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Iron Man
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Captain Marvel
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Scarlet Witch
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Rune King Thor Eternity one-shots RKT
1 year member
Thor Wonder Woman is a little faster, but Thor would still win.
Thor Thor is stronger, faster, and posseses more durability and stamina
Thor Thor has greater feats of strength, durability and stamina, and he posseses more powers
2 year member
Team Hulk Giving Thor Mjølnir as an addition is just giving Thor two Mjølnirs, btw. Anyways, anybody on the Avengers team except Iron Man or Ant-Man solo.
Thor Thor has greater feats!!!
not voted This classic Juggernaut is the strongest
1 year member
Juggernaut (Classic) Classic Juggernaut wins easy.
Team Hulk Ironman solos
1 year member
Team Hulk Thor and Hulk both could take out Thing alone. And you don't have to make a battle variation for Thor with Mjolnir. Comic Thor always has Mjolnir in battles.
Team Hulk The Avengers' Numbers Advantage Is Definitely One Factor. Plus Thor With Mjolnir And Hulk's Strength Combined Will Definitely Stop The Thing. Iron Man's Wit Would Lead To Human Torch's Defeat. Assuming Ant-Man And The Wasp Can Hold Off Mister Fantastic And Invisible Woman Until The Other Avengers Are Done The Fantastic Four Will Be Overpowered Quickly. I Do Believe There Are Alternate Outcomes In Which The Fantastic Four Wins But Thats A Different Story For A Different Time.
2 year member
Team Black Racer Think about this as if it were a movie playing before you, don't just look at the power difference.
2 year member
Team Doctor Strange Doctor Strange uses banish on Thor and Spider Man, then Silver surfer and Namor go against Sentry while Hulk and Strange take Scarlet Witch
2 year member
Rune King Thor Who's so misguided that they think Hulk stands a chance against rune king Thor? Cosmic cube Thanos could beat the world breaker
3 year member
Thor Mighty Thor dont want to seriously injure a mortal, yes the Incredible Hulk is not just a mortal human he is the strongest there is !
Still there is a human inside this behemoth, a scientist called Bruce Banner.
The Incredible Hulk and Thor are also friends once joining the Avengers. To seriously injure or kill someone you know is not something an honorable warrior god does.
If Thor dont care if his adversary dies much more powerful attacks would be used as the Godblast, Antiforce blast, powerful bolts of lightning, magical energy charged blows from Mjolnir in close combat. Use the versatilty and absorb the radiation energy out of Hulk turning him to Banner just like Surfer did.
In the comics.. Charge Meginjord with magical energy to enhance hos strength or if need be enter warriors madness !
Thor is often writen in a very stupid way when he battles the Hulk. Its always a straight on battle using fists and Mjolnir in close range at Hulks terms. Why not writing Thor as a more tactical and intelligent warrior showing his vast expirience ?
Well Hulk would not look as strong and impressive and also the comics probably would sell less.
Mighty Thor is a God superhero created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to be the most powerful superhero there is.
This is why they chose a god to be a superhero in the first place.
The Marvel universe and Dc universe are just a modern reflection of ancient myths of heroes, giants, gods, demigods and monsters.
In mythology and alchemi, who is always the most powerful hero ?
Yes the warrior god who battle evil and protects mankind !
1 year member
Death Of The Endless No, he doesn't. Destiny can't harm Death, and eventually, she claims him at the end of everything. We already saw the outcome in Books of Magic.
Hulk (Worthy) Agreed @Tyrannus.
1 year member
Dark Phoenix & Jean Grey Terrible mismatch. Phoenix blinks.