Conversational Essays/Rants

Created by soulcollecter34, 2 y 3 mo 20 d ago.

This is a forum, made mostly for myself, where I can write opinionated essay or go on a rant discussing a topic mainly related to fiction, can be other stuff at times, and just get my thoughts out about something, that is mainly intended not as an absolute thing, but something that could potentially open up a discussion. The only rule is that you wait until I finish what I am writing to comment on it, I'll let you know when that is, I say that because while I try to keep it within a single comment sometimes it has to be split into multiple comments because of the character limit. You guys can do so also, BUT if you do want to rant or give e an essay, you have to first tell me what it is about and I'll decide it is acceptable, or else y'all could just write a bunch of nothing, it is to be discussed on my profile page, that is all.


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