About Superhero Database

A bit of history.

Superhero Database (SHDb for short) will blow out 14 candles this year (2019). I started out with zero knowledge about databases and learned a lot while building new features into the website. One of them was the character comparison feature. Which was also the main reason I started the website in the first place; to create an easy way to compare superheroes and villains from all publishers.

The comparison feature eventually turned into a battle feature, where you can choose two characters and vote for the winner. Soon after that you could create your own teams to battle.

Besides the battles, the website holds a lot of other cool stuff. You can find info on over 6200 characters from over 75 different publishers. You can even create your own characters with stats and superpowers, etc. At this point over 800 original characters have already been created.

SHDb v4.0

The best part of the website is the community. They make the website come alive. So, a while back I asked the SHDb community what they were missing or what they think would be cool features to have.

I'm currently working on version four of the website. Yes, just four (main) versions in 14 years. It will have a bunch of new features, some small, some big. And a lot of those features were suggested by the community.

Join the community

Creating an account and joining the website is free and will stay that way. You can have access to all the cool features, like the battles, forums, collections, create characters etc.

Help build creating the best superhero website in the universe!

Financial support

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