Your top 3's

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I love seeing people hobbies and interests... what are your top 3...
1. Favourite overall films:
2. Favourite superhero films:
3. Favourite athletes:
4. Favourites sports:
5. Favourite bands:
6. Favourite musicians:
7. Favourite favourite songs:
8. Favourite pass times:
9. Favourite games:
10. Favourite superhero/ villains:


Rajneesh26477gmailcom 6 mo 16 h 38 m
Your top 3's
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1.Favorite Overall films: Avengers: Infinity War, Sultan, Rocky(all parts)
2.Favorite Superhero Films: Infinity War, Ragnarok(Cause it was my first superhero movie), Civil War
3.Favorite Athletes: MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Lionel Messi
4.Favorite Sports: Cricket, Chess, Table Tennis/Football
5.Favorite Bands: I really don't follow one
6.Favorite Musicians: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Ed Shereen, Arijit Singh
7.Favorite Songs: Many.. Can't choose from them but Memory Reboot hits hard
8.Favorite Pass Times: Studying(jk), Watching or playing cricket or chess, Work out
9.Favorite Games: GTA Vice City, Call of Duty, Clash of Clans
10.Favorite Superheroes: Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Strange/Scarlet Witch/Spider-Man/Superman
Martin 1 y 10 mo 7 d
Your top 3's
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1. Favourite overall films : Godzilla vs Kong, Battle of Midway, Annabelle Creation

2. Favourite superhero movies : Avengers Infinity War, Shang-Chi, SnyderCut

3. Favourite athletes : LeBron James, Ronaldo, Sidney Crosby

4. Favourite sports : hockey, basketball, football

5. Favourite bands : Blackpink, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park

6. Favourite musicians : Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Dua Lipa

7. Favourite favorite songs : As If It's Your Last (Blackpink) , Something In The Way (Nirvana), Wrecked (Imagine Dragons)

8. Favourite pass time : watching tv series, playing sports, reading books

9. Favourite games : Flat Out 2, GTA SA, Marvel Future Fight

10. Favourite superhero/villains : Sentry, Anakin Skywalker, Captain America (MCU)
Simin 1 y 10 mo 20 d
Your top 3's
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10. Favourite superhero/ villains:
Jean Grey