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Time Travel, People. WHAT is the most plausible theory?

Created by sonyablade, 1 y 7 mo 2 d ago.

Let's get this down. If time travel were real, or if it is and we dunno or whatever š???how would it work?

There's the usual butterfly effect theory; what you do in your past directly affects your future (DC's cup of teaš???, as well as practically any other franchise that is too lazy to think up a complex time travelling system)

Then there's the reality-line theory; what you do in your past creates a new reality that is separate from your reality (Watch the MCU continuity of the Infinity War, though you probably haveš??¾)

Then there's a mixture of both; what you do changes your reality-line while incorporating you into the new line of reality, but still preserving an old line of reality where your actions were different, and where the you that you are does not exist (Watch this anime called Steins; Gate. It's an intricate masterpieceš???)

So, which one is the most plausible theory?

I personally believe the one in Steins; Gate. Maybe because it was explained by fictional scientists in a very realistic manner? Does that make sense?
But what do you guys think? What would time travel be like? Or if you have your own theory, I'd be glad to hear it.


SuperSomebody 1 y 6 mo 27 d
Time Travel, People. WHAT is the most plausible theory?
23 months member
The Tomorrow War
SonOfGod 1 y 7 mo 1 d
Time Travel, People. WHAT is the most plausible theory?
19 months member
It depends on laws on how time in our universe works. Cause time paradoxes are a headache and no sane man will want to deal with it. Because as you know probably we have no answers to why everything works the way it works i.e like why gravity works the way it does, nobody knows, we just know it does. We till now only have knowledge of how works and deduce/apply it into other situations. So Time Travel to future is possible but to the past, now this will raise a lot of questions. MCU's version too has a lot of inconsistencies(Go watch some vids in YouTube they'll explain better). I personally think ripple effect(Butterfly effect) is most plausible but take my opinion with a grain of salt cause I am not a physicist. But then again we'll probably get some more time travel theories in next decade, so hold your horses in deciding which won't exist.
ViciousViper 1 y 7 mo 1 d
Time Travel, People. WHAT is the most plausible theory?
66 months member
I kinda think the one explained in infinity war is the most realistic. All that crap of time paradoxes and those words with many letters is too hard to understand. It also makes more sense that chronological interference is the way alternate realities are formed. But all that stuff that the Flash does, it could raise questions. Like, does he have any control over what happens between the time he changes the timeline and the time he travelled back to change it in the present? I haven't watched Stein Gate so i can't comment on whichever version it displays though