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Vote for my battle173Tyrannus26 m
Free for all102Tyrannus3 h 24 m
Who would win a debate, which battle?12Dusk_Pikachu1 d
Asgardians vs Kryptonians8MrJaeger072 d
Characters who can EASY defeat Scarlet Witch (Not Spite)29TheSuspect6662 d
PIS fights in comics145Tyrannus5 d
Zombie apocalypse defence team24Tyrannus11 d
Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories4AkhilPDX11 d
Terminator Battle Royale3Mr_Incognito13 d
Doctor Fate is the most powerful SUPERhero. Prove me wrong.62soratoumiga14 d
Who can defeat Sentry?94windshadow24 d
Ben10 Vs Danny Phantom1Dellmamy4528 d
What do you think were the worst/Inaccurate Death Battles24G6M29 d
Hero Hunter For Hire!21Dark_Wing29 d
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) vs Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)2DCMarvelFan11 mo 20 h 29 m
Thanos With the Infinity Armor Vs True Form Darkseid1LDuhon801 mo 3 d
Chaotic Crisis25ManofPower1 mo 6 d
Who can beat Dark Infinity?19Dark_Wing1 mo 6 d
Hogwarts vs Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter9DeanDinosaur61 mo 7 d
Team Debate Tournament74AkhilPDX1 mo 11 d
Color Themed Battle Tournament88AkhilPDX1 mo 11 d
SHDB Pokemon Arena1SuperToddler1 mo 16 d
Create a team of three characters to solo fiction19Dark_Wing1 mo 17 d
Marvel vs. Dc who would win altogether?42n6_1 mo 20 d
Who is stronger than the Incredible Hulk?117Dark_Wing1 mo 25 d
Heartstone (LordTracer) v. Omega (soratoumiga)136soratoumiga1 mo 28 d
Team Debate Tournament by Booyah25booyah1 mo 29 d
Battle of a universe 18Dark_Wing2 mo 4 d
BATMAN vs IRON MAN8Mxyzptlk2 mo 4 d
Who can defeat Eternity,Infinity,Death or Oblivion?24windshadow2 mo 4 d
Versus Debates24BlotskyA2 mo 4 d
OC Battles7booyah2 mo 4 d
Fusion Battles16BlotskyA2 mo 13 d
Who can beat Pre-Retcon Beyonder?119soratoumiga2 mo 23 d
Your five favorite superheroes battle each other. Who are they and who wins?10HeroicSacrifice1232 mo 23 d
Spider-man vs....57HeroicSacrifice1232 mo 23 d
My Battles40jongensoden2 mo 27 d
Character who can beat Batman with 1 hour of prep-time23EmptyHand3 mo 2 d
Best vs Matchups10HeroicSacrifice1233 mo 5 d
Users vs Users50BlotskyA3 mo 5 d
Most popular verses debates19Tyrannus3 mo 12 d
Gotham vs Asgard Who Wins?12BlotskyA3 mo 12 d
Favorite Character Battle(s)!1AkhilPDX3 mo 13 d
Round 1: Wonder Woman vs Thor Round 2: Superman vs Thor8ExplodingDebater3 mo 15 d
Nikki Bella vs Wonder Woman Who Wins?4BlotskyA3 mo 20 d
Young Justice VS Teen Titans10SHOOTINGSTAR203 mo 21 d
Who can beat the Incredible Hulk in a straight up brawl/arm wrestle?41Dark_Wing3 mo 24 d
The Court of Owls vs The Wrecking Crew8BlotskyA3 mo 28 d
Who can defeat Pyro Lion?6windshadow3 mo 29 d
Who can defeat Azathoth?53Dark_Wing4 mo 5 d
