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Help1001Galactus2 d
General Conversations - The Fourth428Galactus5 d
Ideas for Videos!62BlotskyA3 h 23 m
New Trailers62Ezio15 h 39 m
What the h e c k happened53Poe1 d
What is your top 3 favourite anime series10InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 d
Who is your favorite sith?19Enternity101 d
What is an unpopular opinion you have?801Tyrannus2 d
Who is your favorite user in the site721TheSuspect6662 d
Is The Force omnipotent40Dark_Wing3 d
Favorite out of...499SuperSomebody4 d
Who are you?66masterking25 d
What is more powerful wonder woman’s Godwave or Thor’s God Blast?6Chijb5 d
Who is the SL and JK of DC?12Caleb_Rivas6 d
How do you be the best debater (or at least on of the best)15Dark_Wing9 d
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Characters best at...588Galactus10 h 28 m
Editing and Upvotes441AkhilPDX1 d
Rank the batfamily members in combat and intelligence12Jongensoden2 d
Respect Threads246EmptyHand2 d
Most underrated character206TheOne20012 d
What superhero are you?17Caleb_Rivas2 d
Scariest Marvel or Dc characters and they are sooo scary that it is prefect for a Horror Movie.19RandomName1233 d
Who's your favorite OC?13Caleb_Rivas4 d
Who has the greatest willpower in comics?139Tyrannus6 d
Who is the most intimidating?14Mr_Incognito7 d
Who has the most tragic backstory?11Dhruv7 d
Who is stronger Bedlam Spirits or One-Above-all24Pedrof7 d
Coolest looking character?97Mr_Incognito7 d
Top 10 Most Powerful Characters (Movies)5Taurus7 d
Most violent heroes34Jongensoden8 d
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Which characters are powerful enough to solo every Disney and Pixar film.18Tigerking202038 m
What are your future Death Battle predictions?48Tigerking20201 d
Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)770Tyrannus2 d
Times the voting % was wrong30Tyrannus2 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?260n6_4 d
How Far Does Star Wars Get Against Marvel68TashPuddle7 d
You have to fight every Omnipotent Character24SuperSomebody10 d
Minimum Power required to beat a character13iamtheone123412 d
Most wanted death battle14RandomName12316 d
Birthday Battles40Galactus16 d
Anime vs Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.16DeanDinosaur618 d
Marvel, DC, and Star Wars vs Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and Anime44Taurus18 d
Death Battle Vs Super Power Beatdown8RandomName12320 d
5 people can protect against Galactus and the rest try to kill you, who do you pick to save you?18datboi12ty22 d
Which character can beat Black Cat?219R16523 d
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Comic Reviews174DarkProdigy18 d
Copycats and Ripoffs55Caleb_Rivas5 d
Comics that will make you cry?20ThorMathews8 d
Opinions about Future State comics.1Zarathos9 d
Tomorrow is venom#35 release day... how many of u guys are hyped???(it's the last venom comic arc of donny cates run)2IAMlegend870699 d
My own comic book company.31HolyJoe11 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread23Tahsin12 d
Do you like or hate this verse?44Mr_Incognito24 d
Do Any of you Collect Comics?33DeanDinosaur624 d
Should Marvel Asgardian be categorized as aliens or gods?18Ezio26 d
OC Stories / Comics / Fanart12AkhilPDX1 mo 3 d
Dc vs marvel14Bane3331 mo 5 d
Best Decade For Comics14Savage1 mo 10 d
Gone Evil3Caleb_Rivas1 mo 11 d
Top 5 Favorite Universes17Mr_Incognito1 mo 17 d
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Movies / Television

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Record Of Ragnarok8MoNsTeR1 d
Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter13TashPuddle2 d
Favorite Actors/Actresses53DeanDinosaur62 d
What are you excited about My Marvel vs DC Fan Show32BlotskyA3 d
The MCU is Overrated69ThorMathews4 d
Who are some characters that solo Star Wars?23Tigerking20205 d
Which Actor Played The Best?155SuperSomebody6 d
The state of Star Wars64Tyrannus6 d
Ranking the Star Wars movies 53Dark_Wing6 d
Is there such a thing as too many comic book movies?4Caleb_Rivas7 d
Star Wars -vs- Star Trek22Galactus7 d
Would Captain America have won if Bucky wasn't there?12Caleb_Rivas9 d
Favorite animated TV shows?55IMABATMAN4210 d
Invincible30MoNsTeR14 d
This TV Show vs That TV Show (Same Genre)93BlotskyA15 d
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Mortal Kombat Bizarre Guest Character Wishlists9sonyablade2 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite76Marvel5005 d
Favorite Video Games.122SidebarTwist6 d
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenger Pack 10 DLC/ E3 2021 Nintendo Direct2RAHIMINDAHOODS7 d
Scariest Horror Game you have played...?21RandomName12313 d
Battlefield 20425Galactus14 d
The MCU Questionnaire64ForJustice132418 d
Injustice 3 Concept?25MS64326222 d
Fan Game Reccomendations4MS64326224 d
Top 20 Best Video Games of all Time40cw633424 d
Best Mortal Kombat Fatality17Ezio24 d
What guest character could be in Injustice 3 Video game9DivineBeast1 mo 6 d
Game vs Game135SuperSomebody1 mo 16 d
Anyone still play Injustice?6DarkProdigy1 mo 17 d
DC Universe Online3ThomasMHxDeaf1 mo 17 d
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Editing - Request to edit20Galactus1 d
Bug Report22Galactus4 d
Suggestion v2.076Galactus5 d
SHDB - Updates207Galactus8 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters214Galactus16 d
Editing guide13Ezio18 h 35 m
Report double account abuse241Jongensoden1 d
Smartest user.18Jongensoden1 d
Favourite Quote208SirSpidey3 d
Who is the best debater on this website.542TheNemianLion9 d
The most annoying thing about the website.78Galactus9 d
Requesting new characters and items114Galactus21 d
Realm Forger12Galactus27 d
SHDb top 10 lists16Galactus1 mo 12 d
Who is the best debater on a particular character? (Read description)139Dhruv1 mo 15 d
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Guess Facts About Users187Savage1 h 7 m
This or That2538InvertedQuantumSpectrum1 d
Impossible Questions47SuperSomebody2 d
Tournament of Apocalypse42Alien_X3 d
Ask SHDb21SuperSomebody3 d
Overrated OCS52CosmicKingThor5 d
Overexagerrated5SuperSomebody5 d
Rankings74BlotskyA6 d
How tall is everyone?109HolyJoe9 d
You have to Out Pizza The Hut25SuperSomebody10 d
What is your power level36SuperSomebody16 d
With great power, comes...9Galactus18 d
Top 5 or top 10 favorite YouTubers14Dark_Wing23 d
Favourite love story3CosmicKingThor24 d
What is your Gender75SuperSomebody26 d
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