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"I do not seek to harm you! Merely to show that power misused is power abused!"

~ Thor in 'Thor Volume 1 #126'
Voted: Spider-Man

Does not make sense why Symbiote Spider-Man has different stats, the only thing that the black suit gave Spider-man was unlimited webbing and let out his rage, everything should be the same stat wise, and I know 100% that it doesn't give Peter 100/100 in strength thats not his character.
Mercer need more like 90points for intelligence. He was a scientist. And he was interested in martial arts. So he must have like 80 points for that.
Voted: Wasp

Beecher's feats?
Not voted yet

Worthy battle IMO
If only it were Blaze, though
Voted: Spider-Man

Spider Man I think can dodge one punch man, I think he could so that's why I said he could trap him in his webs because one punch man only got his fists as power that's all.
How do you not know what that is lol
Voted: Lord Voldemort

Who wins?
Voted: One Punch Man

No. No he couldn't.
Voted: One Above All

To defeat a Celestial, you'd have to get someone like Jiren or Kefla. Not Goku.

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