What happens when Rey and Nihilus fight9DarthNihilus0034 mo 8 d
PIS fights in movies17DeanDinosaur64 mo 13 d
Worst fighter in comics.2Dark_Wing4 mo 13 d
Who won in Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith, Yoda or Darth Sidious ?14Priion5 mo 4 d
Who is strongest Bendu(The Father Of Mortis) or Lucifer12pedrofOMAIOR5 mo 5 d
Batman vs Spider-man. Debate me here.12HeroicSacrifice1235 mo 7 d
Jedi and Sith who can beat Rebellion Era Luke Skywalker.1Dark_Wing5 mo 8 d
Spider-man vs Batman villains, Batman vs Spider-man villains.1HeroicSacrifice1235 mo 9 d
Composite human VS megalodon0jongensoden6 mo 5 d
Greatest Battles/Fights in Movies3DeanDinosaur66 mo 17 d
Favorite MCU movie11jongensoden6 mo 26 d
What Matchups you made you Love the most2BlotskyA6 mo 27 d
According to the Captain Marvel and (vs) Wonder Woman movie, who will win in a battle?8Samuraeh6 mo 27 d
Stormbreaker vs Mjolnir6ThorGodOfThunder946 mo 27 d
Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Post-Flashpoint Superman (ManofPower)172SirSpidey6 mo 28 d
Anime vs Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.15DeanDinosaur67 mo 5 d
Marvel and DC vs WWE Who Wins15BlotskyA7 mo 6 d
Thor VS Flash(wally west)14Epicversus1237 mo 9 d
Why Superman vs Goku doesn't work4MissingUTAH7 mo 28 d
I Want my Battles in the top Battles!!!22BlotskyA8 mo 13 h 37 m
Bloodlust vs God Spree TOTSA1EmptyHand8 mo 9 d
Unacceptable10Micahiel8 mo 12 d
who would win Hulk vs Destroyer5OneSpeed8 mo 13 d
SPITE the character!38AkhilPDX8 mo 13 d
Underrated Spider-Man villains4n6_8 mo 25 d
Star Wars vs Wizarding World0DeanDinosaur68 mo 26 d
ManofPower's Death Battle639ManofPower10 mo 1 h 6 m
Power Itens in variation battles1DanielJSantos10 mo 10 d
How do I see the votes on my battles?2JamieO3611 mo 3 d
Smash Bros. VS X-men30Z_man_the_overpowered11 mo 13 d
Most powerful fictional characters 80 man bracket0123Galacutus11 mo 14 d
The 6 Watchers Vs Living Tribunal8Breaker1 y 3 d
16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament3Kanine881 y 4 d
Who would win in a fight between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber13Dark_Wing1 y 10 d
The one Ring-Lord Of The Rings- vs The Iron Throne-Game Of Thrones-7Crimsonassassin1 y 13 d
Hector (Greek/Roman mythology) vs. Deiphobus (Greek Mythology)0CarKing191 y 25 d
New User-Team Tournament. Who's in?134Kanine881 y 25 d
Marvel VS DC: Leveled Battles2AkhilPDX1 y 25 d
DCEU Aquaman vs DCEU Superman ( IN OCEAN TRENCH )3Kluba5771 y 27 d
Help finding past battles4Kanine881 y 1 mo 1 d
Who would win if the GOTG fought each other 14Marvel5001 y 2 mo 11 d
Soulcollecter57's Open Challenge314Soulcollecter571 y 2 mo 18 d
The Soulcollecter's Graveyard139Soulcollecter571 y 2 mo 20 d
