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Voted: Gambit

Gambit is more athletic and faster, and has more combat. He would run circles around cyclops.
Voted: Frieza

Final form Frieza could probably defeat Mewtwo. And with Golden frieza, he wipes the floor with Mewtwo.
Voted: Mewtwo

Yeah, I do really see your point. I do think Mewtwo has some chance of winning though, so I won't change my vote. Godzilla is far less intelligent, and isn't near as used to fighting enemies that are much smaller, quicker, and use much more psychic and mind based attacks. I see Godzilla winning more often than not now that I think about it, but Mewtwo wins some so I'll keep my vote so the results are more realistic overall...(TBH earlier I was thinking more movie based Godzilla)
Not voted yet

And after the hellbats reformed him, he maintained that power boost because nothing suggests he lost it, so it to can be considered a permanent buff, but that might be stretching it a bit.
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Well his attack potency is at least planet level, but his durability exceeds that, because King Ghidorah is stronger than Godzilla yet Godzilla was still able to survive and tank some of his hits, but let's say just planetary, MewTwo isn't even continental so MewTwo stands no chance regardless.
Voted: Thanos

The Mad Titan vs The Sith Lord.
3 hours ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Captain America

Captain America* VS Batman
Wolverine* VS Blue Beetle (Daniel Garrett)
Cyclops VS Starfire*
Spider-Man* VS Green Arrow
Thor* VS Green Lantern
Phoenix* VS Wonder Woman
Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thor, and Phoenix* VS Starfire
3 hours ago
Godzilla vs Carnage
Voted: Godzilla

Who ever voted for carnage is total troll or a dumb ass
1. Thor
2. Thanos
3. Juggernaut
4. Wolverine
5. Doctor strange
Voted: Doctor Doom

Doom's pretty much the winner in this fight. I mean, pretty much the only thing he needs is his mind to actually put Jason down for the count.

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