Thanos VS Darkseid

Created by adeptniyi, 4 y 6 mo 3 d ago.

If Thanos and Darkseid fight who will win?


Omega_Beyond868 1 y 4 mo 23 d
Thanos VS Darkseid
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Darkseid--he's a literal 4.5 Billion year old being who's plan was to be "the strongest evil god" and Thanos is a God-like alien being, but not an actual god. If you want to talk about King Thanos, then okay, no question that Earth-TRN666 Thanos from the future would easily win against Darkseid. Regular 616 Thanos without his Gauntlet would lose, but not so easily, but with his infinity gauntlet on, then it's pretty neutral, it can go both ways on being the winner, but overall, it's most likely this edge is going to Darkseid, overall they are both pretty OP themselves in their own ways.
Dusk_Pikachu 3 y 9 mo 8 d
Thanos VS Darkseid
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Actually, it can go either way. Thanos is powerful and he can win, but if he gets hit by Darkseid's beams, he's dead. Just like DanCo said, Darkseid can pound on Thanos's force fields and break them.
Mr_Incognito 3 y 9 mo 8 d
Thanos VS Darkseid
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People just hate on Darkseid for no reason. Without him, you wouldn't have your purple grimace troll.