Who would win between Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Anime20DeanDinosaur61 y 3 mo 8 d
Thor Earth 616(SirSpidey) vs Goku DBS(Soulcollecter57)68Soulcollecter571 y 3 mo 13 d
What do you think makes a good debate and how should a winner be decide62Soulcollecter571 y 3 mo 14 d
Who would (WIN) jiren (FULL POWERD) & vegeta (ULTRA BLUE)vs goku (ULTRA INSTINCT) & broly (FULL POWERD)5Deathstroke4U1 y 3 mo 18 d
MCU Surtur vs DCEU Mera ( In OCEAN TRENCH )4Kluba5771 y 3 mo 19 d
Who would win in a all out brawl (JIREN) DBS, or (BROLY) DBS7Deathstroke4U1 y 3 mo 21 d
Who would win between Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker?0DeanDinosaur61 y 3 mo 21 d
Join DB51ManofPower1 y 3 mo 22 d
Which serpentine tribe would be last standing in an all out battle.9Bane3331 y 3 mo 27 d
Deathstroke vs Bane vs Joker + Harley Quinn16LordAntMan1 y 3 mo 28 d
Dragonball Super: Do you think Broly has the strength to defeat Beerus?4cw63341 y 4 mo 3 h 2 m
6 Team Cosmic Debate!294AkhilPDX1 y 4 mo 1 d
The OC Wars98Bane3331 y 4 mo 2 d
Tag Team Debate Tournament #2133soulcollecter341 y 4 mo 5 d
How many stormtroopers could the Incredibles take down 1Dark_Wing1 y 4 mo 10 d
Rune King Thor vs Silver Surfer (weakly)3MCommunity1 y 4 mo 10 d
Casual vote-only tournament44soratoumiga1 y 4 mo 12 d
Offical List of Debating rules69Soulcollecter571 y 4 mo 13 d
Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Earth 616 Hulk (TheNemianLion)55SirSpidey1 y 4 mo 13 d
Do all of screwattacks Death Battles take place in the same universe 1Dark_Wing1 y 4 mo 28 d
Dishonored vs Assassins creed6Crimsonassassin1 y 5 mo 17 h 43 m
can garmadon beat thanos? and how?7ultron1 y 5 mo 3 d
Tag Team Debate Tournament103Soulcollecter571 y 5 mo 5 d
Characters who can be PR beyonder?17EmptyHand1 y 5 mo 7 d
Thanos vs Doomsday10Samuraeh1 y 5 mo 9 d
User Poll214SirSpidey1 y 5 mo 28 d
@Lordtracer if a character is more powerful than another they still might lose in the fight10EmptyHand1 y 5 mo 29 d
Ultimate Marvel VS DC!4AkhilPDX1 y 6 mo 1 d
Battle of a universe round 339Dark_Wing1 y 6 mo 2 d
Battle of a universe round 24Dark_Wing1 y 6 mo 11 d
Lionman is the OG-OC SHDB6TheNemianLion1 y 6 mo 25 d
Assassins creed universe vs dishonored universe 6Crimsonassassin1 y 6 mo 27 d
How do i find Battles?2Yolohan1 y 7 mo 11 d
Color Team Battles11AkhilPDX1 y 7 mo 18 d
Batman vs Ironman1Mrwoman1 y 8 mo 11 d
Star Storms vs Heartstone vs Lionman2ManofPower1 y 8 mo 22 d
OC Team Battles3Creature991 y 9 mo 2 d
SUPERMAN vs THOR99remy941 y 9 mo 3 d
Discord School Girls84SirSpidey1 y 9 mo 5 d
My Tournament ...70ManofPower1 y 9 mo 12 d
Goku vs Superman 25Dcfan1231 y 9 mo 16 d
the one true conclusion to goku vs superman20Dcfan1231 y 9 mo 18 d
Another tournament... ugh55soratoumiga1 y 9 mo 24 d
