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4 hours ago
Trump slamming Obama is like Obama slamming Putin or even better Putin slamming Obama, the guy who destroyed America and gave him the chance to form an alliance with China, India, Iran and Turkey while the United States and Europe have growth rates much slower than Putin and his devoted allies. Putin was a coward and didn't do sh1t during Bush's term despite Bush being dumb and not persuading Americans about how better he was than Obama bin Laden. Mitt Romney will win the 2020 elections with 70% and conquer the entire world. But for doing that he needs to send a dozen million @$$holes to kill themselves in wars so that they never vote against him after being relieved that America is still a superpower even if Romney saved it from the brink of destruction, transforming it from Medieval Venice into a ROMAN EMPIRE but still the brainwashed voters with malfunctioning chemtrail polluted brains could not appreciate his tactical genius surpassing Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Hitler COMBINED! And he will be EMPEROR and shut down Discord. Ever heard of Alex Jones? Alex Jones accused Obama of being the Antichrist and the WORST President but still did not endorse Romney over him, probably because Romney was the DEVIL to his eyes because he could exploit his Presidency so skillfully that he will CONTROL everyone. Alex Jones got Trump elected but his Youtube channel was banned so Romney will never allow another Trump phenomenon to defy his godlike leadership so he will shut down Discord and other websites and send everyone who used them into a medical institution or even better on a battlefield to kill themselves against some bunch of ALIENS to his Imperium, aliens as much as those defying that he is the GOD INCARNATE predicted by the Book of the Mormon Church!
There is a fallacy in your statement, first of all how the hell can you blame Trump for sh*t Obama did, Trump had nothing to do with that, in fact he was still doing the apprentice at that time and hadn't showed interest in running for president, Obama f*cked up everything Trump is trying to fix all of it the best he can and is doing an amazing job of it. And secondly, you sound ridiculous, Korea threatening the US doesn't mean the US is not a super power, that's stupid reasoning, Kim Jong un is an deranged, and insane person for even thinking about attacking the US, they would be crushed in a day or two, The United states is still a super power, you make no sense and have no evidence to prove it either. What do you means the US allowed Britain and Greece to reside from the UK? The US has nothing to do with that, the US doesn't care nor should they, and even if they did, there's nothing the US could do to stop it because they voted out it through democratic decision, and I don't see how the hell either of those countries have anything to do with Trump or Obama. Steve Mnuchin has nothing to do with Romney, which is the point I was trying to make there, of course Trump and the Republican party would be against George Soros, he is for all intensive purposes a Democrat, and happens to be a multibillionaire, two things Trump was running against, and none of this has to do with Romney which was the original topic in case you forgot (it was also supposed to be about Discord but that ship has long since sailed). Trump has slammed Obama constantly so saying that the two of them are together is ridiculous and a delusional narrative, and you have absolutely no evidence for it.
Pizza Time is all I need to say
Voted: Team Azathoth

TOAA^ V Azathoth^ (no Idea, I want to say Azathoth, because the very concept of a Multiverse, and literally everything is the equivalent of a unconscious thought, but I guess since TOAA is omnipotent, and actually in control, than he would win...Probably stalemate)

Beyonder V Yog Sothoth* (Could very well be a stalemate, but since The Beyonder has submitted to becoming unstable, I think Yog-Sothoth has a slight advantage)

Living Tribunal V Nyarlathotep* (Again, could see stalemate, but since TLT to be able to be killed and I believe Nyarlethotep is the 2nd or third most powerful Elder God (Yog-Sothoth might be above I can't rememeber), I say he might take the edge)

Galactus* V Cthulhu (Cthulhu strongest feat has shown to be Star level, so I think even a starving Galactus wins here)

TBH some of this might be slightly biased, but tbh I don't think theres a real answer here either way...
Because The Omega Reality is apart of another Omniverse
Not voted yet

He attempted to fix/stop the imbalance but couldn't
Voted: Team One-Above-All

What do you mean he " tried" to stop it? What says that he did?
Not voted yet

Therefore not fully omnipotent.
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Ok? What does that have to do with anything? He still couldn't stop it when he tried.
Not voted yet

Sorry, TOAA tried to stop it

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