What if the justice league met the seven?

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Which members of the justice league and the seven would most likely get along and which will despise each other?

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What if the justice league met the seven?
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Batman can already tell the Seven Aren't Good even with First Impression, Hell, I'd argue that Even Superman, WW, Flash, GL, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter (I Don't know if we're using more members, but I'm using the Original Roster) can tell right off the Bat that They're Up to No Good

TRIGGER WARNING: Topic of Sexual Stuff/Assasult

Aquaman and The Deep won't get along, Aquaman cares for Both Atlanteans and Humans, and Even if He would Kill, He does care for Others and would Risk his own life to save Someone, While Deep alongside Other Members of the Seven S*xually Assaulted Starlight,

The Flash and A-Train would Despise each other, Barry knows what's like to Lose Someone that's close to you, Barry would hate A-Train

Wonder Woman would have some Sympathy for Queen Maeve, that Sympathy however won't be enough to say that WW and Queen Maeve would get along

MMH and Jack from Jupiter, again like the others not even close

I'm not even gonna go with Batman and Black Noir nor Superman and Homelander

The Only Member They would get along with is Starlight
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What if the justice league met the seven?
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Who is most likely to get along with starlight out of all justice league members?
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What if the justice league met the seven?
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half the supes in the seven are rapists the other half also arent exactly good people. The justice league would destroy the seven. Literally every single member (even batman) solos the seven