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Weakest tier 1?3Master12_7118 h 45 m
Who's your favorite OC?52Caleb_Rivas2 d
Respect Threads 2 (Read the Description before posting)173Rajneesh26477gmailcom2 d
Better Character(Overall)67Rajneesh26477gmailcom2 d
Most powerful DC characters list46EmptyHand2 d
Do you hate TOAA?12blackmaster20032 d
New tier rule3MoNsTeR3 d
Your favourite characters 25Marvel5007 d
Top 10 tier 10 characters in terms of power30Royce9 d
The most underrated and overrated characters5209910 d
Most overrated character246Clint_Barton10 d
Your own stats19Royce11 d
Strongest Tier 1 character20Tigerking202013 d
Most powerful tier 4 or 5 characters37Royce13 d
Most powerful verses that aren't Tier 9 or 10.23Tigerking202013 d
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Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)1418Tyrannus7 h 55 m
Vote for my Battle (Battle Royale edition) (read description BEFORE posting)145Tigerking202011 d
Sun Wukong vs Fiction6Affan4 h 20 m
Anime vs Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.20DeanDinosaur64 h 24 m
What's the worst wank/downplay you've heard for a character?315Tigerking20205 h 25 s
Hypothetical Combos12Alien_X19 h 15 m
Reddit vs superhero database23Tahsin1 d
Run the Gauntlet375voidstone2 d
Who can beat Hoi Vision20Darks11 d
Who can beat The Dreamer at marvel24Darks12 d
What do you think were the worst/Inaccurate Death Battles61G6M27 d
Can any character defeat SCP-3812?15Ralkero1 mo 1 d
Group Battles Links i.e. Fantastic Four Vs. Founding X-Men7Shadow_Rider1 mo 12 d
The end of the world?5rotemeg8gmailcom1 mo 24 d
Birthday Battles80Galactus1 mo 26 d
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Comic Reviews172DarkProdigy2 y 9 mo 27 d
Best Comics of 20242DannyGurney1 d
Most overrated character from DC/Marvel9ultron10 d
What comic is this from?14ThorMathews25 d
Biggest haters in fiction16MoNsTeR1 mo 3 d
Marvel cosmology respect thread27Tahsin1 mo 23 d
OC Stories / Comics / Fanart16AkhilPDX1 mo 28 d
Most Powerful Reality Warpers in Marvel7Enternity101 mo 29 d
Strongest Superhero41remy941 mo 29 d
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics91ManofPower2 mo 2 d
What do you think is the most iconic comic book in history?4Juggenaut2 mo 2 d
Dc vs marvel32Bane3332 mo 3 d
Do Any of you Collect Comics?36DeanDinosaur62 mo 3 d
Chaddest comic book characters2Juggenaut2 mo 25 d
X-Men Discussion Board15Shadow_Rider3 mo 10 d
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Movies / Television

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General Conversation - Movies/TV43Galactus1 mo 1 d
Question about Ending of Amazon's Invincible10Royce2 d
Thoughts on Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.5cw63342 d
Coldest Lines by a character260Rajneesh26477gmailcom6 d
Movie -vs- Movie503cw63349 d
X-Men '97 Review24Rajneesh26477gmailcom10 d
Top 5 Favorite Disney and Pixar movies16Superguy25110 d
Top 5 Favorite Movies21Superguy25111 d
Netflix's Sandman11Superguy25111 d
Most Badass Anime character3Tigerking202011 d
Best Movie Theme / Music26Galactus11 d
Fan Cast120xerodeep29 d
Who are some characters that solo Star Wars?22Tigerking20201 mo 6 h 24 s
Fallout (TV 2024- )5Galactus1 mo 2 d
What is the worst Movie or TV adaption of a book/comic?30qawsed1 mo 3 d
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General Conversation - Games35Galactus10 mo 19 d
Franchise vs Franchise battles741Tigerking20204 h 52 m
Do you play Games?36God_of_Humanity1 d
Best: Fighting games12Galactus7 d
Which is best GTA game11Unicron15 d
Favorite Video Game Character29RedEyeJoe15 d
Marvel Rivals24Royce15 d
Favourite Sport85booyah16 d
Best: Horror games7Galactus17 d
Best: Strategy games6Galactus17 d
Comment a character and others will reply how powerful they are.1369Tigerking202025 d
Best: RPGs5Galactus1 mo 4 d
Best: Racing Games2Galactus1 mo 7 d
Best: Sports Games4Galactus1 mo 7 d
Best: Shooters5Galactus1 mo 10 d
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Editing - Request to edit757Galactus1 h 58 m
Requesting new characters and items186Galactus23 h 20 m
Bug Report88Galactus12 d
Announcements81Galactus1 mo 21 d
Tier System?190remy949 h 41 m
Who is the best debater on this website.368TheNemianLion1 d
SHDb Season 527Galactus10 d
Annals of Superhero Database12Juggenaut14 d
Realm Forger27Galactus16 d
Unnecessary Profiles226Ezio1 mo 18 h 32 m
SHDb App v2.08Galactus1 mo 2 d
Superhero Database vs Comicvine31booyah1 mo 2 d
SHDb top 10 lists138Galactus1 mo 5 d
Suggestions for Stats / Tier / Class40Galactus1 mo 11 d
Favourite Quote51SirSpidey1 mo 17 d
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Website Updates

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Suggestions v2.0349Galactus1 d
SHDB - Updates692Galactus2 d
SHDB - Work In Progress6Galactus9 d
v4.6 - Infinity Gauntlet update2Galactus2 mo 11 d
v4.x - GERTY update1Galactus2 mo 11 d
v4.x - Zone of Truth update1Galactus6 mo 20 d
v4.x - Lantern Ring update5Galactus7 mo 23 d
v4.x - Skynet update2Galactus7 mo 25 d
v4.x - Matt Jefferies update0Galactus7 mo 25 d
v4.x - Super-Soldier Serum update0Galactus7 mo 25 d
v4.7 - Book of Destiny update0Galactus7 mo 25 d
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Coffee corner11Galactus6 mo 26 d
Who is your Girlfriend91Unicron14 h 42 m
Top 10 Albums of all time.7Galactus2 d
This or That3160InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 d
What is your favorite animal?54Delinquent4 d
Guess the language70InvertedQuantumSpectrum4 d
What is your Gender64SuperSomebody6 d
good And bad debaters.31Nyarlathotep8 d
Last great thing you bought.1Galactus11 d
Are most users in this site from America or Other Countries?30vcowles7716 d
Best Off-Topic Tv-shows.2Galactus25 d
What are your thougths about English Fairy Tales youtube channel and its animation and storytelling?2Affan27 d
Favorite food?75wade27 d
Let's relive the best times of our lives!!9Rajneesh26477gmailcom28 d
What's your Phobia?207sonyablade1 mo 3 d
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