Most powerful weapons/poweritems.

Created by Galactus, 2 y 4 mo 11 d ago.

What would be the most powerful weapon/item...
- one handed
- two handed
- clothing item (boots, belts, helmet, etc.)
- suit
- vehicle
You can make a top5 for each, or just name one. Any universe/publisher.
It doesn't have to be from the list in the link.



Mr_Incognito 10 mo 2 d
Most powerful weapons/poweritems.
1 year member
One Handed: Infinity Gauntlet/White Lantern Ring
Two Handed: Spear of Destiny
Clothing Item: Helmet of Fate
Suit: Cosmic Armor/Destroyer
Vehicle: Mobius Chair
Alien_X 10 mo 2 d
Most powerful weapons/poweritems.
One handed: Omnitrix with Master Control or Ultimate Nullifier
Two handed: I don't know, um, Spear of Destiny?
Clothing item: Infinity gauntlet
Suit: Destroyer Armor
Vehicle: Arrowhead (lego star wars freemaker adventures)