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Help470Galactus4 h 28 m
General Conversations - The Third649Galactus6 h 41 m
What's your favourite Death battle animation?1DivineBeast3 h 21 m
Visit my forum10MrJaeger0718 h 57 m
Do you believe aliens exist49jongensoden1 d
What misconceptions about comics and there characters annoy you the most and why?115Dark_Wing1 d
Are The-One-Above-All and The Presence really the most powerful?25Galactus1 d
Who here believes that aliens have visited Earth in the recent past?1MakeMineMarvel2 d
Who makes the most interesting battles on the site3InvertedQuantumSpectrum2 d
Favourite singer25pedrofOMAIOR2 d
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Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?181Oblivion1 h 17 m
Top Ten Physically Strongest Heroes?38ThorMathews3 h 36 m
Do you like or hate this hero? (Read description)929Tyrannus4 h 11 m
Top 10 Magic Users23Lapis_Lazuli6 h 4 m
Respect Rune King Thor8SirSpidey6 h 11 m
Most powerful A.I.16Galactus10 h 42 m
Favorite Male superhero12jongensoden15 h 42 m
Prettiest Characters29Priion16 h 15 m
Top Ten Physically Strongest Female Heroes?1ThorMathews1 d
Favorite Female Superhero9Dark_Wing1 d
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Vote for my battle (read description)190Tyrannus2 h 4 m
Zombie apocalypse defence team40Tyrannus2 h 8 m
Who can defeat Eternity,Infinity,Death or Oblivion?25windshadow3 h 19 m
Hero Hunter For Hire!26Dark_Wing6 h 3 m
Who can defeat Azathoth?55Dark_Wing8 h 55 m
Who can beat The Doctor (Doctor Who)?7TheImaginator3 d
Join DB52ManofPower4 d
What do you think were the worst/Inaccurate Death Battles25G6M4 d
Terminator Battle Royale4Mr_Incognito5 d
PIS fights in comics147Tyrannus6 d
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Why superman never gos with full potential?0Ezio7 h 14 m
Favourite comic1jongensoden16 h 2 m
Best Friend Hero.48remy941 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC68DeanDinosaur62 d
Best Comic Crossovers1DeanDinosaur611 d
Who Wins (Plz read Description)22ManofPower12 d
Best comic art / cover / panels.21Galactus17 d
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics185ManofPower20 d
If you would choose a fictional location to visit wich would it be11jongensoden25 d
In the marvel universe who would have what lantern ring5The_Golden_Rage1 mo 2 d
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Movies / Television

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Saddest Deaths in Movies34DeanDinosaur614 h 40 m
Upcoming superhero movies that you expect the most?28MrJaeger072 d
Who can defeat...93jongensoden4 d
Favorite animated TV shows?46IMABATMAN425 d
Ranking the Star Wars movies 19Dark_Wing6 d
Favorite shows and movies11HeroicSacrifice1236 d
Star Wars Trailer releases? Hellboy an absolute nightmare?5cw633410 d
Best Mcu films22Marvel50010 d
Favorite superhero movie12jongensoden11 d
Top 10 your favorite animated DC movies.11Yolohan16 d
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Favorite Video Games.88SidebarTwist4 d
Game reviews21jongensoden5 d
Favourite Sport20booyah5 d
What guest character could be in Injustice 3 Video game6DivineBeast7 d
Who plays/likes Pokemon Go?1Dusk_Pikachu10 d
Ranking the Batman: Arkham games from Best to Worst.7ForJustice132411 d
Alright everyone, I wanna know, favorite video game and tell me why? I'd like to discuss it with you.59cw633413 d
Let's Play Csgo Or Gta V7Breaker13 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite37Marvel50013 d
DC Universe Online2ThomasMHxDeaf13 d
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SHDB v4.1 - Updates63Galactus6 h 26 m
Suggestion v2.066Galactus1 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters204Galactus2 d
Stats v2.0 - Introduction39Galactus25 d
Bug Report16Galactus3 mo 6 d
Who is the best debater on this website.400TheNemianLion3 d
What have been the best moments of this website?7MrJaeger075 d
Best memory you've had with someone on the site28DarkProdigy7 d
Artists credits1Galactus8 d
Editing Timetable232DarkProdigy9 d
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I Lost my Mind!3BlotskyA2 d
Fastest car vs Fastest plane12Crimsonassassin5 d
Why I Support T-Series4TheNemianLion7 d
Types of disorders?16Jakcj9 d
How tall is everyone?59HolyJoe10 d
It's My Birthday!9BlotskyA13 d
ROAST ME!32Aries14 d
Top 5 or top 10 favorite YouTubers7Dark_Wing15 d
What other companies do you like besides Marvel and DC?4HolyJoe15 d
Do you play any sports?9Atomic_lantern15 d
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