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Is MCU Thanos overestimated in vs debates ?

Created by Kluba577, 4 y 8 mo 20 d ago.

Bacause i see many people votes for MCU Thanos without gems without giving reasons how he wins. He isn't that powerful without gems


RajinKabir 2 y 7 mo 7 d
Is MCU Thanos overestimated in vs debates ?
43 months member
His strength is overestimated but others details aren fine. He actually has lower strength than the hulk. Yes I know he defeated the hulk. But defeating the hulk was 60% skill and 40% strength. The only place where we see a clear strength feat is when he held hulks hands and freed himself. But also hulk was also clearly nerfed. Hulk was the dude who knocked a leviathan with one punch. He dented a vibranium-titanium alloy.
. Hulk also blew around Thor vast distances in previous movie. But his punches against thanos were very weak compared to his previous appearances. But even then his hits were stronger than thanos's. You can check the scene again. When the movie starts we see thor's ship reared in half which suggests it took severe firepower from sanctuary. So thor,hulk most probably took heavy fire even before thanos got on their ship. And in previous movie we see Hulk healing from severe wounds like when he was fighting Abomination and fenris. When fenris bit hulk it was a very deep wound. But hulk healed in a very short time. In avenger movie several chitauri chariots were shooting hulk. He was even overwhelmed by that. But when they stopped he recoved from that pretty easily. And the weird thing for me is that thanos hits were doing more damage to him. We previously saw The hulk buster knocking out hulk. But it took way way more effort than thanos. A big fight ,Several punches and Tony puched him through a building even then he didn't black out. Tony then had to hit his head to knock him out. So I would say Thanos vs Hulk was more of a plot thing. While watching movies you may consider thanos more powerful but if you are voting a battle you can't think the same way. The Russo brother directed the movie is thanos favour. I mean the circumstances in the more was in favour of thanos.
Dusk_Pikachu 3 y 4 mo 1 h 56 m
Is MCU Thanos overestimated in vs debates ?
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qawsed 4 y 5 mo 26 d
Is MCU Thanos overestimated in vs debates ?
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The only MCU characters capable of beating him without stones are Scarlet Witch, Stormbreaker Thor, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Ego, Hela (maybe) and Odin. Thanos beat Hulk, Loki, fat Thor, Iron Man, Worthy Captain America, Thor without Stormbreaker, Vision and Iron Spider. He was also able to resist Mantis more than Ego was and was considered the most powerful character in the Universe.