016 d
DC Fans Want WBD Sell Snyderverse to Netflix Good or Bad9Unicron17 d
General Conversation - Movies/TV3Galactus19 d
Who should this person play in a movie/tv show?145Galactus20 d
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Review)2ForJustice13241 mo 1 d
MCU Phase 5 and 6 Movies Announced!14ForJustice13241 mo 3 d
Fan Cast II (read description BEFORE posting)3xerodeep1 mo 5 d
Top most powerful Jurassic Park Dinos9Galactus1 mo 5 d
Who Are They? (Casting Speculation) (read description BEFORE posting)3xerodeep1 mo 6 d
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General conversation about Games11Galactus24 d
God of war questionnaire4ultron16 h 41 m
should i buy batman arkham origins blackgate?6ultron2 d
god of war ragnarok or god of war 3?7ultron3 d
hardest game in the arkham franschise1ultron3 d
Favorite Video Games.56SidebarTwist10 d
Minecraft or Fortnite21Unicron14 d
gow 2018 vs rdr2 who should have won game of the year15ultron16 d
My rating of Red Dead Redemption 25ultron20 d
Most hours in one game.90Galactus24 d
Strongest Boss29Ezio24 d
Scariest Horror Game you have played...?30RandomName12324 d
Ranking all the god of war games13ultron1 mo 7 d
Hogwarts Legacy (2023)3ForJustice13241 mo 16 d
opinion on god of war ragnarok?7ultron1 mo 22 d
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Editing - Request to edit208Galactus20 h 59 m
Suggestions v2.028Galactus4 d
Bug Report37Galactus6 d
SHDB - Updates452Galactus12 d
Suggestions - Civilizations / Organizations41Galactus1 mo 16 d
Suggestions for Stats / Tier / Class37Galactus2 mo 3 d
Announcements34Galactus5 mo 20 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters60Galactus5 mo 27 d
Unnecessary Profiles126Ezio5 h 25 m
Requesting new characters and items166Galactus10 h 27 m
Realm Forger21Galactus5 d
SHDb API16Galactus20 d
Who is the best debater on a particular character? (Read description)142Dhruv1 mo 3 d
If you had a chance to change your username what would it be?27Caleb_Rivas1 mo 3 d
Tier System?39remy941 mo 10 d
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Coffee corner8Galactus5 mo 4 d
What is your favorite Music/Song65BlotskyA8 d
Social media8ThorMathews18 d
I need help with deciding on doves or butterflies3masterking21 mo 8 d
Would music be hypothetically a good way to control peoples mind3ultron1 mo 14 d
It's my birthday!13Zerothemimikyu2 mo 4 d
whats a better name for my oc? The eternal phenix or the acient phenix.6ultron2 mo 5 d
Pizza toppings60Galactus2 mo 18 d
What do you believe? A greater power? Life after death?20mtrindadc2 mo 23 d
What are you going to do on New Year's Eve?6Drunks2 mo 27 d
Which OC character can beat Omnigod?20remy942 mo 25 d
Can Doom Slayer Power Of Father Survive in SCP verse0lucifermorningstar8762 mo 27 d
Christmas 20226Jakcj3 mo 3 d
The Most Powerful Character In any reality14SirSpookyChan3 mo 18 d
Anger vs. adrenaline rush1AmalgamComics003 mo 20 d
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