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Super-Hero Top-Trumps Game Project (now making it open source)

Created by SuperStatto, 1 y 2 mo 9 d ago.

Hi All,

I have been working on creating a Top-Trumps style game for a number of years now for my kids, and after long deliberation, I have decided I want to open source it because I feel that the community on here has been a big part of assisting me in creating it, and that you would also appreciate it.

This is 2 fold.

i) Making it accessible for you so you can print and enjoy it yourselves, and
ii) I'd be stoked if we could build on it to be even more comprehensive.

Here is the spreadsheet I have been using in an attempt to make the statistics as close to the communities "reality" as possible. Please be aware I have used this website and also who have a more mathematical approach to creating the statistics and the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet converts the websites stats to figures I have used for the cards.


This is the link to the Canva project I created and have been working on for years (possibly 4yrs on and off). As I say, it's time for it to become open source, so editable, and I would ask you to not "F" things up for others please. Only improve and add to it.
There are currently 102 characters with a game card, and all you would need to do is print in colour and hey presto, you will have a fully functional top-trump game like my kids do.

Check it out in canva and let me know your thoughts. I guess the only downside is about 6 months ago I decided I wanted to add some additional stats so some of the game cards have 13 statistics and a fewer amount have 17 statistics.

Canva project

Anyway people, I hope you enjoy the combination of the art work, statistics and cards (rules included) so you can play with your mates.

Reach out to me with any questions or comments and thanks to the key contributors of this website and the stats.




IEatRatz 1 y 2 mo 5 d
Super-Hero Top-Trumps Game Project (now making it open source)
18 months member
huh, interesting
SuperStatto 1 y 2 mo 9 d
Super-Hero Top-Trumps Game Project (now making it open source)
31 months member
@ManofPower , @Galactus , @AkhilPDX , @Savage - you all expressed an interest in this before. Apologies for my delay in getting back to you.
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ManofPower 1 y 1 mo 10 d
Super-Hero Top-Trumps Game Project (now making it open source)
66 months member
I don't remember, lad. Sorry. And AkhilPDX doesn't come here anymore.