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If you could create your own Lantern Corps...

Created by TheImaginator, 3 y 9 mo 29 d ago.

If you could create a Lantern Corps what emotion would you use, what colour would you use and what unique abilities will this Lantern Corps have!


aajayunlimited 3 y 7 mo 17 d
If you could create your own Lantern Corps...
81 months member
What about a Green Lantern that could scan then copy the powers, the likeness, and memories/data banks of others or a robot?!

1. If the being was a world buster, then maybe the stipulation could be that he/she could only be 80% of what they can do. This would be his/her definite maximum.
2. With any lesser being, he/she could copy 100% of their effectiveness and up to 3 people(depending on power/complex level).
3. But, at maximum usage of powers/abilities, he/she would only maintain 20% of the Lantern's power level of what a Lantern does.
4. The Lantern could choose what percentage of each entity by his/her connection to the ring.
5. Without the absorption or it's use, he/she'd be 100% Green Lantern.
6. He or she'd gain telepathy/empathy over the subject scanned or could be a major distraction for a world buster mentally or empathically.
7. Anybody scanned he could look like them(if desired), but he/she could choose just to use the abilities of an individual.
8. In addition to gaining the abilities of technology, he/she could look like it, hack the object, and have a control over it that even the inventing engineer does not have.

He/she would maintain those non-ring abilities until the ring runs out/recharging happens.

Grubberg 3 y 7 mo 18 d
If you could create your own Lantern Corps...
43 months member
Name: Dancing Lantern
Emotion: Enjoy
Color: Rainbow

1. Knowledge of all the form of dances from folk to Ballroom to street dances.
2. Change of Clothes.
3. Create a ring
4. Speak any Native languages in the world they are in.
5. Healing
6. Teamwork
7. Capoeira
8. Emotion sensor

We never delay!
The sight of our dancing might.
The power of the Dancing Knights!
Alien_X 3 y 9 mo 28 d
If you could create your own Lantern Corps...
47 months member
Color: bronze

Emotion: vengeance

Special powers: Immortality (unless killed in battle), penance stare (similar to the Ghost Rider's, but pain is felt tenfold), can absorb an infinite amount of energy/power, talk to the dead


Through hellish heat and darkest war
We will exist forevermore
To avenge the fallen and end evil's light
Let evil beware: Bronze lantern's might