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General Conversations - The Third322Galactus7 h 14 m
My Own Verses!263BlotskyA5 h 9 m
Top 5 Favourite users51InvertedQuantumSpectrum8 h 7 m
Ways to make this Website Better!44BlotskyA12 h 24 m
Batman vs11jongensoden13 h 21 m
Some Great News!17BlotskyA1 d
Comic Fan-Made Rivalries1BlotskyA1 d
Game reviews17jongensoden1 d
What is your favorite Music/Song34BlotskyA1 d
ask me a question about marvel for dc i want to be tested12InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 d
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Who beats Yoda in Naruto12Priion3 h 38 m
MCU characters ranked by power79Marvel5004 h 18 m
Who beats The Chosen One in Marvel4Priion5 h 35 m
Who beats The Ones in Dragon Ball2Priion10 h 47 m
Do you like or hate this hero?472Tyrannus10 h 50 m
Who beats Goku (Ultra Instinct) in Star Wars0Priion11 h 48 m
Who beats Naruto in Star Wars0Priion11 h 52 m
Who beats "The Ones"17Priion12 h 9 m
Superheroes with the most plot armor28HeroicSacrifice12321 h 30 m
Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor83soratoumiga21 h 52 m
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Team Debate Tournament31AkhilPDX1 m
Free for all60Tyrannus12 h 22 m
Best vs Matchups10HeroicSacrifice12314 h 21 m
DanCo vs Superhero Database!29BlotskyA16 h 27 m
Spider-man vs....53HeroicSacrifice12316 h 42 m
Versus Debates20BlotskyA1 d
Users vs Users50BlotskyA1 d
Vote for my battle71Tyrannus2 d
My Battles37jongensoden3 d
Color Themed Battle Tournament69AkhilPDX7 d
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Worst comic writers27HeroicSacrifice12315 h 48 m
Best and Worst Comics9HeroicSacrifice1231 d
Comic Reviews128DarkProdigy1 d
Where do you get your comics from?16Dark_Wing1 d
Who here actually buys comicbooks rather than reading them online?13Dark_Wing2 d
Knowledge Test54jongensoden2 d
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics161ManofPower3 d
Who Can Defeat Lucifer Moringstar?32BlotskyA3 d
Where's A Good Place to Start Reading DC?87DarkProdigy5 d
Best comic writers14HeroicSacrifice1237 d
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Movies / Television

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Movie Theories!5BlotskyA5 h 1 m
Favorite Anime Scene3Ezio13 h 42 m
Marvel Cinematic Universe vs DC Extended Universe33JJack20 h 31 m
Favorite Action scene29BlotskyA3 d
Best Performances in Movies7DeanDinosaur69 d
Most Powerful Movie Characters104windshadow15 d
Ranking each Dragonball Saga2cw633416 d
Favorite animated TV shows?40IMABATMAN4217 d
Who is your favorite YouTuber? 58IMABATMAN4218 d
Was Batman & Robin really as bad as people say?22BlotskyA22 d
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Favourite Sport18booyah10 d
Does Anyone play Rocket League?3DarkProdigy15 d
Favorite Video Game Character22RedEyeJoe15 d
Marvel Future fights5Goldenguardianofgood16 d
Most powerful Original game characters11Ezio26 d
Favorite Video Games.85SidebarTwist1 mo 6 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite31Marvel5001 mo 9 d
Mortal Kombat Kustom Intros93DarkProdigy2 mo 23 h 53 m
Your thoughts on the new Avengers game.3cw63342 mo 10 d
Top 10 Favorite Video Games!26AkhilPDX2 mo 30 d
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Bug Report14Galactus12 h 37 m
Suggestion v2.066Galactus1 d
SHDB v4.x - Updates84Galactus2 d
Help441Galactus3 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters203Galactus2 mo 22 d
Most knowledgeable website users38HeroicSacrifice1232 d
Editing Timetable202DarkProdigy3 d
How much do you like this website5booyah9 d
Superhero Database vs Comicvine24booyah9 d
What You Like About Your Least Favorite Users2_Holy_Joe_18 d
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Thoughts on the coronavirus68TheOne20019 d
What other companies do you like besides Marvel and DC?2_Holy_Joe_14 d
What is your favorite Meme10ManofPower23 d
Where is everyone from31The_Golden_Rage26 d
How tall is everyone?50_Holy_Joe_26 d
Top 10 Favorite Band/Rapper/Musical Artist etc.42Soulcollecter5728 d
Types of disorders?15Jakcj29 d
Fastest car vs Fastest plane9Crimsonassassin1 mo 6 d
Superhero Schedule1RedEyeJoe1 mo 10 d
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?20AkhilPDX1 mo 17 d
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