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Suggestions for the site796remy9420 hours ago
Website bugs178Galactus12 days ago
SHDB v4.037Galactus60 days ago
Help346Galactus80 days ago
Add characters to the Database148Galactus2 days ago
Editing Timetable70DarkProdigy9 days ago
Who is the best debater on this website.286TheNemianLion10 days ago
Original Characters / User Characters199Galactus21 days ago
Super Power Numerical Values3Yetiman25 days ago
Ninjago Settings⚙🌪7DarkRaptor_6729 days ago
Top 3 users you want as an editor 17Bane33330 days ago
Why did @galactus turn off his profile comments6Dark_Wing36 days ago
Renaming the powers.0_Holy_Joe_46 days ago
Discord server69Galactus53 days ago
SHDB discord link5Bane33353 days ago
Missing Superpowers304Galactus56 days ago
How do I share a link3Bane33358 days ago
Who are the legends of this site?47windshadow59 days ago
Who truly deserves to become herald60ManofPower62 days ago
How do you become an editor 7Dark_Wing62 days ago
Would you rather be a mod now or wait until the new site is out and become a herald9Dark_Wing62 days ago
Top 5 people you want as moderator84ManofPower63 days ago
What happened to @ArthurCurry896Dark_Wing77 days ago
Would you except a deal that makes you a mod but one user of your choosing will be forever banned from this site and couldn't come back42Dark_Wing87 days ago
Website Updates24Galactus90 days ago
Best memory you've had with someone on the site28DarkProdigy96 days ago
How do I change my profile pic?1Dark_Wing98 days ago
Website for OC Worldbuilding8ElectroSpino102 days ago
Would you rather have this website go down for two months then have a completely fixed version or keep everything the way it is now15Dark_Wing103 days ago
I Am Hiring 40ManofPower123 days ago
Take 2 - 10 reaons why I should be Herald48TheNemianLion130 days ago
Favourite Superhero Quote187SirSpidey143 days ago
Report double account abuse216jongensoden143 days ago
Moderators only189Galactus169 days ago
Who Are the Worst Debtors?14Dan_Tha_Man188 days ago
SHDb needs help33ManofPower203 days ago
What if #1: Spiderman and Batman switch places7soulcollecter34232 days ago
About Omni-powers DC/Marvel univers41Root246 days ago
Stats/Class v2.019Galactus247 days ago
Who has the most love for comics on the site?13DarkProdigy249 days ago
I'd like to start a petition110DarkProdigy250 days ago
Galactus needs our help16Heep250 days ago
Contemplating Leaving101TheNemianLion250 days ago
Website etiquette53Galactus250 days ago
Scaling on the Powergrid?9ElectroSpino251 days ago
What's the most important stats?32DarkProdigy264 days ago
New: Objects27Galactus282 days ago
Who out of everyone on this website should be a moderator42ManofPower285 days ago
User Classes9Galactus285 days ago
Artists credits8Galactus293 days ago
Why do some people have a trophy with a number on it under their profile picture?9windshadow296 days ago
What are moderators?12windshadow296 days ago
What Happened To DanCo3DarkProdigy300 days ago
Request updates13Galactus301 days ago
How do you access SHDB?14DarkProdigy301 days ago
SHDb app v2.066Galactus301 days ago
Links in comments4Galactus308 days ago
What is hyperkinesis?2_Holy_Joe_313 days ago
The difference between stamina and endurance.4_Holy_Joe_313 days ago
What is usually more accurate, Powerstats or uSTATS?6DarkProdigy313 days ago
Is Anyone Else Sick of This?10DarkProdigy313 days ago
Best Star Wars Team15SirSpidey313 days ago
Which Asgardian Has The Best Looking Helmet4SirSpidey313 days ago
Notification for character suggestions4Beastloader313 days ago
Ranking chart?2Schander313 days ago
Numbers2Seano23313 days ago
most powerful beings in fiction13FiRiCe313 days ago
Gods & Aliens 25remy94313 days ago
Character Attribute Section22aajayunlimited313 days ago
Over-monitor2Celestial313 days ago
Add Locations to the Database1sonyablade313 days ago
New: Teams3sandman313 days ago
Superman3aajayunlimited313 days ago
Top 10 most technologically advanced superheros4nfs313 days ago
Powerful Superhero?14Adamjoko313 days ago
Superheroes or villains not originally from Marvel or DC that could beat them most of the time?19aajayunlimited313 days ago
Can Wonder Woman's lasso depower any physical being that it can completely fit around?1aajayunlimited313 days ago
Images (Size)1chopchop312325 days ago
The Infinite Alliance3_Holy_Joe_330 days ago
New Submitted Characters146SirSpidey331 days ago
Lets do Galactus a favour7DarkProdigy334 days ago
I Have a Challenge For You Guys8DarkProdigy335 days ago
Sidebartwist and Darth Doom 3Darth_Doom335 days ago
I am very confused8DarkProdigy335 days ago
Underrated Superheroes & Villains32TheCrimsonKnight336 days ago
Who is your favorite user1Darth_Doom337 days ago
Mods26Percival338 days ago
The numbers. 4_Holy_Joe_348 days ago
Who wants a chatroom?19Galactus349 days ago
Test1Galactus349 days ago
How/ What I have to do to become moderator?11Martin349 days ago
Biggest Fanboy 39remy94351 days ago
What does this thing in power stats mean?2DarkProdigy352 days ago
Dump / API for the database?10flip352 days ago
Own Characters4DarkProdigy352 days ago
User power levels6DarkProdigy355 days ago

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