Oc Tournament 60ManofPower1 y 10 mo 6 d
New combo Tournament Members + Colors + Format158Kanine881 y 10 mo 6 d
Alright here's another Tournament, 16 slots218ElectroSpino1 y 10 mo 8 d
(SirSpidey) Earth 616 Thor vs (ManofPower) Blue Lantern Flash II21SirSpidey1 y 10 mo 12 d
Which dc villains do think that can solo the Dragonball universe 16Dcfan1231 y 10 mo 12 d
Super Team Battle30Creature991 y 10 mo 15 d
New and Improved Team Oc vs Team Oc16ManofPower1 y 10 mo 17 d
Team Oc vs Team Oc68Darth_Doom1 y 10 mo 18 d
Ten Characters who can beat (blank)4AkhilPDX1 y 10 mo 19 d
Ten Characters who can defeat Thor3AkhilPDX1 y 10 mo 19 d
Marvel vs DC Tournament7ManofPower1 y 10 mo 21 d
6v6 8-team Tourney Format.47Kanine881 y 10 mo 28 d
Let's play another game117IMABATMAN421 y 11 mo 1 d
Varosverse vs The Omega Reality10ManofPower1 y 11 mo 2 d
Battle of the ocs24ManofPower1 y 11 mo 10 d
Ice Age (ManofPower) vs Melt-Down (TheNemianLion) 20ManofPower1 y 11 mo 12 d
Elements tourney13Kanine881 y 11 mo 13 d
Who wins this match mixed between DC and Marvel characters?4soratoumiga1 y 11 mo 14 d
Superhero2BenjaminJohnson1 y 11 mo 15 d
How would you determin the accuracy of battle outcomes on this website?8soratoumiga1 y 11 mo 18 d
The Beyonders v. The Endless9soratoumiga1 y 11 mo 19 d
(SirSpidey) Earth 616 Thor vs9SirSpidey1 y 11 mo 20 d
Animal Kingdom Tourney10Kanine881 y 11 mo 21 d
Who make the best team battles? :D33TheSuspect6661 y 11 mo 25 d
The League of Justice Vs The Justice Sentinels7ManofPower1 y 11 mo 26 d
3v3 Color+ Tourney23Kanine881 y 11 mo 28 d
DC vs. Marvel Cosmic Battle5windshadow2 y 10 h 12 m
Varosverse vs Dc 6ManofPower2 y 15 h 53 m
Varosverse vs Marvel2ManofPower2 y 15 h 59 m
Spider-Man or related vs Varosverse84ManofPower2 y 17 h 34 m
Color Tourney 12Kanine882 y 19 h 50 m
3v3 tournament4Kanine882 y 20 h 12 m
Thor and related vs Varosverse12ManofPower2 y 1 d
What are the best and closest fights on the site?8windshadow2 y 1 d
(SirSpidey) Earth 616 Thor vs (LordTracer) Pre/Post Crisis Hal Jordan133SirSpidey2 y 4 d
Zer0Verse vs Varosverse8Zer0292 y 5 d
Oc Tournament 10ManofPower2 y 7 d
Marvel vs DC vs Mortal Kombat15Darth_Doom2 y 7 d
Thor vs Hulk50SirSpidey2 y 7 d
Marvel vs Dc Battle Royal 7Creature992 y 8 d
Dark Prodigy vs Man Of Power0ManofPower2 y 9 d
Star Storms Open Challenge Remake 4ManofPower2 y 9 d
Star Storms Open Challenge 2ManofPower2 y 10 d
Hawkinz vs Varosverse11ManofPower2 y 12 d
Top 5 Battle Rankings8remy942 y 13 d
Spider-Man (Swarm) -vs- Darkhawk (Hawkinz) 8Swarm2 y 15 d
Hashirama Senju vs Naruto Uzumaki15IMABATMAN422 y 16 d
Varosverse vs Ocs13ManofPower2 y 19 d
Black Widow vs Jason Bourne0assembled182 y 20 d
OC Four Way5ManofPower2 y 20 d
Answer Battles17remy942 y 21 d
Superhero world cup43ThorGodOfThunder942 y 23 d
