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General Conversations - The Sequel489Galactus1 d
I'm starting another YouTube Channel! - AkhilPDX39AkhilPDX2 d
Top 5 Friends on Superherodb242ManofPower3 d
What are your thoughts on DanCo 40Dark_Wing3 d
Ustat1Eydaxor6 d
My Battles23jongensoden12 d
Characters you hate the most70Lord_Of_Apokolips13 d
Who is the strongest superhero team25jongensoden14 d
Good morning everyone, hope you all had great summers.3cw633415 d
roblox10jongensoden17 d
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Most powerful DC characters list28EmptyHand3 d
Thanos VS Darkseid1adeptniyi3 d
Character creation timer0jaelen145 d
Oc Charaters Intros and clashes2Crimsonassassin12 d
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 171Bbq44413 d
Questions about Zer0Verse 44Zer02918 d
Most underrated character66TheOne200120 d
Most powerful avenger149TheOne200124 d
What are your thoughts on drunk and overweight Thor and Professor Hulk (Endgame)?3Dark_Wing29 d
Rapunzle vs Lady Sif1Dark_Wing1 mo 4 d
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ManofPower's Death Battle662ManofPower14 d
Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Post-Flashpoint Superman (ManofPower)225SirSpidey24 d
Power Itens in variation battles1DanielJSantos26 d
How do I see the votes on my battles?2JamieO361 mo 18 d
Smash Bros. VS X-men30Z_man_the_overpowered1 mo 29 d
Most powerful fictional characters 80 man bracket0123Galacutus1 mo 30 d
SPITE the character!37AkhilPDX2 mo 4 h 43 m
The 6 Watchers Vs Living Tribunal10Breaker2 mo 18 d
16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament6Kanine882 mo 19 d
Character who can beat Batman with 1 hour of prep-time21EmptyHand2 mo 23 d
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Who Can Defeat Lucifer Moringstar?8BlotskyA29 m
Would you rather?4EmptyHand7 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC32DeanDinosaur61 mo 1 d
Main Events Reading Order Marvel/DC9Clint_Barton1 mo 4 d
Debate Splash64ManofPower1 mo 9 d
Force5TheSuspect6661 mo 14 d
Best Friend Hero.31remy941 mo 17 d
What comics are you reading or are getting into and do you like them.7TheOne20011 mo 19 d
What is your least favorite comic and why do you hate that comic?25Dark_Wing1 mo 20 d
Creating comics my dream any tips3Phenomocomics2 mo 3 d
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Movies / Television

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Nightwing the Series (ismahawk) vs Ninjak vs Valiant Universe (Batinthesun) 19Dark_Wing5 d
Marvel-Sony talks collapsed over Spider-Man?8MakeMineMarvel22 d
Ranking Spider-Man Movies26wolfdragon12323 d
Who is your favorite YouTuber? 46IMABATMAN421 mo 5 d
Brie Larson/Captain Marvel17Clint_Barton1 mo 15 d
Favorite Tv Shows87IMABATMAN421 mo 22 d
MCU Phase 427DeanDinosaur61 mo 26 d
What's the best between the MCU, DCEU, Arrowverse, and the Fox/Marvel universe?17DeanDinosaur62 mo 8 d
Marvel Cinematic Universe vs DC Extended Universe34JJack2 mo 12 d
What is the best movie scene ever in modern films?24DarkProdigy2 mo 12 d
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Marvel Future fights2Goldenguardianofgood1 mo 12 d
I'm trying to make a game 8Z_man_the_overpowered2 mo 10 d
Alright everyone, I wanna know, favorite video game and tell me why? I'd like to discuss it with you.56cw63342 mo 17 d
Assassins creed vs Dishonored 19Dcfan1232 mo 19 d
Let's Play Csgo Or Gta V6Breaker2 mo 26 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.7Dark_Wing4 mo 6 d
Who plays league of legends?5windshadow5 mo 5 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite16Marvel5005 mo 14 d
Mortal Kombat Kustom Intros85DarkProdigy6 mo 2 d
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order2Galactus6 mo 25 d
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Help417Galactus4 d
Suggestion v2.037Galactus10 d
SHDB v4.x - Future Updates37Galactus10 d
Bug Report7Galactus18 d
Best memory you've had with someone on the site29DarkProdigy13 d
Who is the best debater on this website.352TheNemianLion22 d
Request updates14Galactus1 mo 5 d
Which Asgardian Has The Best Looking Helmet7SirSpidey1 mo 14 d
Mega Team 1 x Mega Team 20DanielJSantos1 mo 14 d
Smartest user43jongensoden1 mo 23 d
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Worst beefs you've had that have since been resolved17EmptyHand19 m
Your worst memory on this site76jongensoden1 d
DanCo vs Variant Comics Who Wins?17BlotskyA2 d
Should DanCo and Variant Comics Make a Video Together0BlotskyA3 d
Is the Earth is actually flat? CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!12Dark_Wing1 mo 13 h 48 m
Question for a character name?2Dillon941 mo 6 d
OC Movie16Dellmamy451 mo 9 d
Politics22TheOne20011 mo 20 d
What's yo fave song?18EmptyHand2 mo 3 d
What is your favorite color?31Bane3332 mo 6 d
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