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The 10 most powerful characters in the superhero database.66Pedrof20 h 22 m
Richest character in all of comics19Mr_Incognito1 d
Do you like or hate this character? (Read description)1283Tyrannus1 d
Who is the coolest villain of all time?20Mr_Incognito1 d
What is the coolest sounding name of a fictional character? (list 3)44dcm1 d
Which characters can eat the most?19ThorMathews1 d
Ninja Warrior Contest6Ezio2 d
Powers105Singham4 d
Upvotes593AkhilPDX6 d
Choose 10 people for a team18CaptainCool6 d
Consideration to upgrade certain characters into Tier 727Tigerking20207 d
Most powerful OCs (Original Characters)137HeroicSacrifice1238 d
Who is the most powerful user of each element?13ThorMathews8 d
Who are the most powerful characters in WOD?11Zombie9 d
How many would it take to beat291wade11 d
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Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)879Tyrannus12 h 16 m
Battle Royale/Free For All8dcm1 mo 5 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?277n6_1 mo 6 d
What do you think were the worst/Inaccurate Death Battles37G6M1 mo 9 d
Who can defeat SCP-381254TashPuddle1 mo 14 d
Who can defeat Azathoth?72Dark_Wing1 mo 14 d
How long does the person last46SuperSomebody1 mo 16 d
Man v Universe153SuperSomebody2 mo 12 h 3 m
Choose 3 to protect you and others to try and kill you(in description)20RandomName1232 mo 1 d
Hypothetical Combos7Alien_X2 mo 1 d
Broly (DB Super) and the strongest female Kryptonian give birth to a son...1Gemstrike2 mo 14 d
Thanos With the Infinity Armor Vs True Form Darkseid2LDuhon802 mo 23 d
Create a team of three characters to solo fiction46Dark_Wing2 mo 23 d
MaseTheFace vs Thunder_God!!!2021!!!112Thunder_God2 mo 28 d
Can any character defeat SCP-3812?15Ralkero3 mo 7 d
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Comic Reviews176DarkProdigy5 mo 18 d
Death of the Justice League?3IAMlegend870693 h 14 m
Opinions about Future State comics.2Zarathos5 d
Should Marvel Asgardian be categorized as aliens or gods?22Ezio6 d
What do you think is the coolest moment in all of comic history?1windshadow7 d
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics83ManofPower8 d
DC Cosmology thread7IAMlegend870691 mo 2 d
Underrated superheroes who are overpowered15Slim_Shady1 mo 5 d
What is your favorite comic book series?15Bane3331 mo 7 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread20Tahsin1 mo 17 d
Best comics18Kvothe4041 mo 24 d
Disappointed stories in comicbook4voidstone2 mo 37 m
Who is the most powerful Skyfather level character in the fantasy worlds ?5ArshiaShahlaei2 mo 4 d
What is the strongest version of hulk without being possessed or helped by a cosmic entity?6wade2 mo 14 d
What is your universe tiering1ManofPower2 mo 16 d
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Movies / Television

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Best Movies of 20219DeanDinosaur61 d
Oscar Predictions 20228DeanDinosaur61 d
Stargirl (2020-)6Galactus4 d
Who is the worst actor/actress in blockbuster movies?35Ezio5 d
What characters would you like to see in Tom Holland's fourth Spider-Man film?6ForJustice13246 d
SPOILERS Opinions on encanto?21masterking27 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Spider-Man: No Way Home Reviews49RajinKabir10 d
Which anime did you watch?20Ezio22 d
Thoughts on Hawkeye?6wade23 d
(SPOILERS!!!) The Matrix: Resurrections Reviews2RajinKabir24 d
Top 5 most comic accurate/best movie portrayals of Marvel and DC characters2Savage25 d
Top Portrayals of a character71Galactus1 mo 17 h 6 m
(SPOILERS!!!) Eternals Movie Reviews30RajinKabir1 mo 7 d
A Movie/TV Series better than...55Galactus1 mo 13 d
Box office predictions47Jongensoden1 mo 25 d
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if you wish to become a video game character,who would that be?37GivejusticetoKnull6 d
Best game console?25Galactus1 mo 2 d
Game vs Game157SuperSomebody2 mo 5 d
Do you play Games?29God_of_Humanity3 mo 1 d
Most hours in one game.72Galactus3 mo 9 d
favorite need for speed game3MoNsTeR3 mo 13 d
Favorite Video Games.49SidebarTwist3 mo 26 d
The Sad Fall of EA Sports19cw63343 mo 27 d
Strongest Boss21Ezio4 mo 4 d
Mortal Kombat questionnaire.11Tyrannus4 mo 12 d
Favourite sandbox game.2GamerBoy29965 mo 11 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite79Marvel5005 mo 11 d
Game Entrapment4Superguy2515 mo 16 d
Superhero Database New World Company7SirSpidey5 mo 23 d
What do you think are the top 5 best GTA games?9ARC085 mo 29 d
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Editing - Request to edit632Galactus9 h 28 m
SHDB - Updates252Galactus8 d
Bug Report21Galactus8 d
Suggestion v2.031Galactus8 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters56Galactus1 mo 3 d
New server.40Galactus3 d
Realm Forger16Galactus5 d
Report double account abuse83Jongensoden29 d
Requesting new characters and items133Galactus1 mo 1 d
Cleaning up the database4Galactus1 mo 6 d
SHDb top 10 lists92Galactus1 mo 11 d
This may be a goodbye...43ManofPower2 mo 6 h 44 m
How do I Become a Modder?20ForJustice13242 mo 2 d
Superhero Database vs Comicvine29booyah2 mo 14 d
Your favorite rank.63Caleb_Rivas2 mo 29 d
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This Animal vs That Animal146sonyablade22 h 28 m
Where is everyone from59The_Golden_Rage5 d
Were you homeschooled or sent to public school?16Dark_Wing22 d
Do you have any collection?10Ezio26 d
If you had Jack Sparrow compass, what would it point to?9Ezio28 d
Your name?72HolyJoe1 mo 2 d
Rank the holiday profile pics69masterking21 mo 2 d
Bets4SuperSomebody1 mo 2 d
This or That2866InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 mo 4 d
Interesting Thoughts12Thunder_God1 mo 6 d
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman16RajinKabir1 mo 10 d
The Ruler of Hell14Ezio1 mo 14 d
Who's your real world hero?15Galactus1 mo 21 d
What is your power level52SuperSomebody1 mo 23 d
Ctrl-V7Alien_X1 mo 27 d
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