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General Conversations - The Sequel427Galactus1 d
Guess. The user5jongensoden1 d
Who is you favorite user in the site477TheSuspect6662 d
Favorite Quote Of All Time56IamMoonKnight2 d
How Old Are You133SirSpidey2 d
Top 5 Friends on Superherodb136ManofPower4 d
The symbols before our usernames2Clint_Barton8 d
Best debater(s) of this site12Clint_Barton11 d
My Battles22jongensoden20 d
How long are you on this site a day21Soulcollecter5722 d
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Do you hate TOAA?11blackmaster200314 h 23 m
Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?53Oblivion1 d
Most underrated character53TheOne20011 d
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 144Bbq4441 d
Who is the most useless Avenger?70soratoumiga2 d
Most overrated character86Clint_Barton2 d
About wich topic do you know the most about5jongensoden2 d
Do you think that captain marvel is the most powerful avenger?(And why)14blackmaster20034 d
People Who Think toaa is not omnipotent maybe they right..4Breaker4 d
Earth-TRN6330Clint_Barton4 d
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Smash Bros. VS X-men28Z_man_the_overpowered1 d
ManofPower's Death Battle658ManofPower1 d
The 6 Watchers Vs Living Tribunal10Breaker16 d
16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament6Kanine8817 d
Character who can beat Batman with 1 hour of prep-time21EmptyHand19 d
Hogwarts vs Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter8DeanDinosaur620 d
Who would win in a fight between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber13Dark_Wing22 d
The one Ring-Lord Of The Rings- vs The Iron Throne-Game Of Thrones-7Crimsonassassin25 d
Battle of a universe 11Dark_Wing26 d
Hector (Greek/Roman mythology) vs. Deiphobus (Greek Mythology)0CarKing191 mo 7 d
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Creating comics my dream any tips3Phenomocomics12 h 40 m
My own comic book company.15_Holy_Joe_4 d
Comic Reviews48DarkProdigy4 d
What are your thoughts on DC's New 52?3Dark_Wing10 d
Debate Splash62ManofPower12 d
Top 10 most powerful characters in Marvel and DC30DeanDinosaur61 mo 12 d
Varosverse Stories 241ManofPower1 mo 14 d
What are the top 3 most powerful verses?15EmptyHand3 mo 20 d
Anyone read a Chapter 46 of Dragonball Super yet? 4cw63343 mo 24 d
Debate me12jongensoden3 mo 28 d
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Movies / Television

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What's the best between the MCU, DCEU, Arrowverse, and the Fox/Marvel universe?17DeanDinosaur65 d
Brie Larson/Captain Marvel16Clint_Barton6 d
Marvel Cinematic Universe vs DC Extended Universe34JJack10 d
Ranking Spider-Man Movies15wolfdragon12310 d
What is the best movie scene ever in modern films?24DarkProdigy10 d
Avengers 4 (2019)28Galactus19 d
Who is your favorite in the Godzilla vs Kong (2020) film?10MakeMineMarvel25 d
Avengers Endgame to Have New Scenes at Theaters Next Week0MakeMineMarvel28 d
What is the worst Movie or TV adaption of a book/comic?7qawsed1 mo 5 d
Most Powerful Movie Characters153windshadow1 mo 16 d
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I'm trying to make a game 8Z_man_the_overpowered7 d
Alright everyone, I wanna know, favorite video game and tell me why? I'd like to discuss it with you.56cw633414 d
Assassins creed vs Dishonored 19Dcfan12316 d
Let's Play Csgo Or Gta V6Breaker22 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.7Dark_Wing2 mo 3 d
Who plays league of legends?5windshadow3 mo 3 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite16Marvel5003 mo 11 d
Mortal Kombat Kustom Intros85DarkProdigy3 mo 29 d
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order2Galactus4 mo 22 d
Top 5 or top 10 characters you want to see in MCOC0Dark_Wing5 mo 9 d
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Help408Galactus2 d
Suggestion v2.033Galactus8 d
SHDB v4.x - Future Updates21Galactus10 d
Bug Report6Galactus29 d
How to make a team on team list0Phenomocomics1 d
Smartest user31jongensoden2 d
Who is the most underrated user on this site?21Dark_Wing13 d
Who is the best debater on this website.346TheNemianLion14 d
Why can't I upload images anymore? Or in other words, how do you?310earthquakes17 d
Original Characters / User Characters202Galactus22 d
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What's yo fave song?18EmptyHand1 d
What is your favorite color?31Bane3334 d
I'm curious to know who some of your guys favorite sports teams, regardless of sport. I'd love to create a conversation with a little variety :)14cw633422 d
Your name?15_Holy_Joe_24 d
Your worst memory on this site73jongensoden1 mo 9 d
Breaking the fourth wall2Tothetreesbro1 mo 24 d
OC Movie14Dellmamy452 mo 13 h 56 m
Hero/Villain Freestyle Poll59Soulcollecter572 mo 10 d
Rap Battle160DarkProdigy3 mo 6 d
Favourite Artists/Bands/Rappers/Songs etc.27soratoumiga3 mo 23 d
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