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Or if you took advantage of a glitch! 😉
1 hours ago
You're not following the rules. I am going to call you out if you're not following the rules.
The class is for powers, maybe make a separate one for overalls, like the WWE 2k games, how they take into account every aspect of a combatant, raise the strength from 500,000 tons, as planets are 6.6 Sextillion tons, and there are 50 septillion planets, and universal beings are very common in Marvel and DC, Multiverse busters are millions to billions of times stronger, then there's hyper verse, outer verse, omni verse, etc.

Create new a new Abilities section, power should be physical raw power, strength is lifting, pulling, shaking and pressing power, Abilities should be POWERS, like abilities, aka, telepathy, geokenesis, etc.

Add minor categories, like Endurance, Pain Tolerance, Will, Attitude, that all contribute to the over all, but at a MUCH less extent to the Primary categories, add a BUSTER system, which outlines what they can destroy and contribute that to the overall too.

Just shooting ideas, use as little or as much of that as you like sir.
No, but you're welcome to battle me, MOP! 😉
2 hours ago
Team Battle
Not voted yet

Juggernaut can take Bane and maybe Lex but no Clayface.
There already is a class system. Adding another classification method is going to complicate things for visitors.
I'm not against a different/better system, but it should be just one. I'm open to discuss this, though 😉
Voted: Batman

Batman's technology would carry him all the way. It would be too advanced for Captain America.
4 hours ago
I can (hopefully) answer.
Galactus actually said not to ask how to become a Moderator, so we don't have a true answer at this point of time
7 hours ago
If anyone knows what I'm talking about can this character beat the all power Lionman?

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