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ManofPower's Death Battle548ManofPower6 hours ago
Who would win if the GOTG fought each other 14Marvel5001 days ago
Who can beat Pre-Retcon Beyonder?99soratoumiga1 days ago
Soulcollecter57's Open Challenge316Soulcollecter577 days ago
The Soulcollecter's Graveyard141Soulcollecter5710 days ago
According to the Captain Marvel and (vs) Wonder Woman movie, who will win in a battle?5Samuraeh25 days ago
Who would win between Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Anime21DeanDinosaur629 days ago
Thor Earth 616(SirSpidey) vs Goku DBS(Soulcollecter57)71Soulcollecter5734 days ago
What do you think makes a good debate and how should a winner be decide64Soulcollecter5734 days ago
Who would (WIN) jiren (FULL POWERD) & vegeta (ULTRA BLUE)vs goku (ULTRA INSTINCT) & broly (FULL POWERD)5Deathstroke4U39 days ago
Roleplay 219jongensoden39 days ago
MCU Surtur vs DCEU Mera ( In OCEAN TRENCH )4Kluba57739 days ago
Who would win in a all out brawl (JIREN) DBS, or (BROLY) DBS7Deathstroke4U41 days ago
Who would win between Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker?0DeanDinosaur641 days ago
Join DB53ManofPower42 days ago
DCEU Aquaman vs DCEU Superman ( IN OCEAN TRENCH )1Kluba57744 days ago
Which serpentine tribe would be last standing in an all out battle.9Bane33348 days ago
Deathstroke vs Bane vs Joker + Harley Quinn16LordAntMan48 days ago
Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Post-Flashpoint Superman (ManofPower)223SirSpidey48 days ago
Dragonball Super: Do you think Broly has the strength to defeat Beerus?4cw633450 days ago
6 Team Cosmic Debate!295AkhilPDX52 days ago
The OC Wars99Bane33352 days ago
Tag Team Debate Tournament #2133soulcollecter3456 days ago
How many stormtroopers could the Incredibles take down 1Dark_Wing58 days ago
Rune King Thor vs Silver Surfer (weakly)3MCommunity58 days ago
Who can defeat Sentry?72windshadow59 days ago
Casual vote-only tournament44soratoumiga60 days ago
Offical List of Debating rules69Soulcollecter5762 days ago
Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Earth 616 Hulk (TheNemianLion)61SirSpidey62 days ago
Dishonored vs Assassins creed6Crimsonassassin79 days ago
can garmadon beat thanos? and how?7ultron82 days ago
Character who can beat Batman with 1 hour of prep-time13EmptyHand82 days ago
Tag Team Debate Tournament103Soulcollecter5783 days ago
Characters who can be PR beyonder?17EmptyHand87 days ago
Thanos vs Doomsday10Samuraeh89 days ago
Doctor Fate is the most powerful SUPERhero. Prove me wrong.51soratoumiga104 days ago
User Poll214SirSpidey107 days ago
@Lordtracer if a character is more powerful than another they still might lose in the fight10EmptyHand109 days ago
Ultimate Marvel VS DC!4AkhilPDX111 days ago
Battle of a universe round 339Dark_Wing111 days ago
Battle of a universe round 24Dark_Wing122 days ago
Battle of a universe 10Dark_Wing129 days ago
Lionman is the OG-OC SHDB6TheNemianLion136 days ago
Assassins creed universe vs dishonored universe 6Crimsonassassin138 days ago
How do i find Battles?2Yolohan151 days ago
Color Team Battles11AkhilPDX159 days ago
Batman vs Ironman1Mrwoman183 days ago
Star Storms vs Heartstone vs Lionman15ManofPower194 days ago
OC Team Battles5Creature99204 days ago
SUPERMAN vs THOR99remy94205 days ago
Discord School Girls84SirSpidey207 days ago
My Tournament ...91ManofPower213 days ago
Goku vs Superman 25Dcfan123217 days ago
the one true conclusion to goku vs superman25Dcfan123220 days ago
Another tournament... ugh55soratoumiga225 days ago
Characters who can EASY defeat Scarlet Witch (Not Spite)13TheSuspect666233 days ago
Oc Tournament 60ManofPower238 days ago
New combo Tournament Members + Colors + Format158Kanine88238 days ago
