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LordTracer Team Battle 24 minutes ago
Voted: Team X-23

And Quicksilver also has the Godkiller sword, so how does Savitar have superior strength?
LordTracer Team Battle 24 minutes ago
Voted: Team X-23

How does Spectre destroy WPOTC Laura?
How does Dormammu beat Jubilee?
Black Vortex makes Kitty around, if not above, Skyfather level, so WWHulk isn't beating her.
TheNemianLion Team Battle 26 minutes ago
Voted: Team Phoenix

Individually, Phoenix, Hulk and Superman all have a chance of defeating him, together, he has NO CHANCE.
1+ years member.
Not voted yet

With Goku's power shook the world of Void, which is Infinite. I'm not saying he would win I'm just saying he definitely has the power to damage him. (I do think in the end Goku would win)
Jack Kirby is better in my opinion.
TheNemianLion Team Battle 38 minutes ago
Voted: Team Spectre

Spectre destroys white phoenix X-23
Dormammu blinks Jubilee out of existence.
Work War Hulk shit stomps Kitty Pryde, Black vortex doesn't help her.
Galactus beats Rouge even with her power ups.
Silver Surfer defeats Honey Badger as a kid with Mjorlnir isn't Thor.
And Savitar stomps Velocity 9 Quicksilver due to superior Strength.
1+ years member.
Voted: Onslaught

How's he going to do that? Thor couldn't put Onslaught down.
1+ years member.
SirThanos91 Team Battle 42 minutes ago
Voted: Team Spectre

Is this supposed to be a joke?
Amirvel Team Battle 44 minutes ago
Voted: Team Spectre

Laura vs spectre*
Jubilee vs dormammu*
Kitty* vs hulk
Rogue vs Galactus*
Gabby* vs surfer
Quicksilver^ vs savitar^
Kitty vs spectre and dormammu*
Quicksilver vs Galactus*
Gabby* vs savitar
Gabby vs spectre dormammu and Galactus*
LordTracer Team Battle 58 minutes ago
Voted: Team X-23

White Phoenix Laura^ v. Spectre^
Jubilee* v. Dormammu
Black Vortex* v. World War Hulk
Rogue v. Galactus*
Gabby v. Silver Surfer*
Quicksilver* v. Savitar
Jubilee* v. Galactus
Black Vortex, Quicksilver v. Silver Surfer*
Jubilee* v. Silver Surfer

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