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Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful characters in the dc universe. and has took down batman before. Try that strange
Spectre94 Team Battle 2 hours ago
Please everyone stop debating about how Thor would destroy the earth, because he wouldn't do that.
SirSpidey Team Battle 3 hours ago
Well then why was Flash suffucating in space in one comic? Oh ya, thats right, because DC has awful writing and are inconsistent with there characters. Also, I forgot to mention, Thor can be anywhere in seconds because his hammers speed transcends both time and space. He can throw his hammer severeral times the speed of light and was able to swing his hammer many times the speed of light when his strength was reduced to half. Im pretty sure he can see and hit the flashes
1+ years member.
One of the Flash's most famous feats is him running through space across galaxies
2+ years member.
Dellmamy45 Team Battle 9 hours ago
Asgardian versus the lanterns
SirSpidey Team Battle 10 hours ago
@remy94: Its not the explosion that will kill them, its being in space where theres no oxygen and no friction in which they can run on. I mean they cant fly cant they? Also, Thor has already beat someone faster than infinity so the Flashes wont be that hard to see. Also, Thor too can travel to other dimensions
1+ years member.
I had Batman Beyond and Blade still standing at the end--with Batman Beyond beating both Shocker( and Reptile. Flight, technology, and an invaluable asset.
One thing that I forgot to mention is that Reptile must also have superstrength; though, it's not mentioned. He is lizardesque/raptoresque, so he must have some strength. Let's make it 2 tons.
Another note: Reptile did beat Shao Kahn(his master) in a backstory of one of the games. One of them says that he was trained by both Kahn and Tsung. Also, in the movie, you got a supercoated Reptile in some respects--esp. when he was fighting Liu Kang(despite, still, almost defeating him). That should give you some idea of how great of a warrior he is! I don't like gods(in theory or in effect; you know, idolatry is the message of it and you might be worshipping a demon--if you champion these potential entities), but will make them villains in fights. Because that's exactly what I feel they are.
Shredder merges ninjitsu and technology and Blade merges ninjitsu or samurai and tech(a little). But then, Blade has a healing factor, too. Extreme Tech + master martial artist, weapons master, and cheater + armor VS Little Tech + master martial artist and swordsman/throwing weapons + super strength(USE THE LOW END: 1-2 tons) and healing factor.
Check this out about Reptile before vote:
If you read this, you'll see that Reptile's a scary opponent--even for the Bat.
Then, the Shocker used to give Spider-man a lot of trouble, so it should make for a great battle. And I know Terry beat the Repeller, but he had to be in a building that allowed him to do this. Spider-man usually doesn't have that.

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