Alright here's another Tournament, 16 slots218ElectroSpino241 days ago
(SirSpidey) Earth 616 Thor vs (ManofPower) Blue Lantern Flash II21SirSpidey244 days ago
Which dc villains do think that can solo the Dragonball universe 16Dcfan123245 days ago
Super Team Battle30Creature99247 days ago
New and Improved Team Oc vs Team Oc17ManofPower250 days ago
Team Oc vs Team Oc69Darth_Doom251 days ago
Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories2AkhilPDX251 days ago
Ten Characters who can beat (blank)4AkhilPDX251 days ago
Ten Characters who can defeat Thor3AkhilPDX252 days ago
Marvel vs DC Tournament7ManofPower254 days ago
Ben10 Vs Danny Phantom0Dellmamy45259 days ago
Stormbreaker vs Mjolnir2ThorGodOfThunder94259 days ago
6v6 8-team Tourney Format.49Kanine88261 days ago
Let's play another game117IMABATMAN42264 days ago
Varosverse vs The Omega Reality10ManofPower265 days ago
Battles 18jongensoden268 days ago
Heartstone (LordTracer) v. Omega (soratoumiga)136soratoumiga272 days ago
Battle of the ocs24ManofPower274 days ago
Ice Age (ManofPower) vs Melt-Down (TheNemianLion) 20ManofPower276 days ago
Elements tourney13Kanine88277 days ago
Who wins this match mixed between DC and Marvel characters?4soratoumiga278 days ago
Superhero2BenjaminJohnson279 days ago
How would you determin the accuracy of battle outcomes on this website?8soratoumiga281 days ago
The Beyonders v. The Endless9soratoumiga283 days ago
(SirSpidey) Earth 616 Thor vs9SirSpidey284 days ago
Animal Kingdom Tourney10Kanine88285 days ago
Who make the best team battles? :D33TheSuspect666289 days ago
The League of Justice Vs The Justice Sentinels7ManofPower289 days ago
3v3 Color+ Tourney23Kanine88291 days ago
Who can defeat Pyro Lion?6windshadow293 days ago
DC vs. Marvel Cosmic Battle5windshadow294 days ago
Varosverse vs Dc 6ManofPower294 days ago
Varosverse vs Marvel2ManofPower294 days ago
Spider-Man or related vs Varosverse84ManofPower294 days ago
Color Tourney 12Kanine88294 days ago
3v3 tournament4Kanine88294 days ago
Thor and related vs Varosverse12ManofPower295 days ago
What are the best and closest fights on the site?8windshadow295 days ago
(SirSpidey) Earth 616 Thor vs (LordTracer) Pre/Post Crisis Hal Jordan138SirSpidey298 days ago
Zer0Verse vs Varosverse9Zer029298 days ago
Oc Tournament 10ManofPower300 days ago
Marvel vs DC vs Mortal Kombat16Darth_Doom301 days ago
Thor vs Hulk50SirSpidey301 days ago
Marvel vs Dc Battle Royal 7Creature99301 days ago
Who can defeat Eternity,Infinity,Death or Oblivion?21windshadow302 days ago
Dark Prodigy vs Man Of Power0ManofPower303 days ago
Star Storms Open Challenge Remake 4ManofPower303 days ago
Star Storms Open Challenge 2ManofPower303 days ago
Hawkinz vs Varosverse11ManofPower306 days ago
Top 5 Battle Rankings8remy94307 days ago
Spider-Man (Swarm) -vs- Darkhawk (Hawkinz) 8Swarm309 days ago
Hashirama Senju vs Naruto Uzumaki15IMABATMAN42310 days ago
Varosverse vs Ocs13ManofPower313 days ago
Black Widow vs Jason Bourne1assembled18313 days ago
OC Four Way5ManofPower314 days ago
Answer Battles17remy94315 days ago
Superhero world cup43ThorGodOfThunder94316 days ago
who will w in everyone from mcu vs dceu1Brtnrt317 days ago
OC vs OC 21ManofPower322 days ago
Team v. Heartstone19LordTracer327 days ago
Characters who can Oneshot Thor easy31TheSuspect666329 days ago
Open Challange16TheNemianLion330 days ago
Odin vs Franklin Who is powerful3AnitaRego336 days ago
Odin vs Franklin Who is powerful2AnitaRego336 days ago
Team Tournament115Martin340 days ago
MARVEL VS. DC39plaidcoolflyer340 days ago
Battle of the webs2Darth_Doom340 days ago
OC Team Battle Tournament3Percival347 days ago
Let's play a game663Amirvel353 days ago

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