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Created by kinger, 1 y 3 mo 20 d ago.

Supreme God Tier: One-Above-All, Over-Monitor

Beyond God Tier: Lucifer, The Presence, Beyonder, Beyonders, Living Tribunal

High God Tier: Infinity, Galactus, Death.

Mid God Tier: Celestials, New Gods, Odin.

Low God Tier: Thor, Loki, Hela, Superman.

Tell me where I'm wrong and what should I add.


AXG101 1 y 3 mo 20 d
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I think over-monitor should be lower, I think it's been demonstrated that the anti-monitor is stronger than the monitor and otherwise there is no way the over monitor could hope to be near the power of one above all
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Danyel 1 y 3 mo 19 d
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Overvoid is a canvas, that writers drawn on, and TOAA is a Writer.