who will w in everyone from mcu vs dceu1Brtnrt2 y 24 d
OC vs OC 21ManofPower2 y 29 d
Team v. Heartstone19LordTracer2 y 1 mo 4 d
Characters who can Oneshot Thor easy31TheSuspect6662 y 1 mo 5 d
Open Challange16TheNemianLion2 y 1 mo 5 d
Odin vs Franklin Who is powerful3AnitaRego2 y 1 mo 11 d
Odin vs Franklin Who is powerful2AnitaRego2 y 1 mo 11 d
Team Tournament113Martin2 y 1 mo 15 d
MARVEL VS. DC39plaidcoolflyer2 y 1 mo 16 d
Battle of the webs2Darth_Doom2 y 1 mo 16 d
OC Team Battle Tournament3Percival2 y 1 mo 22 d
Let's play a game662Amirvel2 y 1 mo 29 d
My Challenge15SirSpidey2 y 2 mo 14 d
My Challenge15Percival2 y 2 mo 15 d
Team Battle14CaptainAmericaTakesAll2 y 2 mo 15 d
The Challenge7SirSpidey2 y 2 mo 26 d
Joker Vs. Negan0plaidcoolflyer2 y 4 mo 2 d
Kick-Ass Vs Casey Jones0plaidcoolflyer2 y 4 mo 4 d
Marvel hunger games3Amirvel2 y 4 mo 16 d
Thor versus27ag9400002 y 4 mo 16 d
Sam Fisher v. Wolverine0Bradenplier2 y 4 mo 17 d
Sentry vs14Amirvel2 y 4 mo 29 d
Thor Versus1SirSpidey2 y 5 mo 12 d
Christmas3AmirKhan2 y 10 mo 8 d
Containment Doomsday VS. Galactus9VillaBoss2 y 11 mo 10 d
Who wins 30remy943 y 2 mo 9 d
Evil Superman Vs the Avengers. 1remy943 y 3 mo 14 d
Alien vs. Predator1Lennywafflewolf3 y 3 mo 14 d
Batman and Joker vs. Dr. Doom1Greenbean3 y 3 mo 14 d
Team Battle1DCVSMarvel3 y 3 mo 14 d
Asguardians vs. Amazonians5SirSpidey3 y 3 mo 14 d
Superman versus The Hulk5whitesoxfan21783 y 3 mo 23 d
Flash(Barry Allen) vs Quicksilver9Basick Tobi3 y 4 mo 14 d
Batman and Deadpool vs Wolverine and Deathstroke7ArashWais3 y 4 mo 16 d
Justic leauge vs avengers1rhodizel3 y 4 mo 18 d
Joker vs Lex Luther7LordAntMan3 y 4 mo 18 d
Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) vs. Gladiator (Kallark)2Captain_Marvel3 y 4 mo 21 d
teen titans battle royale1sonyablade3 y 5 mo 11 d
4 vs 41TitanX3 y 5 mo 14 d
Darkseid&Justice League vs Trigon and teen titans1themenace3 y 5 mo 14 d
Silver Surfer Versus !6God_of_Thunder3 y 6 mo 12 d
Jedi Order Vs. Avengers3SirSpidey3 y 6 mo 13 d
Naruto Or DragonBallZ1Seraprince3 y 6 mo 13 d
Avengers vs Justice League 25remy943 y 6 mo 13 d
DC and Marvel Team Up1DCVSMarvel3 y 6 mo 16 d
Argument Battles6SirSpidey3 y 6 mo 25 d
Battle0DCVSMarvel3 y 7 mo 6 d
superheroes and villian battles2whowillwin163 y 7 mo 11 d
Who would win and why1Chico153 y 7 mo 11 d
Joker vs Batman7LordAntMan3 y 7 mo 13 d
Jedi Council Vs. Sith Order2SirSpidey3 y 8 mo 11 d
Flash VS Quicksilver6Roynuss3 y 8 mo 23 d
Street Elite Match Up (Marvel vs DC)0Kingswood4 y 5 d
who would win Batman vs Daredevil11OneSpeed4 y 1 mo 4 d
Avengers vs the Justice League13Ryguy4 y 1 mo 10 d
Thor vs Superman10kobe20004 y 1 mo 17 d
Deadpool vs Deathstroke15The_Caped_Crusader4 y 1 mo 24 d
Magneto vs Thor5Galactus4 y 3 mo 4 d
