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30 minutes ago
Bugs Bunny
Voted: Superman Prime One-Million

Although nearly featless, Superman Prime One Million is at least as powerful as a sun dipped Superman. White Lantern Kyle Rayner is a New 52 White Lantern, which isn't near as powerful as a Post Crises White Lantern. White Lantern in New 52 is probably close to base Post Crisis Superman level. White Lantern Kyle is also pretty featless, but he should be stronger than any other Lantern, including Larfleeze.
Voted: Spider-Man

9/10 Victory
Voted: Franklin Richards (Adult)

Both Universal, I might have to give the edge to Franklin though
Not voted yet

Who wins
Voted: White Lantern

I gotta know who wins this
Wait is the rating for Heartstone or Darkstone? Or what?
Think before you say things 😉

But for real, learn from your mistakes
6 hours ago
Alright, I'll make sure I respond to that a polite way next time.
And Wireback's has stayed the same for the past month's xD
I don't need to make a character OP to make it good 😉

Jk Tracer Heartstone is lovely character and she has nice bobs

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