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This is about you favorite user for each category
1.Who has the best ideas
2.Who is the coolest to talk to
3.Who is the best overall debater
4.Who is the funniest
5.Who is your closet friend on the site
6.Who makes the best Ocs
7.Who is the nicest
8.Who is the Toughest/Hardest to talk to
9.Who deserves Moderator
10. Who you want to be Mod
Your not able to pick yourself


achilles 1 y 3 mo 27 d
22 months member
1 - @Tyrannus, @2099 @Taurus (I don't know what do you mean in best Ideas, but this guys always provide their own ideas and thoughts during debates instead of some clichéd arguments).
2 - I usually don't have conversations on the site, so I can't answer that.
3 - I already said it in another forum.
4 - @Delinquent (It's funny how this guy curses everyone who doesn't agree with him).
5 - Nobody, probably.
6 - @yes @UnrealComics (I like their Ocs).
7 - @Mandos9452 @RatnikNaSjeveru2005 (I've never seen these guys being impolite).
8 - 2 types of people: 1)Batman fanboys 2)People who always try to be different and always choose weaker side in battles.
9 - I would say almost everyone whom I mentioned above, but add @Vers05 (he is smart and so active)
10 - @Taurus
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yes 1 y 3 mo 27 d
27 months member
Thank you 🙏
Taurus 1 y 3 mo 26 d
48 months member
I may be creative but boy you are flattering me...thank you my G...
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