Combine Powers Superheroes - Human Torch vs Batman vs Son Goku (Marvel vs DC vs DBZ)2uglyspecies4 y 3 mo 10 d
Matchups Marvel vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball part20uglyspecies4 y 3 mo 10 d
Who would win: DC vs Marvel4SethNova4 y 4 mo 5 d
Who would win in a fight? Red Hood or Nightwing?12Nightwing524 y 6 mo 18 d
Deathstroke vs Preditor 0Dmot0024 y 6 mo 29 d
Hulk vs doomsday1Felixking24 y 7 mo 2 d
Thanos Vs Doomsday?13deathbysuper4 y 7 mo 2 d
black bolt0Jvonsmith4 y 7 mo 3 d
Superman VS Batman1SuperheroWannabee4 y 7 mo 5 d
Superman vs Joker _ Blood Match0batmanreturn4 y 7 mo 14 d
Most powerful character?0Galactus4 y 8 mo 8 d
Apocalypse vs Doomsday3Cyber4 y 8 mo 13 d
Vision vs Martian Manhunter (New 52)3Premonition194 y 8 mo 16 d
superman vs hulk7vignesh4 y 9 mo 15 d
Wolverine vs. Deadpool0SonicWolf72634 y 10 mo 1 d
Top 36 Marvel comics vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball Z / GT 2uglyspecies4 y 10 mo 25 d
Superman Vs Dr. Manhattan1Gerald Moore X4 y 10 mo 25 d
Electro vs. Flash0SonicWolf72634 y 11 mo 9 d
Deadpool vs deathstroke 3Felixking25 y 9 d
Deadpool vs Thanos3Sameak5 y 14 d
JLA VS. Avengers3Brayden125 y 14 d
Mario vs Sonic6LordAntMan5 y 1 mo 13 d
batman vs black panther24kobe20005 y 1 mo 19 d
Gorilla Grodd or beast 0randy5 y 2 mo 2 d
fighting 0randy5 y 2 mo 26 d
Batman VS Captain America3voiceoflogic5 y 3 mo 26 d
superman vs goku13The_Caped_Crusader5 y 4 mo 1 d
Green Arrow vs DeathStroke 0Adonut295 y 4 mo 15 d
Quicksilver vs Flash(Barry Allen)9Bats995 y 4 mo 17 d
Blade vs punisher5deadpool95 y 4 mo 17 d
Largo VS. Piro1Nugglets5 y 4 mo 18 d
who wins ? KRAVEN THE HUNTER VS GREEN ARROW4randy5 y 4 mo 18 d
Superman versus The Hulk4whitesoxfan21785 y 4 mo 25 d
Green Arrow VS Batman7REAPER5 y 4 mo 25 d
Cyborg vs Batman4luckufu5 y 4 mo 25 d
Batman Vs. Nightwing8people5 y 4 mo 26 d
Battles of Doom2GreenSeboss5 y 4 mo 27 d
Two-Face vs Venom!!!9LordAntMan5 y 4 mo 27 d
Ronan the Accuser vs The Collector0Powlu5 y 4 mo 29 d
who wins the battle0randy5 y 5 mo 5 d
Harley Quinn vs Catwoman0DominickKennedy5 y 5 mo 6 d
new matchup league0herald_of_galactus5 y 5 mo 14 d
losing that survives0randy5 y 5 mo 25 d
Bane vs Solomon Grundy2Galactus5 y 6 mo 15 d
Deadpool,Harley quinn,Cable,Wolverine and Domino vs Alex Mercer0Sameak5 y 7 mo 4 d
Joker vs Wonderwoman3Bats995 y 7 mo 6 d
wonder woman vs superman0reinhard_janssen35 y 7 mo 6 d
Bane vs Cyborg7Greenbean5 y 7 mo 6 d
nag, getter, powerful, muscular, strong testosterone0randy5 y 7 mo 12 d
supervillain and team fight0G1655 y 9 mo 9 d
Anti-Monitor (from crisis on infinite earths not sinestro corps)vs Galactus2The Bruce Wayne5 y 9 mo 29 d
Apocalypse, Doomsday, Silver Surfer, and Deadpool, vs Galactus9Cyber5 y 10 mo 5 d
