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General Conversations - The Fourth646Galactus57 m
Help1125Galactus1 d
New Trailers111Ezio3 h 57 m
Top 10 best fights ever15Pedrof4 h 23 m
Which superhero or villain do you think should get their own show or movie?29datboi12ty9 h 44 s
Nen (HxH Universe) vs The Force2sonyablade11 h 38 m
What god are you?33God_of_Humanity18 h 45 m
Guess the language44InvertedQuantumSpectrum19 h 7 m
Superhero News Update66TH0R1 d
Ocs Personality.16Dellmamy452 d
How Does One Become a Herald?11ForJustice13242 d
Which universe do you consider the most wanked?22Tigerking20203 d
we the kings need your help3masterking24 d
dictatorking2 gone rogue4masterking25 d
Who has a Better Rogues Gallery?118BlotskyA5 d
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Set Deletion for all characters with Infinity Gauntlets except Thanos.4SSpiderGwen2 h 44 m
Characters best at...805Galactus11 h 16 m
Favourite Mortal Kombat characters20Tyrannus1 d
what other features do you think the omnitrix has that aren't shown6masterking21 d
Choose a team of five for perfect heist.20Ezio1 d
Which character has the best Fan-Art?8UnusOf20291 d
Do you like or hate this character? (Read description)1224Tyrannus1 d
Who has the greatest willpower in comics?164Tyrannus2 d
Top 10 fastest superheroes154Jongensoden3 d
What Characters Should Have Been Included In The Suicide Squad (2016)5SuperSomebody3 d
Most badass character in all of fiction?37Tigerking20203 d
so if you have a omnipotent oc whats their greatest feat cause im working on one8masterking24 d
Most powerful OCs (Original Characters)101HeroicSacrifice1235 d
Upvotes511AkhilPDX8 d
Favorite Batman Villains18CoconutsAreStale8 d
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Team Debate Tournament80AkhilPDX8 h 49 m
Ranking Most to Least Powerful84Savage2 d
SCP-3812 vs Azathoth - Is one more powerful or is it just a matter of interpretation?2Ralkero4 d
Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)817Tyrannus5 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?267n6_7 d
PIS fights in comics164Tyrannus7 d
Birthday Battles43Galactus15 d
5 people can protect against Galactus and the rest try to kill you, who do you pick to save you?19datboi12ty16 d
You have to fight every Omnipotent Character27SuperSomebody16 d
Choose 3 to protect you and others to try and kill you(in description)11RandomName12316 d
Gotham vs Asgard Who Wins?40BlotskyA18 d
Who should fight Korra in Death Battle?23Tigerking202019 d
L and Light vs Batman in terms of detective skills2sonyablade1 mo 12 h 21 m
Times the voting % was wrong60Tyrannus1 mo 2 d
Greatest Battles/Fights in Movies4DeanDinosaur61 mo 2 d
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Comic Reviews176DarkProdigy1 mo 24 d
Anyone know any good comics or storylines11wade13 h 58 m
Someone explain to me who multi-oblivion and multi-eternity are5wade1 d
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics218ManofPower3 d
Rank top 10 Spider-Man Villains10cw63349 d
Who is the Most Overrated Character 50DeanDinosaur614 d
Rank111Jongensoden16 d
Dc vs marvel51Bane33319 d
Lucifer Morningstar Feats16MoNsTeR21 d
Dc cosmology respect thread5Tahsin23 d
Best comic writers18HeroicSacrifice1231 mo 2 d
Comics that will make you cry?24ThorMathews1 mo 12 d
What is your favorite comic book series?13Bane3331 mo 12 d
Copycats and Ripoffs105Caleb_Rivas1 mo 17 d
Who here actually buys comicbooks rather than reading them online?12Dark_Wing1 mo 28 d
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Movies / Television

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Blind watch movie actors/actresses.30Galactus3 h 26 m
Favorite Type Of Movies?26CaptainCool8 h 54 m
Titans (2018)7Rizzo8 h 57 m
Team Iron Man or Team Cap10wade1 d
The Sorcerer Armani Theory7SuperSomebody3 d
Latest Marvel and DC News25Thunder_God4 d
What are you excited about My Marvel vs DC Fan Show36BlotskyA6 d
Movies that will make you cry27MoNsTeR9 d
Which movie did you watch the most?19Ezio10 d
Movie -vs- Movie372cw633410 d
Next Villain after Thanos21TheSuspect66612 d
What's your opinion about Rick and Morty multiverse?3Ezio14 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Shang-Chi 2021 Movie Review7TH0R16 d
Grant Gustin vs Ezra Miller16ManofPower17 d
Marvel-Sony talks collapsed over Spider-Man?8MakeMineMarvel17 d
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Most hours in one game.61Galactus1 d
Favorite Video Games.123SidebarTwist1 d
The Sad Fall of EA Sports19cw63342 d
Strongest Boss21Ezio10 d
Game vs Game153SuperSomebody12 d
Mortal Kombat questionnaire.11Tyrannus18 d
Do you play Games?27God_of_Humanity1 mo 6 d
Favourite sandbox game.2GamerBoy29961 mo 17 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite79Marvel5001 mo 17 d
Game Entrapment4Superguy2511 mo 22 d
Superhero Database New World Company7SirSpidey1 mo 28 d
What do you think are the top 5 best GTA games?9ARC082 mo 4 d
The MCU Questionnaire65ForJustice13242 mo 22 d
Mortal Kombat Bizarre Guest Character Wishlists10sonyablade2 mo 27 d
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenger Pack 10 DLC/ E3 2021 Nintendo Direct2RAHIMINDAHOODS3 mo 8 d
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Bug Report26Galactus1 d
Suggestion v2.067Galactus2 d
Editing - Request to edit197Galactus3 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters219Galactus8 d
SHDB - Updates242Galactus27 d
A Second Herald?90UnusOf20292 d
SHDb top 10 lists41Galactus3 d
Report double account abuse269Jongensoden3 d
Editing guide17Ezio8 d
Superhero Database vs Comicvine28booyah17 d
Requesting new characters and items129Galactus19 d
Battle Royale feature?4HolyJoe29 d
Favourite Quote219SirSpidey30 d
SHDb API15Galactus1 mo 2 d
Evolution of Superhero Database Logos (SHDb)20RAHIMINDAHOODS1 mo 3 d
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Crazy Facts27CaptainCool2 h 48 m
How many languages do you know?47MoNsTeR19 h 4 m
Where is everyone from46The_Golden_Rage19 h 23 m
This or That2789InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 d
What's your Phobia?129sonyablade1 d
What songs would you like to be played at your funeral?22UnusOf20292 d
The Most Devious Lick13UnusOf20293 d
Types of disorders?47Jakcj3 d
Favourite Edits?6RandomName1234 d
Song -vs- Song100Galactus8 d
Social media7ThorMathews9 d
Dream Interpretations7MaseTheFace9 d
What tier?60SuperSomebody9 d
Favourite AMV?11RandomName1239 d
Stories about yourself38Jakcj11 d
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