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"Thank you forum" for Galactus

Created by Bane333, 4 y 5 d ago.

Show our administrator (@Galactus) of the database some love by commenting thank you.


AkhilPDX 4 y 4 d
"Thank you forum" for Galactus
82 months member
Thank you so much for creating this website @Galactus! It has been one of the brightest lights of my life for the past one and a half year that I've been active on here. It's introduced me to so many people and I think it's great that you've done something like this :)
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xerodeep 4 y 4 d
"Thank you forum" for Galactus
57 months member
This was a really good idea @Bane333. Definitely! Thank you for all your work on the website @Galactus!!! It really is appreciated!
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Bane333 4 y 4 d
"Thank you forum" for Galactus
58 months member
I thought it would be.