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General Conversations - The Fourth374Galactus2 h 19 m
Help861Galactus1 d
Who is your favorite user in the site672TheSuspect66617 h 53 m
When's your birthday?32plaidcoolflyer21 h 5 m
What music would different superheroes listen to?8ThorMathews21 h 17 m
No Kill Rule?127ThorMathews1 d
Best Romantic Story Arcs?8ThorMathews1 d
Ideas for Videos!45BlotskyA1 d
Favorite out of...389SuperSomebody1 d
New Trailers50Ezio1 d
The Scariest Character...?97datboi12ty3 d
I wish comics were darker and more brutal34ThorMathews4 d
Happy May the 4th everyone!19Tigerking20204 d
The Most Underrated Powers...69datboi12ty4 d
Best Superpowers...6datboi12ty4 d
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Character Crushes57RedEyeJoe9 h 35 m
Coolest looking character?82Mr_Incognito11 h 24 m
Happy national Washington day!19Caleb_Rivas13 h 5 m
Who is the best Superhero with no powers, just skill?15datboi12ty14 h 46 m
Why This CHARACTER should be This CHARACTER's Archenemy9BlotskyA19 h 15 m
Most violent heroes32Jongensoden21 h 14 m
Strongest fire users?20ThorMathews1 d
Respect Threads218EmptyHand1 d
Who is the Smartest person of Batman's Rogues Gallery10Hurricano1 d
They can not die?34Caleb_Rivas1 d
Best Couples33ThorMathews1 d
Character Alignments Swapped46SuperSomebody1 d
Who Is The Best Side Character?22datboi12ty2 d
Most overrated character232Clint_Barton2 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC107DeanDinosaur62 d
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Viltrumits (Invincible) vs Kryptonians (DC) vs Saiyins (DBZ)3SuperSomebody1 d
Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)754Tyrannus2 d
Which character can beat Black Cat?217R1654 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?196n6_4 d
Reddit vs superhero database19Tahsin5 d
Color Themed Battle Tournament92AkhilPDX9 d
Marvel, DC, and Star Wars vs Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and Anime42Taurus10 d
PIS fights in comics161Tyrannus13 d
Who can defeat Eternity,Infinity,Death or Oblivion?51windshadow14 d
Users vs Users123BlotskyA14 d
Who would win a debate, which battle?13Dusk_Pikachu15 d
What do you think were the worst/Inaccurate Death Battles31G6M15 d
Who can defeat Azathoth?58Dark_Wing15 d
Nikki Bella vs Wonder Woman Who Wins?5BlotskyA16 d
Underrated Spider-Man villains8n6_16 d
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Comic Reviews172DarkProdigy9 d
Do Any of you Collect Comics?32DeanDinosaur621 h 23 m
Top 5 Favorite Universes17Mr_Incognito4 d
The best non earth616 or prime earth character.10Caleb_Rivas5 d
Who is the Most Overrated Character 37DeanDinosaur66 d
What Comic series should I read?5NiTrOMAMBA6 d
Who does Batman truly love?17ForJustice13248 d
Do you like or hate this verse?40Mr_Incognito10 d
Who Can Defeat Lucifer Moringstar?103BlotskyA13 d
Top 10 Most Powerful Items12Mr_Incognito16 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread3Tahsin19 d
My own comic book company.24HolyJoe22 d
(SPOILERS) What did anyone think about the last King In Black comic10Enternity1024 d
Dc cosmology respect thread0Tahsin28 d
Most Powerful Reality Warpers in Marvel5Enternity1028 d
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Movies / Television

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Most Overrated Superhero TV Show23BlotskyA3 h 37 m
Teen Titans Go, Love it? or Hate it?15MaseTheFace14 h 52 m
Movie and TV Reviews!134BlotskyA15 h 41 m
What's the best between the MCU, DCEU, Arrowverse, and the Fox/Marvel universe?19DeanDinosaur618 h 30 m
Favorite animated TV shows?54IMABATMAN4218 h 32 m
Star Wars: The Bad Batch13Pedrof3 d
Young Justice: Outsiders 10IMABATMAN423 d
Agents of S.M.A.S.H2Caleb_Rivas4 d
Why Thor and Hulk are NOT in captain america civil wars , IF they were , which team would they be?11RandomName1234 d
Nolanverse Theories7BlotskyA5 d
Invincible21MoNsTeR5 d
Creative / original movies.5masterking27 d
Movies that will make you cry25MoNsTeR7 d
Challenge: Watch 250 movies in 202132Galactus8 d
The MCU is Overrated58ThorMathews9 d
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Top 20 Best Video Games of all Time35cw633414 h 31 m
Game vs Game135SuperSomebody3 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite74Marvel5004 d
Anyone still play Injustice?6DarkProdigy5 d
DC Universe Online3ThomasMHxDeaf5 d
Injustice 3 Concept?23MS6432628 d
Scariest Horror Game you have played...?19RandomName12315 d
Injustice vs Marvel's Contest Of Champions3SuperSomebody17 d
Favourite Friday Night Funkin characters?2RandomName12318 d
Favorite Video Games.120SidebarTwist19 d
Strongest Smash Character?10MS64326220 d
What was the first video game you played?16Ezio22 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.13Dark_Wing28 d
What is your favorite game genre?19Ezio28 d
If a Superhero were in Smash...5MS6432621 mo 4 d
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Suggestion v2.049Galactus10 h 9 m
Editing - Request to edit377Galactus16 h 7 m
SHDB - Updates200Galactus2 d
Bug Report25Galactus7 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters212Galactus25 d
SHDb top 10 lists16Galactus2 h 10 m
Suggestions of new abilities5MrJaeger0720 h 6 m
Who is the best debater on a particular character? (Read description)139Dhruv3 d
Requesting new characters and items93Galactus4 d
Report double account abuse232Jongensoden5 d
SHDb API14Galactus6 d
Who is the best debater on this website.539TheNemianLion7 d
Galactus Appreciation Forum27DarkProdigy7 d
The most annoying thing about the website.74Galactus13 d
Favourite Quote204SirSpidey15 d
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This or That2295InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 h 24 m
Happy Revenge of the 6th (I know I'm late)7SuperSomebody6 h 9 m
Happy National Space Day!5Caleb_Rivas9 h 15 m
Truth Or Dare65SuperSomebody4 d
What is your Gender71SuperSomebody5 d
Types of disorders?44Jakcj6 d
Rankings72BlotskyA6 d
Tell a superhero joke34Ezio6 d
Love Or Hate?185SuperSomebody6 d
How tall is everyone?96HolyJoe7 d
Scariest Thing in the Least Amount of Words.73UnusOf20297 d
Most Depressing Song of All Time66Savage7 d
Favorite Artists19SirSpidey7 d
Artist -vs- Artist148Galactus9 d
if you were TOAA24masterking210 d
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