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a few seconds ago
Scathan vs Spectre
Voted: Scathan

Scathan > Protege > LT > Any spectre
Voted: Nekron

Nekron stomps
Voted: Parallax

Parallax Hal > Spectre Hal
18 minutes ago
Black Manta (DCEU)
He is not 5,2" and 176 he is 6,4" 240
Voted: Thanos (MCU)

Thanos Is just too smart and too strong
Voted: Thanos

You tell me.???
Voted: Thanos

Y so many votes for deadpool?
54 minutes ago
Valkyrie (MCU)
Her combat should be 100% and her durability and strength should be lower.
Voted: Spectre

spectre could drain out his soul and mind and could possibly shrink him