What's your Favorite anime character

Created by Michealdem17, 3 y 9 mo 27 d ago.

You can include 5 characters from any anime


masterking2 1 y 11 mo 23 d
What's your Favorite anime character
38 months member
Nostalgia wise:Takato(digimon tamers.) or Tai(digimon adventure.) really any goggle head
Concept wise:One punch man
Art style:Asta(Black clover)
Personality:Rika(digimon tamers.)
Alien_X 1 y 11 mo 23 d
What's your Favorite anime character
48 months member
If I had to choose, Vegeta or Gohan, both from Dragon Ball.
Vegeta has the best character arc in the franchise, a murdering psychopath, a broken prince trying to regain his pride, a reluctant hero and father, a warrior haunted by his past, to Goku's friend and rival. This is shown when he tries Ultra Ego in the manga, but cannot revert to the callous man he was before.
Gohan represents one who bloomed at a young age, then seemed to regress as he got older, angering many fans. He then represented a balance between work, fighting, and family which everyone else ignores, except maybe Krillin.
I don't really watch any other animes, so...yeah.
Doomsday 1 y 11 mo 24 d
What's your Favorite anime character
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here are these two:

akuto and hajun are just my favorite anime characters. only if one considers their dominance over their universes and their influence on fiction, if not the whole. I still have a lot to say about them. but today I am too lazy to interpret it now. so my next favorites are: Goku,Kakashi Hatake, Aizen bleach,Light Yagami,Levi Ackerman and Roronoa Zoro.