Quit Race Swapping Characters

Created by ThorMathews, 2 y 9 mo 15 d ago.

It's something that really bugs me because it's not being true or accurate to the character. Examples Mcu Valkyrie, and Heimdall. Iris in both the Flash and in the Snyder cut. Catwoman now multiple times. The ancient one in doctor strange. Both race and gender change. Like let's get it right. If you want to have a non white character make an original one rather than tokenizing them. It's honestly disrespectful.


BlotskyA 2 y 5 mo 22 d
Quit Race Swapping Characters
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Me Personally I Don't Care about Race Swapping or Gender Bending, I Don't, but What is a Problem is when You take a Character from the Comics, Gender bend the Character and then You basically then Make a Different Character, here is an Example as to What I Meant: Let's Say a Flash Movie is coming out and Reverse-Flash is the Main Villain, You gender bend Reverse-Flash but then you make it where She's from the 64th Century instead of the 25th Century and She's obsessed with Batman instead of The Flash, I Hope you understand What I Meant
Jongensoden 2 y 6 mo 3 d
Quit Race Swapping Characters
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Poe 2 y 8 mo 29 d
Quit Race Swapping Characters
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Honestly you have balls of steel for posting this I agree with you but a lot of people disagree