Most overrated thing

Created by ultron, 1 y 1 mo 20 d ago.

1: most overrated movie
2: most overrated series
3: most overrated game
4: most overrated hero
5: most overrated villian
6: most overrated comic
7: most overrated food


ForJustice1324 5 mo 14 d
Most overrated thing
60 months member
1. The Snyder Cut and the Raimi Spider-Man films.
2. The Boys
3. Fortnite
4. Damian Wayne (Terrible Character!)
5. Harley Quinn
6. I don't read a lot of comics.
7. Cheeseburgers
P3CCA12 1 y 7 d
Most overrated thing
21 months member
1:The Batman, I love the batman but people overrate it too much,
2:Owl house, Just a copy of amphibia and gravity falls
3:Roblox, Its super fun but without friends it gets boring, i seen people say roblox>minecraft which to me is just blatantly wrong.
4:DCEU Superman, I seen people say he solos MCU when he can't even get past Thor.
5:Onceler, idk if he counts as a villain but GAWD DAMN have i seen weird stuff about him.
6:i don't read that many comics
7:Burgers, Pizza and hotdogs are so much better.
Darth_Sparhawk 1 y 1 mo 1 d
Most overrated thing
16 months member
1: Joker. It's quite boring
2: The Avengers. The humour is juvenile and annoying
3: Not a gamer, can't say
4: Wolverine. I find his dilemmas and character to be obvious fanservice for young boys, not bad perse, just not very special
5: Thanos.
6: Can't say, I think most of the great comics are pretty good
7: green salad IMO is not tasty