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wolfdragon123 Team Battle 6 minutes ago
Voted: Team Batman
Morals on:
Captain America vs Batman*
Thor vs Superman*
Iceman vs Green Lantern*
Spider-Man vs Aquaman*
Thanos vs Darkseid*
Yoda* vs Hulk
Morals off: Iceman might be able to freeze everyone
2+ years member.
Meteor Man gets hated on big time; Green Lantern has more staying power as far as rounding up bad guys over time, because all he needs to do is recharge and Meteor Man cannot. However, Meteor Man lasts for days at old Superman-new Superman levels, so--in a battle--no Green Lantern or team of them can defeat him. He'd also be a better match for Capt. Marvel than Superman, since he has none of those weaknesses. In my opinion, he defeats him. You have him in the database now, but dude gets hated on.
Voted: Sentry
If they are fighting and neither is concerned about the destruction of the planet or place where the battle takes place, then Sentry wins easy. Captain Marvel is just Supermanesque that has the shazam advantage over Clark. I think that max Sentry might be better than Superman by a factor of at least 50! He's in effect a unipowered Superman without Clark's weaknesses. There's no way that CM can compete with that!
Voted: Storm
Storm wins due to lightning being a far better weapon than a BULLET(come on now), Storm doesn't have to strike her in the front where her bracelets are(overhead, behind, and firing it with her hands are also options), Wonder Woman has a delay in activity that all humanoids operating on brawn have(Flash is different), and Wonder Woman has an electrical heart and brain that can be short circuited. Obviously--since she could not take a single blow from the Amazonian--Storm has to attack quickly in the window of opportunity that she has, but I think the comics(from 94) had this battle right. Wonder Woman doesn't necessarily have to feel a thing, but falls like a sack of potatoes. You basically have a delay(probably a 1.5-2 secs--if not more) versus the speed of this BATTLE-READY and INSTINCTIVE human mind(snap your fingers as fast as you can and you see that you can do plenty of simple activities in one second) and lightning is even faster than the human mind. Storm is quicker to the draw, so she wins.
LordTracer Team Battle 2 hours ago
Voted: Team Captain America
Round 1
— Captain America^ v. Batman^
— Thor* v. Superman
— Iceman* v. Hal Jordan
— Spider-Man^ v. Aquaman^
— Thanos* v. Darkseid
— Yoda* v. Hulk
Round 2
— Captain America, Thor, Iceman, Spider-Man, Thanos and Yoda* v. Batman and Aquaman
— Team Captain America stomps.
Voted: Shazam
While I agree Shazam would win this, he is not the most powerful DC superhero. Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Martian Manhunter and Doctor Fate could all beat him.
Voted: Captain Planet
This could really be a great battle, because Captain Planet can maybe use any earthly concrete or abstract earthly natural thing or the elements(OR LACK OF) to attack her with as well as having enough superstrength to combat her considerable durability issue. Also, he has icy and fiery capability that WW's durability can't compete with. I like Captain Planet, because he should be able to affect the atmosphere as well as being every bit the electrical hero that Storm is. Sure, the Planeteers are limited, but I honestly don't think this guy is at earthly feats. Unless she figures out that he is strictly an earthly hero(not a given), then Captain Planet does it by atmosphere or electrocutes her as Storm would(with better ability to duke it out with her than Storm would have). With Storm, it would be a Western gun duel, but with Captain Planet he can take a few blows with her if need be.
Dellmamy45 Team Battle 5 hours ago
Not voted yet
Who wins?
SirSpidey Team Battle 7 hours ago
Voted: Team Captain America
This is a mixed team battle of popular 1v1 battles and my personal favorite 1v1 battles.
* = Win / ^ = Draw
Round 1
- Captain America* vs Batman
- Thor* vs Superman
- Iceman* vs Hal Jordan
- Spider-Man^ vs Aquaman^
- Thanos* vs Darkseid
- Yoda* vs Hulk
Round 2
- Captain America/Thor/Iceman/Spider-Man/Thanos/Yoda* vs Aquaman
Outcome: Team Captain America dominates
1+ years member.
Voted: Namor
Sub-Mariner has the same powers but to a much higher degree. They're not even close to fighting in the same weight class.

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