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Dellmamy45 Team Battle a few seconds ago
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The team meet up in London.
They can use object around them and the fight take place outside.
1 hour battle
winner take all.
Voted: Optimus Prime
Not like he needs to, but Optimus could just use the Matrix and totally wreck Bumblebee.
Voted: Optimus Prime
He could take on multiple Bumblebees.
Voted: Darkseid
The Infinity Gauntlet does not belong to Thanos. Omega Beams are part of Darkseid's powers.
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Voted: Thanos
Why all of you always says that Darkseid can Thanos would be defeated without IG.If it is,then be be equalThanos without IG, Darkseid without omega beams.
Goodfro Avengers 6 hours ago
How come Abomination, a rival of Hulk, would be part of the Avengers? Did he replace Hulk? And where is Black Widow?
Voted: Bumblebee
Optimus maybe good at combat, but Bumblebee used his old voice to wake up Optimus Prime and stopped the battle.
I feel the same, man. When I go for a second viewing (I promised some friends I'd see it with them this weekend), all I'm going to be doing is looking for any EU references or references to Battlefront II.
SirSpidey Batman 16 hours ago
Or make Money a power
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Basically, for me, whenever I started reading the Star Wars comics/books and playing the games, the movies started feeling very underwhelming. It just bothered me that the movies could be soo much more interesting and cooler. The Star Wars cinematic universe isnt even comparable to the Star Wars comic/book and game universes in my opinion. Thats why I dont like the movies very much. I havent even watched The Last Jedi yet but I can already guess that it is very boring compared to the comics, books, and games
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