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General Conversations - The Sequel1113Galactus1 h 59 m
Is The Force omnipotent25Dark_Wing3 h 28 m
Strongest Powers1iamtheone12346 h 13 m
What are your thoughs on GL Josh2BlotskyA7 h 55 m
Wither Skeleton vs everyone7iamtheone123412 h 15 m
Favorite Universe20RedEyeJoe1 d
What do you hate about this website.41jongensoden1 d
Top 10's58Galactus1 d
Are The-One-Above-All and The Presence really the most powerful?19Galactus2 d
I'm starting another YouTube Channel! - AkhilPDX103AkhilPDX3 d
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who is smarter than darth sidious2pedrofOMAIOR2 h 57 m
Top 50 Star Wars Characters21cw63346 h 13 m
How powerful is Luke Skywalker (Rebellion Era post RotJ)4Dark_Wing10 h 31 m
Omnipotent being of dc27jongensoden11 h 29 m
Most overrated character136Clint_Barton2 d
Who are you bias towards?36ManofPower2 d
Top 10 fastest superheroes67jongensoden5 d
Dc Top 20 Most Powerful beings5Akephalos7 d
Editing and Upvotes70AkhilPDX7 d
Top 10 smartest marvel superheroes6jongensoden10 d
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PIS fights in movies16DeanDinosaur66 h 49 m
BATMAN vs IRON MAN8Mxyzptlk1 d
Fusion Battles10BlotskyA2 d
Who can defeat Azathoth?47Dark_Wing2 d
Batman vs Spider-man. Debate me here.17HeroicSacrifice1233 d
PIS fights in comics102Tyrannus7 d
Character who can beat Batman with 1 hour of prep-time25EmptyHand7 d
Round 1: Wonder Woman vs Thor Round 2: Superman vs Thor5ExplodingDebater7 d
MarDC versus1BlotskyA18 d
Spider-man vs....32HeroicSacrifice12321 d
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Best comic art / cover / panels.17Galactus8 h 18 m
OC Stories / Comics / Fanart11AkhilPDX22 h 44 m
Verse Cosmologies11EmptyHand7 d
Where do you get your comics from?12Dark_Wing9 d
Where do I start reading comics6Dark_Wing9 d
Who here has ever met a famous comic writer?17windshadow19 d
Favorite animated comic based scene5EmptyHand25 d
Rank32jongensoden1 mo 6 d
What is your favorite comic book series?11Bane3331 mo 13 d
How do you feel about the return of Superboy-Prime?0Atomic_lantern1 mo 25 d
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Movies / Television

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Is Rey a Mary Sue?27Dark_Wing3 h 45 m
Best animated series14jongensoden1 d
Fastest Live Action Marvel and DC Characters4DeanDinosaur63 d
The state of Star Wars68Tyrannus5 d
Best Movie Trilogies7DeanDinosaur66 d
I'm Making Movies!31BlotskyA14 d
Best Movies/TV shows of the decade8DeanDinosaur618 d
Best Movies of 20193DeanDinosaur620 d
Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker1Starwarsrise25 d
Marvel Cinematic Universe vs DC Extended Universe42JJack1 mo 1 d
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Your thoughts on the new Avengers game.3cw63349 h 53 m
Does Anyone play Rocket League?2DarkProdigy20 d
Top 10 Favorite Video Games!28AkhilPDX20 d
Who plays Team Fortress 2?2itzmrbonezone1 mo 23 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite22Marvel5001 mo 24 d
Who are you gonna main in smash Ultimate8Z_man_the_overpowered2 mo 6 d
Marvel Future fights2Goldenguardianofgood5 mo 14 d
I'm trying to make a game 8Z_man_the_overpowered6 mo 11 d
Alright everyone, I wanna know, favorite video game and tell me why? I'd like to discuss it with you.56cw63346 mo 18 d
Assassins creed vs Dishonored 19Dcfan1236 mo 20 d
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Bug Report13Galactus3 h 29 m
SHDB v4.x - Future Updates71Galactus9 d
Suggestion v2.067Galactus11 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters236Galactus12 d
Help469Galactus25 d
Editing Timetable120DarkProdigy3 h 45 m
Who is the best debater on this website.418TheNemianLion7 d
Favourite Superhero Quote197SirSpidey19 d
Who are the legends of this site?48windshadow25 d
Top 5 people you want as moderator87ManofPower1 mo 5 d
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Fastest car vs Fastest plane4Crimsonassassin5 h 41 m
Thatcher and The Twilight Princess - Fan-Fiction Story0Jakcj1 d
How tall is everyone?43_Holy_Joe_3 d
Should DanCo and Variant Comics Make a Video Together7BlotskyA7 d
Why do I Lowball Dr Manhattan?4BlotskyA9 d
Website Anniversaries.11Bane33310 d
Where is everyone from32The_Golden_Rage27 d
Do you play any sports?6Atomic_lantern1 mo 3 d
I'm new & IDK how to navigate5PeachesNCream41 mo 4 d
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