Battle of the Archers. Green Arrow vs Hawkeye, Red Arrow vs Hawkeye II, etc6Blacksmith5 y 10 mo 5 d
dc vs marvel HULK vs SUPERMAN5HULKzombie5 y 10 mo 5 d
who is stronger23theaxisbold5 y 10 mo 5 d
Doomsday vs Juggernaut12LordAntMan5 y 10 mo 5 d
who would win an a battle between dc vs marvel.18theaxisbold5 y 10 mo 5 d
who would win8raybands5 y 10 mo 5 d
marvel vs dc 1: hulk vs wonder woman1DominickKennedy5 y 11 mo 9 d
odin vs. nekron0raybands5 y 11 mo 22 d
black widow vs captain america1raybands6 y 2 d
who would win8raybands6 y 2 d
who would win2raybands6 y 2 d
Deadpool , Lobo vs Deathstroke , Ghost Rider6randy6 y 7 d
Death lok vs. winter solder2Power cosmic6 y 7 d
hal jordan(green lantern) vs invisible woman10kayjgj6 y 7 d
what superhero/supervillian would you fight for a million dollars5OneSpeed6 y 10 d
cyborg vs ironman 1percolator6 y 10 d
Taskmaster vs Deathstroke1kobe20006 y 11 d
Hulk or super boy?2Claws6 y 11 d
Goku vs Dr. Manhattn1raybands6 y 12 d
Red Hood (Jason) VS. The Winter Soldier (Bucky)3BuddyConstantine_346 y 13 d
Black Adam vs Juggernaut5LordAntMan6 y 14 d
spider-man vs daredevuil0raybands6 y 15 d
vs4j776 y 17 d
Spider-Man and Hulk VS Human Torch11SuperToddler6 y 1 mo 16 h 36 m
Do u remember 0Power cosmic6 y 1 mo 5 d
krypto vs battlecat1Greenbean6 y 1 mo 21 d
Venom Vs. Wolverine6klint6 y 1 mo 25 d
Groot Vs. Solomon Grundy25klint6 y 1 mo 25 d
Sabretooth vs Abomination12LordAntMan6 y 1 mo 28 d
Raphael VS Catwoman0people6 y 2 mo 2 d
Scarlet Spider II (Kaine Parker) VS Nightwing2people6 y 2 mo 6 d
Gambit VS Nightwing VS Winter Soldier2people6 y 2 mo 7 d
Armwrestling6people6 y 4 mo 10 d
DC Lovers Quarles Robin V. Starfire who would win in a fight 1EminentStorm6 y 5 mo 23 d
Vs1klint6 y 5 mo 25 d
Chaos sprites vs chaos mites3Cyber6 y 7 mo 1 d
Chaos creatures0Cyber6 y 7 mo 2 d
Galactus vs the World3Cyber6 y 7 mo 2 d
aquaman vs wolverine0DominickKennedy6 y 8 mo 2 d
aquaman vs wolverine0DominickKennedy6 y 8 mo 2 d
Who would win?0VillaBoss6 y 9 mo 21 d
Who Win In Race 2KingRezzy6 y 10 mo 6 d
punisher vs comedian0larfleeze426 y 10 mo 11 d
Penguin vs Bane vs Two-Face vs Scarecrow vs Mister Freeze!!!!!!!!6LordAntMan6 y 10 mo 13 d
Flash lll vs The Silver Surfer4The_Caped_Crusader6 y 10 mo 26 d
Bane vs Two-Face2LordAntMan6 y 10 mo 27 d
Awesome Battles3LordAntMan6 y 10 mo 27 d
Plastic Man Vs. Thor4people6 y 10 mo 27 d
Worst Battles Ever19SuperToddler6 y 11 mo 4 d
Great character battles!17legoman26 y 11 mo 5 d
Why?4Ninja6 y 11 mo 9 d
Please help me! This question is hurting my head so much!1SuperToddler6 y 11 mo 10 d
help2Greenbean6 y 11 mo 10 d
the thing vs killawog 0Greenbean7 y 5 d
Wonder Man vs Captain Marvel.Who would win?6Omega3007 y 25 d
Darkseid(DC) VS Apocalypse(Marvel)1SHOOTINGSTAR207 y 26 d
Thanos vs Darkseid.Who would Win?2Omega3007 y 28 d