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Nuclear Escape

Created by Superguy251, 2 y 10 mo 18 d ago.

A nuke that will destroy Earth is hurtling through space you have 5 hours to take 6 heroes with you on a spaceship to escape.

It can be Marvel and DC heroes, plus the heroes can not save the planet and have lost all their powers.


RandomName123 2 y 10 mo 17 d
Nuclear Escape
38 months member
Mister Fantastic cuz even of he lost his powers(like long body rhing)hes pretty smart and i feel likw he can save me also Black Panther Batman Supermam Sentry
God_of_Humanity 2 y 10 mo 17 d
Nuclear Escape
35 months member
Just Cosmic Armor Superman
Savage 2 y 10 mo 17 d
Nuclear Escape
41 months member
I don't understand the question being asked at all. Are we trying to stop the nuke? Repopulate a planet? Fit in a spaceship?