Most powerful A.I.

Created by Galactus, 3 y 4 mo 25 d ago.

This includes any robots/droids/computers it can create or control. For example; Skynet creating Terminators.
If you can't decided on one, a top 5 or so would be nice.


Dusk_Pikachu 3 y 4 mo 16 d
Most powerful A.I.
46 months member
Amazo, Brainiac, Ultron and Super Adaptoid come to mind.
Lapis_Lazuli 3 y 4 mo 23 d
Most powerful A.I.
47 months member
Wanda's ex-husband (Vision)
Dark_Wing 3 y 4 mo 24 d
Most powerful A.I.
61 months member
Is there any AI that didn't just take over Earth but preceded to do the same to other planets? Imagine an AI that lives on Venus, Earth, and Mars simultaneously while mining the Jovians for Hydrogen to fuse into energy as it grew until it could take over the entire galaxy and then move on to do the same to the rest of the universe?

Now that's a SiFi movie worth watching