omnipotent ocs are kinda weird

Created by masterking2, 2 y 5 mo 13 d ago.

this goes back to the question of what true omnipotence is except we the users(im convinced some of you are gods or aliens) can just say whatever we want about our omnipotent ocs except that makes their battles just who can puff out their chest battles. with most ocs theirs a similar problem it worse with the omnipotents.


Superguy251 1 y 7 mo 26 d
omnipotent ocs are kinda weird
40 months member
I have an omnipotent oc he's powerful but not destroy the entire omniverse and all of fiction powerful, he may be tier 10 but cannot destroy fiction.
QuandaIe_Dingle 1 y 8 mo 2 d
omnipotent ocs are kinda weird
23 months member
Omnipotent OC creators fighting to see who's the most unoriginal
SuperSomebody 2 y 5 mo 13 d
omnipotent ocs are kinda weird
34 months member
No one is omnipotent except god and there is only one god, and that is Shr-
I meant God