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The new memberships are up!
There are three membership levels;
1K (bronze) - $1.- / month
1M (silver) - $2.- / month
1B (gold) - $3.- / month

All levels will give you;
- Ad free browsing
- A support badge (bronze, silver or gold)
- Your name on the Thank You page
- Discount on Extras

The 1B membership will also give you a custom build page to your liking.
*Not everything might be possible on this page, but we can figure something out.

You can get a membership on the Buy me a Coffee page.

As pointed out by @SuperSomebody and stated in the BMC terms;
" need to be at least 18 years old, or old enough to form a binding contract where you live."

If you want a membership, you could donate through Paypal (if that is possible for you) and I will gift you the membership.
Paypal link can be found here


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SHDb Memberships
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Sticky If you pay through PayPal, please let me know if it's for a membership, extra or just a donation.
If your payment email address is different from your SHDb account, please add your username or SHDb email address, so I know who you are.
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SHDb Memberships
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When you're not old enough to donate
big sad :(
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SHDb Memberships
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