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So I know it may be hard to believe but this is the actual @sonyablade. I've been a member for like 5 years or so. Huge fan of Mortal Kombat, One Punch Man, Harley Quinn, The Spiderman franchise, Iron Man, the MCU, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), DC, Steven universe, The Fallout videogames, my hero academia, but over the past few months, I just joined senior high school and I've been super busy so I have not logged into my account in A WHILE. I'd say like, 2 or 3 months.
anyway today I was like, let's just see if any of nyrequested characters have gone through after all this time. And guess what, lmao, I saw Present on the Activity meter of my account. I expected it to be hibernating instead because like I said, ITS BEEN A WHILE.
Then I think, maybe my bestie @viciousviper decided to log on after a while because as far as i know he stopped using the site, so i assumed he'd forgotten his password or STH so he used mine. I considered it a huge possibility because we shared devices a lot and i still have his password on my account so i assumed he still has my password saved on his google account.

So like, I brush it off. I go to this recent forum about suggestions to like, the stats and stuff, then I remember a forum I made a while back A stamina and a prowess/skill stat then I notice that my account has been blocked or sth so I get concerned, go over to notifications, and I see @tyrranus has tagged me in a comment, I read what it's about, and I'm like, s#@!. So I go to my email account and scan my passwords and I find that there's been a breach or STH.
I apologise for making an entire forum about this but I saw sth about spamming ads and I realise it must have been irritating for people that saw it so I wanna let y'all know I'm sorry, and it was NOT me.
So please, @galactus, help me change my password so I can restore my account or switch my sonyablade data to this account.


Tyrannus 1 y 3 mo 3 d
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Yeah there's a reason why I always make sure to ping people's name when talking about them just in case it may be useful to them. Otherwise your just trying to talk about someone behind their back without them realising it.

Have you made sure it wasn't @viciousviper who used your account? If he did you need to ask what he did in that time or who else may have had access to your account. The more information you can get the better.
Is there not a way to change a password by clicking the forget password button? That should solve the issue.

Also on a side note I find it so cool that you named your second account is @CassieCage. You like Sonya Blade that much.
Jakcj 1 y 3 mo 4 d
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Go ahead and reset the password you connected the email to @sonyablade

Always make sure you have an email address ready to change if someone compromises passwords. Next try to use a secure password instead of a weak one.