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Book Plot help

Created by Jaqqsyn, 2 y 1 d ago.

Ok so I want to write a book where 14-year-old James Davis finds a Symbio-Tech (a fusion between a symbiote and a Biomech; lives in the body, allows interface with tech, basically cyborg's powers but on command, optional, and don't always show). What path should this take?


remy94 1 y 11 mo 24 d
Book Plot help
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Focus on character development, how does this ability influence your main character good or bad? For a plot the best story usually involves a family drama. Drama over spectacle, your ability should never be overshadowing character development. You should treat it as a supporting character.
masterking2 1 y 11 mo 24 d
Book Plot help
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The corporation M.A.L.W.A.R.E(Massive,A.I,Laboratory,Worldwide,Analytic,Research,Examination.) create nanites to help humans explore a newly found dimension,but the energy mutates the people and alters the nanites creating Symtech.The government seizes all of the experiments and accidentally forget some of the Symtech organisms which escape into the city.One of these organisms named W.R.A.I.T.H(Wrathful,reliable,A.I,That's,Hateful.) and bonds with James Davis to uncover the truth.
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Jaqqsyn 1 y 11 mo 24 d
Book Plot help
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That's definitely a good idea, very interesting. So by the mutation, do you mean like the nanites and the explores fuse into sentient technology?