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General Conversations - The Third772Galactus4 h 6 m
15th Anniversary Celebration11Galactus4 d
Help485Galactus8 d
What is an unpopular opinion you have?168Tyrannus14 m
Justice League and Avengers free for all fight14TheImaginator1 d
Top 5 favorite non-DC and Marvel characters.31IMABATMAN424 d
Dick Grayson vs Jason Todd vs Tim Drake vs Damien Wayne.5TheImaginator6 d
how long were u on the website before u actually made an account17InvertedQuantumSpectrum8 d
Goodbye47SilverStream8 d
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Editing and Upvotes198AkhilPDX7 m
Who is the Most Overpowered Character?10forever83 h 14 m
Who’s your favorite teams from Dc and Marvel4The_Golden_Rage3 h 15 m
Characters which were not properly handled by the mcu6Dhruv3 h 19 m
Amalgam Contest56BlotskyA13 h 45 m
Do you like or hate this hero? (Read description)1030Tyrannus1 d
Who is the most immortal character?11Dhruv2 d
Who can defeat The Flash (Barry Allen)137TheImaginator3 d
Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?203Oblivion3 d
Who gives the best speech: Captain America or Optimus Prime?7Mr_Incognito4 d
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Vote for my battle (read description)379Tyrannus9 h 27 m
Do you think death battle is biased?2Dhruv10 h 31 m
Create a team of three characters to solo fiction22Dark_Wing2 d
Who can beat the Incredible Hulk in a straight up brawl/arm wrestle?47Dark_Wing3 d
Character who can beat Batman with 1 hour of prep-time27EmptyHand3 d
What characters can beat light yagami in intelligence?4EmptyHand5 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?47n6_6 d
What do you think were the worst/Inaccurate Death Battles31G6M7 d
Who can defeat Sentry?100windshadow12 d
Who can defeat Eternity,Infinity,Death or Oblivion?30windshadow29 d
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Comic Reviews158DarkProdigy21 d
Best Comic Crossovers2DeanDinosaur63 h 12 m
Which do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics191ManofPower3 h 13 m
Who Can Defeat Lucifer Moringstar?43BlotskyA1 d
Most Powerful Green Lanterns4Ezio1 d
Favourite comic9Jongensoden1 mo 4 h 16 m
In the marvel universe who would have what lantern ring35The_Golden_Rage1 mo 15 d
Who does Batman truly love?10ForJustice13241 mo 18 d
Best Friend Hero.49remy942 mo 1 d
Why superman never gos with full potential?1Ezio2 mo 2 d
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Movies / Television

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Best Decade for Movies0DeanDinosaur610 h 50 m
Ranking the Star Wars movies 48Dark_Wing3 d
Movies you are upset about4Wic233 d
Which series would you like to be brought back?4Ezio3 d
Arrowverse Theories and Predictions2BlotskyA6 d
Which Is Better: The Dark Knight or Thor: Ragnarok?20BlotskyA13 d
DC Fandome16DeanDinosaur617 d
The best movie from each series:5Ezio1 mo 2 d
Favorite Alien from the Ben 10 series3Tigerking20201 mo 5 d
How many movies have you seen?7Galactus1 mo 11 d
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Marvel's Avengers Obsidian Pack2Taurus3 h 11 m
What guest character could be in Injustice 3 Video game8DivineBeast2 d
The MCU Questionnaire22ForJustice13243 d
Hey everyone if you play Avengers on PS4 add me!0cw633413 d
Batman: Gotham Knights7NightwingNOE1223 d
Game reviews24Jongensoden1 mo 8 d
Do you like or hate Fortnite39Marvel5001 mo 8 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.10Dark_Wing1 mo 8 d
Favourite Sport76booyah1 mo 19 d
Favorite Video Games.88SidebarTwist2 mo 12 d
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Suggestion v2.0121Galactus1 d
Bug Report11Galactus17 d
Stats v2.057Galactus19 d
SHDB v4.1 - Updates91Galactus21 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters205Galactus2 mo 3 d
Who is the best debater on this website.397TheNemianLion3 h 8 m
Favourite Superhero Quote209SirSpidey4 d
Stats Discussion (for everyone capable to edit characters)26blackestbrightestday21 d
Why I haven't been active...8ManofPower1 mo 3 d
Updates/Ustats 22Spectre941 mo 7 d
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What Are Your Thoughts On Death Of The Author?6Dark_Wing2 h 27 m
With great power, comes...4Galactus3 h 2 m
This or That1407InvertedQuantumSpectrum3 h 22 m
Best music decade.4Galactus2 d
Top 5 or top 10 favorite YouTubers10Dark_Wing4 d
What's Galactus favourite food4DivineBeast7 d
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman8RajinKabir13 d
Top 10 Favorite Band/Rapper/Musical Artist etc.49Soulcollecter571 mo 9 d
ROAST ME!34Aries2 mo 3 h 41 m
Thoughts on the coronavirus86TheOne20012 mo 2 d
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