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General Conversations - The Fourth63Galactus2 h 43 m
Help687Galactus7 h 53 m
Favorite Quote Of All Time61IamMoonKnight1 d
If you could have a superpower what would it be and why27Wic232 d
What are your thoughts on DanCo 92Dark_Wing3 d
How Much Your Internet Speed ?15Breaker3 d
Who was the first all powerful type character in comics?0Savage4 d
what are the first 10 characters each from marvel and dc ever made8InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 d
battle me if u think u have more superhero knowledge42boss4dawin13244 d
Logic vs Feelings - In VS battles6Jarindeed4 d
What is an unpopular opinion you have?565Tyrannus4 d
Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Sorcerers1Savage4 d
Top 5 Friends on Superherodb387ManofPower4 d
Amazing Facts about DC & Marvel5BlotskyA5 d
Who is favourite Jedi?14Pedrof6 d
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Top 10 Best Fighters in Marvel or DC226Savage3 h 49 m
Editing and Upvotes324AkhilPDX5 h 57 m
Which Character has the worse Fanboys238ManofPower6 h 16 m
Most underrated character189TheOne20016 h 18 m
Most powerful DC characters list36EmptyHand7 h 13 m
Top Ten Healing Factors59ThorMathews7 h 41 m
Top 10 fastest superheroes146Jongensoden9 h 8 m
Respect Threads81EmptyHand14 h 58 m
Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?225Oblivion1 d
Do you like or hate this hero? (Read description)1170Tyrannus1 d
Which actor do you think played Batman best?7ForJustice13241 d
Top 100 Favorite Characters of All Time52wolfdragon1238 d
Best Couples12ThorMathews9 d
Top 100 Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe45Savage10 d
Mr. Fantastic and Namor the Submariner Discussion.1Jarindeed11 d
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Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)637Tyrannus10 h 50 m
who is the strongest human in Dragon Ball Super?3robloxain2 d
Rank these verses in a FFA4Mr_Incognito7 d
Hulk rips Juggernaut in half.22vcowles7710 d
Tournament of Power in other franchises15Alien_X13 d
(SirSpidey) Earth 616 Thor vs (LordTracer) Pre/Post Crisis Hal Jordan131SirSpidey13 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?105n6_14 d
Who can defeat Eternity,Infinity,Death or Oblivion?36windshadow16 d
DC vs Marvel Tournament (Read Description)13BlotskyA19 d
Reddit vs superhero database13Tahsin24 d
The best battle you have ever made8Ezio1 mo 8 h 3 m
PIS fights in comics154Tyrannus1 mo 22 d
Tournament16MS6432622 mo 3 d
Free for all131Tyrannus2 mo 7 d
Open Challenge18ManofPower2 mo 11 d
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Comic Reviews162DarkProdigy2 mo 15 d
Should Marvel Asgardian be categorized as aliens or gods?1Ezio2 d
Gambit2Hurricano5 d
Do you like or hate this comic? (Read Discription)50Savage10 d
Most Powerful Reality Warpers in Marvel3Enternity1021 d
Marvel universe vs DC universe9Enternity1029 d
Strongest Superhero201remy941 mo 5 d
Top 10 Most Powerful Items3Mr_Incognito1 mo 7 d
The Best Means by Which to Scale Characters4SirSpidey1 mo 9 d
Best Cosmic Marvel Superhero.2Enternity101 mo 17 d
Is Black Racer the Fastest version of Flash0Enternity101 mo 19 d
Who Can Defeat Lucifer Moringstar?94BlotskyA1 mo 23 d
Top 10 Rougues Galleries23ThorMathews2 mo 4 d
Is DC getting an omniverse?3ask217712 mo 6 d
What is beyond the overvoid0ask217712 mo 9 d
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Movies / Television

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What are you excited about My Marvel vs DC Fan Show18BlotskyA3 d
Top 5 MCU films and DC? Which do you like better and why?10cw63348 d
Ranking Spider-Man Movies35wolfdragon12311 d
Which anime did you watch?10Ezio13 d
What is you're favorite Scene on Arrow Season 41BlotskyA13 d
Challenge: Watch 250 movies in 202127Galactus13 d
What are your Least Favorite TV Shows?5BlotskyA20 d
The Flash Season 7 Predictions1BlotskyA23 d
WandaVision19Savage26 d
Why is Arrow Season 4 so Bad?4BlotskyA26 d
Fixing Superhero Movie or TV Shows2BlotskyA26 d
Which show Would You Rather Watch The Flash or Arrow?2BlotskyA28 d
Superhero Movie or TV Shows that RUINED Heroes1BlotskyA28 d
What is the saddest/most emotional in Star Wars?20Dark_Wing1 mo 9 h 28 m
Ranking the Star Wars movies 52Dark_Wing1 mo 2 d
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What was the first video game you played?13Ezio26 m
Favorite Video Games.104SidebarTwist1 d
Game reviews35Jongensoden18 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.12Dark_Wing1 mo 2 d
What guest character could be in Injustice 3 Video game8DivineBeast1 mo 10 d
Best Mortal Kombat Fatality4Ezio1 mo 10 d
The MCU Questionnaire58ForJustice13242 mo 3 d
Favorite Game Soundtrack11Ezio2 mo 7 d
What is your favorite game genre?7Ezio2 mo 13 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite49Marvel5002 mo 14 d
Favourite Sport78booyah3 mo 6 d
Marvel's Avengers Obsidian Pack2Taurus5 mo 4 d
Hey everyone if you play Avengers on PS4 add me!0cw63345 mo 17 d
Batman: Gotham Knights7NightwingNOE125 mo 27 d
Who plays/likes Pokemon Go?1Dusk_Pikachu7 mo 22 d
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SHDB v4.1 - Updates153Galactus9 h 27 m
Editing - Request to edit75Galactus20 h 16 m
Suggestion v2.0219Galactus1 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters206Galactus2 d
Bug Report39Galactus5 d
Stats v2.055Galactus5 mo 23 d
SHDb top 10 lists5Galactus5 h 53 m
SHDb in 202033Galactus16 h 14 m
The most annoying thing about the website.35Galactus4 d
Is anybody annoyed by how many character variants there are?4SSpiderGwen9 d
Realm Forger11Galactus14 d
Requesting new characters and items25Galactus21 d
Who is the best debater on a particular character? (Read description)93Dhruv25 d
Who is the best debater on this website.523TheNemianLion29 d
Make SHDb Great Again44ManofPower1 mo 11 d
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This or That2118InvertedQuantumSpectrum22 h 29 m
Sort the list by most powerful23Ezio2 d
Types of disorders?30Jakcj5 d
Worst beefs you've had that have since been resolved63EmptyHand8 d
Rankings57BlotskyA10 d
Your name?24HolyJoe17 d
How Many Cups of Coffee do you have?9BlotskyA28 d
Clearing The Air12TheNemianLion1 mo 23 h 36 m
Top 10 Rappers of all time4Savage1 mo 1 d
Your worst memory on this site78Jongensoden1 mo 6 d
Hello my friends. Mixx0Mixsuche1 mo 10 d
The Most Powerful Character In any reality8SirSpookyChan1 mo 11 d
What is your favorite Music/Song54BlotskyA1 mo 17 d
Are you into rap music?2ManofPower1 mo 26 d
Questions asked about Marvel or DC or whatever (Not about site)4My_Butts2 mo 3 d
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