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Superhero Database is a website with thousands of profiles, some being alternate profiles for a different version the same character. The problem is that with these many profiles and new information piling in everyday, it's very difficult to edit all of these profiles and sometimes, stuff can be wrong.

The purpose of this content revision thread is for people to make posts about profiles they believe should be updated. Whether they get to update themselves or someone else updates the profile for them is up to the moderators and admins of Superhero Database. Of course, not everything is going to be updated and that is something you need to be ready for before making a post.

Q) How will it work?
A) You'll name the character that you believe needs to be updated and then make a mini-respect thread highlighting what their profile requires and the evidence to support it. If the evidence is concrete and the rhetoric matches up, a moderator or editor will edit your character. If you make responsible revisions, then you may edit the character yourself.

Q) Can I make general respect thread posts here?
A) You are allowed to make respect thread posts in general (not mini-respect thread / content posts). There's nothing against that if you'd like to.

@Ezio @EmptyHand @RajinKabir These people will be the "staff" of this thread. They're extremely responsible and they know how to run this sort of stuff. Any other mods are free to help.

Be aware however that any superpower with the prefix "OMNI" will not be easily given to a character. That's something people are abusing FAR too much on profiles and there are very strict criteria to follow in that regard.

Have fun!


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SHDb Content Revision
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Sticky I would like to add not to only focus on stats. There's more to profiles than just stats. At least try to add some super power info if stats is your focus. This way we can read why a certain power was given or add some nuance to what they can do with that power.
And add at least the basic Bio info, like gender, hair color, etc. Those are almost always known and very easy to add.
Oblivion 3 y 1 mo 18 d
SHDb Content Revision
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LMAO its been over a month and i am still the only one who actually posted something ahahahahshhajhadhjga
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SHDb Content Revision
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Basically all of the Fist of the North Star characters have their stats assigned completely ignoring the benchmarking from this site.
Also most of the powers they have are totally fictious and have the sole purpose that the characters reach a specific character class.
Only Kenshiro the main character is the exception of the above mentioned rule. However, he has the 'lowest' stats from all FotN characters, though he is by far the most powerful in the manga.
Just to name a few examples:
Durability: Even if one uses the imo totally overrated stats from vsbattles, no character should have a durability >50 (planetary), but rather around 30-40 based on vsbattles. Imo no character should have more then 30 durability.
Powers: There is no character in Fist of the North Star that has Acausality, Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation or Causality Manipulation.
There are several more super powers assigned with the above mentioned purpose, so I can't name them all.
For the sake of completeness let me mention that I read the manga a couple of times in the 1990s. So I am not making random claims here.