who is a better written character batman or spiderman?

Created by ultron, 9 mo 29 d ago.

i was just wondering


Jonas 9 mo 26 d
who is a better written character batman or spiderman?
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in movies: spiderman
in video games: batman
in comics books: both
Tyrannus 9 mo 26 d
who is a better written character batman or spiderman?
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I'd say Batman.

They both lose their parents however Peter was too young to remember it. Nor does he actually see his uncle Ben's death. Bruce see's his parents murders happen before him. which scars him for life. While Peter's loss pushes him in the right direction, Bruce's loss kick starts it altogether.

In terms of powers and abilities Batman is again better. He has no powers and yet he's able to stand with titans. The fact that Batman vs Superman was even a question just goes to show how deadly Batman became even with no natural given powers. Spider-Man's powers while cool aren't too relate or popular. You very rarely see anyone asking for spider powers but you often see people asking to be the Batman.

They both have the biggest villains gallery however Batman's villains tend to be deeper. The Joker is other other side of the coin for Batman, Deathstroke is THE strongest street level villain and many others have sad or sympathetic motives for turning to crime. Most of Spider-Man's villains are just crooks trying to either get rich, power or revenge.

Spider-Man's only (and most important) lead is how relatable he is.

Batman is obviously darker than Spider-Man but he does what most of us wish heroes would do to criminals who deserve it. They need to taste of their own medicine so Batman dishes out the beat downs and the intimidation that those same criminals dealt to the innocent. Like they did to his own parents.
GhostSpider 9 mo 28 d
who is a better written character batman or spiderman?
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Very hard to decide who is better written. Both of them do the same intentions and fight crime but Batman does it better because he scares them and traumatizing somebody will make them rethink their actions. So with the fighting and all that Batman wins. He knows to how to make people scared of him better than spider-man.

Though Spider-man has way better willpower than batman in my opinion. Once he has Uncle Ben and all those friends to aid him in battle in pursuit. He gets back up. If you broke spider-man's back, he'd get up. If you brought down a building on top of him, he'd get up. Like Spider-man willpower can do more than batman's willpower is what i'm saying. So with the willpower Spider-man is the winner to me.

This is all about how I view the writing with the crime and willpower. So here is what I had to say