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Latest comments

Voted: Deadpool

Deadpool is frickin' AWESOME.
Voted: Darkseid

Lots of people can beat Darkseid.
Voted: Deadpool

So can Deadpool.
Voted: Darkseid

Voted: Darkseid

Jesus Christ people accept the truth, there is no beating DARKSIDE!
Voted: Daredevil (MCU)

Peak Daredevil (Defenders) would win, Season 3 Daredevil loses
Voted: Jason Voorhees

Trickster,you take drugs ? it doesn't ******* matter in fight if Jason is copy of Micheal Myers,and i don't know what kind of person can make such of useless argument.And no,Micheal Myers doesn't have any superpowers in canon anymore,You have fanboy-syndrome you make character stronger than he is Micheal is still human,Jason is more because he is undead-supernatural zombie who kill 160 people,and you think some pathetic dude in mask can do something with a kitchen knife ? you are ridiculous
Voted: Freddy Krueger

How many Nightmare on Elm Street movies have you watched? Because Freddy can survive getting his head cut off.
Voted: Freddy Krueger

Freddy stomps.
Voted: Shrek

Shrek, he crush homer by using his weight and using his wrestling moves or breaking his neck