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which OC Can defeat the almighty Creator?8Sentry8 m
Who is the most powerful charecter(s) in fiction?299Oblivion32 m
Do you like or hate this character? (Read description)1433Tyrannus46 m
OC feats57MaseTheFace4 h 49 m
Which OC Can Beat Doctor Knight?24Sentry7 h 45 m
Most powerful OCs (Original Characters)172HeroicSacrifice12311 h 10 m
Upvotes652AkhilPDX1 d
Which character can beat the white light of (ruckerverse) ?5Sentry1 d
Who is the strongest street level character?1620991 d
Who is your #1 Favorite Character 279Bbq4442 d
I think we need Bruce Banner18Taurus3 d
Which fictional universe would you like your OCs to be a part of?6Doomsday5 d
Favourite Husband & Wife (Marvel & DC Comics)32Shadow_Rider6 d
Who's your favorite OC?26Caleb_Rivas8 d
Who can beat Featherine Augustus Aurora5Enternity108 d
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Vote for my battle (read description BEFORE posting)693Tyrannus2 h 19 m
Group Battles Links i.e. Fantastic Four Vs. Founding X-Men11Shadow_Rider4 d
User Team-up Battles8remy9410 d
Times the voting % was wrong66Tyrannus15 d
Who can beat Hoi Vision33Darks20 d
Who can beat The Dreamer at marvel31Darks24 d
Who can beat Pre-Retcon Beyonder?124soratoumiga30 d
Transformers vs Dragons Ball Z12Unicron1 mo 17 d
Marvel VS DC3MarvelBoy1072 mo 7 d
Who is stronger than the Incredible Hulk?130Dark_Wing2 mo 24 d
Reddit vs superhero database22Tahsin2 mo 27 d
Coolest fight pictures30Mr_Incognito3 mo 8 d
If I punch myself and it hurts...13Alien_X3 mo 16 d
Popular "who wins" battle4Tyrannus3 mo 18 d
Does Joker Venom Make You Think The Joker Always Win?2Mohamed3 mo 20 d
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Comic Reviews176DarkProdigy1 y 13 d
Who Can Defeat Lucifer Moringstar?109BlotskyA26 m
Pitch your OC comic series you think Marvel or Dc should consider0MarvelBoy10722 d
On Par305remy941 mo 17 d
The Eisners2vonKonigsberg2 mo 10 d
What is the most powerful form of iron man?3Zhastrick2 mo 24 d
Avengers Villains Vs. X-Men Villains17Shadow_Rider2 mo 26 d
Are there any mutants that hate mutants? 1Amirvel2 mo 29 d
(NSFW) What is the most disturbing comic panel you've ever seen?7Mr_Incognito3 mo 17 d
Whose the Arch-Enemy of this Superhero?281ForJustice13243 mo 21 d
Best comics20Kvothe4044 mo 13 d
Best comic art / cover / panels.24Galactus5 mo 4 d
Disappointed stories in comicbook5voidstone5 mo 4 d
what storys are you reading, and what are your all time favs11TheOne20015 mo 27 d
Best Comic Crossovers4DeanDinosaur66 mo 25 d
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Movies / Television

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Netflix's Sandman10Superguy2517 d
Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter15TashPuddle14 d
Best Entrance14Ezio16 d
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Movie Review24DeanDinosaur616 d
MCU Phase 5 and 6 Movies Announced!9ForJustice132419 d
(SPOILERS!!!) Thor Love And Thunder Reviews8RajinKabir21 d
Most badass fight scenes in movies (Hand to hand combat; no superpowers)6sonyablade21 d
Best Superhero* TV Series (non DC/Marvel)25Galactus22 d
Who do you think will be the next mutant to be introduced into the MCU?0MarvelBoy10726 d
The Boys (2019-)4Galactus27 d
Resident Evil (2022 - )1Galactus28 d
Whos liking Ms.Marvel so far?10MarvelBoy1071 mo 1 d
Fan Cast76xerodeep1 mo 7 d
Rank every superhero movie ever19EmptyHand1 mo 7 d
Ranking the Star Wars movies 56Dark_Wing1 mo 13 d
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Favorite Video Games.53SidebarTwist2 d
Game vs Game240SuperSomebody3 d
Which video games have the best open world?26Galactus1 mo 12 d
Favorite Video Game Character22RedEyeJoe1 mo 28 d
What was the first video game you played?22Ezio2 mo 20 d
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga11Galactus3 mo 13 d
Superhero Database New World Company8SirSpidey5 mo 7 d
What Superhero or Superhero Teams, or Characters in general would be awesome to have a video game for ?19Hurricano5 mo 21 d
Favourite sandbox game.3GamerBoy29966 mo 18 d
Strongest Boss22Ezio6 mo 18 d
Most hours in one game.73Galactus6 mo 18 d
if you wish to become a video game character,who would that be?37GivejusticetoKnull7 mo 1 d
Best game console?25Galactus7 mo 28 d
Do you play Games?29God_of_Humanity9 mo 27 d
favorite need for speed game3MoNsTeR10 mo 8 d
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Editing - Request to edit296Galactus9 h 41 m
Suggestions v2.0238Galactus19 h 19 m
SHDB - Updates375Galactus8 d
Announcements27Galactus11 d
Bug Report56Galactus1 mo 23 d
Original Characters (OC) / User Characters57Galactus4 mo 30 d
Unnecessary Profiles35Ezio2 d
Tier System?7remy948 d
Battle Royale53Galactus14 d
SHDb Tags29Galactus23 d
Movie Request20Ezio27 d
The most annoying thing about the website.84Galactus1 mo 4 d
SHDb Movie ratings27Galactus1 mo 17 d
SHDb top 10 lists134Galactus1 mo 18 d
Three things about SHDb26Galactus1 mo 28 d
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What is your Gender67SuperSomebody1 d
Which OC character can beat Omnigod?17remy943 d
Love Or Hate?254SuperSomebody3 d
Moral Alignment14Alien_X3 d
Vacation 202213Galactus10 d
With great power, comes...15Galactus11 d
Top 10 Favorite Band/Rapper/Musical Artist etc.26Soulcollecter5714 d
Guess the language68InvertedQuantumSpectrum19 d
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?27AkhilPDX21 d
This Animal vs That Animal214sonyablade25 d
Were you homeschooled or sent to public school?17Dark_Wing1 mo 4 d
If you could see any musician...19Galactus1 mo 5 d
Live Action OC Adapations3MaseTheFace2 mo 3 d
Released My First Album!3ManofPower2 mo 15 d
Pizza toppings59Galactus2 mo 20 d
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