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Dc Top 20 Most Powerful beings3Akephalos1 days ago


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General conversations535Galactus10 days ago
Say hello112Galactus63 days ago
how are you all begining with superheroes16jongensoden1 days ago
When's your birthday?5plaidcoolflyer1 days ago
Who is your favorite band/ artist?56SidebarTwist1 days ago
goodbye my friends4jongensoden1 days ago
are you a boy or girl20jongensoden2 days ago
do you believe in god or allah6jongensoden2 days ago
Top 10 Favorite Songs 5plaidcoolflyer2 days ago
Favorite songs4Percival3 days ago


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How would you all feel about adding OC'S to this site?34TheNemianLion6 hours ago
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 24Bbq44417 hours ago
Ever Done An Ultimate Respect Thread On A Character?3SirSpidey7 days ago
Favorite Ships10LordTracer15 days ago
How does one add characters?4TheNemianLion16 days ago
Members of the Batfamily6LordTracer18 days ago
Who is the most powerful comic book character?87SidebarTwist19 days ago
Least favorite characters8Amirvel20 days ago
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Let's play a game661Amirvel13 hours ago
Thor vs Hulk19SirSpidey1 days ago
My Challenge15Percival1 days ago
Team Battle14CaptainAmericaTakesAll1 days ago
The Challenge7SirSpidey13 days ago
MARVEL VS. DC23plaidcoolflyer26 days ago
Joker Vs. Negan0plaidcoolflyer50 days ago
Kick-Ass Vs Casey Jones0plaidcoolflyer52 days ago
Marvel hunger games3Amirvel62 days ago
Thor versus27ag94000062 days ago


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who would u combine?11jonny5ive51 days ago
Super Villain quotes11remy9449 days ago
DC or Marvel13wolfdragon12351 days ago
Cool Superhero Symbols1Eavesy51 days ago
Which Side? Civil War 14wolfdragon12358 days ago
Comic Writers 4remy9463 days ago
Avengers vs x-men1Amirvel68 days ago
Which Side? Civil War 21wolfdragon12368 days ago
Marvel Ninja Superheros4Animuislifu72 days ago
DC 0aspen_elli111176 days ago

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who loves lego ninjago7jongensoden4 days ago
Naruto6IMABATMAN426 days ago
Top 10 Favorite Fight Scenes In Movies7plaidcoolflyer9 days ago
Favorite Non-Comic Book Movies7plaidcoolflyer18 days ago
Top 5 Superhero Deaths6plaidcoolflyer25 days ago
Heroes1Amirvel30 days ago
Your top 5 movies18Galactus49 days ago
Which superhero or superhero team has the best music / theme song7ag94000049 days ago
Top 5 Supervillain deaths4plaidcoolflyer49 days ago
Should there be a Blade reboot?1plaidcoolflyer51 days ago

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