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Akephalos Team Battle 2 hours ago
Voted: Team Batman II
BatDick (the one that would be leading his team) would start a fight with Cyclops (the one leading his team)
Beast Boy would have a hard fight with Beast
Superboy would struggle against Juggernaut
Raven would start a battle with Jean Grey
Wolverine would go at Cyborg.
Bobby would go at Wonder Girl.
How would it go for me:
Bobby would overwhelm Wonder Girl freezing her cold.
Superboy would defeat Juggernaut. Bobby would go at Superboy.
BatDick would defeat Scott after a lot of jumping around and throwing Batarangs. Dick would go at Jean Grey to distract her. Due to Dick´s distraction Raven wins.
Cyborg would defeat Wolverine after a hard fight. I see Logan taking an arm out of Cyborg before Victor won.
Superboy defeats Bobby.
Beast Boy defeats Beast after a long fight.
Voted: Namor
Also in a one on one battle, if it's not near water (and even if it is) namor has very fair chances of winning because of his (to my opinion) greater physical features, only problem here is the trident that is so extremely powerful
Voted: Namor
In a one on one battle Aquaman might win but I wanna see this as a fight between two Kings and their nation's, I think that while Aquaman take on the superhero role much better Namor is the better king and his army under his commandments will win.
LordTracer Team Battle 7 hours ago
Voted: Team Batman
Batman and Harley Quinn v. Aquaman*
Hal Jordan* v. Superman
Flash* v. Black Adam
Supergirl^ v. Wonder Woman^
Hal Jordan and Flash* v. Aquaman
Voted: Magneto
R.I.P. Tony
Voted: Darkseid
Without IG Darkseid stomps
jeremie jeremie 9 hours ago
Batman Or Superman
Voted: Team Batman
I made this based off Injustice 2
Voted: Batman
Did not mean to post so many times. WiFi issues
Voted: Batman
Doomsday needs to be killed to become immune. Batman doesn't kill, Doomsday will never be immune to Batman

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