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Jordz808 Thor vs Hulk 3 hours ago
People saying Hulk is way stronger watch to many movies n don't read the comics, Thor at full power is just as strong if not stronger than Hulk. Hulk can be hurt, he has bled before so he's no indescribable (was badly wounded my wolverines claws)... when u add in thors ability to fly, use lighting, his hammer and fighting skills and the fact that Hulk is a mindless (no strategy) monster, then it really isn't a hard choice. Thor hands down.
sandman jongensoden 5 hours ago
you add bruce wayne as marvel character?
you didn't search him in database even you don't know he is DC character!
and other character you add:
hawkeye avengers age of ultron!
That might have been comicvine--nit wikia.
So, wikia or comicvine is right on Paul Bunyan, then he is an army of Ant-men or Gigantas--with a weapon and a big blue ox(folklore).
Paul Bunyan was listed as being near or at Superman's levels of strength according to wikia; plus, he has a giant axe and big blue ox, too.
Keep in mind that Captain Marvel absorbs heat based energies and adds the strength to her own. The fight begins with Blackfire VS Captain Marvel and goes from there. Who wins?
T_REX Team Battle 8 hours ago
Batman vs black panther*
Superman vs sentry*
Aquaman vs namor*
Wonder woman vs ms. Marvel = double ko
Cyborg* vs deathlok
Flash* vs quicksilver
Now flash and cyborg vs black panther, sentry, namor*
Tbanger18 Team Battle 15 hours ago
its like looking into a mirror...
2+ years member.
LordTracer Team Battle 19 hours ago
Spectre, Spawn... and the Silver Surfer. Team 2 curbstomps.
people Batman 22 hours ago
Does you strength level go off bench press or some other form of lifting
5+ years member.

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