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Voted: Hulk

Hulk is physically stronger and more durable and will defeat Hal Jordan.
51 minutes ago
Sinestro vs Loki
Voted: Loki

I really like how you explain why you think someone will win and then put the percentage in the bottom!
Voted: Loki

Sinestro is one of the most powerful lanterns of alltime, but loki is the "God of Mischief" and is very smart combatant, and has many tricks up his sleeve to trick Sinestro with. To start of with, Loki has the power to summon at will, a magical blade that is strong enough to shatter Asgardian swords and is hot enough to scorch Thors skin without even touching him. This is pretty standard for Regular Loki. Magical stones given to Loki by Karnilla called "Norn Stones" that he can use for a multitude of different uses, like rearranging his molecules, amping the Avengers and changing the terrain around him. Loki has an entire arsenal, and he also has the brains to use them well in fight.

Loki- 62%

Voted: Superman

Hulk is not MULTIVERSAL. Maybe multi-universal as Space Punisher Hulk.
Voted: Magneto

Let me guess, Batman needed "prep time" to make those bombs or to even figure out his weaknesses. Now you tell me (in a completely random incoubter) who wins now that Batman doesn't already know Magneto's weakness. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out!🤣
Voted: Magneto

*grabs gun*
Voted: Frieza

@Tracer How does Vader win?
Voted: Darth Vader

Galactus decides who becomes mods.
Voted: Doctor Doom

How can I be a mod?
Voted: Darth Vader

You can't, you're not a mod.

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