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Created by soulcollecter34, 4 y 6 mo 4 d ago.

I haven't gotten the details of it down yet, but I've been thinking of opening debate classes for anyone just starting out, or looking to refine your skills. There will be stuff such as lessons, simulations, strategies, little tips and tricks, different styles, the dos and don'ts, etc. There will be many stages to go through with different courses I'm ready to start now all I need is to write the lesson plans, and I wanted to know if anyone would be interested


SirSpidey 4 y 6 mo 3 d
Soul Tutor 5734
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I want to be taught how to debate.
Jongensoden 4 y 6 mo 3 d
Soul Tutor 5734
73 months member
Im interested
Bane333 4 y 6 mo 3 d
Soul Tutor 5734
56 months member
I already know how to debate,
Superman vs Thor, watch this,
Superman wins. Lol 😂