No Kill Rule?

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To kill or not to kill? Do you believe heroes should kill? Which no kill rules are most justified?


EnidFlatley 4 mo 16 d
No Kill Rule?
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Heroes are born to destroy evil. Just kill him when he turns bad. geometry dash lite
BlotskyA 2 y 9 mo 2 d
No Kill Rule?
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I Think a Great Show that Talks about Moral Codes is Arrow, now Spoiler Warning for Arrow Seasons 1-8 For those who have Not Watch Arrow

After Season 1, Oliver made a vow to Never Kill Again but The Later Villains took Advantage, like in Season 4, Damien Darhk injured Felicity, Nearly Killed most of Team Arrow and Killed Laurel which Pushed Oliver to the Point of Killing Him and while a Hero would never Kill a Bad Guy, It does take alot for a Hero to actually Kill A Bad Guy, I Mean Ask Green Goblin & Eobard Thawne The Reverse-Flash
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masterking2 2 y 9 mo 22 d
No Kill Rule?
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bloody murder