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Created by InvertedQuantumSpectrum, 11 mo 15 d ago.

This took a while for me to do, so i would appreciate it if u gave your thoughts, thought it would be a cool thing.
What i did was look for the:
- Most Upvoted Comments
- Most Downvoted Comments
- Comment with most replies
- Forums with the most comments
- Users with the most points
- Users with ranks by points
- Top 25 Characters ranked by how many favourites they have.
- Users with the Least Points

P.S my comments will be updated as time goes on and more stuff appears


Ezio 2 mo 20 d
Random Lists About the Site
81 months member
Top 10 longest daily streak right now.
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Galactus 2 mo 20 d
Random Lists About the Site
8+ year member
Slightly different from what you've asked.
You have 546 consecutive days online. That was the longest streak.
The rest of the list shows how many of those days the other users were online. That doesn't have to be consecutive.

546 Ezio
541 RatnikNaSjeveru2005
541 Tigerking2020
540 MoNsTeR
539 RavenCraftAG
527 Aleazlllll
514 vonKonigsberg
503 voidstone
501 MaksimMiron13
493 xerodeep
yes 2 mo 20 d
Random Lists About the Site
18 months member
@Galactus 🧍‍♂️I’m online literally just about 24/7, how did I not make this list ??